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Can I have sex during my period?


Surprisingly, sex during menstruation excites women more than men - according to a survey conducted by the famous MensHealth magazine, your partner will most likely faint from just one idea about sex during menstruation: the survey showed that, basically, men, not women, are the initiators of the break! More than three quarters of the guys surveyed said they did not want sex during menstruation, and only 54% were ready to do it - but only with a regular girlfriend or wife.

Why do women want sex during menstruation

If you are able to ignore some of the mess with which sex is associated during menstruation, then you may well love and want it! In order not to be unfounded, I will give the opinion of the doctor of medical sciences, the author of The Hormone Cure, Sarah Gottfried. According to her, your estrogen is at a record low at the beginning of the menstrual period, but during the week, as estrogen levels increase, your testosterone also increases sharply, which has a direct effect on female sexuality.

Gottfried adds: “For some women, the thrill of something forbidden or unconventional can make them even more aroused during menstruation.” In other words, sex during menstruation can really be hot just because of a change in hormonal background - that is you are a completely normal person, you do not need to be dragged to a psychiatrist, because nothing can be done about nature!

How to have sex during your period

Let's listen to another specialist. “Even if you think that the traditional period has come without sex - and menstruation can really be accompanied by cramps, headaches and diarrhea - most likely you have more than once or twice wanted to have sex during your period,” says sex trainer Amy Levin, the founder of the popular Thematic portal

She suggests first of all to carefully study her cycle. On certain days, you may have to wear flannel pajamas and moan while lying on the heating pad, but the days when the “stream” becomes lighter can be quite favorable for sex. “A wet vagina often feels better during sex,” says Levine. “Blood can be a natural lubricant! Orgasm is also a great way to relieve menstrual cramps. ”

So if you are ready to break the sad tradition of an almost weekly break in sex, Amy Levin gives some tips on how to have sex during your period:

  • Before you have sex, spread a dark towel on the bed.
  • Use a latex condom because some of the blood that gets on it can easily “roll off”.
  • Keep a warm, damp cloth or towel nearby.
  • Try different positions. Having sex during menstruation while lying on your back or on your side will stain you, your partner and the bed is not so much stronger than in a pose from above.

Teach your husband to have sex during your period

Most importantly, enjoy sex, but stay safe! The MensHealth study, which I mentioned above, showed that 44 percent of men view sex during their periods as a great opportunity to stop using a condom. But, Gottfried warns that the risk of becoming pregnant during menstruation remains, although many couples are sure that it is zero (some women ovulate very late or within five days of bleeding, a phenomenon called breakthrough bleeding), both partners can also transmit and receive some STDs, including HIV infection and hepatitis. Regardless of whether you have your period or not, the most reliable protection is a condom. Although, in established couples, where a man knows how to control ejaculation and there is no place for betrayal, these problems with sex during menstruation are not in the foreground.

Is it safe to have sex during your period?

Many men and women are concerned that sexual intercourse during a woman’s menstruation is unhealthy. Although in many cultures and religions, intercourse during menstruation is not approved, this is completely normal.

Concerns about this act generally stem from social misconceptions about menstrual blood: most girls are taught from a very young age that their menstrual blood is unclean and “dirty,” and therefore men don’t need to know about it. Nevertheless, menstrual blood is a completely natural biological fluid that does not have a special effect on the male penis or reproductive tract of a woman. If the partners do not have a sexually transmitted disease or infection, then it is quite normal for you and your man to have sex during menstruation.

Oral sex during menstruation?

Although some men and women may find the thought of oral sex during menstrual blasphemous, many partners do participate in this act. If you and your partner want oral sex during menstruation, be sure that it is completely safe. However, if you have an STD, your menstrual blood may contain bacteria or viruses, which makes oral sex unsafe.

Is it true that sex during menstruation eases menstrual pain?

Many women do report that intercourse during menstruation actually helps to ease the period of menstrual pain. This is because an orgasm leads to a contraction of the uterus, which allows the body to use an excess of prostaglandins in the process. Prostaglandins are hormones produced by the uterine mucosa. They help stimulate the contractions that move menstrual blood from the uterus, and are also responsible for these cramps that occur throughout the period of menstruation.

