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How to kiss: the most sensual techniques


Acquaintance, flirt, first date, first kiss. that is how most novels usually develop. First, this is an innocent kiss when meeting and parting, then a real sensual kiss, then soft, hot, passionate, exciting, erotic, endless kisses. A kiss is not just an expression of feelings, it is an inexhaustible source of new pleasures that helps to establish a more durable bond between lovers.

The benefits of kisses

the benefits of kisses

A classic kiss is not only pleasant, but also useful. During it, a guy and a girl feel a sense of affection and attraction, in addition, our body secretes endorphins, which is associated with the occurrence of pleasant sensations during a kiss. They say that with a kiss you can learn about compatibility with a person of the opposite sex. A kiss is the first step in knowing the person you are into.

Closed or open eyes?

Closed or open eyes?

How to kiss: with eyes closed or open? Many believe that closed eyes during a kiss is a sign of ultimate pleasure. But, according to scientists, people close their eyes to enhance the sensation of touching the lips of partners. After all, as you know, if some feelings are isolated, then others are more acute. Whether or not to close your eyes is up to you. Someone likes to admire a partner during a kiss, as it is believed that this is a great way to get to know your partner better and watch what kind of movements he likes best.

Kissing Techniques

Kissing Techniques

Theory, of course, is good, but it’s very difficult to learn how to kiss, without going into practice. Therefore, try to kiss your loved one daily to improve the kissing technique.

During the kiss it is very important to feel confident, so do not forget to take care of the freshness of your breath. Daily oral hygiene will help you, and you can also use bubble gum and peppermint candies to freshen your breath throughout the day.

Let's get back to the kissing technique. Everyone kisses the way he likes, but few think about which technique he uses.

For example, for beginners, a light kiss is perfect, which involves a barely noticeable lips touching the lips of a partner. You can kiss not only the lips, but also the area under the lip and corners. Try to control salivation, since few people like to wipe their wet cheeks and chin after a kiss. During the kiss, breathing is also important. From pleasure, your breath will soon go astray, but this is only to your advantage. Also do not forget about the barely audible groans and sobs that will make the kiss even more sensual.

French Kiss

French Kiss

How to kiss in French? We all heard about such a popular term as a French kiss. This technique is pretty simple, and anyone can learn it. During such a kiss, the mouths of partners are parted, and in a passionate dance only languages ​​are intertwined. This kind of kisses is very sensual and brings pleasure to both partners. Let your tongue flutter over your partner’s oral cavity, examine it, collide with its tongue, intertwine.

One lip kiss

One lip kiss

A kiss on one lip is considered very romantic and reverent. You can resort to such a technique before moving on to a real kiss. Thus, you can tease a partner, provoking him to more active actions. To do this, simply grab your lips on the partner’s lower lip and suck it lightly.

Kisses of other parts of the body

Kisses of other parts of the body

As the famous song "The higher love, the lower kisses." From a regular kiss to an erotic kiss, you can go in two counts. For example, your partner will be satisfied if, after a kiss on the lips, you slowly move to kisses of the earlobe. In many women and men, the earlobe is considered one of the erogenous zones, as, indeed, is the neck. The lobe and neck can be bitten and sucked. Hot breathing and passionate whispers will only add spice to your caresses.

A little story about kisses

Modern man perceives a kiss as something completely natural and unconditional, but the custom to kiss in the usual sense is not known in the traditional culture of many peoples of Africa, Asia, America and Australia. The Amazon Indians would be shocked by the frankness of a kiss on the lips. On the island of Bali, they still do not kiss, but only slightly touch their faces. In Tahiti they dance and rub their noses. Eskimos scratch their cheeks and touch each other's tongue. African peoples consider the kiss a violation of personal hygiene. The manifestation of feelings is expressed in them with a handshake. Men show their love, clutching their lovers thumb. And some African peoples are forbidden to kiss for religious reasons. They believe that a soul can be taken away through a kiss.

Despite this, the story of the kiss is as old as the world. A variety of erotic images that have come down to us from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China, Greece and, especially India, abound with kisses in the most bizarre poses. The ancients believed that in this way they “inhale” into each other a particle of their loving soul.

