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What to do to make the pimple ripen faster


Most people under the age of thirty are prone to acne rashes. In some they are painful, in others they do not cause discomfort.

There are acne of very different types. But in any case, they all spoil the appearance of a person and bring harm. Therefore, many prefer to delete them. Is it possible to crush acne, and if so, how to properly perform this procedure?

Reasons for the appearance

Acne can occur in people of any age. But young people are especially prone to them. Why do rashes occur on the face and body?

This happens for several reasons:

  • Makeup accessories are not washed or replaced on time. Then bacteria accumulate on them, which are superimposed on the face whenever the product is applied (for example, powder or blush).
  • Increased sweating. This happens, for example, due to sports. To protect yourself, it is better to practice in loose clothing made from natural materials.
  • Genetic predisposition. This reason is prevalent in eighty percent of the population suffering from acne.
  • In women, an active rash of acne can be associated with the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or hormonal imbalance.
  • Tendency to rashes due to an allergic reaction.
  • Climate change, such as a trip to the sea, etc.
  • Stressful situations and lack of sleep leads to an increase in cortisol, which is an acne provocateurs.
  • Inadequate skin hygiene. To protect the body from infections and acne, you need to change bedding twice a month, clean your face daily with special means, remove makeup on time, disinfect the handset, etc.
  • Improper nutrition. The diet should be balanced. It is advisable to reduce the amount of caffeine, dairy products, sweets, soy, peanuts, etc.

What do the doctor's say

Specialists rarely recommend extruding acne. However, categorically they do not prohibit doing this. The thing is that there are different types of acne: some can be crushed, others are not.

In addition, all parts of the body react differently to such a procedure. You also need to know the general rules on how to squeeze acne correctly.

First of all, you need to understand what acne lends itself to safe extrusion.

There are two types of comedones that are not in inflamed form:

  1. Closed. Inside the duct, a formation appears in the pore that does not have direct contact with air, and therefore does not become inflamed. It does not cause pain while in this state. Ripening education takes a long time. Throughout this period, the pimple will look like a bulge on the surface of the skin, without a white head and inflammation. Such acne is not worth squeezing. This will not succeed, but may cause inflammation.
  2. Open. When the formation has advanced to the exit from the duct, it receives contact with the air. In the process of oxidation, a black dot is formed. Such a pimple matures faster and is freed from pus. The pain also passes quickly. It can be squeezed out, but only following all the rules.

Inflamed acne are of the following types:

  1. Papule of superficial type. This red or pink pimple without a white head reaches half a centimeter. It is the result of unsuccessful extrusion or inflammation of the closed comedone. After healing, it leaves no scars.
  2. Papule of the deep type (also called nodular). Its size begins with half a centimeter. Depth they reach up to three centimeters. They cause severe pain and are very visible. It is unrealistic to squeeze them out mechanically. When you try to squeeze out such a pimple, you can create even more inflammation.
  3. Cystic formations. They are located in the deep subcutaneous layer. Cosmetic methods do not remove acne. Mechanical removal leaves scars.
  4. Pustules are called purulent acne. Their size and shape may be different, but their distinguishing feature is a white head with pus. Their shallow location and purulent filling is the reason why it is possible to squeeze out such acne, but the right method.

The face is the first thing people pay attention to when meeting. Therefore, the appearance of acne immediately attracts attention, so they are most often tried to be removed as soon as possible. But is it possible to crush acne on the face?

If the comedone is open, or the papule is superficial, it can be squeezed out.

However, there are areas of the face on which the mechanical removal of acne is prohibited, namely:

  • Nasolabial folds,
  • Labial area.
There is a different arrangement of blood vessels in this area, so squeezing acne can cause serious inflammation and scars.

With white head

A pimple with a white head usually has a black dot, which indicates that it is ripe for extrusion. To remove it correctly, you should observe the complete cleanliness of the face and hands during the procedure and know some more important rules.

If the purulent formation has a superficial shape, it can be squeezed out, observing sterility. However, there is one feature.

If more than five purulent acne is concentrated in one area of ​​the body, their mechanical removal will not bring the desired result.

A large number of acne suggests that under the skin there is an extensive infection, which should be combated with medications and cosmetics.

Acne on the nose often occurs as a result of clogged pores. They can also appear due to acne inflammation. To avoid the formation of pus, you need to take care of clean face skin daily, as well as use means to combat black spots.

Acne on the cheeks, causes and treatment. More details here.