Can you get an STD if you have sex during your period?

There are a number of myths that it is impossible to get a sexually transmitted disease if you have sex when you have your period. Unfortunately, this myth is completely untrue, and you and your partner are still at risk of contracting any type of STD if unprotected sex is practiced during menstruation.

According to Alfred Shihat, MD, medical director of FemCap Inc., “the shedding of the entire uterine mucosa creates an essentially open wound inside the uterus. This will provide viruses and bacteria with direct access to the circulatory system. ”Thus, during sex, especially during menstruation, Dr. Shihata says that a condom should be worn to help prevent STD transmission if one or both partners are infected.

Can sex during menstruation stop menstruation?

If you had sexual intercourse during your period, you may have noticed that your period suddenly stops during the day. Although you may be worried that somehow your menstrual blood is “stuck” somewhere in your reproductive tract, it is not. In fact, your period of menstruation probably ended because sexual intercourse stimulated an increase in the number of contractions in the uterus, as a result of which your body excreted menstrual blood faster.

During orgasm, the uterus passes through a series of muscle contractions that can help accelerate menstruation, endometrial tissue begins to shift and is pushed through the vagina. In addition, sperm contains prostaglandins, hormones that affect uterine contractions. The combination of prostaglandins and orgasm can increase the number of contractions of the uterus and, therefore, can cause the body to quickly get rid of the rest of your menstrual blood.

Video opinion: sex during menstruation

You read this article to your husband or partner, but is he still a little squeamish? Try to politely recall that there is nothing in the human body to be shy. Women have menstruation. In men, ejaculation. Are they embarrassed by their discharge? The best sex usually happens with completely liberated people!

Can I have sex during menstruation?

There is no definite answer to the question “is it possible to have sex during menstruation”? Intercourse during the menstrual cycle is not approved in many faiths and cultures. More recently, having sex during menstruation was considered unacceptable. Today, many gynecologists talk about the benefits of having sex during this period. Sex during menstruation is considered absolutely healthy and completely normal.

Sexologists conducted a number of studies and came to the conclusion that each woman's sexual desire is directly dependent on the phase of the menstrual cycle. For each woman, the strength of sexual desire during menstruation is completely different. In some women, during menstruation, there is completely no attraction to a man, and someone has an urgent need for sex. Since the sensitivity of a woman during menstruation increases markedly, she can experience those sensations that she did not experience during normal sexual intercourse. Due to the fact that the vagina is very moist during the menstrual cycle, the woman does not experience the unpleasant sensations that sometimes appear during intercourse on any other day. Sexual intercourse promotes the production of endorphin (the hormone of pleasure) in a woman's body, which improves mood and muffles pain. Many women confirm that sexual intercourse during the menstrual period really helps reduce cramps and menstrual pain. Orgasm relieves the ailment that occurs during menstruation. After intimacy, most women feel a surge of strength and relief. Uterine contractions during orgasm significantly reduce the menstrual period, contribute to the displacement of the endometrium and its exit through the vagina.

But it should be remembered that the cervix is ​​slightly ajar during menstruation, so any bacteria from the vagina can easily penetrate the uterine cavity. In this case, blood will act as a favorable environment for the propagation of pathogens. Therefore, during intercourse during this period, it is best to use a condom. During intercourse during menstruation, it is not recommended to use a cervical cap or diaphragm. Such contraceptive methods will contribute to the accumulation of menstrual blood, which can lead to the occurrence of toxic shock syndrome in women.

Common myths

On the question of whether it is possible to have sex during menstruation, there are a lot of myths. For example, there is an opinion that it is impossible to get pregnant during the period of menstruation. The onset of pregnancy during the menstrual cycle is possible, but unlikely. During menstruation, the mucous membrane of the uterus, which was formed in preparation for the onset of pregnancy, is removed from the female body. If pregnancy has not occurred, then the unused endometrium and the unfertilized egg are removed from the uterus through the vagina. And this means that there is no mucous membrane and an egg for fertilization.

However, it should be remembered that sperm in the reproductive system of women can exist for about three days. And since in some women ovulation can occur at the very end of the menstrual cycle, spermatozoa during this period may still be able to fertilize the egg.

