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What is the evolution of Pokemon in Pokemon Go - how to apply?


The best methods to help make your team stronger.

Once you have collected enough Pokémon, you will probably be interested in the question of their evolution (evolve) and gain (power up). This will allow you to catch new creatures and make them powerful enough to defend and capture the gymnas. Below is a description of how the process of evolution works, and moments that you should pay attention to.

Pokemon Evolution

To enhance and evolve Pokémon you need stardust and candy. Stardust is a common resource that you get for every Pokémon caught, for capturing a gym and leveling up. And sweets are specific for each type of Pokemon: there are Pikachu Candy, Pidgey Candy and so on.

Simply put, the more Pokémon of the same type you caught, the more candies for pumping and evolution of this type of creature you get. Therefore, you should catch low-level Pidgeys in order to evolve them into Pidgeon. And do not forget to use the radar in the game, which helps to catch the one you need.

When is the best time to evolve and strengthen Pokémon?

When playing and collecting Pokemon, you will find that not everyone caught has the same level of CP (combat power). The higher it is, the stronger the Pokémon in battle. You can easily find information on how the fights in the hymms go and learn about all the nuances of the battle, but in short, CP is the most important factor when it comes to fighting.

When it comes to increasing Pokemon CP, there are several key points:

  • the higher your Trainer level, the more likely you are to catch high CP Pokémon in the wild and you don’t have to spend candy to strengthen them,
  • the order in which you evolve or power up a pokemon does not matter for its CP.
  • Nevertheless, it is worth evolving the Pokemon before strengthening it, as this will allow you to see its types of attacks. Attack types are randomly generated by the Pokemon during its evolution. If you first evolve it, then you will recognize its attacks, and do not spend extra sweets if they do not suit you.

In addition to CP, Pokemon has other characteristics: weight and height. There are often discussions and speculations between players about how these indicators influence the battle. However, there is currently no convincing evidence that there is any influence.

How to get bonus candy easily

Wanted to find out about an easy way to get bonus candy? Return (transfer) any of those Pokémon that you don’t use to the professor to receive additional candy in addition to those that you received when he was captured.

Returning unnecessary Pokémon is also worth it because you can carry a limited number of them with you.

CP and IV indicators

In order to choose the right pet, you need to correctly interpret its indicators. There are two indicators that allow you to determine how strong your pocket monster will be in a duel with the enemy.

The first indicator - CP or Combat Points is a combination of all the creature's characteristics - Attack, Defense and Stamina. It indicates the power of the Pokemon at the current moment, not taking into account the potential. There are also hidden modifiers that appear after leveling up. CP along with these modifiers is called Individual Value (IV).

Indicator IV was invented by the players in order to fully appreciate the potential power of the Pokemon. It depends on him how successful level-ups and evolution will turn out to be.

The network has several calculators that calculate this indicator. Choose a calculator that suits you and drive all the characteristics - as a result, you will get the value of individual potential.

Each caught specimen has individual indicators and modifiers, so it makes sense to develop only the strongest representative of one species. For example, if the IV of one Chermander is much higher than the others in your collection, then develop it.

Level up

To increase the characteristics, sweets that match the class of Pokemon are required. For example, you caught Charmander and got the corresponding candy.

If you have another Chermander with a higher IV, then the resulting candy must be spent on pumping it. At the same time, you will not be able to spend it on improving the characteristics of Pikachu. So you have to hunt a lot to collect the required resources.

So, you have the Pokemon and the corresponding candies. To pump it, go to the menu, find the list of all pets, select the one you need and press the Power UP button.

Together with sweets, a small amount of star dust will be spent, so it will not work to raise the level of each of the caught specimens.

Each pokemaster must take into account the following points before raising the level of the pet:

  • Level-up increases CP, so it’s better to focus on IV, pumping a stronger (potentially) pet.
  • The white bar above the name indicates how close it is to the maximum level. Level-up increases the degree of its fullness, reaching a maximum of 1.5 times from the current character level.
  • Each level-up requires more candy and stardust, so development is slowing down.
  • Do not pump monsters with medium or low IV.
  • If you can evolve Pokemon before level-up - do it. So he will be able to get advanced attack and defense before upgrading and will become even stronger.
  • Try to catch pocket monsters with high CP and IV. With low CP and high IV, the cost of pumping will be very high.

Apa process

Evolution is an integral part of the Pokemon world. In the process of such "improvement" the creature changes its appearance, acquires new abilities and becomes stronger. Pets get new attack and defense skills, and this happens at random, so sometimes these skills are quite weak.

In the process, you only need candies of the appropriate type, and star dust will not be consumed.