Cystic and deep purulent formations are forbidden to be removed mechanically. Their origin has an internal source, so treatment should also be more extensive.

To do this, you need to contact a dermatologist and follow his prescriptions, as well as observe skin hygiene so as not to provoke inflammation and infection.

The inguinal area of ​​the body is prone to acne inflammation in case of insufficient hygiene or after shaving. Pressing acne on the penis and in the groin area is prohibited.

They can be treated with special acne remedies. It is also necessary to increase personal hygiene. Can be used to wash a decoction of chamomile, calendula.

What are

Is it possible to squeeze a pimple, depending on its type:

  • Subcutaneous does not have a purulent head, and its contents are deep. It looks and feels like a small ball. The internal pimple can become inflamed, as evidenced by its redness.
  • Purulent determined by the presence of a white head. A ripe purulent pimple is ready to be removed, and an unripe one should not be crushed. It’s better to wait until it ripens itself, but you can speed up this process.

How to understand that a pimple is ripe

Before getting rid of an acne, it is important to understand that it is already ripe.

  • Squeezing pus deep beneath the skin will not produce results.
  • In addition, this will lead to severe damage to the integument and even more inflammation, which does not last long.
  • After violent manipulations, scars and visible scars may remain.

There are two true signs, the combination of which will help determine a ripe acne:

Photo: white head formation

  1. The presence of a white head. This indicates that pus and lard, clogged the lumen, went into the surface layer of the skin to the exit.
  2. Lack of inflammation and redness around education.

If a white head appeared, but the redness did not sleep, then you can not touch such a pimple. You need to wait until it finally ripens.

How to speed up

There are situations when you want to urgently get rid of acne.

For faster maturation, many simply steam out the face.

But with inflammation, increased blood circulation from heat only contributes to the spread of infection. From this, an even greater amount of rash appears.

What to do to make the pimple ripen faster will be proven by proven methods.

With the help of pharmacy funds

Pharmacy products can accelerate the maturation of acne or even completely dissolve pus.

At the same time, healing will pass quickly and without complications. And at the place of formation there will be no visible traces.

Photo: treatment with antibacterial ointments

The most effective remedies are as follows:

  1. tar birch tar has an unpleasant odor, but is capable of causing pus to go outside upon first use. On a small piece of fleece, a little tar should be applied and applied to the inflamed area for 30 minutes. For convenience, you can seal the fleece with a band-aid. If the first time the effect was not as expected, the procedure is repeated,
  2. similarly used Vishnevsky ointment, designed to stretch purulent contents,
  3. ichthyol ointment is applied in the same way, but is kept for 2 hours,
  4. several times a day, you can lubricate a pimple with syntomycin ointment. In this case, it is not necessary to glue the affected area,
  5. in emergency cases, acne is cauterized with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. You should not often use this tool. It has a detrimental effect on the upper layer of the epidermis, increasing the susceptibility of the skin to infections,
  6. to draw pus from a reddened pimple, sulfuric ointment is used. She is lubricated with a pimple several times during the day. But the best effect is observed, if anointed also at night,
  7. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory effect. It helps well if you periodically lubricate them with sore spots throughout the day.

It is undesirable to use iodine to help ripen an acne.

He literally burns out the formation, but at the same time causes a severe burn of surrounding tissues.

How to relieve inflammation

The most effective treatment for a pimple is at the stage of its origin.

The main thing to know is how to spread so that the redness is gone. Some remedies are so strong that they are able to completely remove acne in 2-3 days.

To relieve inflammation, pharmacy preparations with drying and healing properties are used:

  • salicylic acid spotted reddened areas. But here it is important not to overdo it and not burn the covers, otherwise there will be traces. You can use special cosmetics for the care of problem skin based on salicylic acid. These include cleansing gels, tonics and lotions. It’s better to choose alcohol-free products,
  • some help with aspirin. The tablet must be crushed into powder, add a drop of water and apply the mixture to a pimple,
  • tincture of calendula on alcohol is applied to the inflamed area 2-3 times a day,
  • a good healing effect is cream Boro plus. This Indian herbal preparation is used in beauty salons to accelerate skin healing after various procedures. The cream is spread with a thin layer on the whole face,

