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68% of respondents believe that in their case, assistance in finding a new job is most effective in asking friends and acquaintances. In second place is the appeal with a similar request to colleagues from an old job (44%). 29% rely on the assistance of parents in this matter, 31% rely on a husband or wife. Turning to other relatives is slightly more popular - 35%. It is interesting that more than a third of the respondents (34%) consider the services of people they have never encountered in real life, friends and subscribers on social networks, as an effective channel for job search. Least of all, Russians expect to receive assistance in finding employment from the leadership from their old place of work (24%).

For those who don’t see any reason to ask for help in finding a job, sometimes opposite reasons move: someone is confident in their abilities (“My hands grow where I need, my head is in place, I quickly learn and I’m not afraid of work”), while others are not afraid to meet the expectations of others ("I'm afraid to let those who asked for me"). They are afraid to resort to the help of colleagues, fearing publicity ("Colleagues will" merge "the search for the leader"). According to the respondents, it makes sense to contact the authorities only in case of staff reduction (“In this case, the manager himself will be interested in parting with the employee in the best possible relationship”). Russians are also afraid that participation in the job search for parents and spouses will complicate the relationship: “Family and work must be separated.”

The arguments of supporters of attracting various job search channels are more concise and convincing. According to respondents, the help of other people speeds up the search (“It makes sense to ask for help from anyone, if only the job would find you and like you!”), Opens up new possibilities and expands the choice field (“You need to use the most number of contacts. And in the end, the number is required will grow into quality ”). Interviewees have repeatedly advised not to be shy to ask for help: “This is not a shame. I am ashamed not to work. ”

Place of survey: Russia, all districts
Cities: 287
Time: October 17-18, 2016
Study population: economically active population of Russia over 18 years old
Sample Size: 1600 respondents

“What do you think, if it makes sense in your case to ask for help in finding a job with ...”

Possible answer
(line amount)
YesnotI find it difficult to answer /
don't have one
friends / acquaintances in real life68%26%6%
other relatives (except for parents and husband / wife)35%56%9%
friends / followers on social networks34%53%13%
husband / wife31%54%15%
of parents29%64%7%

Some respondents comments:

“I think when a job is urgently needed, it makes sense to ask anyone for help if only the job finds you and likes you!”
Commodity expert, 45 years old, Murmansk

“When looking for work, in my opinion, you need to use the greatest number of contacts. And in the end, the quantity will certainly grow into quality. ”
Sales Manager, 52 years old, Zhukovsky

“As you know, the best advertisement is word of mouth. Many people, including myself, adhere to this particular method of asking for help in finding work from acquaintances, friends and relatives. ”
Security Inspector, 40 years old, Kashira

“The more offers, the better.”
Corporate Law Lawyer, 29 years old, Moscow

“It makes sense to ask for help finding a job. This is not a shame. It's a shame not to work. ”
Lawyer, teacher, 48 years old, Korolev

“If there is a result, why not. Maybe they will tell you where there is a vacancy. ”
Crane driver, 47 years old, Zheleznogorsk-Ilimsky

“In war, all means are good. Colleagues "merge" the search for the leader, and the leader, when he finds out about the job search, will begin to look for a reason for dismissal ... "
Regional Wholesale Manager, 45 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

“Whether it is worth asking for help from a husband / wife, parents, other relatives, depends on what kind of relationship you have with them. The management should ask for help in case of leaving by agreement of the parties, but in fact - on the basis of staff reduction. In this case, the manager himself will be interested in parting with the employee in the best possible relationship. ”
Lawyer, 24 years old, Otradnoe

“All my friends, relatives, and colleagues are working in different directions, and my hands are growing where I need to, my head is in place, I’m learning fast and I’m not afraid of work.”
Assistant to the collector of facades, 45 years old, Tyumen

“Search only for yourself. It will be easier to communicate with superiors, you can demand something, and make a claim. And if "by acquaintance", then it will be inconvenient: they asked for you, they arranged for you, but everything is wrong for you. Will have to endure. Only to yourself! ”
Warehouse Manager, 53 years old, Krasnodar

“I'm afraid to let those who asked for me. Or somehow do not live up to their expectations. "
Shop assistant, 27 years old, Volgograd

“So narrow a specialty (as a pathologist) that it makes no sense to ask for help from anyone!”
Pathologist, Pathology Department, 51 years old, Nakhabino

“Family and work must be separated. The former leadership will do everything so that you cannot get to another highly paid job. ”
Crane driver, 45 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny

"You can only rely on yourself."
Inspector of the department of special accounting, 52 years old, Noginsk

“Several times I asked for help in finding employment with relatives, influential acquaintances, friends (whom I had previously helped). No one wanted to help! Thrown to the mercy of fate. I’m looking for work through the Internet. ”
Leading Specialist, Documentation Management Department, 37 years old, Moscow

Be constructive, not critical.

If a person has been fired, do not give them a hard time about it, even if it is their fault. Be sympathetic and understanding, because it can happen to anyone. If their resume is terrible, you don't need to say that. Instead, suggest a few changes that will make it more presentable.

If your organization has relevant discoveries, see if you can send a referral to your friend. Employers are very happy to hear about qualified candidates, and you can even get a referral bonus. Submission of the task.

If the job that fits the screen fits your computer or social sites, send it to your friend. Periodically check the sites where you want to find work, which is a good opportunity. It can be difficult to stay on top of the new listings, and your job may turn out to be the one that ends up getting a new job.

We offer to update the resume and cover letters.

