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Ideas for a budget wedding: how to save money and not lose money


Pick up a calendar and decide when it will be. Whatever one may say, it is more pleasant to marry in the warm season: you can freely show off in a beautiful dress on the street and the bride, and girlfriends, photographs with the sun and green by themselves look more colorful.

Usually, Saturday is chosen for the celebration, when most people do not work. You will celebrate this date for the rest of your life, so choose the way you like the numbers. For example, we chose July 18, having decided for ourselves that 8 as a symbol of infinity, promises us a long and happy family life.

Step 3: number of people.

Make a list of guests whom you would like to call to the wedding from both sides: the groom and the bride.

It is more convenient to write a list of the importance of people. That is, at first those who are invited one hundred percent. And at the end of those who are in question. So it will be much easier then to cross out someone, if the number of people has to be reduced.

Step 4: place.

Good places are booked in advance. Otherwise, you have to choose from what is left. Choose a place based on the number of people you plan to invite. A hall for 30 people differs from a hall for 100 people.

Immediately check at the institution the average check for a guest and the possibility of acquiring your own alcohol, since this is a very expensive part of the banquet, and a bottle of any strong alcohol or standard champagne in a restaurant can cost ten times more than in a hypermarket. And considering how much it will be needed for the event, acquiring it in a restaurant can cost a pretty penny.

Therefore, if you want to hold a banquet as inexpensively as possible, it is worth looking for a place where you are allowed to bring your alcohol to the banquet, either in full or in part.

Multiplying the average bill by the number of people, you will immediately determine the main cost part of the celebration - a banquet.

The calculation of the cost of alcohol is as follows: 1 bottle of wine per person and 1 bottle of strong drink per man.

Step 5: Lead.

Good presenters, like rooms, quickly end, and a lot depends on this person at your wedding to choose him from what remains.

To begin with, decide who you want: a 50-year-old toastmaster with competitions from a pioneer camp, a representative man who unobtrusively finds an approach to each guest or a cheerful guy who will not let anyone get bored.

For example, we immediately decided that we need only a man. No matter how many weddings I attend, in my opinion, it is in the strong half of humanity that it is better to conduct events.

Discuss with your soulmate what type of facilitator you are looking for, and study the network in search of who is needed, as well as reviews and videos with examples of his work.

After that, make a list of 5-6 leading who are trustworthy, judging by the reviews.

Call them and find out if they are free at the right date, and also what is the cost of their services.

With those 3-4 who are suitable for the parameters of the date and price, set up a personal meeting where you ask to show examples of video and the program of the event.

Based on the results of a personal meeting, make a choice.

Step 6: photographer and videographer.

A good photographer is something you should never save on. A fabulous day will pass, and the memory of him will freeze for life in photographs in which you will remain young, cheerful and careless.

Therefore, choose a photographer, meticulously studying all his photographs. After reviewing several options, you are sure to find one whose work will captivate you.

A good videographer is desirable, but not required if you need to hold an event with minimal cost. Just understand that in ten years it will be a piece of history, and watching a video with your soulmate or in a circle of friends is insanely interesting and reverent.

Step 7: the image of the bride.

At this stage, you need to decide whether you trust the hairstyle, makeup, manicure and pedicure to professionals, or do it yourself.

Do not underestimate this point, because on X-day all eyes will be riveted to you, and you will remain in the created image for decades on photos and videos.

Look for masters also by reviews, carefully studying their work. After that, call up, communicate and book a specialist for the selected date.

Naturally, manicures and pedicures should be done not on the wedding day, but in 2-3 days.

Step 8: transport.

Here you can already draw up a program of the event: what time will be the registration, what will you do after it, will you go ride with friends and take pictures, how long will it take.

Based on this, you can imagine what kind of transport you will need and for how long. Limousine, minibuses, larger buses - there is something to think about.

Also decide whether you need to arrange for guests to be transported after the banquet (if, for example, it takes place outdoors in the countryside), or guests will get by taxi themselves (if in the city).

Step 9: submit an application to the registry office.

According to the current legislation, the application is submitted 2 months before the required date.

Please note that if you have already booked everything, and are planning a ceremonial registration on the wedding day, it is better to queue in the registry office in advance. For example, we came to take turns at 3 a.m., were the third in a row. In the morning, a queue of 50 people gathered near the state agency. Needless to say, that in all places was not enough.

In order not to stand in line, you can now apply through the government services portal.

Or sign at any convenient time, and on the day of the wedding to conduct exit solemn registration. Of course, in this case, you will not be painted by a registry office employee, but by a guest presenter.

Step 10: clothes for the bride and groom.

A wedding dress and a suit of the groom - this is something that you definitely will not forget. In addition, you need jewelry for the bride. It should be noted here that inexpensive jewelry shines brighter and more expensive than real diamonds.

Do not forget about the garter - a lace accessory that is worn on the bride’s leg and symbolizes her purity. Usually she is removed by the groom and throws to single friends. By analogy with the bride’s bouquet, the one who caught the garter should soon get married.