Photo: pharmacy remedies for the treatment of acne

  • to dry a pimple, zinc ointment is applied to it 2-3 times a day and always at night. Due to the dense consistency, the product does not spread, does not stain clothes and linen,
  • many use vasoconstrictor drops in the nose to relieve inflammation (Naphthyzinum, Vizinum, Galazolinum). The solution is dripped directly onto the reddened area,
  • locally acne is treated with essential oils (tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, pink, wheat germ). To rid the face of redness, need to make a mask of white clay by adding a drop of oil to it,
  • "Dimexide" is also known for its anti-inflammatory effect. One part of the solution is diluted with three parts of pure water and acne is burned with a cotton swab. The product should be used with caution to prevent severe burns,
  • once you can use prednisolone ointment. This is a hormonal drug that resolves internal acne. But it is addictive, so you can’t process more than 3 formations at the same time,
  • a safe method is to apply a slice of aloe leaf to the sore spots. Compresses can be done as many times as you like, there will be no harm from them.

If you want to squeeze

  • A ripe pimple is best removed in the office of a beautician.
  • To get rid of several pimples, a specialist conducts mechanical cleaning. Grease plugs are carefully removed with a special tool - a Uno spoon.

Photo: a beautician performing mechanical cleaning of the face

If there is no time to wait until the pimple passes by itself, but you don’t want to go to the doctor, you can squeeze it out.

But do this only when the pimple has matured.

Its white head should be located almost at the exit from the pore, and touching the tubercle should not cause pain.

How to do it right

  • Before squeezing a pimple, you need to thoroughly wash your hands and face with soap.

Photo: Blackhead removal should be done with clean hands.

  • Then treat the skin with the formation and fingers with alcohol or any antiseptic.

Photo: before removal, the skin is treated with an antiseptic

  • If the pimple is dry and small in size, then gently press the side of it with the fingernail so that the shaft comes out.
  • But if its contents are still viscous, then it may not come out to the end. This will lead to repeated inflammation and the appearance of a new acne. To prevent this from happening, a hole is pierced in the pimple with a thin needle, and the contents are squeezed out through it.

Before helping the skin to get out, the needle must be sanitized.

  • The wound also needs to be treated with an antiseptic several times a day until it is delayed.
  • The day after manipulations it is undesirable to apply decorative cosmetics to the face.
  • A compress from a decoction of chamomile and celandine made at night will help soothe the skin.
  • In order to prevent inflammation again, during this period it is necessary to abandon fatty foods, sausages, smoked. Such products stimulate the sebaceous glands.

Proven Methods

If you really want to remove the inflamed pimple, which is highly not recommended, then at least you need to do it correctly.

  • It is necessary to carefully press down the top of the tubercle, pushing it from bottom to top. In order to injure the skin as little as possible, try to squeeze out all the contents with one pressure.

Photo: squeezing a ripe acne

  • To remove pus and inflammation will help "Liniment synthomycin" applied at night. This is an external antibiotic that destroys bacteria and prevents the infection from spreading.

To quickly get rid of acne, there are proven methods for more than a dozen people.

Just do not use them all at the same time, just select one:

  • Laundry soap and salt on the face, stand for 10 minutes and rinse with water,
  • make a concentrated salt solution and apply compresses,
  • mix yeast with hydrogen peroxide and an aspirin tablet, spread on pimples, wash off after 20 minutes.

It is important to consider the individual characteristics of the body.

Sensitive and delicate skin can be injured, overdried from too aggressive components.

Tar soap

Photo: soap based on birch tar is an effective tool in the fight against acne

Tar soap has been used to kill infection for a long time.

Its main component, which has healing properties, is birch tar.

  • Soap promotes blood flow to the skin, due to which its regeneration and recovery is accelerated.
  • Tar also dries out wounds, which contributes to quick healing.

An affordable way to get rid of acne is a talker.

To prepare it, you need to mix:

  • one part of salicylic alcohol,
  • one part of propolis tincture,
  • powdered tablet "Metronidazole" ("Trichopolum").

Chatterbox wipe sore spots before bedtime. Do not apply the product on the entire face so as not to dry the skin and cause complications.

Folk remedies

Natural components will help get rid of inflammation:

Photo: using ice cubes with chamomile helps relieve inflammation

  1. brew chamomile flowers with boiling water, insist and cool. Compresses can be made from the infusion, paying particular attention to the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle, forehead and chin. And you can freeze it in ice molds and wipe your face with cubes every morning,
  2. acne is treated with parsley juice once a day,
  3. a mask of honey, egg yolk and olive oil kills bacteria. It should be applied to clean and dry skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water,
  4. the badyaga is diluted with water and applied to the face. It is necessary to withstand 10 minutes, rinse and moisturize the skin with cream.