In a mythological sense, the kiss symbolizes the fusion of human souls

Very romantic theory of Plato. According to him, a person initially had the shape of a ball, four legs and four arms, combining the male and female halves. But this creature was so arrogant that it incurred the wrath of Zeus and was divided in two. Only in a kiss do these parts reunite and find harmony.

The most perfect kiss

There are many kiss options. In the most famous book on the art of love - Kama Sutra - kisses of the mouth are divided into several types. Just kisses on the lips are called NIMTA. Finger kisses - Avagakumnbana. Kisses with the use of language - SAMAYANA. Kisses of the game - YUDHA. We use this or that type of kiss depending on the specific situation and the partner. However, according to statistics, one of the most common is a French kiss.

The term "French Kiss"came to the Russian language as an element of French culture, which has always been considered the most closely related to the topic of love. A French kiss always means contact between the languages ​​of the partners. Sometimes both languages ​​work, sometimes only one. It is not necessary to constantly examine the partner’s mouth with your own language. During the kiss in French, the languages ​​of the partners should at least once, for a split second, touch each other.

In France, this kiss is called the "kiss of the souls", thereby expressing the highest degree of unity of two loving hearts in a kiss

It is the scenes of the French kiss of the heroes of the film or a detailed description of such a kiss in the book that makes our heart beat harder and feel a slight excitement. In addition, a French kiss lets us know if this partner is suitable for a serious relationship. And only a French kiss allows you to "feel" the partner - the sincerity of his relationship, the degree of excitement.

But all this does not mean at all that everyone should kiss only in French. Some people don’t take French kisses at all. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but do not give up on such a pleasant lesson. Try again with another partner who can truly reveal for you all the delights of this magic kiss. Everything has its time.

How to learn to kiss correctly?

It is best to start with a variety of kisses on the lips, during which the mouth slightly opens. When the partners enjoy each other's tenderness, he can suck her upper lip a little while she bites his lower lip. When you exhaust this pleasure, try to open your mouth as much as possible and the tongue itself will penetrate towards another language. If the girl does not answer yet and the partner does not feel her tongue, you should wait a bit and try again after a while, switching to another kiss or kissing her neck, face, earlobe.

When your tongues finally meet, don’t be surprised if you feel the pressure rise, your palms become wet, and your heart is beating fast. You will feel how your souls are united into one, while with the tip of your tongue you play with its tongue. No need to rush - everything is just beginning. There is already a complete flight of your imagination!

In order to make the kiss exciting and enjoyable for both partners, the most important thing is to put your soul and love into it

Kiss technique in French it says: penetrate her mouth, touch the tongue to her tongue, stroke it with the tip of your tongue above and below, brush your tongue over the teeth, gums, play with her tongue, quickly clicking on it with the tip of the tongue. Start with light touches with the tip of your tongue, sometimes such a simple touch is a great pleasure. And you can rub your tongues, suck and bite them. anything. Language is the most mobile organ of the human body with many receptors, they can work miracles. The main thing here is ingenuity and surprise.

The strength with which you “stick” into the lips of a partner, movements and games of languages ​​depend on the degree of your closeness and intensity of passions. Change of leader during games with the tongue, alternation of the French kiss with other options - a series of hot kisses with closed lips, kisses with sucking and biting the lips, vacuum kissing-playing with tongues without touching the lips. There are endless possibilities. And if you add to this, moaning, whispering of tender or passionate words, other pleasant caresses, then the partners will receive unforgettable feelings and will not notice how naturally they will move to a completely new stage in the relationship.

Do not forget about kisses during lovemaking! French kisses help to be even closer to each other, a kiss can make it clear about what you would like now. So, sucking on a partner’s language, a woman can tell him the rhythm she needs. Exciting games with languages ​​will help you move to other more intimate caresses.

What to do with hands during a French kiss?

Anything: drive them along the back of your partner or partner, gently stroke the hair, finger through the hair, gently brush the face, grab the chin and turn his face in a direction convenient for a kiss, hug by the shoulders, wrap your arms around the neck, hold each other's hands.

Is it possible to enhance the pleasure of a kiss in French with some scent?