Step 11: rings.

For 2 months.

To find the right one, you may need to go around more than one salon. Some jewelry stores position themselves as engagement rings. Perhaps their visit can save your time.

Step 12: wedding invitations.

Nowadays they are just what they are. And in the form of classic cards, and video invitations. Everything your imagination is capable of.

It should be noted here that this waste is more a whim of the young than a necessity. An impressive part of the budget is spent on invitations, since they are not cheap.

However, be prepared for the fact that in the pre-wedding bustle you will forget to give some invitations at all. And the remaining guests will be thrown right after the ceremony.

Therefore, this is not a mandatory, but a possible part of the cost of the wedding.

Step 13: decorating the hall and cars.

Decide for yourself if you need it. The cost of decorating the hall varies depending on what they decorate (the most inexpensive option is balls, decoration with fresh flowers will be much more expensive).

This also includes covers for tables and chairs. It happens that they are rented out by the restaurant itself at an additional cost.

Personally, we did not decorate the hall, because, firstly, to our taste, the hall itself was quite elegant, and secondly, we did not want to spend money on it.

Car decoration on the day of the ceremony is often provided by transport companies for free.

Step 14: wedding night.

On this day, I want something special. Of course, it is tempting when the newlyweds immediately after the wedding go on their honeymoon.

But if this is not your option, then a worthy alternative is to book a room for the newlyweds in some good hotel. This will prolong the feeling of celebration and fairy tales.

Step 15: accommodate guests.

If your list of invitees has nonresident, it's time to think about where you will place them. If for this you need to book a hotel or hostel - it's time to do it.

It will be correct to look for options without prepayment, so as not to lose money in the event of a sudden refusal of one of the guests.

Step 16: wedding cake and loaf.

Wedding cake is the main delicacy at the banquet and the culmination of the celebration. Decide in advance what style it will be, collecting a few pictures you like.

After that, they can be sent to several bakeries and confectioneries and find out the cost of a similar, as well as the terms of delivery to the banquet. If there is no such service in the selected bakery, you need to decide in advance which of the guests will be able to pick up and take the finished cake to the event.

Loaf traditionally brings the mother-in-law. If you have a good relationship with the mother of the groom and she is not averse to helping, you can ask her to take responsibility for ordering, buying and delivering the loaf to the banquet. In the end, one less hassle is great.

And the mother-in-law will feel involved in the holiday - many will be pleased.

Step 17: show program.

All kinds of artists are invited to perform at some weddings: dance groups, magicians, gypsies. Personally, I am opposed to this, I think this is superfluous and inappropriate. Are we at a wedding or a circus?

Much more logical, in my opinion, is the dance breaks and contests that the host holds. The contests do an excellent job with the entertaining function, and at the same time they allow everyone to get to know each other and establish contact and a warm atmosphere.

The only thing that has the right to be at a wedding is fireworks or air lanterns that are launched by young and all couples in love. This symbolizes the end of the event and puts a beautiful point in the festive program.

Step 18: Wedding Dance

This is a beautiful tradition, which in no case should be ignored. Another thing is that you can learn some simple dance yourself, without resorting to the help of a choreographer.

This is done simply. You review several videos, choose what you like, or combine from several, trim if necessary and rehearse. That’s all science. But the guests will be delighted to see how you are dancing the first dance of the young, not just stomping on the spot, but staging and spectacularly.

Step 19: the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere.

The main bouquets of the bride are 2 types: round and teardrop-shaped (as in my photo). You should decide what you want, from which colors, what shades, if possible, print photos of your favorite and visit several flower salons in advance.

In your favorite order a bouquet to the selected date and time.

Based on personal experience, I will say that the drop-shaped bouquet (as in my photo) is undoubtedly very effective, but impractical. At the end of the event, he can only live half.

Although on the other hand, if you like just that - do not listen and take it. After all, this is your wedding, and everything should be exactly as you like.

Step 20: snacks and drinks for a walk and photo shoot.

It’s time to decide what guests will drink and have a snack during a walk and photo shoot (if you have one).

Usually it is champagne, mineral water and some kind of strong drink.

From food, fruits, canapes, small pies, sandwiches, sweets are suitable. All this should be cut, packaged and packaged in food containers in advance.

That's all! Now everything is ready, and you can only wait and have no doubt that everything will go perfectly after such careful planning. And you, acting step by step, have not forgotten anything. Love each other, Lena Zhabinskaya was with you, bye-bye!

Magnificent wedding: arguments for and against

Here are the key benefits:

Opportunity to invite a large number of guests. Among those invited to a gorgeous celebration will include friends, close and distant relatives, acquaintances. All the people whom the newlyweds would like to devote to their joy will have the opportunity to attend the wedding and become witnesses of the first minutes of the family's existence.

Chic outfit of the bride. A wedding dress is a dream of many girls since childhood. Sometimes even an adult self-sufficient woman deep down wants to wear a princess dress, airy and fabulously beautiful. You can choose it in accordance with the latest trends in the world of wedding fashion or order an author's outfit in the eminent salon.

