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4 ways to make a rose out of paper


Greetings. We continue the topic of paper crafts. Recently we made tulips, but today we want to create a queen of flowers - a rose. It looks very good in any interior and on any application.

Often it is made to decorate gifts or holiday decorations. For example, large volumetric roses can decorate a wedding, birthday or international women's day, as well as become the main decor for the photo zone.

I picked up the most understandable master classes, step by step performing which, you will surely succeed. There are easy options that can be done with children, but there are more complicated ones that need to be created carefully. But absolutely everything is doable, so let's get started.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a rose using the origami technique

I think that starting from school, most children at least once, but engaged in origami. Even its simplest form, for example, was made by airplanes or paper weapons.

To make a flower is a little more difficult, but quite capable of both a student and an adult. Today I will share with you 4 step-by-step diagrams on which step by step it is clear what needs to be done to make a rose.

So, the first diagram is in front of you. For it, you need to take a square sheet, you can trim the A4 landscape page. I advise you not to take small sheets if you are just mastering this technique.

The second scheme is incredibly detailed. She describes each step that needs to be done so that you get this flower.

Origami does not involve the use of glue and scissors. But in this case, we will need to make more beautiful leaves, so we will give them a little shape at the last stage.

The following diagram shows how to make a rose out of modular origami. This option is interesting, but also more time-consuming than the previous two. Also, each step is described in detail, which will be convenient for those who are just starting to hone their skills in this technique.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the video in which the master makes an unusual beauty, which also folds into a cube. I was interested in this idea, so I am sharing it with you.

You can use not only colored sheets, but also newspapers.

Volumetric rose made of corrugated paper with candy inside with a pattern

From corrugated paper it is now popular to make wonderful candies with a surprise. All the craft wraps around candy. And most often, such compositions are created for gifts. Roses like real ones look and are not very difficult to make.

I will give three instructions on how to make such beauties. They differ in the shape of the petals. By this I want to show that the appearance of the flower will greatly change from the chosen shape and size.

In addition to corrugated, you can use crepe, it is also great for the described techniques. For one rose, you need to cut three different shapes of the petal. The widest goes to the outer layers. And the narrowest ones create the middle and wrap the candy.

1. The necessary details are in front of you.

2. Each petal needs to be stretched in the middle and twist the edges with your fingers. They have already become like real ones.

3. Start wrapping the candy.

In order to keep all layers better, use hot glue, which fix the bottom of the parts.

4. Layer by layer we impose the details and fix the end of the bud with a thread to hold the candy inside well. But you need to do this by wrapping the bottom of the flower with a wire or skewer for kebabs. They will act as a stem.

This is how the result looks from above.

6. Open the petals.

The next master class is very similar in order of stages, but has a different shape of the petals. Three sizes are also used here, but they all have the same shape.

I suggest trying to make flowers from an unusual shape of details.

They are used in two types. One of which is a perky heart.

For one rose, you need at least five petals, the more there are, the more fluffy and open it will turn out.

If you make without candy, then immediately attach the first petal with hot glue to the wire.

All parts are slightly stretched in width, they become concave and twist the edges to give greater similarity with the real ones.

We begin to collect the bud. First we take the narrow, and then the wide prepared parts.

For those who do not have professional materials for such products, I advise you to take the same crepe or corrugated paper to wrap the stalk.

If you use several shades, you get bright and beautiful compositions.

To give the flower more realism, pick up sheets of several shades of the same color, from dark to light, so you can create a natural gradient that all plants have.

How to make a flower out of paper with children?

The easiest way to make crafts with children is to use napkins. They already have the required dimensions and are easily amenable to folding and gluing.

I propose the idea of ​​how to quickly make a rose without glue.

Also, decorative napkins give several variations on folding crafts. Flowers are tender and delicate.

Another simple option is to use a template. You draw a wavy spiral, cut it along the contour and fold it, smoothing each layer.

The same technique is shown below, but its difference is that the edges of the workpiece are loosened. They are wrapped inside and this creates a fluffy center.

In the same spiral technique, you can make slightly different flowers.

To do this, a template is drawn separately, it is cut along the lines. You see that here the petals are more clearly marked and there is a flat edge?

Cut it along the contour.

And turn off the end, tweaking the outer petals.

You can finish the product with your fingers. The child will definitely be able to twist the part.

It is advisable to pour hot glue on the bottom so that the spiral does not unfold. This rose has the most beautiful and realistic petals, which presents the results of previous options in a spiral technique.

And one of the easiest options is to cut the most ordinary spiral. Usually they start with this option, because it does not require special skill at all.