Of course. Before kissing, drink iced tea or something that tastes good, your partner will feel it when you start kissing in French. Then it will be her turn to drink something, so that you too will taste good. You can experiment with different types of ice cream, it will give you a pleasant feeling of exciting freshness.

What should not be done with a French kiss?

In any case, it is important to remember - the secret to success is diversity. Kiss!

Kiss technique for girls and guys

Kiss technique very diverse and complex, it requires some skill and experience, however, anyone can master it. The main thing is to listen to your feelings, urges and emotions, listen to your own heart. and monitor the response to your partner actions.

The technique of the very first kiss

Only lips take part in the first kiss, there should be no aggression. How to kiss for the first time - it is very important to know - it is necessary and soft hugs, and gentle whispering after a kiss. It is necessary to slightly shift the nose to the side, lips should kiss only her lips, and the tongue at this stage is not involved at all. Be sure to freeze in delight - after all, this is your first kiss! First you need to touch the partner’s lips with slightly opened lips, easily and slightly pull them in. Lift your lips slightly with the tip of your tongue. If the girl is trying to free herself, it is not worth holding, you need to kiss her one last time, easily, easily and will move away. I must say a few kind words.

Blowjob Kiss Technique

To properly kiss a sucker, you need to suck in your partner’s lips, as if you want to stretch your whole soul. But such a kiss should not be long. On this occasion, listen to this advice: when the lips are tired, then slowly loosen the kiss. In no case do not tear your lips from the partner’s lips abruptly and unexpectedly. Otherwise, a loud bang will turn out, which can frighten passers-by, and even alert the police. If the kiss is stopped correctly, it can be heard, only a quiet hiss coming from your half-open lips. If you performed the kiss correctly, you will feel a pleasant feeling of numbness and numbness, some emptying, spreading slowly throughout the body. You will feel pleasant fatigue and bliss, similar to what a worker experiences after unloading a wagon of bricks alone.

Kissing Technique for Girls and Boys - “Marathon”

There is no big difference between this kiss and any other. However, there is a main difference: the duration of the kiss itself. It is best to kiss in this way in silence, because it is believed that the kiss was completely obtained when a ringing begins in his ears after him. Well, and above all, the endurance of partners is necessary. Very often, mainly girls, during such a kiss they try to fall asleep. And this is no coincidence, because It acts as a lullative.

Kiss Technique for Girls

This kiss is used only by the fair sex - girls to find out, with his help, the following: did the guy have alcoholic drinks on the menu the day before and, if so, in what quantity.

Of course, there are several options to avoid such a “check”. For example, you can tell a girl that you refuse her such a kiss because of pain in her beloved tooth or because of an infectious disease that begins (not only sexually transmitted!) In the form of a sore throat, a cold, etc. If you kiss If you’re not going to refuse, then you need to take a large dose of the popular Anti-Policeman before him.

Special Kiss Technique for Girls

Only a girl can afford such a kiss, namely, a kiss on the cheek. In this case, the lips (best of all, brightly painted, so that the kiss was visible later) are pulled out by a tube and smacked very loudly with various exclamations expressing genuine delight when meeting girlfriends and others.

Often such a kiss is used by girls simply to “annoy” a long-time rival or for another no less important reason. After all, a lipstick remains a trace that is not always easy to remove, and if, with such a kiss, hugs went in addition, then you can ruin a magnificent hairdo or mash perfectly fitting clothes, say, rivals.

Erotic Kiss Technique for Guys

Any experiments in the abdominal area are associated with a fair amount of risk. You can caress the earlobe with your tongue or gently suck it. Such a kiss is distinguished by high erotogenic qualities, however, in addition to these qualities, the ear is also good to hear.

Therefore, the sounds uttered in the immediate vicinity of it are perceived as a peal of thunder, even the weakest of them. This must be taken into account when playing caresses, otherwise your love will not hear heavenly sounds accompanying gentle caresses, but the sound of water in the toilet or even more unpleasant sounds. If you decide to seduce a girl by caressing her earlobe, by no means take her earring in your mouth. Even if you do not choke on this jewelry (some of them are very easily pulled out), at least it will be very unpleasant for a girl.