Wedding procession will consist of upscale car models equipped with everything necessary for the convenience and comfort of passengers.

Professional photo and video shooting. An unlimited budget makes it possible to use the services of a professional photographer and cameraman. Therefore, looking at the finished footage, it is unlikely that you will be able to see the annoying “mistakes” of beginners: blurry photos, bad camera angles, low-quality shots. A wedding photographer who knows his job is often quite expensive. But shot love story newlyweds will not disappoint them.

Lots of presents. If a large number of guests are invited to the wedding, it means that a considerable amount of money will be presented or many gifts will be presented, which will be useful in future family life.

Banquet. A chic wedding involves a lush and generous festive table, a beautiful restaurant.

Visiting ceremony. With a sufficient budget, many newlyweds choose an exit ceremony for marriage. You can sign it on a rented boat in advance, in a palace or historic mansion, on exotic islands or in other romantic places on the globe.

Here are the main disadvantages:

Guests. With a large number of guests, many of them are not very familiar, and sometimes they did not meet at all. Sometimes tipsy guests can say incorrect things, share intimate memories about young people, and even start a fight. There is also the option that among the invitees there will be strangers who in no way concern the family or circle of friends of the newlyweds.

Useless dress. Any wedding dress, even the most fashionable and fabulously beautiful, the bride only dresses once in her life for marriage registration. Is it worth giving fabulous money for a wedding outfit, so that after two days it will be removed forever in the closet? This is another serious argument in favor of a simple wedding.

Waste trash. Among the gifts may be both useful and completely unnecessary things. Many people rely on the number of invitees and present outright rubbish or donate nothing at all, taking advantage of the fact that gifts are lost in total.

Force Majeure. Often a large number of guests are difficult to control. Therefore, holding a magnificent exit ceremony can easily turn into an excess. Someone accidentally touches an antique thing in the rented hall of the palace. How much it will cost you - God alone knows. Or he may get lost in an unfamiliar city of a foreign country, turning the holiday into an exciting search with the involvement of the police.

1. Wedding date

When choosing a wedding date, make sure that this day is a day off. Still, you need to think about the guests. In most registry offices, the date of the celebration is set after a certain number of days from the date of application. So it’s better to ask in advance exactly when you need to come in order to get the desired number of the month you need.

2. Wedding concept

The concept of a wedding can be varied. You can make a wedding in a folk style, in a mega-modern, in a classic, in a vintage, in a rocker, sports, oriental, etc. It all depends on your personal wishes and fantasies. The main thing is that all the details are designed in the same style. That is, if you have a wedding in a national style, then in the same style there should be invitations, and the design of the hall and everything else. It’s good to pick a few basic “corporate” colors in which all the details of the event will be sustained. You can also indicate the wishes of the dress code in the invitations so that guests can better prepare.

3. Wedding

If you are going to not only register your relations in a civil order, but also get married - you need to make sure that there are no posts, big holidays or any other exceptions on this day. Representatives of religious organizations usually do not marry without a marriage certificate. So it’s better to set a wedding time after registration at the registry office. There may be exceptions when the church meets and holds the sacrament before the official procedure, but then you will have to make a commitment to return to the church office with a marriage certificate, and only then you can get a document confirming the wedding procedure.

4. Special courses

In many religious institutions, marriages are required to undergo special training courses to obtain permission to get married. Make sure you manage to enroll in the nearest group. Typically, such courses last 4 weeks and include lectures by a family psychologist, clergy, and family counselors on family planning. I strongly advise you to attend classes. Информация поможет лучше понять, насколько совпадают ваши с женихом взгляды на институт брака, жизненные ценности и рождение детей, а также убедиться в правильности сделанного выбора и принятого решения. Также подобные занятия еще больше сблизят вас с избранником и помогут снять напряжение, равно как и предотвратить так называемый «предсвадебный психоз». Да, да, он существует!

5. Выбор места

When choosing a place, try to take into account not only the time of year and the traffic intersection, but also the surrounding area, opening hours, hall layout. Ask what time you can hold the event, and if the institution has an additional fee for each out-of-hours hour. Find out if your wedding will be the only one on this day. Specify what sound equipment is available and whether you can use it.

7. Dance floor

Make sure that in the hall where the banquet will be, there is enough space for dancing or that the dance floor can be placed immediately at the exit from the banquet hall. See if there is a smoking area, parking, a fireworks area. Ask the administration of the institution if there are any restrictions on the importation of equipment, the use of certain premises, etc. Having made a choice, be sure to get a written confirmation of the reservation and make a deposit.

8. Invitation cards

Paper, envelopes, design layout, text, map, how to get there. Most companies selling designer cardboard and paper will help you choose cardboard for invitations and paper for envelopes from the catalog. An experienced designer who can be found simply on the Internet will help you create a layout of the invitation and envelope. Ideas for invitations can be found on the Internet, and the colors can be used the same as in the design of the interior and floral design. These will be your "corporate colors." Very conceptual and stylish. If the location of the wedding is difficult to find, then you can put in the envelopes with invitations small cards of the route of the entrance to the venue of the holiday.

