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How to wake up from the "American dream"


For those who live outside the United States, the American Dream is a vague term that is very difficult to define. Although this may be partly due to the many cultural differences that exist throughout Europe and other regions of the world, the evolutionary nature of the American dream is also something that causes considerable confusion.

This also applies to citizens living within the borders of the United States, since the American dream can no longer be determined by the desire for opportunities and the desire to live a more fulfilling life. Instead, those who prefer to pursue the American dream should learn to identify and earn hidden opportunities for advancement, apply acquired knowledge and strategy, rather than continuous work and dedication.

What is the American dream and how has it changed?
There were many American dream enthusiasts who could not appreciate its volatile nature. This led to the fact that they lost their right to exist. According to James Truslow in his 1931 book Epic America, The American Dream is a dream of a land in which life should be better, richer, and fuller for everyone, with the ability for everyone according to their abilities or achievements. ” Instead of being a dream based on the achievement of material values, this is due to the desire to see a social order in which each citizen can fully or fully realize his potential, regardless of his position or status.

Although the fundamental ideals underlying the American dream may not have changed, the world around them definitely has. Truslow's words suggest that people can achieve success and wealth based on hard work, but the effects of the recent global recession and the growing number of working poor in the US have dramatically undermined this claim. Including families living close to the poverty line, despite the fact that at least two full-time adults currently have poor people who live in about 10 4 million households and in total complexity 47.5 million. US citizens.

This indicates a growing wealth gap in the United States, which since 1980 has seen how the percentage of income from top American workers doubles. The recent recession, of course, played a role in exacerbating this, largely due to the fact that it greatly influenced the working class and people with minimal education or lack of experience in the workplace. Despite the fact that unemployment declined steadily throughout the recovery period and reached a four-year low of 7 people. 5% in April, the average hourly wage stalled and rose disproportionately at consumer prices. With this in mind, it is clear that the US economy is creating low-paying jobs at the entry level that cannot provide a living wage.

Re-Imagining the American Dream in 2013: Challenges for Small Business Owners and Poor People
With millions of US citizens working full time to work with men in exchange for less than a living wage, it is clear that hard work is no longer enough to fulfill the promise of the American dream. However, this contradicts its fundamental appeal and creates a vision that is far from the one that encouraged immigrants from all over the world to enter the United States in search of a better life. Given current immigration laws, which also condone global political unrest, rather than America's core values, the land of opportunity has become a wasteland for foreign travelers armed with almost ambition and commitment to work.

The inability of hardworking US citizens and immigrants to find solace in the American dream gives an idea of ​​an unsuccessful economy, as well as more profitable for high-income people. Adopt, for example, income tax legislation, which currently seems to favor executives and business leaders above their employees and entry-level employees. This is reflected in the fact that while CEO salaries and average employee wages rose between 1988 and 2008, the former experienced significantly higher and more surprising growth rates. Given that the average tax rate for senior citizens also remained largely unchanged during the same period, there is good reason to believe that those who have achieved wealth receive more benefits than those who simply strive for it.

Another demographic, closely linked, but increasingly disenfranchised with the American dream, consists of small business owners whose businesses remain an integral part of long-term economic growth. With 23 million independent businesses in the United States, accounting for 54% of the country's total retail sales, these firms generate significant profits and success for entrepreneurs regardless of gender, age or social status. However, despite this, the so-called Market Equity Act (MFA) can have a significant impact if enacted by introducing an online tax on the sale of independent outlets that earn $ 1 million a year or more. regardless of boasting a physical condition.

If you consider the creation of low-paying jobs, tax incentives for dignitaries or the introduction of an online sales tax, there is a main economic theme that runs counter to the grain of the American dream. This creates a wealth gap that continues to break away from society, rewarding people and corporations who have succeeded at the expense of those who seek to do so.

As long as the system continues to create benefits for the richest members of society, the American dream will continue to evolve and become more distant for low-income or low-educated members of society. The fact remains: spirit, hard work and determination are no longer enough to succeed in the United States, and those who wants to pursue the American dream, should instead rethink the concept and strive to identify industry-specific opportunities while obtaining the necessary qualifications, credentials and experience to make your mark.