Useful Tips

  • To prevent the rash from being taken by surprise, it is best to always have salicylic acid and zinc ointment in your medicine cabinet.
  • Do not wipe acne with alcohol, it can lead to a burn.
  • If there are no wounds on the skin, then toothpaste will help to make acne almost invisible overnight. It needs to be smeared on the tubercle and go to bed. Peppermint and menthol soothe and remove inflammation.

Photo: toothpaste will help to cope with the problem

  • In case of problem skin, it is often advised to use acne cosmetics (Zinerit, Dalacin, Differin). But they do not eliminate the cause of the problem and are often ineffective.
  • Regular peeling, mechanical and ultrasonic face cleansing give good results. But after the procedures, a long restoration of the skin is required. Their disadvantage is also the high price.

Can I delete it myself

Only mature acne can be squeezed out on its own.

If there is inflammation, then it is necessary to remove it.

Нельзя приступать к выдавливанию, пока не уйдет краснота, болезненность и белый стержень не появится на верхушке бугорка.

Важно придерживаться советов по правильному удалению, чтобы не было осложнений.

How to get rid in one day

There are situations when an acne needs to be urgently disposed of.

To do this, you can use one of the above means to relieve inflammation. An uninflamed pimple looks almost imperceptible. Having masked a small tubercle with foundation and concealer, you can safely go out in people.

Photo: salicylic acid masking pencil

Before an important event, it is better not to squeeze acne.

  • The wound is unlikely to have time to drag out for a day and decorative cosmetics can not be applied to it.
  • Kefir mask or gruel from shredded aloe leaves contributes to maximum healing.

The body needs moisture, so about 2 liters of clean water should be drunk per day.

Proper nutrition, fresh air and a good mood will help you cope with rashes faster.

Related topics

In no case, do not squeeze out, I had such a problem, tried to squeeze it out, it didn’t work out, blew up my face because I had an infection, they wanted to do surgery and cut it out, but I refused it, I didn’t really want to have a scar on my face, the doctor suggested another , a more painful and long option, to wait until it ripens, the ointment levomekol will help to ripen the boil, it draws out pus, as soon as it ripens, go to the doctor and it squeezes the boil, it personally hurt me to tears, but it's better than walking with a scar.
So do not push yourself.

In no case do not squeeze out, I had such a problem, I tried to squeeze it out and then stab it with a needle, blew up my face because it brought an infection, a boil formed, I got to the point where they wanted to do the operation and cut it out, but I refused it, I didn’t really want to have a scar on the face, the doctor suggested another, more painful and long option, to wait until it ripens, the ointment levomekol will help to ripen the boil, it draws out pus, as soon as it ripens, you go to the doctor and it squeezes the boil, I personally was very painful, to tears, but it's better than walk with a scar.
So do not push yourself.

And I just cauterize with regular alcohol or vodka. I’ll hold it for a couple of minutes and that’s all. In two days, as it was not)

Salkura is a spray, it from acne, blackheads and other muck, should help with this type of acne.

I know from conventional means - calendula, salicylic alcohol, toothpaste - but they are not very effective
from storefront - a tonic from a series of pip means, I like it more and it seems more effective

Ointments Veshnevsky and Zinc, help!

I got a subcutaneous pimple right next to my nose, I tried to smear with Levomekol and Vishnevsky ointment, nothing helps, but it still hurts a lot. I don’t know what to do. Please help. He spoils the whole face.

Personally, lemon helps me from this. I squeeze a lemon, moisten a cotton swab and cauterize until it begins to pinch. In the morning, the pimple decreases in size, and after a few days the swelling completely disappears, so it can at least be glossed over until the redness passes.

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

s pasta is very easy to dry!

I always squeezed them myself, painfully but tolerantly

In such cases, tea tree essential oil helps. A couple of drops on a cotton swab and only point on inflammation. Healthy skin is best left untouched. It helps a lot. Three times a day to do so.

Zhirovik most likely. Pierce with a sterile needle and squeeze out - the cosmetologist will help.

Gel traumeel rescues from this byak, it dissolves and relieves inflammation very much, for three days I reduced and almost removed the subcutaneous tissue, applied it all over my face at night, and pointly in the morning.

Squeeze it out first and then wipe it with a cotton pad and alcohol should help but not immediately better to do it in the evening

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

How to remove subcutaneous pus ??

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

So it’s not ripe yet, it’s scary to push not ripe ..