10. Seating

At a table with young people it is customary to plant friends and girlfriends of the bride and groom, as well as parents. The remaining tables can be 6-10 people. or stand in length with the letter P. It depends on the size and capacity of the room, as well as your personal wishes. Make sure that all guests can clearly see the center of the hall and the table of the young. For this, tables can be put "herringbone".

Seating plan
Ask the administration of the establishment to send you an electronic seating plan so that you can determine a place for everyone from the list of guests. When seating guests, try to group them by age or family, dilute the guests of the groom with the guests of the bride so that everyone gets to know each other and fully feel part of the holiday.

11. Guest cards

Design cards for guests, caskets for cash gifts, a sheet with a layout and table numbers, select according to the "corporate colors" of your wedding. Sign the cards manually or print immediately with the names in the verbal form that will be pleasant to the guests. For example, “Mommy Luda”, sister Katya Storozhenko, etc. As stands for cards, you can use fruits, decor elements and a variety of design ideas. On this issue, it is better to consult a designer or wedding planner. You can also spy ideas on the Internet.

12. Casket for cash gifts

Think in advance where it will be convenient for you to identify the box with the cash gifts brought, as well as other gifts, so that the matter does not end with the fact that your mothers or fathers will have a wedding to watch your valuables. Ask someone from the trustees to take over this function or determine the room where you will close all this.

13. Presentation procedure

Usually, guests tend to get rid of gifts and flowers as soon as possible. Your host or wedding manager should warn everyone beforehand when it will be possible to congratulate the young. We recommend that you do this after all the official procedures and before seating at the tables. Guests will be uncomfortable sitting at a table with flowers and possibly large boxes.

14. Aperitif

Organize an aperitif before the banquet, during which guests can enjoy refreshments and give gifts. The host can announce the procedure, and you, standing at the specially prepared table at the entrance to the hall, will accept congratulations and gifts. On the table can stand a loaf, flower arrangement or a slide of champagne, from which guests can take a glass after giving a gift. It will turn out a beautiful picture for a photo.

15. Memorable gifts for guests

Guests will be pleased if they have something to remember about your event. You can invite a special photographer who will make a photo magnet for each guest in a frame with your names and wedding date right during the event. You can prepare bonbonnieres - boxes or bags with wedding sweets and put them on plates to guests immediately before the banquet. You can prepare more serious gifts - figurines, CDs with a selection of music, Easter cakes, angels, etc. (the choice can be very wide) and ask the wedding manager to present gifts to guests at the exit. You can give gifts while congratulating the young while giving gifts to the newlyweds.

16. Accommodation

If you have nonresident guests or if the venue of your holiday generally means a distant point on the map, check in advance whether it is easy to get to the place from the cities where the guests will stay and about the night for them. Arrange with family and friends who will be able to host guests.

Wedding attire of the bride and groom.

Bride's dress. The price of a new wedding dress ranges from 20,000 p. up to 100,000 p., or even more. The cost depends on the celebrity salon, collection, brand promotion.

  1. Sewing dresses in the studio. Not necessarily a wedding dress from a famous fashion designer will sit on a figure better than a no-name - modest, but sewn from quality materials and by the standards of the bride. The cost of atelier or seamstress services is from 10,000 p. Material - about 10,000 p. Sewing dresses will cost from 20 000 p. Savings up to 80 000 r.
  2. Last year's collections. Buying a dress at a discount is a good saving option. The full cost can be reduced to 40-70% and, given the discounted price, you can actually pay for a dress from 10,000 to 50,000 p. Savings up to 50 000 r.
  3. Dress rental. The approximate rental price is from 5,000 p. plus a deposit. Given that the cost of the deposit will be refunded if the dress returns to the salon in its original form, you can save two-thirds of the cost of a new dress.
  4. Second-hand dress. The cost of a second-hand outfit is half the price of a new one. Thus, the savings can be from 10,000 p. up to 50,000 p.

Suit of the groom. The cost of a men's classic suit is from 5 000 r. up to 50 000 rub.

  1. Atelier services. Work of the master - from 3 000 r. up to 10,000 p. The fabric will cost about 20,000 p. Having paid a seamstress 30 000 r. for all work, you can save up to 20 000 p.
  2. Costume rental - about 10 000 r, saving up to 40 000 r.
  3. Used suit groom costs from 3,000 to 30,000 depending on its quality and condition. But, even having bought the most expensive suit "with hands", it is real to save from 20 000 rub.

In addition, you can simply borrow an outfit for the groom from friends or use the usual business suit. If there are no such clothes in the groom’s wardrobe, then one of your friends will probably find it. Therefore, such an option as using a business suit, if a dress code is respected at work, will not cost the newlyweds anything.

Beautiful wedding procession

Machines for honeymooners cost up to 24000 p. / hour, rental vehicles for guests - up to 7000 p. / hour.

