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How to make money on real estate: 18 ideas for reflection


Posted by nimralii on 04/02/2018 Updated 07/07/2018

When buying or owning real estate, people often think only about how to save capital and few decide to take the following actions to not only save, but also increase assets. By capital increase, one should understand the receipt of such a size of profit that exceeds the deposit rates.

When considering the possibilities of earning on real estate, in this area of ​​business you need to identify two ways to generate income - this is resale and rental. The first way to make money is based on the fact that real estate has a unique feature of becoming more expensive and at a certain most advantageous moment it can be sold. The second way is when real estate is turned into a source of passive income, transferring for a fee the right to a short - or long-term use.

However, these two methods of obtaining benefits can be combined and leased real estate upon reaching its maximum value in the market can be sold.

1. Urban land ownership as a way of earning

The presence of land in the city when considering it as a source of income requires the availability of prospects for the development of the territory where the land is located. The owner of this real estate must have information that any positive changes are planned in the territory, for example, infrastructure will be improved, cottages or commercial facilities will be constructed, otherwise this asset may become unprofitable.

If the territory has development prospects, then, depending on the situation on the land market, the owner of this property will either put up for sale or transfer the right to use the land for a fee.

As the advantages of this method of earning, you can specify:
- the availability of advance acquisition and a minimum of requirements, both to the size and origin of capital,
- does not require large costs for the maintenance of land ownership,
- it is possible to increase the market value of land through improvement measures.

2. Ownership of farmland

The transition of the economy to market relations in its time also affected its sphere such as agricultural production. As a result of the privatization of collective agricultural holdings, their members received land, which over time, by inheritance law, became the property of urban residents.

Owing to various reasons, farmland owners living in the city are not able to engage in agricultural activities, and therefore they have a dilemma, either sell this land or lease it to someone. The agricultural land market has not yet been formed, so there is an opportunity to do business in acquiring land shares belonging to both urban and rural residents for the purpose of reselling them, as well as leasing them to agricultural producers.

1) Buy an apartment and rent it daily

The most popular way to make money on real estate. To ask any person “how to make money on real estate” he will immediately answer - to hand it over on a monthly basis. There are a lot of offers from the residents - you only need to weed out the ones that are not suitable in your opinion. This may include the option of renting a room in an apartment or in a hostel.

  • What is good about this method is a minimum of body movements. Once to sign an agreement with the tenant, and then once a month to come to receive money for accommodation.


  • Relatively low income. If you took an apartment on a mortgage, and with a minimum down payment - rental income with a monthly rental is unlikely to overlap the mortgage payments. The ideal option is when you inherited the apartment, or you just made money without the help of a bank.

2) Buy an apartment and rent it out daily

A more interesting way to make money in your apartment. It involves an almost daily display of apartments, check-in, eviction and cleaning. The best contingent for renting an apartment is business people, travelers. Unsuitable contingents are nightclub lovers and other entertainment enthusiasts who want to rent an apartment with the aim of having a lot of fun. What else is good for people who come on a business trip is that they often check in not for one day, but for a week, two, which is still much more profitable for them than living in a hotel. These are people who, as a rule, have a decent social status and they don’t deliver problems to anyone.

When renting an apartment, it is recommended to take a guarantee equal to the cost of living as insurance for possible damage to the property of the apartment, as well as make a copy of your passport.

  • Higher income compared to monthly change.


  • Possible damage to property if a “wrong” audience is populated. The best audience is business travelers and travelers. They deliver a minimum of trouble and often rent housing for more than one day.
  • Regular cleaning of the apartment and washing of bed linen

3) Buy an apartment and rent it out by the hour

The most aggressive option of renting an apartment, providing maximum income. To use this method, it is advisable to have an office or another apartment for living next to the rented out, as you will have to constantly move the residents to run. Discontent of neighbors about the constant circulation of people on the site is also possible.

  • Very high income. With strong advertising support, you can rent an apartment most of the day.


  • Possible damage to property due to the settlement of a dubious audience.
  • It is necessary to constantly be close to the apartment in order to be able to regularly settle and evict residents.
  • More frequent cleaning and laundry.
  • Possible dissatisfaction of neighbors

4) Buy an apartment for a hostel

The format of a budget hotel, which came from the west, involves renting a bed in a comfortable apartment. The number of beds can reach 10-12. If a hostel with a large number of migrant workers comes to mind, then this is completely different. The hostel is a room with a very good repair of a European level and with all amenities, it is inhabited mainly by Russians. Most of the clients are business travelers and travelers. The hostel is a great solution for those who need to stay overnight, but there is no desire to give a large amount for an apartment for rent. Renting a bed in a hostel in the regions for 2015 is 400-500 rubles, so you’ll agree much cheaper than in any hotel and apartment for rent.