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

For sure, it’s subcutaneous, it’s too light for the boil .. As far as I know, the boil is usually huge, red, and the head is clearly visible.
Ttt, at least really hope not a boil. Today, after all, it is only the second day of ripening, and it started to hurt more, everything swelled around.

No expensive ointments! Just glue a piece of the sheet (preferably the lowest) of the aloe vera / agave with a band-aid at night, it must be scratched - tolerated! This is a good sign
If it will not itch (and this rarely happens), it means only piercing! We moisten the place with any lotion containing alcohol (it can even be an antibacterial hand gel), carefully enter the thinnest needle, you will have to press very hard! Maybe blood has accumulated there, maybe pus is all that needs to be squeezed out, and only after that re-apply the agave.
1) This is all for hypodermic pimples.
2) Aloe juice from a pharmacy is not suitable!

Two acne jumped on my chin, like subcutaneous. Here is the second time at night I smeared Vishnevsky ointment, one pimple stretched out, pus came out. There is no second one yet. Tell me how to make it go until Friday. I have an important business, but with a pimple no matter how.

In such cases, tea tree essential oil helps. A couple of drops on a cotton swab and only point on inflammation. Healthy skin is best left untouched. It helps a lot. Three times a day to do so.

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

Two days ago, a sore subcutaneous acne began to ripen right under the nostril. At first it was not noticeable, and therefore did nothing, hoped that he himself would pass just as quietly. Now it has turned into a red tubercle + a slight swelling around it - it is still ripening, apparently. This became noticeable, and even cosmetics does not hide this hill. How can you quickly, in a day or two, reduce this acne at home?

By the way, I noticed if a large subcutaneous pimple is smeared with Vishnevsky ointment, there remains a scar. This is personally from my experience.

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

Tea tree oil and / or tea tree oil cream from Just, Switzerland.

apply a light mesh of iodine at night
per night will pass

As the summer began, I constantly suffer from these subcutaneous acne. Do not squeeze. Only comb and dry

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

apply a light mesh of iodine at night
per night will pass

Kind time of the day) Under my eye something like roofing felts popped out on the inner pimple, roofing felts on the inner ball. This thing is solid. It appeared about two months ago. I went to the dermatologist, she first wrote out Ilon ointment, but smeared the tube, she didn’t help me, then she wrote out a clean ichthyol, and so I apply a compress for the whole night, but. This thing has decreased in size, but still has not passed. Then I was at another doctor, she said that this should be removed. I'm desperate. Tell me, who had it, how they smeared it, how it was handled, and if it was scared or painful, it was deleted! Thanks in advance))

The author helps Levomikol well (such an ointment, you can buy it in a pharmacy). It costs about 80 rubles, and it helps literally reduce inflammation in a day, for three, almost everything removes. Put on a cotton swab and apply to a problem place, always at night, but it's nice to walk with it during the day. True, look so that it does not drip into your mouth)) very bitter)))

Never smear pimple with tea tree oil (in pure form). I had a birthday the other day, and a big pimple on my chin got out in front of him, after reading forums and tips, I decided to use this oil. I smeared it once, the pimple crouched, decided to smear it a second time (the next day), woke up in the morning, there was no acne, and instead of it a burn! In its pure form, never use ..

There is such an ointment “Bactraban.” It helped me from acne, everything was cleaned over night! Only it’s a pity that now you can’t buy it anywhere😞

Toothpaste? I hear it for the first time)

Kind time of the day) Under my eye something like roofing felts popped out on the inner pimple, roofing felts on the inner ball. This thing is solid. It appeared about two months ago. I went to the dermatologist, she first wrote out Ilon ointment, but smeared the tube, she didn’t help me, then she wrote out a clean ichthyol, and so I apply a compress for the whole night, but. This thing has decreased in size, but still has not passed. Then I was at another doctor, she said that this should be removed. I'm desperate. Tell me, who had it, how they smeared it, how it was handled, and if it was scared or painful, it was deleted! Thanks in advance))

Baked onions. I so pulled pus in my youth from all sorts of abscesses and boils. Folk remedy. Cut the onion into rings, dry in a pan until brown. Then I attach a plaster in the purulent head. Change 3-4 times a day. Pus pulls straight with a bang. It must be done until either the pus from the boil breaks or until (if it is an abscess) disappears.

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How to clean at home

Shallow and mature acne can be removed independently.