  1. Instead of a limousine, another luxury car, which provide specialized offices, you can use Rent a car’s services: Rent a Mercedes. In the role of the driver, one of their friends will be the groom. The cost of such a service is about 10,000 p. and savings of up to 14,000 p. / hour.
  2. Minibus for guests - up to 2000 r / hour. The amount of money saved is up to 5000 r / hour.

If the invitees include those who have their own cars, you can ask them to pick up the guests on foot.

How to organize a banquet: simple and tasteful

Depending on the location of the restaurant, the price of a banquet (room rental, banquet menu, alcohol, an additional percentage for service and an additional rental fee after the agreed time) will increase. Estimated cost from 1,500 rubles / person.

  1. Less pathos. A good option to save money is to choose a less pathos restaurant. The price of a banquet in such a restaurant can be from 500 rubles / person. Savings from 1000 rubles / person
  2. Own alcohol, drinks, water. If you negotiate with the administration of the institution the opportunity to bring your drinks and alcohol to the banquet, you can really save from 10,000 r.
  3. Snack for guests. As a rule, these are sandwiches, canapes. The cost of a small buffet reception will amount to about 5,000 p. -15,000 p. Having prepared a snack at home (for example, small pies), you can significantly reduce this item of expenses - up to 3000-5000 r.
  4. Hall decoration. Making a banquet hall in some popular style among professionals can cost up to 50,000 p. Significant savings can be made by asking friends to help with decorating the restaurant or premises in which the celebration will take place. This can actually reduce costs to 10,000-15,000 p.

From this video you will learn about how the proper organization of the banquet will save tens of thousands of rubles:

Organizational expenses: we take the celebration into our own hands

Toastmaster services. The cost of leading a wedding is from 10,000 r. Up to 20,000 p. But sometimes those present at the wedding feel uncomfortable in company with a stranger. Moreover, if the atmosphere of the holiday is sincere, then the celebration will completely do without a leader. Guests can take care of the organization of the entertainment program. Savings - up to 20,000 rubles.

Wedding organizer - up to 15000 p. Its functions are useful, they free the newlyweds from many troubles. But to do without a manager is real. You can plan and organize a holiday on your own literally in a month. To do this, it is necessary to allocate responsibilities and roles for everyone and do everything in advance and draw up a clear celebration script in advance. Savings - 15000 rub.

Live music - from 5000 to 20,000 p. You can also do without it. Surely one of the guests knows how to make a playlist and turn on the music on the desired tracks. Savings up to 20,000r.

Mandatory Must Have: what you can’t save on

there is three things you shouldn’t save on at the wedding: appearance of the bride, rings and photographer (videographer).

If a dress and shoes can be bought / rented, then make-up and hairstyle are best done in the salon with the skilled hand of a professional.

Rings - this is what will accompany all future life. It’s also better not to save on them, especially since it’s not a good tradition to change engagement rings after the wedding.

Photos or video - memory for life. Unprofessional photo or video shooting is fraught with blurry frames, corrupted photos, poor angles. A man who knows his business will turn wedding pictures into a fabulous love story.

Who should be invited to a budget wedding

The more modest the wedding budget is planned, the less crowded the event promises to be. But by inviting a minimum of guests, the holiday will not lose its significance: the newlyweds will share their joy with the closest and dearest people. A narrow circle of guests will provide a cozy, intimate, family atmosphere. Who must be invited:

  • parents
  • siblings (with family),
  • God-parents,
  • grandparents
  • closest friends (as a rule, these are 2-3 best friends).

No need to call classmates, neighbors, colleagues. For example, inviting someone from one of the work collective means offending everyone else. Therefore, on a budget option, weddings need to be limited to the closest and dearest people.

The best places to celebrate an inexpensive wedding

In sauna. This original option to celebrate a wedding combines relaxation and fun. All that is needed is to book a sauna in advance and get the necessary bath accessories. The only drawback is that in the sauna it is better not to drink alcohol and solid foods. But in most cases, relaxation complexes, in addition to the bathhouse or sauna, are also equipped with an entertainment room where you can eat, play billiards or sing karaoke.

Sauna is a great place where you can hold not only a wedding, but also a bachelorette party. You will learn how to organize a bachelorette party in a sauna from our article.

Picnic in the nature. An outing into the nature of the pond or into the forest is a great opportunity to celebrate the wedding in a small circle of friends and relatives. Shish kebab, high-quality alcohol, songs near the fire - this option for the celebration has a special warm, sincere atmosphere.

Houses. The most inexpensive wedding option is to arrange it at home. In this case, the celebration will not be tiring even for the smallest guests - tired children can be laid to rest in the next room.

In the country. A wedding in a budget option can be celebrated in the summer at the cottage in the country. As a rule, this implies an outing into nature with the possibility of using the benefits of civilization in a country house, if necessary. You can also spend the night there, continuing the fun the next day. If you don’t even have a summer house, then surely one of your friends has it. A very unusual option is to celebrate the marriage.

