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Is it possible to become a teacher without teacher education?


Remember: when you learned at a school, how did you wait for the beginning of the school year with a feeling? If you dropped out as a favorite in the classroom, then surely September 1 was really a holiday. And, of course, uvas was a beloved teacher, looking at whom I wanted to become a successful professional, and already at the age of 40 enjoy the same well-deserved respect. If all this is about you, welcome to the teaching profession!

To enter the ranks of the sowing of the reasonable, good, eternal, it is best to get a professional education. You can unlearn at a teacher training college or university, take advanced training courses as a teacher of the highest category. You decide whether you are a strict leader or a sensitive spiritual mentor yourself. Istoitli to receive teacher education is up to you too.

Yes, to teach others, it is not necessary to have a teacher specialization. For example, the winner of the contest “Teacher of the Year of Russia - 2017” Ilya Demakov studied at the Department of Source Studies of Russian History. The results of the 2018 competition will be announced on October, and, perhaps, the young teacher will again become the winner. How to turn “I want” into “I can” become a good teacher, we will describe further.

How to become a primary school teacher

How to become a primary school teacher

Let's start the bold. More precisely, small ones. You can’t say for sure who is easier to educate: younger or older — each age has its own characteristics. Therefore, if you said to yourself “I want to teach kids,” pay attention to tips that will help you become a good teacher in primary school.

What does a primary school teacher need:

  • love for children. Kakby trivially voiced, but without this property a good teacher to tire. Remember yourself and your classmates in elementary school. Surely, the class teacher was called the second mother. Young students feel the emotions of the teacher very subtly, your warm attitude is important for them,
  • knowing of limits. Do not skimp on the expression of feelings, but do not bend the stick. Pupils must remember that they are the leader. Mom or grandmother can give an indulgence if you build eyes and the teacher doesn’t, it’s better for people to learn it,
  • stress resistance. Most HR professionals include this feature of demanding a candidate candidate. For work in primary grades it is very useful to you. It’s not only a matter of questions like “Why is the grass green, the sky is blue, Petrov 5, me 4, birds fly, the water is wet” and so on. You have to be in a state of constant tension, making sure that no one breaks anything, doesn’t break himself, does not beat the neighbor. Ivse is with constant noise, which is created by the still inaccessible to concentrate junior high school students. So steel nerves are your best helper
  • ability to attract attention. The requirement follows from the previous paragraph. “A bird flies outside, the sun is shining, the grass is so green, and in general, I already want to have lunch or sleep. It’s impossible, because the teacher tells such interesting things! ”You will be very lucky if your students think so. Therefore, work on a technique for attracting attention. Try to tell the children facts that will amaze them and not be distracted. Keep your kids busy with information. So they will not only not give you attention, but will remember nothing.

Obtaining these and other professional skills will help the teaching of the teaching profession. But if you already have another education, do you still want to be a teacher?

How to become a teacher without teacher education

In 2012, the Law on Education was adopted. This document tells you you can become a teacher without special education. By law, pedagogical activity can be carried out not only by those who have a pedagogical education, but only those who have higher or secondary special education in adjacent areas. Simply put, if you have learned an economic specialty, you can become a mathematics teacher. To do this, it is enough to take retraining courses for a professional. If you have learned to be a technical specialist, if you want to teach literature, it will be difficult to do without additional education.

How to become an English teacher and other subjects

How to become a teacher of English and other subjects

Today, the school requires a teacher to develop basic competencies — the ability to crush some tasks. We will not load you with terms, we will tell you just complicated things. What is required from the teacher:

  • have a certain worldview. This does not mean that there is a worldview template that needs to be adjusted. This means that the teacher must have a clear position and argue his point of view,
  • have value landmarks. The teacher must instill in the child the right moral attitude. To impose your opinion, to set the right path for yourself, to teach you to navigate among spiritual values,
  • want to learn. The teacher should not stop in the way of learning new things. Information becomes obsolete in 3 years. Therefore, the teacher must constantly receive new knowledge and improve their professional qualities,
  • acquire skills in working with information. One must be able to present knowledge in such a way that it is easy to perceive. In addition, there is a lot of inaccurate information in the modern information space. The teacher must not only recognize the correct information among the rest, but must teach the children
  • be able to communicate. The problem of communication is very relevant. To teach children to communicate is one of the main tasks of a teacher.

Avot specific tips for those who want to become a teacher:

Russian language andliterature. Probably the love of the word is something that cannot be taken away. If from your very childhood you like to read, recite poems and generally, it’s difficult to speak, then this is a profession for you. To become a teacher of Russian language or literature, enter the faculty of philology.

Foreign language. Without knowledge of languages, it’s unlikely to be a good teacher. It is also necessary to study the labor market and find out which language teachers are required in schools. Most often in schools they teach English, German, French. Avot if you come to a secondary school of general consciousness of Chinese, you are unlikely to find a place for yourself there. Therefore, entering a university, choose a sum. Foreign teachers are trained at the faculty of philology or at the faculty of foreign languages.