One of the most difficult things to do when you write and edit is to catch your own mistakes. Another pair of eyes is always helpful. Offer evidence and review your friend’s resumes and letters, so their application materials are perfect. Help them raise their LinkedIn profile.

If your friend’s LinkedIn profile has not been updated in your last memory, review it and suggest any improvements you might think of. Make sure it contains current labor and educational information, skills and achievements. Here are nine easy steps to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Adjust the shadow of tasks.

Is your friend interested in what you do for a living? Contact your boss to find out if you can create a shadow of work, where a person spends several hours or one day with you at work. This is also a great opportunity to do some introductions if any of your colleagues can help. Organize an informational interview.

An informational interview is an informal meeting designed to collect information about a job or company. Set up informational interviews if you have connections with people in your friend’s career field or in the industry. Most people are happy to share information about what they are doing, and some of your referrals or work can create your connections. Go to a career event with your friend.

If you are not the most visited person in the room, it can be scary to go to professional networking events. It is much easier when you have a companion. You can make some connections to help your career. If it’s also difficult for you, here are some tips to help. Write a LinkedIn recommendation.

Hiring managers do read LinkedIn recommendations. If you are able to attest to a person’s professional qualifications, then his LinkedIn post will increase their visibility. He will also give them a link in advance.

You can use the recommendation you wrote on LinkedIn as a starting point for professional help. If you do not have business contacts with your friend, offer a personal link. This is especially valuable if the person was fired or otherwise lost his job. Make connections.

Who, as you know, can be crucial for a successful job hunt, and connecting people is simple and easy. Offer to introduce your friend to everyone you think might be of assistance. Do it in person, by email, on LinkedIn and on social networks. All you have to do is send a short note with an introduction and for what reason you are connecting. Contact your university career office.

Many college career departments provide graduate services. Invite your friend to contact his or her career services or graduate office to find out how they can help. Employees can provide career counseling, resume reviews, writing assistance, and other job search assistance. Connect them to your networks.

A college graduate network and professional networking groups are great resources for communication. You have something in common with people you meet and talk on the Internet. Network contacts are a reliable source for potential clients and career counseling, and network interaction is how many people are hired. When finance is a problem

Understand the goal

The main mistake of everyone who wants to help in the job search is to impose their own job options. Any job announcement that appears is found by assistants such as instructions for use. At the same time, the assistants will not even think about checking the employer for reviews on the Internet or carefully reading the text of the vacancy itself. But in vain, because the first thing to do is to understand the goal of the applicant himself. Knowing the main information, it will be easier to filter out useless work options, reduce search time and achieve results.

  • The position your friend is applying for
  • level of education, a set of knowledge and skills that he owns.

This information will be more than enough for your help to be really useful.

No moralizing

Is your job lost through your friend’s fault? Perhaps his act caused not so much pity as much indignation on your part? Maybe he is not diligent in finding a job? Remember that playing the role of the prosecutor is not the best option. You are not aware of all the nuances, which means you have no right to blame or judge. However, this is absolutely pointless, because a new goal has already been identified.

Explain how to use the job search site

Today there are a huge number of job sites and job aggregators. All of them are called upon to help in finding a job for free, quickly post a resume on the Internet, find the best employment option and give maximum useful information about the labor market and personnel. daily processes over 200 sites for fresh vacancies. As soon as a new work is discovered, information indicating the source goes to the site. So the user can find work in any city.

Tell your friend that posting a resume is a simple and easy task, because an automatic sending service is available on the portal. The applicant fills out a resume and selects sites to submit. Next, the portal robot itself sends and places the resume at the marked recipients.

Your friend is probably also unaware of the fact that the labor and personnel market is filled daily with unique job offers that are not so easy to find without special knowledge. For example, vacancies on the site can be searched by keywords for job responsibilities, company name, skills or preferences: working in an office, knowledge of a PC, working on your car, and more. Designate a city of search, look for a vacancy by industry, field of activity, work schedule or salary.

When someone loses their job, it can be very stressful. When you are worried about severance pay, if you get it, or unemployment, finish it, and how you plan to pay bills, it can be difficult to focus on finding a job.

There are a few extra things you can do to make life a little easier for someone who is not working, worried about money and in the middle of a job hunt. Here are a few of them:

Volunteer to babysit for interviews if the problem of caring for children is a problem.

Do the same with interview trips if arranging transportation is difficult.

A gift card for your local grocery store or department store is always helpful.

Send some food. The order is from a food delivery service, so they don’t need to think about dinner or two.

Share your stuff. Is your friend short in professional clothing for an interview? If you are the same size, offer an outfit. If you have a good portfolio, you can let them use it.

On the side of the lighter

Everyone needs a break, especially when it seems to you that your whole life revolves around finding a new position. Here are some ways to distract your friend from finding work and relieve stress.

Go out for drinks and pick up the tab.

Present a pass for yoga, gym, exercise, painting, or any other class that you think they may like.

Take them to a game, concert, or other special event.

Buy food (or two). Take your friend for lunch or dinner or for coffee, on a regular basis.

Flowers and chocolate make almost everyone feel better. They really do.

Stay connected and follow them

All of this has added value to you. Although your intention is to help, and that is good, you will also receive from him. Your friends will remember that you gave them to work, suggested proofreading, bought them a beer or a glass of wine, or something else that you did to support.

They will remember how the next time there will be a promising work that may be ideal for you. The time spent on help will be worth the effort, and you will feel good that you have done everything possible to help your friend.

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