  • Very high revenue due to the large customer cycle
  • Regular income in view of the large number of beds. Some places will still be populated, which will already allow you to be in the black.


  • The need to make a very high-quality repair. Grandma’s hostel option is unlikely. It will also be necessary to buy several 2-level beds
  • Perhaps the neighbors' discontent over the large cycle of people
  • The need to have an assistant or devote all your free time to it, as a large number of people involves a lot of work to check in, evict, clean
  • For high-quality work and maximum earnings, it will be necessary to register an individual entrepreneur to issue travel lists to people visiting.

A recent revision of the hostel law prohibits the use of living quarters for it. Alas:(

To work in white with hostels will have to purchase commercial real estate.

5) Buy a townhouse and rent it out

Townhouse is a European low-rise type of housing, characterized by high comfort of life. Townhouses are characterized by a small number of neighbors and a location away from large areas of the metropolis. As a rule, these are quiet secluded corners of life on the outskirts of the city, in new settlements and near forests. We have allocated a townhouse separately from an ordinary apartment, as it has its own characteristics. It can also be rented on a monthly, daily or hourly basis.

  • Higher tenant status - as higher class housing
  • There is the possibility of redevelopment in order to increase the number of apartments (cut apartments in the studio)


  • A narrower tenant market - housing may need to be leased longer than usual

6) Buy a cottage / country house and rent it out

For those who have their own cottage, there is also no problem getting income from it in the form of a rental. At the same time, both monthly and daily change options are common. It is worth remembering that when renting a cottage, the location of the cottage relative to transport interchanges plays an important role on a monthly basis, since most such houses are built outside the city.

For owners of large cottages, it is also possible to partially rent out the space (live in one part of the cottage and rent the other) or rent out room-by-room.

There is also the option of renting a cottage at certain times of the year. For example, in the summer to live there ourselves, and in the winter, so as not to empty occupant of residents.

A very chic option for making money at a cottage is putting it on New Year's Eve. Everyone is surely familiar with the hype with booking holiday destinations for this holiday. And to spend the New Year in a beautiful and comfortable cottage is a very good idea. You can also expand the options - hand over to companies for various corporate events.

  • Stable income - you can rent a cottage at any time of the year. This is a comfortable accommodation in the fresh air and isolation from neighbors.
  • Variability of the type of change - you can rent part of the cottage, you can rent it at home, you can rent it at different times of the year


  • Most often, cottages are located outside the city, so its transport geo-location is important here.
  • The greatest demand is for housing a small area - 50-80 square meters. m. As a rule, cottages have a much larger area. The solution is to populate several tenants.

7) Buy or build a multi-apartment low-rise building and rent it out

For those who have significant capital, I probably already appreciated the advantages of investing in apartment buildings. In this case, you can create a sort of apartment building, where all apartments will be rented out on a rental basis. Building and generating income from such houses is the topic of a separate article. As for the cost of such a house - that is, options for the construction of budget housing, for example, from the same LSTK. The most difficult part in this method is to find suitable land with convenient transportation, and the availability of sufficient capital.

  • High income - a large number of rented apartments will provide a stable income even with incomplete occupancy.


  • The high cost of the initial investment,
  • Possible long searches for a suitable land? if construction is planned.

8) Buy property abroad and rent it out under guaranteed rental

Overseas property has long attracted Russian investors of all stripes, from small to large, with its favorable conditions. There was an opinion that the Western real estate market is more reliable and at the same time more profitable.

How to make money on foreign real estate while living in Russia? The simplest thing is buying it with a contract guaranteed rental leaseback . (The method first appeared in France, therefore the most favorable conditions there .) What is this mechanism? You buy real estate abroad, furnish furniture at your own discretion, and the subsidiary of the developer submits it (in fact, this is the management company), paying you a commission, depending on the country, 2-6% per annum of the cost of housing. What this method is good for is that you do not need to deal with the selection of tenants and other organizational issues, and the reliability of foreign real estate is unlikely to raise any doubts.

