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How to draw fish in stages with a pencil


The first stage of the lesson how to draw a fish with a simple pencil - draw smooth lines of the body of the fish to the tail and mouth of the fish. Immediately notice that near the tail the lines narrow. There should be a normal length and height of the body of the fish.

Next, draw a fish mouth and tail. If you do not get it smoothly, you can erase it with an eraser and try to draw the outlines of the fish more evenly. Pay more attention to this, because what form of fish you are now drawing, such a fish will work out.

When the shape of the fish is drawn, you can start drawing fins. Draw the fins one at a time: first two dorsal fins, then the pectoral fin, below the ventral fins and anal fins.

It remains to draw the fish the so-called gill cover and eye.

We finished the construction of the fish, and now we move on to the second part of the lesson on how to draw a fish.

In the second part, we will draw fins, and draw scales on the body of the fish.

To draw fins correctly, you need to pay attention to their structure. The fins consist of folds of skin that are stretched over the fin rays. They can be spiky (large dorsal fin), and can be soft (ventral and pectoral fins). Draw them correctly!

Cover the body of the fish with scales. Scales are drawn in semicircular lines running one after another. I do not think that you will have difficulty in doing this.

The fish is drawn with a simple pencil! It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If you make a little effort - you will succeed!

Thank you for your attention to the lesson on how to draw fish with a pencil in stages!

Realistic example

We begin with a complex example, at the end of which you will understand how to draw a fish in stages in 7 steps. This is not an easy way to draw, and if you want something simpler, you can simply scroll down the page. Below we will analyze simpler ways to draw.

To begin with, we must sketch as in the picture below. It should turn out as symmetrical as possible.

On the right side we draw a tail. Its lower part may be slightly longer than the upper.

Now take the eraser and erase all the extra lines. Also, on the tip we draw a mouth with a short strip, and a little higher we add an eye.

Let's draw fins. Note that the right sides of all three fins should be sharp.

We came to the most difficult moment, to imposing chiaroscuro and drawing scales. If you want, you can simply color the resulting fish in any colors, and those who want to achieve maximum realism read on.

Draw a gradient across the entire body. Above you need to press the pencil very hard, and the lower the weaker. Thus, you will get the effect as in the picture below.

To draw scales, you need to cover the body with cross lines, and the fins with ordinary ones.

At the last stage, to add even more realism, you can add blue.

Pencil Drawing Method

In this example, we will work on a small but very beautiful fish. So, prepare an eraser and paper, as we will now learn how to draw fish with a pencil.

The first thing we do is sketch, which will depict the contours of our marine creation.

Now let's work on our head. Draw the eye, gills and mouth. All this is depicted quite simply, the main thing is to position the eye and gills in the right places.

We detail the fins. In place of the simplest contours, which we already drew with a pencil in the first step, we draw elegant lines of the fins. Inside we shade them with strips.

Erase all contour lines, we will no longer need them.

It's time to paint. You can take an orange felt-tip pen and immediately color everything or go on a difficult path. Below you will see the result of a professional artist. You can find out how he achieved this result after watching the video.

gold fish

We came to fairly simple examples that are suitable for both adults and children. In this example, we will understand how to draw a goldfish, the heroine of a fairy tale in which she fulfilled wishes.

In the beginning we draw the foundation, which should already have a mouth and an eye.

Add a comb on top and two small fins on the bottom. Scales can be drawn with three vertical wavy lines.

Now add a long tail, which first goes up, and then gradually descends to the very bottom. This is a distinctive feature of the goldfish.

If you want, you can add bubbles and long algae to the picture.

We take a black marker or felt-tip pen and circle our sketch. Pencil lines should be erased with an eraser.

Now we take any drawing accessories, colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to choose a gold or yellow color and color the fish.

Fish for children

This is a simple drawing example that will help children draw fish. She is very kind, beautiful and rainbow, so any child and adult will surely like it.

Our fish will be ready in just 4 steps. At this step, we will draw its basis: body, head and tail.

We paint three fins and a crest. Since our fish is swimming to the left, the fins should bow slightly to the right.

Let us depict the scales all over the body in the form of smooth, rounded lines.

We take the brightest felt-tip pens and colorize it. Also, if you want, you can paint on algae and water.

Beautiful drawing in 5 steps

The fish has a fairly simple body structure, so in just 5 steps you can learn how to draw a fish. Cook color markers, we get started!

As usual, the first step is to sketch the image. In this case, we have a standard fish kit: body, fins, tail.

Based on the outline of our sketch, we must draw a large mouth and a large eye. The drawing will be done in a cartoon style, which is why some parts should be larger than usual.

By strokes we detail the limbs of our fish.

We came to a rather interesting point, to coloring. To achieve the effect of cartoonish volume, we need two shades of orange: the first is darker, the second is lighter. It can be shades of not only orange, but in general any color that you can only find on your desk.

We color our character with dark color, as in the example below.

And now, with a lighter color, paint over the rest of it. In this way we can achieve a cartoon effect.

Shape and size.

To make the fish more like a real one, we suggest drawing it in a real size. Then on a piece of paper it will look proportionally.
It’s easy to draw. It is enough to draw an oval of elongated shape, a large tail, an upper large fin and small fins, in the form of small ovals.

Erase unnecessary lines and connect the small fins to the body.

We make the correct contours.

We connect the body with the tail. With smooth, wavy lines, we update the fins, giving them the correct shape.

Separate the gill with several semicircular lines. From two circles draw a fish eye. Color the fins with thin lines.

The body of the fish is covered with scales.

We draw small plates from head to tail.

On the abdominal part, the scales should be larger, gradually decreasing towards the tail. Then the fish will not look flat. The shape can be given with a pencil, shading the upper part.

The final stage.

To make the picture look more interesting, press down on the pencil harder and circle the outline of the scales on the top of the outer cover.

Fade some parts of the body with a pencil to give a shadow. Look at the picture.

Our drawing is ready. You see, nothing complicated!

Here are all the important stages of the picture. You can print a collage to simplify the work a little and not be distracted.