The technique of the English-French kiss

This kiss got its name only because if it is performed in France, it is considered English, and if kissed in the same way in England, then it is called French. What is the technique of this "international" kiss? Very often it is also called a kiss of the soul, since according to ancient beliefs, when languages ​​were in contact, part of the kissing soul was transmitted to each other. Another kiss name sounds like a reed fight. In this case, there is no need to overdo it and deliver painful sensations to the partner's language. And further. Do not confuse the fight of reeds with another popular French kiss. By the way, in other countries there is no such name at all in this regard.

Kiss - “electric charge”

Such a kiss must be done in the dark or in a minimally lit room. You must come to the girl, and she to you. At a distance of two steps, you must slowly bend towards each other. At the same time, there is only one point of contact between partners: it is their lips. A kiss comes out long and in one breath (do not forget to bite). Usually after such a kiss, as they say, sparks from the eyes will pour in, and the room becomes much brighter. This is where the name of this kiss comes from: "electric charge."

Kissing technique for guys - “kiss your legs”

This type of kiss is very effective in the case when the girl is sharply reacting to tickling. The process of kissing the legs will then take place, just with a bang. True, there are pitfalls here. Уверены ли вы в чистоте и приятности ножек вашей партнерши при страстных поцелуях? Решать, конечно же, в любом случае остается только вам.

Такой поцелуй может служить образчиком самой деликатности. При данном поцелуе происходит нежное пощипывание губами губ партнерши. И не нужно пытаться открыть свой рот, как можно шире. In this case, this is completely useless!

Such a kiss will not leave any girl indifferent, as it is considered to be one of the oldest kisses leading its history, practically, starting from the early knightly times. Subconsciously, the girls will take this kiss as the top gallantry and good manners of a young man.

However, it is not at all simple, as it seems at first glance. Here you need a special subtle technique, not flatulence in behavior and a certain facial expression (preferably not stupid). When kissing the hand, it is required to bend the young man to the girl’s hand, and not, on the contrary, to attract the female hand, raising it to his lips.

This kiss with a bow will certainly express respect and admiration for the girl or woman. Only men of advanced years, who probably kissed more than one female pen throughout their lives, can afford to bring it to their lips: they are excusable due to the number of years lived and their state of health. Although this technique of kissing is especially appreciated by the fairer sex (you can say that any woman dreams of such a kiss), but nowadays, kissing a hand is considered a rather outdated option. Nevertheless, to make an unforgettable impression, you can use it. In this case, there is no need to rush, you can manage to say a couple more pleasant words and compliments. First you lower your eyes, then easily take the lady's hand and kiss with a gentle touch.

Technique "talk kiss"

Such a kiss was often used by the courtiers to seduce a lover in the court of Louis XV. At the same time, lovers loosely press their lips to their lips and whisper to each other affectionate, compliments, madrigals and gentle verses. This kiss requires serious preparation. First, you need to learn a few poems. Secondly, as well as before any other, brush your teeth, refuse at least a couple of hours before the kiss from eating food that has a pungent smell, alcohol, and even more so from smoking. The duration of such a kiss is not limited by anything, and if the poems you have learned suddenly end, you can switch to prose. However, one must remember that not a single girl wants to kiss under a military charter or an excerpt from a lecture on sopromat. If suddenly a failure occurs, and you are not able to say anything more, remember a nursery rhyme or a fun count. True, how to kiss a girl using this technique and not worry about how you will look from the side if someone from your friends suddenly “catches” you. However, some girls really like conversational kisses (after all, women are known to love with ears), and if your girlfriend is one of them, you will soon become a connoisseur of poetry.

Kiss Prep Technique

In such a kiss, in order to gradually get a guy or a girl, the touch of the lips should first be of medium strength, and intensify as you get excited, but not wild, this should be left for later. The tongue gently but persistently penetrates the mouth, gently touches its tongue, many like it when they caress the sky, but there are those who do not like it at all. Kissing the lips should not be in one position, but constantly changing it, tilting for this purpose the head in one direction or the other. But be sure to alternate strong kisses with tender, caressing. The tongue is used not only in the usual way, but also touches her lips.