In the club. If a small number of guests are invited, the option to note with taste a significant event in the club is a good idea. Music, fun atmosphere, light alcoholic drinks, snacks - these are the components of the wedding celebration. The only negative is that the older generation most likely will not be able to participate in the noisy fun for a long time.

In order to hold a celebration at the scheduled time, you must first submit an application to the registry office. How long before the wedding to apply? How much will it be considered? You will find answers to these and other questions here.

In this article we have collected 11 of the most interesting and original places where you can spend a bachelorette party with taste and not expensive.

You can have a bachelorette party in a home environment. To do this, you need to carefully think through the menu, select accessories and make a good entertainment program. You can read about how to do this correctly in this article.

Where to buy everything you need for a wedding inexpensively: a few useful ideas

Here are a few online stores where you can buy everything for the wedding is not expensive:

Here is a great video from which you will learn how to optimize your wedding budget without sacrificing celebration:

If the budget of the upcoming event is limited or the newlyweds plan a honeymoon for the money saved, there is an alternative to a lavish holiday. Having correctly thought over the course of the event, organizational aspects and having calculated all the points of possible expenses, it is easy to turn a wedding in a budget version into one of the most beautiful, vivid and memorable events in life together.

17. Hotel for guests

Find out if there is a hotel nearby that can accommodate the right number of guests. Book in advance the required number of seats, make a deposit, which you can pick up as soon as the guests arrive and pay for their stay. Enter the information on the reserved hotel rooms and the cost of living in the invitation text so that the guests know in advance where they will be able to settle and understand what budget they need to have to pay for their stay.

18. Transfer to the place of guests settlement

If your nonresident guests are many and they arrive by train or plane at about the same time, then you can take care of them by hiring a minibus or other transport that will meet them and bring them to the place of settlement. Information about the transfer can also be indicated in the invitation along with the time of transport. And to make it easy for guests to find it in the windshield of the bus, you can put a sign with your names. For example, "at the wedding of Ani and Victor." And the necessary information is also an additional positive emotion, and guests feel that they are taken care of.

To begin, decide whether you want to sew, buy ready-made or rent a wedding outfit. Sewing is simple. Find the model you like best and the good tailor. It is better to use proven recommendations to avoid disappointment. But ready-made dresses must be watched in salons. Choose a salon on the Internet that you will enjoy with a wealth of choices and pricing. You can not one, but several. Allocate 4-5 hours for each salon.

20. Calculate time

Call and arrange a visit time. Take your mom or friend you trust with you. The procedure for choosing a dress can be turned into entertainment. Most salons offer coffee, tea, you can bring champagne with you. Measure everything in order to determine the style that suits you best, and then narrow down the scope of the search by choosing what you like best. Please note that a dress with a train will complicate the movement and can be very dirty. Consider the time of year of the wedding. If it falls in the winter, early spring or late autumn - take care of the cloak.

There is such a concept in the salons as the "first rental". This is when the dress is sewn for you, and you rent it for the first time. As a rule, you need to pay the full amount of the cost of the order during registration, and after returning you will be returned half the cost back. The rental price is 50% of the price. Rent lasts no more than 5 days. Try to make sure that the dress will be returned on time, safe and sound. При наличии повреждений, платье могут не принять и не вернуть сумму залога. Для того чтобы уменьшить вероятность повреждений, будьте аккуратны в носке, во время танцев и т.д. Подобрав желаемый вариант, сфотографируйтесь в нем в разных ракурсах.Think for a while, consult with someone to make sure that you have chosen exactly what you wanted.

Do not give a veil for rent. It is sewn or bought personally for you. Choose a veil in advance and according to the concept of dress and hairstyle. A short veil is more convenient, but there are models of dresses that only need a long veil. Instead of veils, you can consider the option of hats, tiaras or a wreath of fresh flowers.

23. Jewelry

They need to be selected in the general concept of the image. If you have a wedding ring in white gold or platinum, then the remaining jewelry is better to choose in a steel-colored frame. If the ring is made of yellow gold or pink, then the jewelry should match. It is better to choose long earrings for dresses with an open top. Small or large clips are attached to the collar. For the convenience of wearing veils, you can purchase a festive comb and sew a veil to it. It is better not to wear rings at all - so you emphasize the beauty and exclusivity of the engagement ring.

25. Wedding shoes

Shoes, of course, need to be selected after buying a dress. Remember that you have to spend at least 12 hours in these shoes and not just spend, but run, walk on lawns, paved pavements, dance, etc. Therefore, either sacrifice beauty in favor of convenience, or immediately prepare replacement shoes for long transitions or in case of fatigue. Replaceable shoes should also be festive. Just some shoes can be in heels, and the second pair can be in the format of “ballet shoes”. Fortunately, now there is a large selection of ballet shoes of any color and with any decor. Replaceable shoes, as well as a cloak in case of cold, can be assigned to wear one of the bridesmaids or the wedding steward.

Memo! Remember also that in shoes the bride should not be significantly higher than the groom. Even if you both do not attach any importance to this, then in the photographs this factor will not play in your favor.

