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Allium sativum


It has long been proven that a properly selected homeopathic medicine cures a cold at the initial stage of the disease within a few days. These medicines are made from natural ingredients and are especially recommended for those who suffer from chronic diseases. Therefore, homeopathy is also called gentle and safe therapy.

The essence of treatment in homeopathy is a treatment like that. That is, a drug is selected that, in increased doses, causes the symptoms of the disease, and in small doses it eliminates the disease itself. When prescribing such substances, the specialist takes into account the physiological and psychological characteristics of the patient. It reveals an important direction in treatment, not just what is the causative agent of the infection, but what symptoms appear. Each patient has a cold in his own way - this is taken into account during therapy. For example, onion, used as a food product, irritates the mucous membranes, causes lacrimation, dyspepsia. And the drug - Allium cepa Liliaceae (lat.), Which is made on the basis of onions, has the ability to cure these same phenomena.

What is this medicine?

Onion - seasoning is well-known to everyone, its root crops and leaves contain vitamins: B1, B2, C, PP, carotene, retinol, iodine, volatile (antibiotics), essential oils (giving taste, smell and pungency), potassium, sodium, calcium , sodium, magnesium. With the help of onions, diseases such as cough, headache, runny nose, hay fever, bronchitis can be cured. Phytoncides are found in many plants, but those contained in onions have a special life-giving force. With their help, all fungal and viral infections are “destroyed”. The body gets rid of vitamin deficiency, scurvy, heart failure, any intestinal disorders. When using this amazing plant, nervous attacks “calm down”, anxiety and anxiety disappear.

Onions, which are present in the culinary recipes of most cuisines of the world, are not only a storehouse of vitamins and minerals, but they also have antibacterial properties. Source: flickr (Photo by Moscow

Since 1849, an onion-based preparation has synthesized and began to use the American homeopath Konstantin Goering. This tool is made from alcohol tinctures of bulbs and feathers of the plant, collected from July to September. The technology of its manufacture is quite simple:

  1. Chopping and insisting fruits on alcohol for two weeks.
  2. Dilution of the resulting tincture with alcohol.
  3. Shaking (up to 100 times) and diluting again.

According to experts, a homeopathic remedy made from onion has a stronger energy than its juice itself initially. Therefore, it is very often used for the prevention of colds. Onion-based homeopathic medicine not only kills the causative agent of the disease, but also increases the body's resistance. It can be freely used with antibiotics - it enhances their effect on pathogenic microorganisms.

Interesting fact! In the Middle Ages, onions were very popular and were used as a talisman against evil eye and witchcraft. Even the soldiers, before going to war, hung him on their chests - it was believed that he was saving from injuries.

How does the drug affect the body?

Onion extract begins to act even in the mouth, when the grains are absorbed, the vital process of “harmful" microorganisms is suppressed. This increases the formation of saliva. Getting into the upper parts of the digestive system, beneficial substances activate the synthesis of enzymes, and improve digestion. Intestinal motility improves, the drug is absorbed into the blood.

Onion extract volatile extracts that enter the blood of a diseased organism “attack” the cells of viral bacteria, destroying and literally dissolving them. They have a particularly fatal effect on the walls of fungi, which are very difficult to destroy. Improvements in the body of a sick person can occur immediately - within one hour, and sometimes within three days. It all depends on the form of the disease.

As soon as the microorganisms die, all the symptoms of the common cold begin to go away: headache, runny nose, redness in the eyes. Cough, nasal discharge, which is facilitated by hay fever, disappears. The person is feeling better, the feeling of illness disappears, unpleasant symptoms disappear. The body begins the process of restoration and strengthening of immunity.

Indications for use

Allium cepa - a drug that effectively affects the upper respiratory tract, treats a runny nose, which is characterized by abundant nasal discharge, redness and tearing of the eyes, and cough. Runny nose begins on the left side of the nose and gradually spreads down, switches to the right side. This causes a headache. It gets worse in the evening indoors, better on the street, in cold air.

Onion-based homeopathic remedies help the body cope with a number of diseases, and are also great for their prevention, increasing human immunity. Source: flickr (Choose Life).

The main symptoms in which onion extract is prescribed:

  1. Viral and infectious diseases that occur due to dampness. The main manifestations are conjunctivitis, rhinitis. The spread of inflammation from the left to the right, to the larynx and trachea. There is a burning sensation in the throat, a hard cough (it becomes stronger in the heat, indoors). Severe sore throat, extending to ears.
  2. Infantile pertussis, inflammation of the intestines and rectum.
  3. Headache that gets worse indoors.
  4. Pain in nonexistent amputated limbs.
  5. Gastritis, accompanied by stitching pains. Worse in the morning.
  6. Stitching pain in the rectum.
  7. Morning headache with the onset of the menstrual cycle.
  8. Inflammation of the ear (otitis media).
  9. Cystitis. Urolithiasis disease.

Being a constitutional remedy, Allium cepa is used to treat aggressive patients with attacks of madness and temper. Improvement usually occurs when swimming or walking in the fresh, cold air. Deterioration - in the morning, in August, autumn and spring.

Note! It is forbidden to take a homeopathic medicine on your own, even if a severe deterioration has occurred!

How to apply?

Homeopathic pills in the form of grains are desirable to use without touching them with your hands or fingers. To do this, you can use a plastic or wooden spoon. They are poured under the tongue (4 - 5 pieces for adults, 3-4 - for children - up to 6 times a day) and dissolve. There is no need to drink. Take it half an hour before a meal or only an hour after a meal.

When using the drug, you need to monitor the reaction of the body and do not take it again until the action has ended after the previous dose. If there are slight improvements, then you can take the pills again. With severe symptoms: high fever, fever, acute attacks - you can take the medicine every 10-15 minutes.

Treatment with drugs containing Allium flail can also be prescribed to children from a very young age, especially with pronounced symptoms of the disease. Source: flickr (Oberig Clinic).

So that homeopathic remedies do not lose their properties and lead to a positive effect, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • Store in a cool dark place, at temperatures up to 30 degrees,
  • Keep away from smelling substances.
  • store in its packaging, with the lid tightly closed,
  • accidentally taken excess pills should be discarded.

What prevents the action of the drug

Antidotes are substances that suppress the treatment of homeopathic medicines, or rather they neutralize them. Therefore, during treatment it is necessary to discuss with the doctor the intake of certain products. Mostly, you need to stop taking coffee, which even in small quantities does not allow the medicine to act. You need to know that antidotes should not be consumed even within two days after the end of the course of treatment.

Aromatic herbal remedies such as mint, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus and rosemary are also intense “suppressors” - they are often found in toothpastes, oral fluids, and cough syrups. It is important to exclude:

  • cigarettes
  • spice intake
  • black and green tea,
  • alcohol
  • carbonated drinks
  • citrus fruits.
  • perfumes.

If a person, through inexperience or ignorance, combined taking the medicine and one of these antidotes, then the painful symptoms resume. In this case, after half an hour, you need to take the same remedy again. The same applies to a baby who is breastfeeding and taking homeopathic treatment. His mother should refrain from taking and using antidotes.

Interesting fact! There are types of people who do not “cry” under the influence of onion essential oils. This medicine will not help them. In this case, the law of homeopathy is triggered - treatment of the like with the like.

Homeopathy, as the science of healing, implies a patient attitude towards the patient, an understanding of his personality. Only in this case, you can choose the right "key", which will reveal in the patient's body, the healing potential and help him to do without the "chemical" antibiotics and surgical intervention.