Real estate abroad is represented by the most diverse - these are villas, and apartment hotels, mini-hotels, apartments, ordinary apartments, houses on the beach. Given the high resort demand in certain countries, such facilities are unlikely to be empty. Another important advantage of investing in foreign real estate is its price is much lower than in Moscow.

  • Fundamental investment tool - all investors, from large to small, invest (or dream of investing) part of the money in foreign real estate. It is reliable and promising.
  • The opportunity to get more income while being in Russia through a guaranteed rental.


  • Knowledge of a foreign language (at least English) is desirable,
  • The need to travel to the place of purchase of real estate,
  • There is little information regarding the legal and legislative aspects of the country where real estate is purchased.

9) Buy a room in Russian apartments and rent it out

In the Russian real estate market, apartments are gradually gaining popularity. This is very reminiscent of the previous paragraph, but only the case is happening in Russia, with an appropriate, familiar social environment. The apartments resemble ordinary apartments, but with an already decorated interior. Also here all the services, as in other foreign hotels, are concierge service, room service and others. More about apartments and mortgages they were written in a separate article.

  • The cost of Russian apartments is cheaper than the corresponding size apartments,
  • Very high service at the level of European foreign hotels,
  • An ideal place for an additional apartment,
  • Highly developed infrastructure of the district - nearby (and often even in the building) there are restaurants, bars, fitness centers, beauty salons, etc.,
  • The possibility of renting with the help of a management company, which itself will be engaged in the settlement of residents in your room.


  • An object that has not been sufficiently studied from the point of view of legislation, in particular, laws 214-ФЗ and a number of other legal restrictions are not applicable to it.
  • Apartments are non-residential premises, therefore, it is impossible to register.
  • From the previous paragraph it follows that apartments can only be second and subsequent housing, which is available to very few segments of the population
  • There are still not many offers on the market, for the most part in the Moscow region.

10) Buy a commercial non-residential premises and rent it out

Apart from the topic of investment is commercial real estate. Commercial real estate is represented by a variety of objects - warehouses (warm and cold), industrial premises, non-residential premises on the ground floor of a residential building, squares in shopping centers, basements, utility rooms, plinths and others. Why do people invest in such real estate? The answer is simple - there is a great demand for it. Small business is the basis of the economy of our country, because a large number of entrepreneurs regularly look for places either where patency is higher, or where it is cheaper, or just to open new points.

  • Stable income. Even in an economic downturn, one can make temporary concessions to tenants, if only they continue to rent premises.
  • A large selection of delivery options - the premises can be divided into several and rented in parts, which is successfully practiced by many.
  • Unlike residential real estate, the area of ​​commercial premises can be estimated in hundreds and thousands of square meters, which accordingly significantly affects income.


  • Large turbulences in the commercial real estate market are possible during the crisis.
  • It can be difficult to find tenants in a large area.

11) Redevelopment of the room with a breakdown into several separate isolated rooms of a smaller area with their subsequent lease

The method is based on increasing the number of isolated apartments within the same object. Simply put, you have a one-room apartment - you can rent it as it is, or you can make repairs there and divide it into 2 isolated studio apartments and rent each one as a separate an object, which in profitability is approximately one and a half times higher than the delivery of an ordinary apartment.

Remodeling can be done in various objects -1, 2, 3-bedroom apartments, cottages, townhouses. There are subtleties in terms of allowing such alterations, but all of them, as a rule, are not difficult to solve.

  • Increased income due to the formation of several isolated and unrelated housing


  • The need for repair, approval of redevelopment

12) Buy a garage / box / car space and rent it out

They wrote about this in a separate article (see investment in garages ) This method is for those who do not have a large amount, but, nevertheless, want to purchase at least some real estate. You can buy garages, garage boxes, parking lots in underground parking lots.

  • Low price entry - some objects in the regions can be purchased from 200-250 thousand rubles


13) Buy land and then sell it more expensive

One of the easiest ways to make money on real estate investments is to buy a land plot. You can buy land, hold it for a while, without making absolutely no effort to maintain it, and then after growth it is profitable to sell.

Можно также построить на купленном участке дом, коттедж или даже таунхаус и дальше уже смотреть по обстоятельствам – либо продать готовое жилое помещение, получив значительную выгоду от первоначальных затрат, либо сдавать ее.