The technique of a very seductive kiss

In this case, not only lips. Be sure to kiss your neck and ears. Gently pinch, or gently bite the earlobes, caress the inside of the ear with your tongue, and penetrate the tip with its tip. Gently and quietly breathe in your ear, whispering beautiful words and her name. Then return to the lips, and with your hands begin to caress the neck, then return to the ears, lips and again, the neck. When you realize that it starts, you kiss your neck harder, gently nibble, be sure to cover your teeth with your lips. You can gnaw your ears with your teeth, but very carefully. Remember the whisper and affection with the tip of your tongue. Sometimes the sensitive area is on the back of the head. Gently stroke her fingers, gradually increasing caresses. Try to squeeze a little to her chest (in women she is sensitive to pressure), but do not touch her hands yet, wait until she asks for it or makes it clear. If he begins to cuddle up to you with your hips, squeeze her tightly. Continue the kiss: leave the lips and give all the attention to the neck and ears. Breathing becomes stronger, hotter, but you can’t become a beast, it’s too early. Now, if she is pressed harder and harder, you can put your hands on your chest, or other sensitive places, depending on how it is pressed.

As you can see, kisses are completely different. But, if these kisses precede the passionate continuation of the relationship, then much more can be said about them.

Classics of the genre

A kiss on the lips can also be difficult. How to kiss a man so that he gets aroused quickly? To do this, gently pinch his lower lip between your lips and gently pull it towards you.

If at this time the man does the same with your upper lip, the desired effect will be achieved faster.

The sky is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Therefore, the next time you kiss with your tongue, draw your tongue several times through its sky.

Some men claim that this can arouse desire in them.

Contrast kiss

Give contrasting kisses to your man. To do this, pour in one glass of cold water, and in another - some sort of hot drink (coffee or tea). Take a sip of the hot drink and touch the man’s wrist with your lips.

After giving some “hot” kisses, take a sip of cold water and begin to kiss him again.

Such contrasting caresses will make a man even more impressed if he is blindfolded.

Its erogenous zones

Slowly run your lips around his ear, barely touching the edges of the ears. This will awaken his sensuality and receptivity.

Then gently hold the earlobe over your lips and pull it slightly towards you. This is necessary in order to activate the nerve endings inside the auricle. Do not forget that the ears are one of the man’s erogenous zones.

Another incredibly sensitive area. Many consider a kiss on the neck an expression of frank sexual desire.

To excite a man, you need to kiss the side of the neck: from the ears - down. At the same time, not only kisses are good, but also light nipping of the lips and nibbling.

Are nipples an exclusively female erogenous zone? Not. Male nipples are also very sensitive.

You can caress them with both the tense tip of the tongue and a relaxed tongue. As polls show, for most men such caresses bring a lot of pleasure.

If you think that kissing his hands does not excite him, then you are mistaken. Touch the tip of the skin tongue between his fingers and slowly swipe it to the tip of one of the fingers.

The man will tremble with excitement, since this area, like the ears, is very sensitive. At the end, gently squeeze the tip of his finger with your lips.

Secret "buttons"

On the body of a man in the area between the navel and genitals is a very sensitive area. Give her special attention immediately before sex.

A few gentle but passionate kisses in this zone will “lead” him in a matter of seconds. But do not rush to go down - for a few minutes caress this particular place.


If your man loves when they give him a massage, then he will definitely like such an unusual massage with his tongue. Let your man lie on his stomach.

Approach him from behind and touch the back of his head with your lips. Then slowly cover with kisses his spine, as well as the areas to the right and left of him, gradually sinking lower and lower.

If massage with hands relaxes, then massage with the tongue, on the contrary, is exciting.

Women believe that men do not like foreplay. But this again is not true. Another way to drive a man crazy is to caress the skin of his legs from the knees to the hips.

Squat in front of the man and, with slow, gentle movements, run your tongue over the skin above the knees, rising gradually higher.

In the knee area there is a mass of nerve endings, which is why people very often are afraid of tickling in this place. The popliteal cavity is especially sensitive. Caress the area with the tip of your tongue, accompanying kisses with deep and slow breathing

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