It should also not be forgotten that if a woman carries STDs, then her vaginal discharge and menstrual blood will contain pathogenic bacteria that cause various sexually transmitted diseases. During menstruation, many women also activate the herpes virus, and therefore the risk of transmitting this virus to a sexual partner increases significantly.

Menstruation and pregnancy

It is believed that it is impossible to get pregnant during menstruation. The statement is difficult to fully confirm or completely disprove. In fact, it is possible to conceive a child during this period, but the likelihood that this will happen is very small. With menstruation, the endometrium is rejected and the egg dies, the sperm have nothing to fertilize and there is nowhere to develop in the further formed zygote. In most cases, this is exactly what happens. However, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the body. An irregular cycle or some of its specific qualities will provoke a “meeting” of the sperm and the egg. In this case, fertilization still occurs. Therefore, you should not neglect the use of contraceptives.

Infectious infection

In normal times, the narrow cervical canal is blocked by the accumulation of mucus produced by special glands. This protects the internal genital organs from infection. With menstruation, there is no barrier in her path. The neck is ajar. With sex, a woman can easily become infected by her sexual partner with various types of the most serious infections. Subsequent treatment can last for years. Sometimes a man himself does not suspect that he is a carrier of dangerous pathogens.

The reverse situation is also possible. With menstruation in women, as a rule, an exacerbation of diseases such as thrush, genital herpes occurs. Even protected sex does not guarantee that infection of the sexual partner will not occur. This also applies to other infections. Blood is the most favorable environment for the development of trichomonads, mycoplasmas, gonococci and other pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases.

Menstruation and libido

Another controversial issue is the question of what happens to the libido of a woman who has her period. From a biological point of view, libido should be reduced, since the probability of fertilization of the egg is incredibly small. However, there is an opposite opinion. On the other hand, the fact of an increase in libido is associated with other physiological phenomena that occur in a woman's body during menstrual flow. These include primarily blood flow to the organs of the reproductive system. It provides quick excitement, as well as an increase in sensations, and hence orgasm.

The risk of developing endometriosis

For a woman, a very serious reason for refusing sex during menstruation is an increased risk of endometriosis. During intercourse, an increase in intra-abdominal pressure occurs due to tension of the abdominal muscles and increased contractions of the uterus. In this case, there is a high probability of throwing menstrual blood into the abdominal cavity. The secretions that accumulate in the uterine cavity contain exfoliated endometrium and blood flowing from damaged vessels.

In the abdominal cavity, endometrial particles settle on the walls of the peritoneum, ovaries, and bladder, and grow together with them. This leads to the development of a formidable disease associated with the further growth of this mass, disruption of the organs.

The entry of the endometrium into the ovaries, in particular, leads to the formation of cysts. Endometrioid cysts can grow, giving a number of complications. With endometriosis, menstruation becomes painful and irregular, severe bleeding and other dangerous situations occur.

A fairly real complication is infertility. The most formidable consequence of the formation of endometrioid cysts is their cancerous degeneration.

With endometriosis and its complications, treatment is sometimes possible with hormonal drugs, but most often you have to resort to the surgical method.

Is it possible to get pregnant on “critical days”

It is possible. If a woman has a short menstrual cycle, then ovulation can occur in the last days of menstruation. For example, with a 20-day cycle, ovulation occurs on day 6 and coincides with menstrual bleeding if menstruation lasts 6-7 days. If you had sex 2-3 days before the end of your period, then immediately after ovulation you can get pregnant, since the viability of sperm remains for several days.

In addition, there are cases when the eggs mature in both ovaries simultaneously with a difference of several days. In this case, pregnancy also occurs in a woman with a 28-day cycle of menstruation.

We must not forget that sometimes there are occasional deviations in the timing of the onset of menstruation (due to stress, climate change, increased stress, illness, or other causes), which also increases the likelihood of pregnancy on “critical days”.

Sex during menstruation: is it possible

A large number of couples (especially from the younger generation) are thinking about the possibility of making love during such a period as menstruation. As a rule, such a question arises among those who have stable relations. In the absence of a permanent partner, it is better to refrain from such experiments.

