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10 Ways to Increase Sales Based on Customer Psychology


Sales volume is one of the main indicators of a company's success, therefore a good manager is always worth its weight in gold. But good managers grow out of just managers, and just managers emerge from people who want to prove themselves in the chosen field. In fact, everyone can sell. But not everyone can sell well. And what, suppose, do an entrepreneur who is his own director, accountant, loader and sales manager? The answer is one: to improve your skills. And we will tell you how.

2. Speak the text

It doesn’t matter what you sell, your services or products of the company for which you work, prepare a sales text and start the practice of speaking it, imagining the various interlocutors. You will see that the canvas will remain unchanged, while the details will change. This will help when communicating with a real person to choose the right path for the development of history, taking into account the mood of the interlocutor, his desires and his personal characteristics.

3. Talk to your customers and clients.

The most competent way to become a real communicator is to include feedback from the buyer. Talk with customers, discuss their needs, product expectations, possible disappointments. This will help to better understand the buyer as the main component of sales and learn to recognize people in order to further predict their desires and find the right words for conviction.

4. Connect with people anytime, anywhere

Sitting at home at the computer, you can’t recognize people. A good salesperson is, first and foremost, an excellent communicator, which means that you need to be able to talk, do not get into a pocket for a word, do not forget a word, give up parasitic words and learn to incorporate your charm. Therefore communicate. Communicate as much as possible. The more people you talk to, the more you sell. It is obvious.

5. Focus on benefits, not features.

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to sell a product is listing its features, not its advantages, describing a wide range of possibilities, and not what problem these opportunities can solve. Shift focus, tell people what problems a product / service will solve, how their life will become easier. The clear gain from the acquisition is the most important product advertisement.

6. Attend exhibitions

If your industry is such that it suggests the possibility of participating in exhibitions, be sure to gain such experience. There you can not only express yourself, but also communicate with potential customers. You may find out that the circle of your potential customers is much wider than you imagined. Communicate with customers, find out their needs and learn how to quickly respond to market demands, which means selling more - in general, the benefits are obvious.

7. Make sales a habit

Good habits are a great way to get involved. Start with something very easy, for example, send out every five children an individual promotional offer. Make it a habit. Over time, increase the number of correspondents. And you yourself will not notice how things go uphill.

8. Contact the professionals

If you have in mind a person whom you really consider a successful salesman, contact him with a request to share his experience. What to give in return - think for yourself. Maybe money, or maybe work out an internship. Master classes or good teaching materials from the guru will never hurt, and working in his field of vision means not only securing the support of a professional, but also listening to a lot of harsh, but at the same time fair and very valuable criticisms about him.

9. Learn to “read” people

Pull up your knowledge of psychology, learn to understand non-verbal signals. Talking with a person in the same language as him, understanding and predicting his desires, anticipating a varied opinion, recognizing needs is a sure way to gain confidence and click on the button that is responsible for the purchase act.

10. Chat with children

If you can succinctly and clearly describe your product to those who have no idea about it, it means to succeed. The best way to test your skills is to chat with your children. Children are the most sensitive receivers, they are able to recognize falsehood, their attention is most difficult to keep on the right subject. Only truly inspired and sincere people can get feedback from the child. So check yourself from time to time.

1. Overcome the "barrier of entry"

There are situations when a person needs an additional incentive. To do this, many companies provide an opportunity for a potential buyer to experience the offer in practice for free for a certain time. During this time, the user gradually gets used to the product / service, which creates a greater likelihood that after the allotted time he will not be able to refuse and will wish to extend the validity of the offer, but for the money.

The correct wording of the offer / offer is of great importance here. For this, most companies often use the phrase: “Subscribe to a 30-day free trial.” Agree that the phrase “First month is free” sounds much softer and more attractive. The goals are the same, but potentially different results. You should also use subtext to strengthen the CTA-element, for example, “Cancel your account at any time." Do not be lazy to experiment, create several options, and choose the most effective one using split testing.

"A delicious offer that you can’t refuse"this is what must be on the landing page!

2. The magical power of persuasion

In studies on behavioral psychology, one curious feature was established: it was worth announcing to voluntarily chosen volunteers that they, according to researchers, belong to the group of “politically active voters”, as these same volunteers, who received a subconscious mindset to increase engagement, increased their activity in voting by 15%.

Recall that volunteers were chosen completely by accident, but their behavior was most decisively influenced by the arbitrary name of their group. This psychological phenomenon can be used in marketing campaigns: convince your target audience that they are a unique and limited target audience for your product.

