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The difference between Seanol & Seanol-F


Algae are an important part of many Eastern Diets. Aware of the potential health benefits of certain algae, a study began in the 1990s of the positive effects of algae on health, funded by the Korean government for $ 39 million.

  1. 1 About Ecklonia cava as the newest most effective health supplement known, quote: “It has been scientifically proven in two open studies that it helps lower total cholesterol, LDL of“ bad ”cholesterol and triglycerides, and at the same time keeps HDL levels of“ good ”cholesterol (and cardiovascular health), and is part of your healthy program hearts. ”said dr. Stephen T. Sinatra:
    • “Helps to increase the level of alpha waves, which in turn affect mental focus and severity (reduce drowsiness).
    • Relax your tense joints (reduces tension in the joints and everyday pains, and nagging in the joints).
    • Highly increases your energy level ... (reduces fatigue and enhances your energy level).
    • Increases blood levels and circulation.
    • Helps fight the signs of aging (repels the attack of free radicals) "
  2. 2 Check the results of studies that, after many years of hard work, have shown that a rare species of red / brown algae called Ecklonia cava is special:
    • They investigated over 400 red and brown algae, looking for a special kind of molecular structure with unrivaled antioxidant properties.
      • After six weeks of taking Ecklonia cava, blood flow dilatation and nitric oxide activity in the blood stream improved.
  3. 3 Caution: water-soluble antioxidants work primarily outside the cells. Comparable to terrestrial antioxidants that cannot break the blood / brain protective barrier, which “protects” and helps protect your brain from most water-soluble substances.
  4. 4 Help your brain with Seanol, which easily breaks the blood / brain protective barrier because it is “40 percent fat soluble” and gives your brain antioxidant protection as it passes the blood / brain protective barrier in your brain.
    • Also, Seanol is fat and water soluble, so it passes into your cells, works inside and outside, and gives maximum protection.
  5. 5 Seanol is held in your body for over 12 hours: this is because it is fat-soluble, studies say, it gives you longer protection thanks to this property.
  6. 6 Compare the water-soluble antioxidants that pass through your body within 30 minutes: In the future, they are displayed in your urine. This means that Seanol can provide you with antioxidant protection 24 times longer:

12 hours / .5 hours = 24 times, or = 2400% longer effect

  1. 1 Read about the rare marine plant from which Seanol is grown, which grows in 100 feet of clean, nutrient-rich waters of Jeju Island off the coast of Korea. The ocean waters off its shores are one of the few places on the planet where these valuable red / brown algae grow: Ecklonia cava, just crammed with the most powerful antioxidants in the world, with an SPSR index 100 times higher than any land-based antioxidant. Called Seanol, it is the most valuable antioxidant in Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries since it began to be produced and sold. It all starts with the unique molecular structure of Seanol, which allows you to “capture” much more free radicals than any other ground-based antioxidant, Seanol, contains two types of potent antioxidants:

Method 1 Exciting Biochemistry

  1. 1 Look, Seanol has a lot more polyphenols and phloratonins, terrestrial molecular structures with “2 to 4 connecting rings”: like antioxidants found on land, such as berries, tea leaves, grapes, pomegranates, fruits and vegetables, and these rings are very important because they “catch” free radicals.
    • The "trans-resveratrol" contained in red grapes has only a "two-ring" structure.
    • Green tea has a four-ring structure.
  2. 2 Amazing: Please note Seanol has eight rings! This allows you to catch much more free radicals than any other antioxidants, since it has this complex structure and can form the same polyphenols and florotanins. But in a more advanced molecular structure, respectively.
  3. 3 Let's look at the ability of food, vitamins, or extracts to absorb dangerous free radicals, thereby turning them into safe ones, by measuring them using the Oxygen Free Radical Absorbance Index (SIRC) ability index. The higher the PSRK index, the better, since foods with a high PSRK index can protect your cells and tissues from the damaging oxidizing effects.
    • Seanol has a staggering 8.368, much higher than green tea, resveratrol red wine, and many other fruits and vegetables.
      • Seanol has a 10-fold higher PSRK index than orange. You would have to eat 7-8 oranges daily to get the same PSRK index as in one Seanol dose.
    • PSRC Seanol index per 100 grams (approximately 3.5 ounces) relative to other products:
      • Seanol 8.368 / raisins 2,830 / Blueberries 2,400 / Blackberries 2,036 / Strawberries 1,540 / Oranges 750 / Red grapes 739 / Cherries 670 / Spinach 1,260 / Broccoli flowers 890 / Beets 840 / Corn 400 / Eggplant 390 / Tea 700-1,600 (red wine marked from for resveratrol in red grapes.)
  4. 4 Understand, “that you would have to drink 200 cups of green tea per day to get the same protection from antioxidants as from a daily dose of extract.