How to evolve Pokemon? Accumulate a sufficient number of candies that will suit your pet, go to the menu, find the list and select the desired Pokemon, then press the Evolve button. You need to know the following things:

  • Evolution is one of the main ways to gain a lot of experience in a short period of time. And when using Lucky eggs, you can quickly get 1-2 levels.
  • It is worth refraining from pressing a button until a character reaches level 15. During this time, you will collect all the components and a small army of pocket monsters, and you will be completely ready.
  • Only upgrade creatures with a high IV and CP score so you save valuable ingredients. Do not use those with a low CP.
  • If you have enough resources, it’s worthwhile to upgrade the selected Pokémon to the maximum. This is done because with the growth of the level, your character will be able to catch more powerful creatures.
  • Analyze the new attack and defense skills that come from evolution. If they are weak, then do not waste resources.

Eevee Feature

We will give you a small gift and tell you about the secret evolution of Eevee. The main feature of this Pokemon is the possibility of development in three directions at once. If you feed Ivy 25 candies, then the evolution will be random, and you can get unexpected results.

But users have already discovered a little trick that will make the process more predictable. The secret is to change the name of the pet before evolution:

  1. To get Vaporeon, rename Eevee to Rainer.
  2. To get Jolteon, rename it to Sparky.
  3. To get Flareon, rename it to Pyro.

After renaming, close and restart the application and make sure that the name has really changed. Despite the fact that the developers have confirmed the relevance of this method, sometimes it does not work due to problems with the servers. If Ivy’s name doesn’t change, you will not get the result you expected.

That's all for today. Stay in touch, leave your opinions and questions in the comments and share the link to this article with your friends. Bye Bye.

1. The old fashioned way

More experienced and older Pokémon Go players remember that the evolution of Pokémon required a lot of gaming experience and this experience could take many forms.

This statement is no less true in relation to Pokemon Go, only the rules are completely different. Everything is simple here: the more Pokemon you catch, the more experience or stardust you will get. When the stardust scale is completely full, you will have the opportunity to evolve your Pokemon.

Yes, everything is really that simple. Check the Pokémon data tab when entering the game. Next to each Pokemon is two scales: stardust and sweets. For now, you can ignore the candy scale, we will come back to this a bit later. A number will be indicated next to the stardust scale, let it be 200. When you reach this limit, catching more and more Pokémon, a new option will appear. It is called Power up. Pressing this button will increase the CP and HP of your Pokemon.

2. Search for sweets

We mentioned earlier that in parallel with stardust, there is another scale, candy. Using sweets is another way of evolving Pokémon.

But there is a difference between a stardust scale and a candy scale. The easiest way to fill the scale of stardust, which can not be said about the candy scale. But, despite this, with a little effort, you can quickly evolve your Pokemon.

If you want to evolve your Doduo, for example, you will need to catch enough of its individuals to increase its candy reserves. But you cannot catch Pikachu in Pokemon Go and use it to increase your supply of Doduo sweets.

Unfortunately, the candy scale does not fill up just from catching the same Pokemon. To do this, you need to exchange Pokemon with a professor. For this he will reward you with candy.

In the end, your Pokemon candy supplies will reach a critical point and you will have the opportunity to evolve it. Do not forget that rare Pokemon is hard to find, which means that candy for them is also not so easy to get.

3. Level Up

Gaming experience is not only an opportunity to improve your Pokémon, but also an opportunity to improve your catching skills.

For example, leveling up your character is just as important as leveling up your Pokemon. In practice, this means that you need to attend gims (and even grab them) to get a gaming experience.

This statement is also true for the usual collection of Pokemon. Even if you are already sick of catching this 150th PJ. The fact is that in any case, it will bring you candy and gaming experience. This experience has been accumulating for a long time. Be sure that it's worth it, because the level up of your Pokemon directly depends on it.

The best-known technique for gaining more experience is using PJ. Everything is simple. You will need a lot of PJs (lots!). You will also need a happy egg, an item that doubles all your experience.

The idea is this: PJ's evolution costs only 12 candies. Each evolution brings with it such an attractive 1000 game experience points. When you finally have enough PJs, you can open the egg and begin evolution.

The number of level ups directly depends on the number of possible evolutions.

This method is very simple and effective. The experience gained in turn can increase the level of your character and contribute to the evolution of both ordinary and rare Pokémon. Win-win situation.

4. Lures

The goal of Pokemon Go is to catch as many Pokémon as possible, preferably each Pokémon.

This may not be so simple, and not only because rare Pokémon are hard to catch. To all this, some users simply do not have time to search for a specific Pokemon. Fortunately, the developers came up with an excellent solution to this problem - the bait in Pokemon Go. Bait is an item that allows you to lure as many Pokémon as possible closer to your location. She makes the Pokemon go to you.

Another useful property of lures is that they have a group effect. If you use frankincense together with your friends on Pokestop, the effect will apply not only to you, but also to your friends.

Do not forget that the bait lasts only thirty minutes. So get out of your den and do everything in your power. Bait not only helps to find a new Pokemon, it also contributes to the evolution of your Pokemon.

All in your hands. We put the bait and go!