  • Большой выбор земельных участков любого типа
  • Земля требует минимум внимания, если Ваша цель подержать землю некоторое и продать на удорожание.


  • Most often, land is acquired for further construction of a house on it, which, accordingly, requires new costs and construction skills (at least superficial)

14) Buy an apartment at the initial stage of construction and sell it after putting the house into operation

This method offers the purchase of real estate, for example, in a residential apartment building, at an early stage of construction. You can take it from the very beginning of construction, i.e. at the stage of the pit or at its further stages. The earlier at the construction stage you buy an apartment, the higher the payoff will result in the commissioning of this apartment.

After the house is commissioned, the purchased apartment can be sold, the difference between the amount of the initial investment can reach up to 60-80% in some cases, but you will have to wait an average of 1.5-2 years. It is also worth considering that in Russia there is a great risk of unfinished construction, even despite significant amendments to 214 Federal Laws. There is a chance not to get the desired apartment. Therefore, the safest and most importantly, the quickest way to profit is buying an apartment at the last stages of construction, for example, at the stage of building a roof.

  • There is no need to inspire and inhabit residents. It is necessary to invest money at a certain stage of construction, and then sell the apartment at a much higher price.
  • High income due to the general appreciation of real estate, as well as building materials


15) Buy an apartment in poor condition, make repairs in it and sell it more expensive

Another popular method of capitalizing on a real estate investment is to buy a property in poor condition. It happens that the apartment was inhabited by people of lower social strata (drug addicts, drunkards, etc.), whose life was reflected in the apartment - everywhere there was dirt, tattered and faded walls, barely living plumbing, fetid smell, spoiled furniture, etc. . There are also cases that apartments are sold after many years of pensioners' residence there (hence the term "grandmother's option"), which also leaves an imprint on the condition of the apartment. This series includes very old real estate, the life of which can reach many decades.

Such apartments are of particular interest, because after making a quality repair there, you can raise the price of the apartment to the average market value. And if such an apartment is located in the center, then it is higher than the average market price. Having made repairs, and bringing the apartment into a divine form - you can start renting it out monthly, daily, or simply by selling it.

  • After the repair is done, you can get a steady income both monthly and simple, stay in a big plus when selling this apartment.


  • Repair Costs
  • The search for problem housing takes time, there are not many such offers on the market, and many realtors are hunting for them.

16) Buy mortgaged or seized property at a low price and sell more

When issuing loans, banks often take the property of the borrower as collateral. Sometimes it happens that the borrower is not able to pay. Then the collateral is completely transferred to the bank, and he tries to sell it at the most bargain prices, just to return his money from this object (the amount that the borrower owes). The bidding process is quite confused, and it takes time to understand all the intricacies.

  • You can find real estate at a price several times cheaper than the market


  • It takes time to find an object and regularly monitor ads.
  • The purchase of collateral is carried out using cash, additional mortgages are not provided here.

17) Build a house from scratch and sell at the end of construction

Widespread way. It is based, first, on the fact that land is becoming more expensive, and secondly, real estate itself is becoming more expensive. Any house of its own construction in squares is cheaper (the difference can reach up to 2 times) than the same apartments in residential buildings. The whole risk of unfinished lies only in your financial capabilities. If you wish, you can build a house yourself, if you have construction skills, and one or two acquaintances to help in the construction. You can build several houses at once, because at the same time, you can save a little on materials. Also, many banks issue mortgage for the construction of a private house .

You can build both houses and cottages, small apartment buildings (with sufficient capital), townhouses.

  • High income in case of successful completion of construction and sale of the facility,
  • The ability to use the facility yourself (a country house is the dream of any city dweller).


  • You have to be in the "theme" of construction, starting from the choice of the site to the interior decoration.
  • Monitor the progress of construction if you use hiring builders.

18) Use a shipping container as a home

A relatively new format for suburban housing for Russia, something reminiscent of an ordinary change house, but more comfortable. This is the most affordable house that you can build. But you don’t have to build anything here, and this is another plus, it’s enough to bring sea ​​containerfor example, 20 or 40 feet, make repairs inside (see the picture), connect communications - then you can live there yourself, or you can even take it if the site is located near the main transport highways.

For such a house, even a used container is suitable, the cost of which does not exceed 100,000 rubles. Interior and exterior decoration, plus the connection of communications is about 50-80 thousand rubles. And the house can be said ready. The most interesting thing is that in the future it can also be moved to another site.