You will ask why? Because its PSRK index is 100 times higher than any other ground-based antioxidant. ”

  1. 1
    • Now, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Method 2 The Largest Longevity in the World and These Antioxidants

  1. 1 In the study, for every 100,000 islanders living in Okinawa, 457 people are long-livers and over 100 years old. Compare this to 10 people over 100 for every 100,000 Americans. Scientists have studied the Okinawans attributed their longevity to hard work, clean air and a diet that, you guessed it, contains a lot of algae. Okinawans, like many Japanese and Asians, adore their algae, and eat with many dishes. The Japanese mainly live longer than any other people on earth, with an average life expectancy of 79.4 years for men and 86.5 years for women. And among the Japanese, Okinawans live the longest.
    • Mahinda Senevirahne and Su-Khun Kim report that “he showed significant activity in all antioxidant analyzes ... activity is much higher than those commercial synthetic and natural antioxidants tested.” Scientific studies have also shown that Ecklonia cava has shown “high absorption activity” with respect to free radicals, as this “super antioxidant” enters your cells more efficiently.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The statements and products mentioned here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • C-reactive protein (CRP) is an indicator of inflammatory processes, and its reduction can prevent heart attacks. Supplements that help reduce the inflammatory process include fish oil (2 grams daily), brown seaweed extract Ecklonia cava (720 mg daily), yellow mustard turmeric (50-100 mg daily), nattokinase (50-100 mg daily).
    • Follow your New Year's promises to lose weight and exercise regularly. This will help keep your CRP level normal.
  • The recommendations here for using Ecklonia cava are from a cardiologist, founder, who has been published in medical journals since 1977, Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD, Certified Nutritionist: We have a product called Seanol, which is an antioxidant extracted from special algae. Dr. Sinatra has been published in numerous medical and health food magazines on the subject of healthy eating and diseases of the cardiovascular system, beginning in 1992, mentioned in his references to the “complete biography”:
    • “Then, in the mid-1980s, I was one of the first cardiologists in America to recommend natural supplements such as Q10 (CoQ10), L-carnitine and green tea to my patients. Some of my colleagues mocked me. But scientific observations show that they can do wonders for the heart, and I have proved my point. ” Dr. Sinatra describes herself as an integrated cardiologist.

That is why he prefers to treat heart diseases with the methods of traditional and alternative medicine, using all the best of both. Sometimes this means relying on pharmaceutical medicines and high-tech equipment, and sometimes on physical and psychological exercises that reduce stress, and nutritional therapy that improves cell metabolism. Dr. Sinatra firmly believes that the more efficiently your cells create and burn energy, the better your overall health will be. This is especially true for the heart, which uses more energy than any other organ in the body.


Ecklonia cava is an edible algae regularly consumed in Japanese and Korean cultures. Ecklonia cava is a polyphenol that contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Polyphenols are a series of interconnected chemical rings found in your body. The more links polyphenol contains, the more free radicals it can capture, which can improve your health. Typical flavonoids have three interconnected rings, but the eclonia cava contains 10 rings, which makes it a powerful antioxidant. Seanol and Seanol-F contain cocoa eclonia extract, although the exact amount of algae is not known.


Seanol and Seanol-F have been reported to have several potential health benefits. Some of the possible benefits of using Seanol or Seanol-F include weight management, diabetes control, improved memory, and reduced inflammation. Researchers have carefully studied the effects of Sinol on vascular health. In a 2003 study published in Archives of Pharmacal Research, researchers found that extracts of cava equolinia extract in rats improved erectile function. However, no human studies have confirmed these results.

Seanol and Seanol-F are cava exonium extracts sold in the USA. Different supplement manufacturers use either the name Seanol or Seanol-F to describe the eclonia cocoa extract in their supplement, but the same ingredient is found in each. Seanol is a name registered by Simply Healthy Corporation. Seanol-F is a patented ingredient in equava cava extract in other supplements. The amount of eclonia of cava in various additives depends on the manufacturer.

Precautionary measures

Ecklonia cava is safe without any toxicity. The only side effect noted with high doses of cava eclonia was diarrhea in subjects with a pre-existing condition associated with diarrhea. Seanol and Seanol-F contain other ingredients in addition to the eclonia cavern, so read the label for the other ingredients carefully and look for possible side effects. Consult a physician before taking Seanol, Seanol-F, or any other supplements, because they may interact with other medicines or conditions.