Mathematicians andcomputer science. Twice two to four, twice two to four. If you remembered this simple truth from the early childhood, you loved to add, subtract, multiply, divide, later this profession for you. Information science is inseparable from mathematics, because all computer science is being built on an accrual basis. Doors are open at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics or at the Faculty of Higher Mathematics, or the faculties of mechanics, computer science. In general, all specialties where the word mathematics is for you.

Physicists. This item is often difficult to learn. To become a good teacher, you need to want to understand the world around you, understand the physical processes, complex natural phenomena. If it will be interesting to you, you can “infect” your students with this interest. Then physics will be easier and more interesting. Specialists are trained at faculties of physics and mathematics, physics and astronomy, natural sciences and physics. As for mathematicians, a keyword will always tell you where to go.

Storiesandsocial science. Humanity has come a long way in development. The ancestors had to endure a huge number of wars, political changes, cultural transformations, and all this requires careful study. Once you become a teacher, you can answer the well-known question of Bernard Shaw: “What will history say?” Faculties of history and law are waiting for you.

Physical education. Left! Left! Stand in your place! If your love of sports can only be envied, feel free to go to the physical education teacher to instill in his younger generation. Children so love to jump and run. All you need to do is direct their energy to the cause, so that physical education was not only fun, but useful. Fizrukov trained in sports universities. Recall that in order to become a teacher, it is not necessary to receive a teacher education. Therefore, even if you are a specialist in sports medicine, physical education can be your main activity.

Biology. How many secrets every organism conceals! Because the world around us is complicated. All this is very difficult and very interesting. Having learned all the intricacies of this natural science, feel free to go to schoolchildren.

Chemistry. The most interesting in chemistry is experiments. Learn how to conduct them correctly, and for children, chemistry will become a favorite subject. Faculties of science await you.

Drawing. To speak of art is one thing, but to teach art is another. Almost everyone likes to draw, to create an academic drawing for everyone is powerless. Of course, it is not necessary to force students to draw snatura or make perfect compositions. The task of the teacher of art is to awaken the disciples love of kiskusstvo.

- a teacher of mathematics, physical education, life safety, music or work, the main thing is to always achieve your goals and feel like you are in your place.

Currently, yoga classes by the Itanians are very popular. To train the instructor in dance, you can contact the faculty of the university choreography. Avot instructors do not teach at school institutes — you will need to apply to special schools of yoga.

How to become a teacher in the USA and other countries

What requirements are presented to the healers of other countries? The future teacher of the USA must spend a certain number of hours at the university on the subject that he wants to teach. In Germany, you must confirm your diploma by passing testing on a subject. A teacher is one of the most respected professions, so Chinese teachers have many privileges, but the requirements for training are very large. In Canada, teachers work in small groups, so you need to be a specialist in the field of water.

It doesn’t matter if you are a teacher in Russia or abroad, the main thing is to love your profession and teach lessons in a safe place for children.

How to become a teacher? Options

Those who suddenly realized that they want to become a teacher, but do not have a specialized education, have several options. It all depends on the level of education and needs.

The most expensive in time and resources is the second highest in a pedagogical university. Undergraduate takes four years. You can study in a magistracy in just 2 years, if you wish - in absentia.

Another way is profile retraining (it takes about 2 years). In many higher educational institutions, classes are evening and full-time, but some subjects can be taken remotely if necessary. This option is suitable for those who already have secondary vocational education and work experience in an educational organization. The diploma of the established form obtained as a result of retraining will confirm the right to conduct a new type of activity.

With a diploma of higher education, but in a different field, you can also undergo retraining and, having received a diploma, become not only teachers, but also education managers, social educators, and psychologists.

Short-term retraining - the third option of training - can last from six months. It is important to clarify at the school where you are going to get a job whether the employee who has completed a short intensive course is suitable for management or if a more solid base is needed.

How is retraining?

You can study both in-person, and in-person, in absentia and even remotely. The cost of courses varies depending on the university / training center.

In addition to basic education programs (basic level), additional and network programs are available for those who wish (they allow you to communicate with teachers online). For those who already work in the field of education and have a pedagogical experience, there are shortened options for programs.

Students learn the legal framework, listen to lectures in their field of work and are trained in a practice-oriented direction. The course listener can choose educational modules for himself and gain specific knowledge that he lacks.

6 to 12 months - short-term retraining

Where to learn. For example, Altai State Pedagogical University (6-12 months), Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (6 months, 600 academic hours), FIPKiP (intensive training - 280 hours or 520 hours with the assignment in the qualification of "teacher").

You are so eager to start working at school that you are not ready to spend a few more years on teacher education or retraining. Your goal is to become a teacher, and at the same time receive a professional education. This is not the easiest option, but in this case there is a solution.

In many schools, especially in the regions, teachers are sorely lacking. If you know the subject well, worked in a private school, a tutor, and you have recommendations, there is a good chance that you will be welcome. To get started, go to an absentee teacher retraining in August, and then bring to school a certificate about the start of study. Thus, in September you can start working.

For example, if you have a higher medical education, you can teach biology or chemistry. Sometimes for this it’s enough to enroll in remote correspondence retraining. In Altai Pedagogical University, such training costs 10 thousand rubles. In Moscow, a similar course will cost eight times more.