The American dream. How not to fall down halfway

October 25th, 2015

The American dream or American Dream - one of those concepts that, along with its common noun, at a certain point in time can have its own, true to you personally. In order to understand this, you just have to do two things - to leave to live in the USA and get stuck there with the first, really serious problem. But, regardless of whether you have your own definition of the American Dream or not, it will probably be useful for you to read this article to the end. Why? Because: a) I know that you have an interest in living in the USA, b) perhaps this text has something that will not break your dreams about one of the thousands of concrete walls of harsh reality.

If you often go to this blog, then, in principle, you noticed that in the last few months I practically did not write. This was due to a whole mountain of reasons, including changing interests, frequent travels, changes in personal life and simple human laziness. But today, I woke up at 4 in the morning and could no longer fall asleep, thinking about what was happening in my life, that the wrong decisions and their absence, sometimes could derail the most important and precious. I am writing this post in order to share with you my thoughts, analyzes and conclusions, what you usually think about only when a problem occurs.

It so happened that in my 28 years I have already managed to go through fire, water and copper pipes, not only in the USA, but in life as a whole. Therefore, I believe that I have the right to write the following:

  • To follow the intended goal, it is not enough to draw a beautiful plan, it is important to ask yourself how true it is. Not real, but true! This means that your goals must be truly dear to you and needed. That this is not a tribute to the fashion or the advice of relatives, but that from which you yourself sincerely shine, you get high and feel excitement. Ask yourself questions from the category: What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve my plan? What will I give, forget, and forever throw out of my life for his sake? Operate what really matters to you. Indeed, only when there is something very expensive on the scales, only then can you understand the true value of your plans. Having done this simple exercise, you identify at the very beginning all the moments in which you will most likely be waiting for failure. I’m sure that a good half of those reading it will refuse to move to the USA after this test, since they will understand that they The American dream unlikely to ever become a reality.
  • Get rid of parasites. Think and highlight what will NOT allow you to come to a result. This is very important, since in advance understanding what cannot be done, it is easier to avoid wrong actions and suffering after the fact. Experience is valuable, but only if it is not too expensive. It is much better to know that fire leaves burns from the words of the mother, rather than after putting both hands for half a minute into the fire. Determine what destroys you, what prevents you from moving, what disfocuses and destroy it forever before your life begins to fall apart.
  • Appreciate the time, for the only guys who will never give you a second chance are days gone by, months and years. Unfortunately, the above will only allow you to minimize temporary losses, but not to exclude them completely. Troubles will happen, doubts will prevail, and people will stop believing in you. This is all unimportant, but what really matters is the analysis of the created problem and its causes. Think about why it happened, what can be fixed, and be sure to do it. Look for new options, use, practice and experiment. Only in this way truth is born, only in this way they achieve results, only this allowed me to survive in America!
  • Never lose faith. Even if everything has already fallen over the abyss, if it seems to you that your American dreams will never become a reality ... know - all this is not so. Because only you decide what will be reality and what will not, because if in practice you figured out the first three points and got to the fourth - you have everything to achieve everything! We were all born the same, we all perfectly mastered our native language, we all live about the same number of years. There is no difference, except that which lies in our thoughts, and they are always amenable to change. If you can’t succeed, set yourself an example of those who succeed, who already live in the USA, who already earn money, etc. Compare yourself with them and you will see that there is no difference that they are your age, that they do not have the dad of a billionaire, that they live in the same world as you. Believe in yourself, as you believe in Steve Jobs, Beale Gates and Delirium Pitov you will achieve everything not only in the States, but everywhere in the world!

I hope that the principles described in this piece of text will be able to provide a huge life service to some of you that they have rendered to me. I’m sure that if you introduce at least part of this post into your life, you will be surprised how much it will change, how much it will become more effective and brighter, how much your The American dream will get closer.