From a medical point of view, there is no prohibition of sexual intercourse during menstruation. But there is an important condition. This condition is compliance with all hygiene rules and the health of the reproductive systems of both partners.

How to prepare and what to pay attention to

Если вы решились на такой эксперимент, как секс во время месячных, то необходимо обратить внимание на следующие моменты.

  • Гигиена перед занятием любовью.

Безобидный поход в душ перед сексом избавит вас от массы неловких моментов, что благоприятно отразится на общем впечатлении от полового акта. And this applies to both partners, and not just women.

  • Think about the place where you will do it.

An ideal place in this case is a shower or bath. In addition, a change of scenery will bring a ton of new sensations and emotions. But not for everyone, this method is convenient. Therefore, if you stayed elsewhere (for example, on a bed), you need to prepare. Sometimes people just prefer to wash their bedding immediately after intercourse. However, it is much more advisable to prepare and lay one or two towels (and take wet wipes with you). So you have a much greater chance of protecting your mattress from secretions.

In this case, barrier contraceptives will be most preferable, ideally condoms. This method of protection from unwanted pregnancy provides protection against all kinds of infections and does not prevent the exit of blood and mucous membrane from the uterus. Moreover, condoms have a high level of reliability. The use of a uterine cap or diaphragm is undesirable. They do not allow blood and endometrial residues to stand out from the uterus.

It is very important to visit the shower after making love. This is one of the most important recommendations for both partners.

  • Control the depth of penetration.

Thus, you protect yourself from unpleasant sensations and possible injuries of the cervix, which is at this time lower than usual.

  • Choose the correct pose.

It is believed that the most convenient is missionary. This will reduce the amount of blood secreted during intercourse.

  • Refrain from sex in the early days of menstruation.

While the discharge is plentiful, it is better not to make love. Sexual intercourse will only increase their number.

  • Do not engage in anal sex during this period.

The decision to tackle this unconventional type of love joy puts you at risk of infection from the rectum to the external reproductive organs and to the vagina.

Reasons to refuse sex during menstruation

Despite the fact that sex during menstruation is not forbidden from the point of view of medicine, there are several reasons that can convince you to abandon the idea of ​​making love during the period of blood discharge from the vagina.

  • Risk of infection.

During menstruation, the cervix opens slightly, because of this, the risk of infection and the appearance of foci of inflammation increases significantly. Sex at this time becomes especially unsafe for women suffering from diseases of the reproductive system or having weak immunity. The risk of infection once again confirms the need to abandon promiscuous sexual intercourse, especially during menstruation. You should also remember about contraception, in no case do not neglect this aspect and opt for a barrier.

  • Risk of unwanted pregnancy.

This item is justified only if there are no contraceptives at hand. If you have no plans for conceiving a child, even during this period it is worth protecting yourself. The possibility of fertilization exists.

This primarily includes discomfort and embarrassment. Most women feel uncomfortable making love during menstruation. Therefore, for the fair sex it can be very difficult to relax and not think about what inconvenience it causes and how it looks.

  • Severe menstrual cramps.

When a woman during menstruation struggles with an extremely poor condition, it is better not to experiment with sex. Despite the fact that it is believed that lovemaking favorably affects light pain, helping to eliminate them, sex during menstruation can hardly be considered a means of therapy.

The point is not justified for everyone. But there are people who are squeamish in this matter, who simply do not like to have sex in such inappropriate conditions. This is everyone’s personal choice.

If moral principles or the religion or culture of one of the partners does not allow him to have sex on critical days, then, of course, the idea should be abandoned. In this case, you need to delicately approach the issue and be sure to discuss everything beforehand. This way you avoid embarrassing situations in the process. The main thing is to be honest and trust each other.

Disease Risks

There are several violations that sex during menstruation is very conducive to.

There are a number of assumptions regarding the causes of the development of this pathology. One of them is that endometrial cells are transferred to the fallopian tubes with the help of menstrual blood. Part of the blood also enters the abdominal cavity. As a result, endometriosis develops. Having sex greatly increases the chances of such an adverse outcome.