How to play a wedding inexpensively but beautifully

Each of us at least once in his life had to attend an event from which he wanted to escape, having barely stepped over the threshold of the restaurant, although a lot of money was invested in the celebration itself. The same principle often works at weddings. In some ceremonies, the newlyweds and their relatives invest huge amounts, but the result is unjustified. And at the same time, quite modest financially banquets are fun, lively and bright, leaving an indelible mark in the memory of all guests.

So, let's determine what a good atmosphere at a wedding depends on. Obviously, not only on her budget, but on how much effort was put into organizing the event. The sincere desire of relatives to help the newlyweds and their participation in preparatory procedures, the mood of the young couple and the attitude of friends to this celebration form the atmosphere of the holiday, being the key to its success.

Much depends on the proper organization of the wedding, as a professional approach is immediately visible. But given that the services of event agencies cost a lot, their functions in case of savings will have to be taken over.

And, finally, success determines the correct plan for the upcoming celebration, so you should analyze all costs in advance to find a way to reduce them.

So, for example, spending can be significantly reduced with the help of correctly selected wedding themes. For example, today folk and rustic styles, as well as rustic and picnic weddings are extremely fashionable. You can take as a basis these concepts that do not require significant financial injections. Of course, you have to turn on your imagination and solve a lot of issues, but the efforts will be well spent.

Instead of a classic banquet in the restaurant, you can organize a table in the format of a buffet table in the fresh air. Such a wedding will save on dresses, bridal bouquets and other floral elements. For example, for a folk or village wedding, self-made modest compositions of wildflowers are suitable.

A wedding in nature is a great idea for an active young couple. At the same time, the painting can be arranged at the registry office, and then satisfy the requests of invited friends by going to rest in the fresh air, where you can have some fun and end the holiday with a magnificent salute. Save money on the services of a catering company will help mothers, grandmothers and aunts, who can be asked to organize a wedding table.

Be sure to assign one of your friends in charge of the video and photo shoot. In our digital age, when everyone has a good camera in their pocket, it will be easy to take really bright and creative pictures, and the savings from hiring professionals will come out rather big.

Of course, expenses cannot be avoided, and they will be quite significant in any case. But renting a minibus is much cheaper than booking an expensive restaurant, and painting in the registry office will require less cost than a magnificent wedding in a historic mansion.

Choosing a venue for the celebration

They begin to plan an inexpensive wedding ceremony by choosing a venue. If you decide that it will be a small restaurant or cafe, then be sure to consider the following:

  • Location. The most popular, which means expensive establishments are located in the historical center of the city, and the cost of a banquet, and even more so a wedding celebration here will be very high. If you choose a cafe far from the center, a similar menu will cost half or even three times cheaper.
  • Name of institution. Famous advertised restaurants include “their name” in the cost of dishes and services, so it’s better to find a restaurant that has just opened. The prices in it will be lower, in addition, the administration can offer visitors a good discount in order to get profitable customers and work for the future.
  • Reservation. If you order a banquet in advance, you can avoid a price spike associated with inflation, the growth of the dollar, New Year's holidays or graduation, as the cost of the wedding menu will be indicated in the contract.
  • Terms of organizing the holiday. In almost all modern institutions, you can order live music, a host, a leading banquet and animator. If the cost of these services will be relatively small, it is better to stop at this option of holding an entertaining and musical component of the wedding, since attracting artists from the side will definitely cost you more.
  • Celebration period. The low season is traditionally considered the end of autumn, winter (from mid-January to late February) and the beginning of spring. At this time, restaurateurs offer good discounts, so it makes sense to think about holding a wedding in just such a period.

You can celebrate your ceremony at the cottage or in a country cottage. If you do not have such a property, do not give up this idea immediately, but ask about the presence of a house in the village of your friends or parents. Perhaps they will agree to provide their summer residence for your holiday. This option of celebrating a wedding will save money at the restaurant, and additional bonuses will be fresh air and the opportunity to walk the night away.

And, finally, another fairly budgetary way to organize a wedding table is to rent a banquet hall located in the registry office. This option is suitable for newlyweds who plan to immediately celebrate the honeymoon after painting, but do not want to offend the guests present, who have found time to come to congratulate them. To do this, it will be enough to set up a small buffet table in the banquet room with sandwiches, cakes, fruits and champagne, where guests can talk and drink a couple of glasses for the health of the newlyweds.

Invite a small number of guests

If you are really interested in the question of how to make a cheap wedding, pay attention to the guest list, because each invited person is an additional cost, no matter how ugly it sounds. But some of the list of invitees is not made up of friends, but relatives, whom you see once every five years, godfathers, colleagues. Therefore, reduce the guest list to a minimum, without fear of offending someone. In the end, you are planning a modest and inexpensive wedding, and not a magnificent celebration of three days.

Reduce costs on newlywed outfits

Significant savings will help not by buying, but by renting a wedding dress or purchasing it in a domestic or foreign online store. If you agree to make such sacrifices, then you will have to be especially attentive to the choice of outfit, because you can no longer sew or alter anything in a rented product.