After graduating from the Faculty of Humanities, getting a job at school is also easy. You only need to understand what subject you would like to lead. For example, graduates of the faculty of journalism find it easier to retrain as a social science teacher. In this case, distance learning at RUDN University (the necessary "minimum" of 500 hours from October to May) is suitable costs 27 thousand rubles.

According to teachers, some of their colleagues, whom the administration really wanted to hire, received the treasured crusts of additional professional retraining in a few months. The school administration is interested in maintaining good staff, teachers are sure.

If you graduated from the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, most likely, you will be accepted with open arms and without any special conditions

The administration itself will recommend what to do in such a situation, which certificates or certificates to receive. In good educational institutions, young colleagues are always helped by senior colleagues, a psychologist often comes to lessons. Thus, even without serious pedagogical education, they receive the necessary pedagogical skills.

2 years - profile retraining

Where to learn. For example, the St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Education, Faculty of Education of Moscow State University.

Not all schools are ready to hire teachers only on the basis of a certificate of the beginning of studies at the courses of distance learning retraining. If the dream of school still haunts you, you can always get postgraduate teacher education.

Graduates of the Polytechnic University can become teachers of mathematics, having passed special retraining, which takes about 500 hours. As a rule, once a week you need to attend classes and periodically go to conferences and open classes in schools.

At the Faculty of Pedagogical Education of Moscow State University, classes are held mainly in person in the evening - 2-3 pairs, the training takes two years. Some subjects can be taken remotely, especially if the teacher goes to meet and uploads materials to the network. To enter this faculty is better if you already own some specialty. For example, a future chemistry teacher after graduating from the Russian Technical University named after D. I. Mendeleev is unlikely to learn something new about the subject itself. But they will tell him about the methodological preparation, lesson planning, demonstration experiments.

From 2 to 5 years - Bachelor and Master

Where to learn. Any pedagogical university.

According to the law, after undergraduate studies, it is possible to submit documents to the magistracy of another university in another specialty or to obtain a second higher education. In some cases, even for free.

One of the most famous pedagogical universities in the country - Moscow State Pedagogical University - offers a second higher education program for undergraduate and graduate programs. For example, you can become a teacher of geography and ecology under the program of the second highest in five years. The master's program will reduce the time for training and expenses - after all, only two years to study, in addition, you can choose the correspondence department. In this case, you can try to immediately get a job at school, providing a certificate of study.

Perhaps the administration will not allow you to immediately conduct the subject, but entrust the circles or additional classes. Private schools, in contrast to public schools, sometimes do not have such a strict attitude to the availability of diplomas and certificates: the main thing is the onset of knowledge and the ability to share it with children.

“Chalk” and “Thanks from Sberbank” congratulate teachers on Teacher’s Day. Do not forget to thank them for everything that they have done for you. Say thanks to your favorite teachers!

Can I get a job right away?

Некоторые учреждения, предлагающие профпереподготовку, организуют стажировки: договариваются с местным отделом образования, чтобы студенту подобрали рабочее место. Могут и порекомендовать конкретного студента работодателям. After finishing the courses, some immediately get into schools. At first, however, the beginner may not be entrusted with the subject matter - they will be charged with organizing electives or additional classes.

Is teacher education required for school work?

Many people have a question, how is it from a legal point of view? Is it possible to apply for a school teacher without teacher education? According to the law, there seem to be no restrictions. Professional retraining in pedagogy is necessary only for working with preschool children.

The Ministry of Education and Science indicated in a letter dated 08/10/2015 N 08-1240 that to work in a school it is necessary to have a higher or secondary specialized education in the field of "Education and Pedagogy", or in the field corresponding to the subject being taught. That is, for example, a specialist with a qualification of a historian who has completed a history faculty may well become a history teacher at school.

The Ministry of Education and Science also clarifies that "the lack of education of a teacher in the profile of work (in the direction of training) alone cannot be the basis for recognizing a teacher as not corresponding to his position during his certification." In any case, the decision to accept a person to work is made by the school management (director) and the certification committee, evaluating his skills and business qualities.

Moreover, as practice shows, they prefer not to take anyone to a public school without vocational education or retraining. It's all about the new professional standards for teachers, the observance of which is strictly monitored by the Ministry of Education.

However, at the same time, there is an acute shortage of personnel in schools. Therefore, a specialist who knows his subject well can be hired as soon as he provides a certificate stating that he has started retraining as a teacher. Particularly calm to the absence of a “crust” are in private schools, where the presence of knowledge and the ability to share it is considered paramount.

With higher medical education, you can teach chemistry or biology, with a humanitarian - Russian language or social science, engineering education will allow to teach physics or mathematics.

Senior colleagues will also help to strengthen pedagogical skills. Many schools have developed the practice of helping experienced teachers and psychologists to young teachers.

Not every teacher without a pedagogical education is not a professional. During inspections in Russian kindergartens and schools, it turns out that even in leadership positions, people without specialized education have been successfully working for many years. But since they have a long working experience, they are usually met towards and given the right to continue to work after undergoing retraining.