There are several rules for how this is done:

  • Before starting the procedure, the face must be cleaned from makeup and treated with tonic. Wait for the skin to dry.
  • Hands should be washed and sanitized. Better yet, work with gloves and cotton.
  • You need to press close near the border of the acne, pushing it inward as much as possible to remove the root of the formation.
  • After squeezing out the internal contents, you need to look inside the pore: if white matter remains in it, relapse is inevitable. It is necessary to remove pus until reading skin is visible.
  • In conclusion, it is necessary to treat the inflamed area with a disinfectant or tonic.

In the office

The most popular method for removing blackheads in a beauty parlor is a laser procedure. As a result of such treatment, about seventy percent of the black dots are eliminated.

In addition, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized, the rate of formation of subcutaneous fat decreases, the pores become narrower.

This method is applicable for blackheads and blackheads. It helps to cleanse the skin of the face, in order to prevent the occurrence of purulent formations.

In order to remove purulent acne, you can contact the cosmetologists who perform their mechanical removal in accordance with complete sterility.

Tools and treatment

In order to combat acne rash, you can use the following tools:

  • Masks made of honey, kefir, horseradish, tar soap.
  • Tinctures from chamomile flowers, parsley juice, aloe, white lily.
  • Peeling made from coffee and sour cream, as well as cosmetics.

Before and after photos

Causes of acne on the forehead in women. Find out more.

Why do whiteheads appear on my nose? The answer is here.

Is it possible to pierce a pimple with a needle?

Based on the situation, this can be done. Squeeze out a pimple by first piercing it with a needle, possibly if it has no signs of inflammation or a tubercle without redness and does not pass on its own for a long time. This usually applies to subcutaneous. But here you should follow the procedure itself, preparation for it and skin care after extrusion. When piercing a subcutaneous acne, it is important to remember that all subcutaneous fat must be removed from the affected area, this will help to avoid repeated clogging of pores.

Internal painful acne, which often gives a slight redness and swelling, or acne cysts - it is forbidden to pierce with a needle and squeeze. With this procedure, you can bring in an infection that can spread to tissues and even human organs. Extrusion also provokes the formation of large scars. It is best to seek the help of a qualified doctor.

It is possible to pierce with a needle and squeeze out acne after their full maturation. If white plaque has accumulated on the tip of the pimple, touching it does not cause pain or discomfort, or it may seem that it is about to burst, then you can proceed to remove the abscess. The main thing is to remember about all measures of disinfection and sterility in order to avoid unforeseen complications.

You can not pierce and squeeze acne that provoked an infection introduced into the body, fungi and parasites, or diseases such as chickenpox, measles, scabies. With them, any actions with bubbles are strictly prohibited. After all, mechanical damage only helps the pathogen to spread and affect a large area of ​​the skin. Acne caused by allergic reactions is not squeezed out, since it is useless, it is necessary to treat it inside, and not outside.

How to make a puncture?

With any intervention in the skin, it is important to remember - disinfection always takes the first place. It helps prevent negative consequences.

Before removing the acne, it will be necessary to sanitize the instrument, which will be used for the procedure, the surface of the skin, hands and everything that will touch the affected area. You will need:

  • needle,
  • cotton or cotton pads, tampons,
  • an antibacterial agent, for example, alcohol.

First you need to pay attention to whether the pimple is ready for a puncture. If it turns white, you can safely proceed to the procedure. In the event that it is not ripe, it is recommended to postpone the operation for a day or two, otherwise you can get a scar on the face. Dip the needle in alcohol or an antibacterial agent for 10 seconds. Correctly puncture acne not from top to bottom, but horizontally, to get two holes. Try to make a puncture as close to the top of the abscess. Pus should flow out of the holes, you can slightly press, you should not do this from above, because the risk of infection is greater. Gently press on the sides of the bottom of the pimple. After the pus flows out, burn this place, treat it with an antiseptic or salicylic acid.


There is always a risk of complications, even minimal. Effects:

  • infection in the blood,
  • scars on the skin after extrusion,
  • disorders of the epidermis, wounds and cuts,
  • the entry of viruses or other pathogens into the body through the layers of the skin from pus,
  • aggravation of the situation in the treatment of acne and acne.

To reduce the likelihood of deterioration, it is worthwhile to devote more time to preparing for the procedure. Keeping track of hygiene and sterility is a highlight. Remember that it is undesirable to pierce the needle and squeeze out on your own, even if it is a small pimple, do not crush the inflamed. For home facial cleansing, you can pay attention to black spots and purulent abscesses that protruded on the surface of the skin. All the rest should be left for removal by a cosmetologist.