Imagine the situation. You bought a plot of land, and you are starting to build. Do you want to be present at the construction site or maybe you yourself will work as a builder. Such a container is suitable for temporary residence at the construction stage. In the future, the container can be transported to another site.

As for investor interest, as we have already said, a house into which such a container can be converted can be rented out if a beautiful finish is made. Perhaps this rental of such housing will cost less than in other houses, but there are quite a lot of people who want to pay for housing as little as possible. This option is ideal for those who are not ready to pay a lot for renting a house.

It is also worth considering this option. Suppose you purchased land, maybe even with a loan, but you are not ready to build it yet. Put there a sea container, make a little repair and hand it over. The proceeds will go to pay the loan or for further construction.

How to make money on reselling apartments?

Resale of apartments is gaining momentum again after the crisis. Read about how to make money on reselling apartments, which way to choose, and what skills are needed for this.


In Europe and the USA, fast reselling of real estate or “flipping” has long been popular. In Russia, this type of business is just starting to take root due to such difficulties as:

In Europe and the USA, fast reselling of real estate or “flipping” has long been popular. In Russia, this type of business is just starting to take root due to such difficulties as:

  • big investments at the start,
  • high risk of not selling property at the desired price,
  • subtleties of legislation and the real estate market.

However, those who studied the topic and did not take hasty steps found liquid objects to buy, bypassing competitors and successfully earn.

How to start making money on reselling real estate

Earnings on the resale of real estate should begin with the registration of the business.

Of course, an individual can also buy apartments. Just keep in mind that too frequent transactions may alert the tax office.

In addition, you will pay more taxes (13% of the sale amount) than if you issue an IP. A tax deduction can be received only once and for a limited amount by law.

Choosing a tax system

The most convenient option is the simplified tax system “Income minus expenses”. In this case, you will pay 15% of this difference.

As can be seen from the table, the savings are substantial. You can calmly go about your business, show customers that you are working officially and legally, evoking their trust, and you will not be afraid of fines for illegal business activities.

Most homebuyers for resale see the deal as investment.

It is assumed that you have enough money to buy an apartment. It should include the possible costs of paperwork, repairs and payment of utility bills.

Instead of buying the first apartment or house you come across, you need to analyze the real estate market in your region and city.

We conduct research

  1. See how different real estate is sold, depending on the following indicators:
  • type of building
  • class of apartments
  • location
  • seasonality.
  1. Demand and supply for new buildings and secondary housing need to be evaluated separately.
  2. Assess the situation on the market of developers and real estate agencies.

Some unscrupulous developers have so spoiled their reputation that their apartments are sold much worse, despite the location in a good area and discounts. This is especially true if you are going to buy an apartment in a house under construction.

After such an analysis, you will be able to present an approximate spread in prices for apartments of a certain level and condition, so as not to overpay for air and not lose money during the sale.

3. Buying a finished apartment with or without decoration.

If you want to make money on reselling apartments, then you can immediately dismiss the third option. It is not easy to sell a finished new apartment above the price of the developer, and this can only be done after a few years, when (and if) it rises in price.

The fact is that such an apartment will actually be sold already in the secondary market, even if you have not lived in it for a day. It is more difficult to get a mortgage for such a house, therefore it is already less attractive for buyers.

It is important to understand that even the amounts that I have cited as an example can be earned only when you are well-versed in the market.

If you consider new buildings as an object for doing business, then carefully check the developer and evaluate the liquidity of the transaction long before its implementation. Even the best apartment may not be needed by anyone if you need to get to it for three days on deer.

And immediately take aim at one-room, two-room apartments and studios, as it is much more difficult to make money on the resale of large apartments. They are more expensive, and the demand for them is lower, so the sale process may be delayed.

Despite the fact that this business is not too common in our country, there is competition in it. There are not so many profitable options for apartments, and many of them do not even get to the open market, remaining in closed realtor bases.

If access to such resources can only be obtained by real estate experts, then bankruptcy trading platforms are open to all, and you can find hundreds of options for liquid apartments on them.

By the way, competition in the bankruptcy bidding market is noticeably lower than with direct purchase of apartments for resale.

How is this possible, given the obvious benefit of buying an apartment at a price of 50-70% below the market? So far, few people know about this possibility or do not understand where such low prices come from at the auction, and you will learn about it from the video with our expert.

