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How to become a freelancer from scratch without education and where to work for a beginner


If you saw someone doing crazy jumps over fences and rushing through the city, these trained professionals probably did parkour or freerun. Parkour is a form of movement in which efficiency and speed are important in order to travel from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Frieran is something similar, but it also includes aesthetic elements such as flips, somersaults and other stylistic devices. Read and you will find out where to start when learning one of these methods.

Who are you?

The peculiarity of freelancers is that they do not work in any company, but fulfill various orders of employers remotely using the Internet. This type of work is possible in many professions, for example, design, programming and, of course, writing texts. Even without education, you will be able to choose for yourself exactly the sphere in which you are best versed.

Many of you have a question: where to start? I propose an algorithm, after which, over time, you can receive money while working at home.

Get up from your sofa or tear yourself away from these seals on Vkontakte! If you have the opportunity to work at home and do what you like, rather than sit in the office and wait for 18:00, to leave this hated work as soon as possible, use it. Your income will depend only on you!

What you need to get started

  • The most important thing without which you cannot work is, of course, the Internet. On a phone, tablet or computer. A global network will connect you with customers from different cities of Russia and even different countries.
  • Create work mail and skype. Choose any email program you like and better sync it with your phone. You will always be in touch.
  • Equally important is the definition of your area of ​​activity, in which you are pretty good at understanding and able to perform your work efficiently. No need to rush for everything, on the principle - where they pay more. Find your direction and deal with it, so you can earn a good reputation among customers and get a lot of pay for your work.
  • Examine the price range in the selected area. No need to underestimate the cost of your services if you perform quality work. Appreciate your work!
  • Choose good freelance exchanges (the list below), yes it is the exchange, since it is better for beginners to start with them, for greater security. You should always remember that there are scammers who want to receive an order and not pay money for it. Freelance exchanges will help you not to fall for these tricks, because there are safe transactions where the amount for an order is frozen on the site until work is completed.

Where to work

For beginners, there is a direct road to freelance exchanges. This is the place where the customer of the services meets, ready to pay for them and the contractor, ready to provide them. Ideally, everyone is happy. Your task now is to understand: what can you offer the world, what level of your skills and how much do you want to earn. It is on the exchange that you will learn all this. You may come across a customer who alone can provide you with work for a year. Or maybe the other way around.

You can immediately rush to complete the task, or you can doubt for a week and not even try. Who will you blame then? Do not be afraid and try - gain experience, a very important component, and then, as a master, you will be able to search for customers yourself.

If you suddenly do not know how, then go study. I once studied, and now I'm studying. Many courses, both paid and free in the internet. There are even those who promise to employ you later. I recommend My wife has already unlearned them and is happy - read how it was and how such courses go.

Most popular freelance exchanges

I offer you the most popular freelance exchanges where you can start earning money:

  1. work-zilla - recommend.
  2. - pay attention to interesting prices - all for 500 rubles.
  3. is one of the largest sites with a simple interface and a large number of customers. Also nothing, you can here.
  4. - a huge exchange for rewriters and copywriters, will allow you to receive the first orders, my favorite copywriting.
  5. is already a foreign platform with about 20 million freelancers registered. I think for a beginner it will not be superfluous to visit here. My favorite foreign. I work with freelancers of this exchange for English-language projects.
  6. is also a fairly large freelance exchange.
  7. - a platform where you need to purchase expensive specials. accounts, but thanks to them, the likelihood of you getting an order increases.
  • Be careful when filling out the questionnaire when registering, make no mistakes - customers should see an excellent specialist looking at your profile.
  • Responsibly start filling out the portfolio and you will inspire confidence among customers who need to see examples of your work. In the portfolio you need to add the best work that has been done. You should not use other people's projects and keep in your profile, this is not legal.

Congratulations, your account is full, you can start searching for the first orders!

If there is silence on one freelancer exchange, there is no need to despair - just register on several more sites, following my previous tips. This will allow you to monitor a larger number of orders, respectively, the ability to be a performer increases significantly.

  • The long-awaited moment has come and you have been chosen as a performer! Very good, but this is where your work is just beginning, seriously proceed with the implementation, do not delay delivery of the order. The customer will appreciate this, thus you will get regular employers willing to pay good money for the work.

A fairly simple algorithm that will allow any person, absolutely from scratch, to become a novice freelancer. Of course, I do not promise you to receive a very large order immediately on the first day of registration on the freelance exchange, for which the employer offers a tidy sum. It takes some time, you delve into the work, get regular customers and a decent income from remote work is provided.

Remember about scammers and do not write test tasks for free - any work, if it is performed efficiently, must be paid!

  1. Becoming a freelancer from scratch is real,
  2. It is necessary to decide what services on the remote site you can perform efficiently,
  3. You need to start, and not sit on the couch - register on the exchanges and earn money,

Good luck finding your job, and let it be fun. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Pavel Yamb was with you. Before communication.