I think that you liked the ideas and you can create a beautiful decor.

For example, you can decorate a panel like this with flowers made using the techniques described above.

How easy is it to make a flower in five minutes with your own hands?

Incredibly beautiful buds can be made in just five minutes. And for this, corrugated paper will come in handy again. We need a long strip five centimeters wide. The longer it is, the more blooming the flower you get.

So, we bend the edge, turning it a little outward, as in the photo.

So do the entire length of the strip.

And we begin to twist it.

Do not forget to fix the edges.

Another interesting and quick idea is created from tissue paper. It is thin, translucent. But it allows you to make voluminous crafts.

1. We need a rectangle with a length of centimeters and a width of 7 centimeters.

2. Turn it in half so that the edges coincide.

3. And we wrap the resulting workpiece around the finger with the fold up.

4. We fix the bottom with a stapler and straighten the layers.

5. We will need a lot of such buds.

What creative people just won’t think of! For example, make beauty out of egg trays. And environmentally friendly and looks amazing. All instructions are shown in the diagram.

Another idea for a quick rose. True, it is more time-consuming than the previous ones, but it will not take more than fifteen minutes for an adult.

If there are no such curly staplers, cut the parts manually. But such assistants are sold in most office supply stores. And the kids will definitely appreciate such a purchase.

We will need parts of the same size, but with a different number of petals. Therefore, we take three parts and make cuts from each. In the first we only cut only one line, in the second we cut out the petal, in the third we remove two already.

We turn every detail and cut the bottom.

Glue every detail and see if your result looks like an image.

From the cut petal we form the middle, attaching it to the wire. Then we insert this part into the trefoil, then into the middle workpiece.

Extreme will be the largest. Remember that all layers need to be fixed so that the craft does not fall apart.

This option is well obtained from thick sheets or cardboard. It will be especially beautiful if you take a sheet with texture or reliefs. By the way, all these options can be repeated from felt. If you suddenly have such a desire.

Master class of a big paper rose for beginners with schemes

Large flowers are popular now. They are made in different sizes, from standard to growth ones. Such crafts decorate photo studios, photo zones, decorate the interior and just give each other.

This big beauty is made of crepe paper. Remember, above we examined several options for petals that can be cut from corrugations? So, here we need the details in the form of hearts.

The process is the same, one hundred and when creating ordinary flowers. We stretch each petal in width and bend the ends. A bud is being gathered, around which layers of petals are glued.

For the stem, you can take wire, the width corresponding to the volume of the bud. Of course, the thin one will not stand it.

And here is the beauty for large rooms.

The craftswoman shows the whole stage step by step. And he is almost the same as the previous one. But the details are many times more.

All layers must be glued together, otherwise under their weight the petals simply will not hold and will decay. You may need a whole bunch of glue sticks, because the dimensions of the parts are large.

Any woman can do such crafts. And then put your creation to decorate the hall or living room.

For large volumes, one roll may not be enough for you, so buy at least two of them.

Beautiful quilling flower

Quilling has several directions. For example, there is a spreading of flat modules on the surface of the picture. It turns out bright and delicate compositions, but I will not describe this method today, it requires complete immersion in technology. And today we will take up the volumetric rose.

This option can be repeated with satin ribbons. You have probably already seen similar fabric flowers on brooches or other clothes. The sequence of actions is the same, but here we use a different material.

If you thought it was difficult to repeat the steps according to the scheme, then I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video in which the wizard shows how to fold the strip.

All the options I have given are beautiful and will help you out if you need to quickly decorate a gift or create a decor for the holiday. Yes, and to teach children such wonderful creativity is also worth it.

How to make a rose with your own hands. The easiest way.

You will spend quite a bit of time on the rose in this example, but you will enjoy it. Such flowers can be used as decor in the apartment or as a symbolic DIY gift.

1. From thick paper you need to cut a 10x10 cm square.

* The color of the paper depends on the color of the rose that you will make.

2. Draw a spiral on the square (see picture).

3. Cut a drawn spiral.

4. Start twisting the paper spiral, starting at the outer end.

5. Twist the bud tightly to the end and glue the inner end to strengthen the structure.

The rose is ready, and you need to proceed to the leaves for her.

6. Cut a leaf and glue it to the rose.

7. Next, carefully plant a rose with a leaf on a dry tree branch.

To make the rose look more elegant, put it in a beautiful vase.