For more information on how tenders are organized and on the best strategies for buying apartments, houses and bankrupt cars, we talk at a free master class:

Click on the button and sign up for a free workshop to learn about the 5 steps of Dr. Watson's Formula, how to buy cars, apartments and houses at bankruptcy bidding at a discount of 50 - 90%!

3. Land with the prospect of recreation

Continuing the topic of earning on land real estate, one cannot but ignore the possibilities of those who own or invest in land that have the potential to become recreational territories. These are lands that are located on the banks of water bodies or rivers, as well as near natural or cultural reserves, not to mention lands with health sources.

There are also two ways of earning - selling and renting. Moreover, the choice of the method of generating incomes largely depends on the development plans of these territories, determined by both local and central authorities.

4. Rental of mutual property

In addition to land shares, members of collective agricultural enterprises during the reorganization also received other share property, including integral commercial objects.

True, a lot of time has passed, but there are still heirs who still have not been able to decide how to use this property in the form of livestock buildings, separate processing workshops, objects in the form of repair shops, etc.

Establishing a business of buying up, and then leasing out such depreciated capital structures, can also be a promising occupation, and again, if there is a prospect of developing the territories where this mutual property is located.

5. Rental housing

With this method of earning (as, indeed, in any other way), the main issue is the price of organizing such a business. You can rent multi-level housing, as well as providing the right to use even separate rooms. In this area of ​​business, the main thing is not so much the proper condition of the housing, but its location in the city, access to transport, as well as the availability of both shopping and entertainment, as well as educational and medical structures.

Here, the main guideline is the housing market and especially the secondary market, while paying attention to the possibility of buying such apartments or residential objects, which, firstly, do not require repairs, and secondly, which you can apply for a mortgage in order to subsequently it was possible to repay it from the funds received from the lease.

6. Daily rent, as well as hourly

A long-term lease requires a long time to return the money invested in real estate, since earnings for a long-term rental housing do not exceed 3 or 4 percent of its value, it turns out that such passive income is less than deposit rates.

As for the daily, and even more so hourly rental, you can earn a lot more here, but this is also fraught with risks of damage to property and its rapid deterioration.

And another significant drawback of this intensive way of earning is the constant participation of the owner or manager hired by him in resolving issues of both settlement and eviction, the need for cleaning after tenants, putting property in order, etc.

7. Real estate sublease

Owners of large real estate often tend to lease it to one user. Having thus obtained the right of temporary use, you can earn good money by subleasing this property in parts. And in the event that, for example, a house or a multi-room apartment is located near train stations or close to markets, then you can enter the daily, or even better, hourly payment for this housing, and at the same time, the income will increase by 2, or even 3 times.

Here you need to be quick to pick up such a property in a prestigious area and correctly conclude an agreement so that the tenant does not mind the sublease and does not change his mind over time.

8. Hostels are a promising way to make money

Many guest workers go to the country and all of them are looking for housing, and for them the most affordable option is an inexpensive hostel. Any house with several residential premises or a large apartment can become a hostel if you create several residential areas in these premises, equip them with double beds and, at least, redecorate them.

The costs are not so heavy anymore, but the maximum load of tenants from the CIS countries will be ensured.

9. Real estate as an office center

Such premises, as well as premises for coworking or collective offices, are in demand especially for those who are just starting their business, for those businessmen who are looking for a more prestigious office location, who open their branches or departments in a given city or district.

The simplicity of the rental business or the transfer of ownership of office space until recently was obvious. However, after the coworking centers began to be in demand, the marketing of this business developed the most effective schemes for the separation of coworking work areas.

For example, 25 percent is allocated for elite office premises, half of the office space is arranged for middle price categories of office rent, and the remaining 25 percent for jobs for just starting businessmen with the lowest pay, but with the efficient use of office space to fill jobs.

10. Townhouse as a source of income

Houses for several families with two or three-story architecture and having separate entrances for each family at the same prices as city apartments, but they are much cheaper than individual cottages and therefore are in demand by middle-income buyers.

Для того, чтобы либо продать или сдать в аренду таунхаус он должен быть расположен идеале в городской черте или как можно ближе к городу, а район застройки — иметь соответствующую транспортную и другие в том числе и социальные инфраструктуры.

