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How to cross out a word or text fragment in Microsoft Word


User-friendly multifunctional text editor Word, which is one of the most popular software products of Microsoft, contains a huge range of diverse tools that allows you to change the stylistic design of information messages that are contained in documents. Most often, users directly change the font and its size in the text, highlight individual parts of the typed message in bold and italics. Along with this, anyone can change the usual black color of the text, which is set by default, to any of the colors of the rainbow, which is facilitated by the color palette located in the main category. Sometimes it happens that the previously written must be crossed out, in other words, the user must make the text typed in the Word crossed out.

In this article, we’ll show you how to cross out a font in Word.

The principle of strikethrough words

Versions of the text editor that were created later than 2007, among other tools located in the Home category, provide a specialized icon through which you can cross out text in Word with just one click. You can find this element on the control panel, located in the "Font" subsection. To make the word crossed out, you need to use the command, which contains a combination of letters "abc".

To cross out text in Word, select the necessary fragment (that part of the information message that will subsequently be formatted), and then click on the corresponding button.

In some versions of the Word text editor, there may not be a previously specified button, in which case you will have to perform a number of simple manipulations. The user first needs to select a certain part of the text to be changed, and then, in the "Home" category, which is the main tab of the program, find the "Font" section. In addition to tools that are constantly in the user's field of view, this section has several hidden functions. To be able to use them, you need to expand the contents of the category by clicking on the arrow located in the lower right.

To cross out a word in Word, you need to put a mark on the line that makes the text crossed out in the settings that include “Modification”. Confirm the changes made by clicking on the "OK" button. As a result of these simple steps, the specified settings will be applied, and the dialog box will disappear from the screen.

If the user needs to perform an operation exactly the opposite of that described - in particular, it is necessary to remove the crossed out words, you can apply the reverse procedure. The user can select a fragment of text with strikethrough and click on the “abc” icon again, after which the previously changed fragment will return to its original form.


Microsoft's unique text editor Word has a huge number of specialized tools that allow you to perform many manipulations on the text. The specific “abc” icon, for example, allows you to cross out not only a single word, but also a letter, symbol, sentence, or a whole paragraph.

Using font tools

In the tab "The main" in Group "Font" various tools for working with the font are located. In addition to changing the font itself, its size and type of writing (regular, bold, italics and underlined), the text can be made superscript and subscript, for which there are special buttons on the control panel. It is with them that the button adjoins, with which you can cross out the word.

1. Select the word or piece of text that you want to cross out.

2. Click on the button “Strikethrough” (“Abc”) located in the group "Font" in the main tab of the program.

3. The highlighted word or text fragment will be crossed out. If necessary, repeat the same action for other words or text fragments.

    Tip: To cancel a strikethrough, select the strikethrough word or phrase and press the button “Strikethrough” again.

Change Strikethrough Type

You can cross out a word in Word not only with one horizontal line, but also with two. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Highlight a word or phrase that you want to cross out with a double line (or change a single strikeout to double).

2. Open the group dialog "Font" - To do this, click on the small arrow, which is located in the lower right of the group.

3. In the section “Modification” check the box next to “Double Strikethrough”.

Note: In the sample window, you can see how the selected text fragment or word will appear after strikethrough.

4. After you close the window "Font" (click for this button "OK"), the selected text fragment or word will be crossed out by a double horizontal line.

    Tip: To cancel strikethrough with a double line, reopen the window "Font" and uncheck the item “Double Strikethrough”.

You can safely end with this, since you and I figured out how to cross out a word or phrase in the Word. Master Word and achieve only positive results in training and work.

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