3. Types of buyers

Three types of buyers were identified by experts in the field of neuroeconomics:

  • thrifty
  • spasms
  • moderate type spender.

In order to force buyers of the first type (and such 24% of the total) to fork out, there are various methods of influence.

Here are some examples of how this can be done:

  • Change in the offer price - when the price remains the same, but is divided into easier-to-perceive amounts (for example, $ 100 / month versus $ 1,200 / year).
  • AOL Internet company has replaced the payment of Internet services per hour for payment per month. The tactic opposite to the first example, the essence of which is to ensure that users do not track their expenses on a daily basis.
  • All-inclusive resorts provide a sense of security, as the client knows that all services have already been paid for, and there will be no unforeseen expenses during the holidays.
  • Netflix uses a monthly payment system for unlimited access to films instead of a fee for a single film.

4. Get stronger by recognizing the flaws

How to increase sales due to their mistakes? There are many examples of catastrophic failures that have occurred over the years (for example, oil spills). The reason for this was the reluctance of companies to notice shortcomings in their work, until the moment came when it was too late to change anything. For example, the Japanese energy company TEPCO only after a year and a half recognized its mistakes, which resulted in a nuclear crisis on the coast of Japan.

When using online offers, you probably had to receive emails with the company’s apology if something was done wrong. Thus, the company makes it clear that such cases do not go unnoticed, and henceforth everything will be done to avoid their recurrence.

Take a look at the Admitting Failure project for charitable organizations. Here you can find the stories of companies in which they openly admit and analyze their mistakes so that their bitter experience serves as a lesson to other registered users.

5. Tell us how to proceed.

In the course of research, Dr. Howard Leventhal concluded that people tend to neglect relevant information if it does not contain certain clear instructions. Consumers tend to think that potential problems will not affect them in any way, and there is nothing to worry about. But when instructions follow the information, the effect is amazing.

So, the number of people who got the flu vaccine increased by 25%, and the tips on how to avoid this disease influenced it. This is one way to increase the number of clients in insurance. The gratitude page serves the same purpose - it indicates the further path to your user.

6. No one likes to wait

Consumers, as a rule, are afraid of the fact of a delay in buying online (especially before the holidays), which has a huge impact on the conversion process. Therefore, so that the client trusts you, use phrases that are encouraging.

  • The Amazon online store guarantees delivery of the order on time.
  • Domino's Pizzeria guarantees pizza delivery in no more than 20 minutes.

7. Find a competitor

If you create yourself - albeit completely virtual! - a competitor, the advantages of your offer will look most vivid compared to the opponent. People will become more loyal to you if you push companies against each other in a fun way.

Remember, for example, a funny video about the confrontation between the computer systems MAC OS and PC, which at times increased the number of Apple customers. Or a classic example of a PR battle between Coke and Pepsi, in which the huge advantage of Pepsi is the unclassified composition of the drink, which causes the trust of many consumers.

8. Increase phone sales

This whole art is increasing sales by phone. The different numbers that representatives of dishonest companies often call should be forgotten: obsession can only ruin the reputation of your company.

Offer your services to those who are interested. You need to possess information not only about your product, but also about the person you call: where he works, what he does and is interested in, what problems he has and how your product can help solve them.

9. Attract like-minded customers

Tell your potential buyers about the purpose of your campaign (for example, raising funds for charity), then you will have a chance to attract like-minded people with similar intentions. For example, 64% of respondents said that this factor prompted them to decide on a purchase.

A striking example of this approach is the charity event to raise sales held by TOMS Shoes. Its meaning was as follows: when buying a pair of shoes of this company, a pair of shoes was received by needy children. Thanks to this, millions of pairs of shoes were sold, and, accordingly, millions of children received new shoes for free. There are ways to sell and increase conversion through good and useful deeds!

10. Social evidence

Studies show that consumers are more likely to make purchases when they have no doubts about the good name and reliable reputation of your company.

To solve this problem, you need to have an official document (quality certificate, for example), the results of certain studies, which are an excellent way of convincing clients of this type (social proof): “2500 clients cannot be mistaken in ...” - in approximately the same style.

Surprise your customers!

Pamper them with surprises, and you will win loyalty to your brand and get a huge amount of valuable thank you feedback. The Zappos shoe online store is a classic example of this impact tactic.

Having believed the promise to receive the order within 5 days, you receive it in two days. Or they give you the opportunity to return the shoes within a year! With the help of such pleasant surprises, the company managed to accumulate a huge amount of customer reviews on its website, which is a powerful marketing tool for influencing the buyer.

Your high conversions!

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