Hello readers! Welcome to the blog!

How to become a freelancer from scratch? You will receive a comprehensive answer to this question in this article. You'll get step by step instructions, with which you can start working remotely as a freelancer. And video instructions to work in simple programs for quick start today and performing simple freelance tasks on the freelance exchange for beginners.

You will definitely have questions in the process of work and training, please do not hesitate and ask them in the comments to this article!

1st way. SLOW START. Selfeducation

There are 2 ways. 1st way - learn yourself. To master independently new knowledge and programs. This will take you from several months to several years, depending on your knowledge and skills. This path can be chosen if you are still not completely sure you want to become a freelancer.

Then you can start learning on your own and start working on the freelance exchange for beginners. Below I will tell you how to register on such an exchange, what tasks to start with, show a video on how to work in the appropriate programs to automate your work.

2nd way. FAST START. Studying at the School of Remote Work. School RD2 - review

2nd way - to get training for a month at the best School of remote work with employment. By the way, I chose this path several years ago when I decided to become a “free artist” and no longer work for my uncle.

This is a quick start. In just a month of training You will master with personal trainer many programs and you can quickly choose your main profession for freelance. You will learn working on a real exchange freelancing and completing real tasks. You from the first lesson you will earn money.

Then, in 2014, training (training lasts 1 month) cost $ 250. At the same time during the training I earned more than $ 250. I didn’t work all day, but only in the evenings and on weekends (because at the same time I worked on a permanent job). The guys from the group who performed tasks on the stock exchange all day earned $ 400, and some more than $ 1000.

So if you really already decided to become a freelancer and start working remotely, I recommend that you register and undergo training under the reduced intensive program EMPLOYMENT INTENSIVE. Geographically, the school is located in Bali. And a few people from the stream win a trip to this island. By the way, many students of the school have already moved to live in the village of RD2 in Bali. Read in this article my detailed review about how training takes place in school RD2.

How to start working as a freelancer? Step-by-step instruction. 10 steps

  1. Provide for work high-speed Internet, laptop or PC.
  2. Arrange your workplace.This does not have to be a desk, although for some freelancers it is precisely this kind of workplace that adjusts to the working mood. But others can work productively while lying in a hammock
  3. Register a work email. It is better register gmailhaving received many additional benefits and chips. It is better that it consists of your name and surname. I think it is unnecessary to say that work mail cannot be [email protected]
  4. Register an electronic walletWebmoney. You will need it for crediting money from employers for your tasks. Later, you can register accounts in other payment systems (Yandex money, Payeer, Paypal, etc.). How to register
  5. Sign up at Workzill's freelance starter exchange. How to do this, find out from the video below, you can find out about working on the Workshop exchange from this article.
  6. Take 1st Order - while you have no rating and no experience, take simple and inexpensive tasks, for example, rewrite text, edit photos, transcribe (translate video to text), design business cards and logos, likes and comments in social networks, etc. I will show how to perform simple tasks in the video tutorials in the next section of the article.
  7. Define your main area of ​​work by working in different areas of Worksill. For this, 1-2 months is enough. It is important! There is plenty of work on the Internet (everyone needs sites, their content, maintenance, advertising in social networks, etc.), but it’s important for you to understand what you like to do more. A quick choice of direction is important so as not to be scattered about studying in different areas, but to improve in a specific field. The better your work will be, the more you will receive.
  8. Take training in your chosen field. You can take free self-study (you know that on Youtube now you can find free lessons on all useful programs). Or find a quality paid training course.
  9. Go to freelance exchanges for experienced freelancers (Weblancer, Kwork,, etc.) and experienced copywriters (Advego, eTXT, Textsale) and other top freelance exchanges. The list is published at the end of the article.
  10. Register IP. This is important in order to start working officially. Pay taxes and sleep peacefully))).

The best freelance exchanges for experienced freelancers. List

When you get experience, go to the exchanges for experienced freelancers and experienced copywriters. To work on these exchanges you will need to compile a portfolio of your work.

Exchanges for experienced freelancers:

For experienced copywriters:

For inspiration, I recommend reading these articles., from which you will learn how dramatically in the world has changed and continues to change attitude towards permanent work. I want to tell you that you are on the right track! Now is the time to be a freelancer or do online business!

I tried to describe in as much detail as possible how to become a freelancer from scratch without education, especially since now educational institutions still do not teach new professions in demandsuch as web designer, SEO manager, video designer, copywriter and the like. Namely, these professions are needed when working in freelance. The most important thing is that now no need to spend years on higher education, you can either learn these professions on your own, or at special short trainings.

Please write in the comments what first task you took to complete the freelance exchange and how much you earned. You will definitely have questions in the process of work and training, please do not hesitate and ask them in the comments!

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I really believe in you! Do not listen to preservatives that are held captive by stereotypes! Do not bother! Act!