11. Блочные дома – это востребованность за счет доступности

Блочный тип строительства жилья дешевле городских квартир и домов индивидуального проектирования, так как все строительные модули стандартны и для них разработаны такие же типовые схемы сборки. But, despite the fact that modular houses are assembled as soon as possible, they are, nevertheless, a full-fledged housing with all the options necessary for the convenience of residents, with insulation, and therefore with the possibility of year-round living.

It is not difficult to find buyers for such housing, so the modular real estate business is a promising article of stable income.

12. Bringing in an appropriate form of nondescript real estate

Based on the proverb that they are greeted and judged by their clothes, it is quite difficult to sell real estate that is not presentable on the one hand, and on the other hand, if it can be realized, then at a very low price.

Therefore, if you engage in the search and purchase of nondescript houses or apartments and bring them, as they say, in a decent form, then you can make good money on it, since the sum of the costs of buying and repairing real estate will be much less than its market value after the repair.

13. Purchase of unfinished real estate for the purpose of sale after putting it into operation

The idea is to take advantage of the offers of many construction companies, which are aimed at attracting investments to complete the construction of multi-apartment buildings, and buy an apartment in the early stages of construction. Moreover, here the dependence is direct - the earlier cooperation in shared construction begins, the greater the benefit will be in the final result.

The final market price of such real estate after it is completed and accepted for operation will be no less than 70-80% more than the initial investments. But there are two significant drawbacks - you need to wait a long time for a return on investment (up to 2 years) and the risk of unfinished construction is high, which is now a common threat.

14. Acquisition of seized property

Real estate is arrested in cases where the previous owner is bankrupt and cannot fulfill obligations on loans received from banking institutions. Banks are forced to put up for sale mortgaged property at low prices in order to quickly return the money issued to the borrower.

The procedure for such bidding is usually confusing. But it’s worth participating in order to buy property much lower than the market value. There is one drawback in this, that the purchase must be made for "cash", as usually other methods of payment are not provided for in collateral tenders.

15. Purchase of real estate for movable property for resale or rental purposes

Megacities usually lack a place to store vehicles and this deficit is huge, since literally for every resident in big cities, owning a car is almost the point of life.

In the presence of available funds, there is one way to profitably invest them in a box, garage or car place. The most profitable investment will be if you buy real estate for movable property, which is located near residential areas or in the city center.

16. Source of income - overseas property

Buying foreign real estate is a reliable investment, and if you buy it at foreign resorts, where Russians traditionally go, for example, in Bulgaria and Turkey, this will become a source of stable income. As a rule, in these and other countries, states motivate the attraction of investments by guaranteeing the inviolability of property, including the issue of a residence permit to investors.

In order to have passive incomes, local management companies, which have comprehensive knowledge of both the law and how to make money in the market without the participation of the owner, are usually attracted.

17. Buying houses in the countryside for "green tourism"

Residents of large cities seek to spend their outdoor recreation in the countryside, combining it with the study of various traditions, starting with the characteristics of culture and ending with local culinary. Therefore, first abroad, and then among Russians, estates that are designed for "green tourism" became popular.

The idea of ​​earning is to buy a house in a village, repair it and organize a reception of tourists in it. This is, on the one hand, a profitable investment, and on the other, a promising source of income.

18. Investment in the construction of houses

A growing way of earning money is to build a house and sell it or rent it out. The reasons for the popularity of such a business are, firstly, the rise in price of land, and secondly, the price of individual housing is growing. In addition, any housing of their own construction can cost a couple of times cheaper than an apartment, and banks go towards individual builders, giving out a mortgage for this.

The risk of unfinished construction of this method of housing is minimal, since it consists only in the financial capabilities of the owner of this house.

19. To build for sale or for renting a house from unconventional materials

Houses built, for example, from pressed straw abroad are called elite. They are warm in winter, and cool in summer. In addition, such houses, according to many experts, have healing properties, as they are made of natural materials. They are in demand on the market and can bring both passive income if they are leased, and active - if put up for sale. This housing is most popular among followers of environmental protection.

20. The construction of non-trivial housing for sale or for tenants

Such housing can be considered re-equipment, for example, of sea or auto containers for country houses, reminiscent of the construction houses of builders, but having a high degree of comfort.

The advantages in such construction is that, in fact, almost nothing is needed to be built, except that to build the foundations for the installation of containers. In this method of housing construction, the main emphasis is on external decoration and internal repair work, as well as the connection of communications.