Endometritis is a disorder that is inflammation of the endometrium. Such a pathology is the result of the introduction of pathogenic microbes into the uterus. The ajar cervix ajar favors their entry into the main reproductive organ of a woman. Such a disease can also occur in the absence of sexual intercourse during menstruation, however, having sex helps to transfer microbes to the woman’s uterus.

Oddly enough, for a man, such an experiment may also be unsafe. This happens in case of unprotected sexual intercourse. Blood and other types of vaginal contents during this period run the risk of entering the urethra of the partner. In the male urethra, inflammation is formed in this case. Using a condom completely eliminates the possibility of developing urethritis.

What to do as a result

In order to decide whether it is worth having sex on critical days, you need to weigh the pros and cons, evaluate all sides specifically for your situation. Partners must make this decision together. If you decide to try to make love during your period, then you need to think through everything, prepare, and most importantly - do not neglect contraception in any case. It will prevent not only urethritis in men and unwanted pregnancy in women, but also infection by infections.

Reasons to refuse sex during menstruation

Algomenorrhea is a significant reason for refusing sex during menstruation. Algomenorrhea is called a violation of menstrual function. This violation is accompanied by severe malaise, cramping or aching pains in the lower abdomen, in the lumbar, sacral region. In 60-80% of women with pain algomenorrhea, they are mild. 10% of the pain is quite severe. They affect the ability to work and overall well-being of women.

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What are the benefits of having sex during menstruation?

The sexual activity of a woman is not the same on different days of the cycle. As a rule, it rises by the middle of the cycle, when the level of estrogen in the blood reaches a maximum (at the time of ovulation). Then it decreases and begins to grow again in the last days of menstruation. For some women, it is quite high, and sexual desire is increased in connection with this, so the question of whether to have sex during menstruation or not is very important for them.

It should be noted that having sex during menstruation has its advantages, which can be considered:

  1. Decreased neuropsychic manifestations of PMS. During sex, blood levels of endorphins (biologically active compounds that are produced by the “pleasure center” in the brain) increase. Thanks to this, the woman's mood improves, and her spirits increase.
  2. Weakening of pain. Endorphins block pain receptors in the brain, making unpleasant sensations and pulling abdominal pain associated with menstruation become much weaker.
  3. Shortening the duration of menstrual bleeding. An increase in the production of the hormone oxytocin in the body leads to an increase in uterine contractility. This becomes the reason for more active elimination of menstrual blood from it. Due to this, menstruation ends, as a rule, 1-2 days faster.
  4. More comfortable feeling. Abundant hydration of the vagina with menstrual mucus leads to the disappearance of any feeling of discomfort during menstruation. In addition, most women believe that on the days of menstruation, her chances of conception are minimal, so she has more relaxed sex.

Note: By the way, there are other ways to help improve the mood and physical condition of women. It is possible to relieve painful manifestations noticeably and get rid of depression with the help of moderate physical activity (these include walking, short jogging, yoga classes). You should not engage in cycling, power sports, as well as perform exercises related to the tension of the abdominal muscles.

Security measures

Many couples avoid sexual intercourse during menstruation. At the same time, natural disgust prevents men from making love, while women feel awkward.

But some find pleasure in this. The main thing is to remember the warnings of doctors and do everything to avoid unpleasant consequences. To do this, when having sex during menstruation, you must follow certain rules.

Having sex is necessary using a contraceptive. First, it is required to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Secondly, contraceptive is a means of reducing the likelihood of mutual infection of partners.

Sexual intercourse should not be too violent so that a woman does not get menstrual blood into the fallopian tubes and the peritoneum. Both partners must be especially careful to observe the rules of hygiene both before sexual intercourse and after it. At this time, measures must be taken to ensure that it occurs in conditions of maximum purity.

Intimate relations should be entered not earlier than on the 4th day of menstruation, when bleeding is already on the decline.

When sex during menstruation is contraindicated

Sexual intercourse during menstruation is strictly contraindicated if a woman has too heavy and prolonged menstruation, accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen and lower back. Such symptoms indicate the presence of serious diseases that can lead to unpredictable consequences during intercourse.