How to make a paper rose. Method II

- glue (adhesive tape)

1. Fold a sheet of A4 paper in half, and then again in half.

2. Now you need to cut the sheet into 4 strips. To do this, expand it and cut along the folds.

3. Use duct tape to fasten the cut strips together with their ends to each other, thereby obtaining one long strip.

4. The strip that you have got, you need to twist so that you get a rod-trunk (see. Picture).

5. You now need to fold the rest of the paper in half, while slowly turning it around the center (see picture). Continue wrapping and collecting layers until you get a rose.

* If you wish, you can color the rose with your favorite color if you made it from white paper.

How can I make a rose. Method III

- crepe paper (red and green)

- stick, skewer or wire

- floristic tape or glue

1. Make a heart shaped pattern. The size of the template depends on the size of the flower. In this example, the height of the heart is 15 cm.

2. Cut out a pattern of 5-6 hearts.

3. We make a stalk. Prepare 3 wires or a stick and wrap with floral tape.

* Floral tape can be replaced with glue.

4. We make the petals. Gently stretch the paper wide. Wrap the top edge of the heart on the round handle.

Wrap the first petal around the stem and secure it with tape.

Do the same with the rest of the petals.

5. We make leaves. Prepare 3 wires and wrap them in crepe paper. Next, you need to glue the leaves to them, which must be prepared in advance.

6. Make a cup of roses. Cut a strip of green corrugated paper.

Attach the strip to the base of the cup with adhesive tape (it can be replaced with glue).

Attach leaves to the stem. Make one common stalk and shape it with green crepe paper.

How to do

  1. Draw a spiral on the square of the paper. Do not strive for perfect lines: the more random the drawing, the more interesting the finished flower will come out.
  2. Cut a strip of paper along the marked outline.
  3. Roll the strip tightly, starting at the center of the spiral. For structural strength, add some glue to the base.
  4. Rose of paper is ready! You can add a leaf of green cardboard to it and plant the bud on a dry twig found in the yard. And you can make a whole bunch of paper of any color and size.

DIY paper roses. Method V

Like previous roses, this one can be made of any color. The example shows red.

1. Prepare the colored cardboard. Draw a spiral on it. Try to make the line that you draw from the center to the periphery not even, but a little wavy.

2. Scissors make a cut along the entire drawn line. You should get something similar to the peel of a peeled apple.

3. Now you need to wind your spiral on a pencil. Try to wind tight until you reach the middle. After this, the pencil needs to be removed, and let the flower straighten.

* Using your fingers, you can try to slightly open the paper petals in the central part.

4. In the center, apply a lot of glue and let it drain into the central part of the spiral. To glue well, you need to press the entire structure to the bottom.

DIY corrugated rose

- corrugated paper (pink and green)

- wire (straightened paper clip or skewer)

1. Prepare pink or red corrugated paper and fold it several times, first in length and then in width.

2. Use a pair of scissors to cut out something that looks like double petals shaped like hearts. In this way, 8 petals can be made at once with one cut.

* In the video, the petals are simply cut out of paper, but you can first draw them on it and then cut them out.

3. Each group of petals needs to be slightly crushed to give more naturalness. You can stretch it by tapping your fingers in the middle part.

4. Now you need to cut a strip of 3 cm wide from a roll of corrugated paper (choose the length yourself, based on the video tutorial). Apply glue along the strip.

5. At one end of the tape you need to put a wire of short length (you can replace it with a straightened paper clip or skewer) and wrap the entire strip on it. Thus, you get the core of the rose. It is to her that you will further glue the petals.

6. It remains only to apply glue to the petals and attach them to the central part.

7. At the final stage of green paper, you need to craft leaflets. To do this, fold the green corrugated paper in half and half again, and cut the shape of the petals as shown in the video.

Next, prepare a green strip of ip of the same paper and wrap it around the stalk wire.

* In the video, the foam tape is pressed against the wire, and then the wire along with the foam is wrapped with green paper.


Only for those who are self-confident: the Kawasaki rose.

Toshikazu Kawasaki is an origami theorist and professor of mathematics at Sasebo Technical College. To understand how to fold a Kawasaki rose out of paper, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the detailed (and irreproducible in one article) instruction, as well as videos that last on average from 10 to 40 minutes.

In short: a sheet of paper will need to be folded many times, deployed many times, and then carefully folded along the fold lines. Does that sound easy? Try it if you can.

Tadashi Mori /

Creating paper crafts is not only interesting, but also useful. Fine motor skills, patience and ability to overcome difficulties develop. Plus, this is a way to relax and enjoy the process of creating the beautiful.

How many levels did you manage to beat? Share your success in the comments.