If the purchase will be carried out online, first find in the cabin a model that will ideally sit on you, and only then place an order. Otherwise, you risk acquiring the dress of your dreams, which, unfortunately, will only emphasize the flaws of the figure.

A suit for the groom should be bought carefully, choosing a model that can be worn in the future not only for the holidays, but also for work in the office. The same goes for shoes - choose not so much a wedding as a comfortable and practical model, which can then be worn for a walk.

Decorate the car and the ballroom yourself

You can arrange the cheapest wedding procession by contacting relatives and friends and asking them to participate in your wedding as drivers. Surely, you will not be denied such a request, so take care of the car decor in advance, buy fresh flowers, ribbons and balloons that will help give the cars a festive and solemn look.

Do not forget to prepare the decorations for the banquet hall. It can be cuts of beautiful fabric, folded into spectacular folds, lush bows, photo collages, floral arrangements and diode garlands. So that the wedding does not seem provincial or old-fashioned, abandon the traditional ways of decorating the hall, and carefully follow the main wedding trends in the decor proposed by the best designers.

How to cut costs on wedding services

Let’s once again note what can be saved. Firstly, at the services of an operator and a photographer - high-quality modern technology allows you to make quite professional photos and video clips. And with the help of special programs you can correct the pictures, as well as edit and voice individual videos to create an entire movie from them.

Secondly, wedding makeup, manicure and hair can be done not in the salon, but on your own, especially if you have girlfriends who are versed in this area.

Thirdly, it is not necessary to order a wedding bouquet and a groom’s boutonniere at a leading floristic salon; it will be possible to form it yourself from seasonal flowers, especially since disheveled bouquets are one of the fashion trends today.

And finally, you can independently organize musical accompaniment, ask a cheerful acquaintance to take on the functions of a toastmaster, and appoint the most beautiful girlfriend as a leader.

Savings on a Wedding Photographer

Of course, you should forget about famous photographers, because one hour of their work is measured in hundreds of dollars. It is better to turn to a young master or to the services of a professional working at the registry office. In addition, you can not hire a photographer for the whole day, but offer hourly pay and use during the photo session and on the list. And photos at a walk and a banquet can be taken by relatives and guests.

Makeup and hairstyle bride

As a savings, you can turn to masters working at home or in inexpensive beauty salons located in sleeping areas. The cost of their services is quite affordable.

You can either call the hairdresser to your home or try to do your own hair style, because this season the trend is simple styling based on loose curls. A manicure in a French style, a classic option for any wedding, will be mastered by each bride or her girlfriend.

Bridal bouquet and wedding floristry

Mandatory attribute of the wedding is the bride’s bouquet. If we are talking about a modest cheap ceremony, instead of arranging from exotic flowers, you should order an ordinary bouquet of small roses, and you can mark the wedding celebration in a rustic style with a bouquet of field plants made with your own hand.


Toastmaster services today cannot be called cheap, therefore, as a rule, they refuse from leading ones at budget weddings. And in vain, since there is always the opportunity to turn to novice animators working at cafes and restaurants, or to students of theater universities who will not refuse to earn some money and hone their professional skills. Of course, you can organize contests yourself, on the Internet there are many stories on this topic, from which you can draw a lot of useful information.

Things that are not recommended for saving

Remember that there is a line beyond which reasonable economy turns into banal greed. For example, all invited guests will understand the young family, who decided to modestly but tastefully celebrate their first joint holiday. But the same guests will not forgive you the obvious savings, manifested in the form of expired food or in the absence of cars that will take them to the cafe. Therefore, if there is no money, it is better to sign at the registry office in the company of relatives and witnesses, drink a couple of glasses of champagne and go on a honeymoon.

If you firmly intend to organize a holiday, then do not forget that there are things that you can’t save on. These include:

  • Wedding menu. It is extremely important to feed the guests well, so do not save on the menu. The quality of products and dishes should be at their best, as well as the quality of alcohol, because the health of all participants in the banquet depends on this.
  • Wedding dresses. Buy for the holiday only beautiful things that will look beneficial in photos and combine with each other. In addition, do not forget about the convenience of shoes, because in it you will have to walk around the city, dance and sit at the table, so prefer shoes with a comfortable shoe or take spare shoes with you.
  • Quality of decoration. If you decide to decorate cars and the hall yourself, be sure to take care of the quality of accessories. In no case do not use artificial flowers resembling funeral bouquets, as well as multi-colored balloons and small dolls seated on the hood of a wedding car.
  • Photographers Service. Do not forget that the photos will become part of your family album, so it is better for the specialist to take the pictures. To save money, do not hire him for the whole day, but only for a photo shoot and for the period of registration in the registry office.

Video: how to have a wedding cheap and beautiful

As practice shows, young people counting on financial assistance from their parents are in no hurry to save money on their weddings, which is understandable, because they do not have to spend their last savings and then infringe on their purchases, leisure and food. And the newlyweds who plan to invest their money in the wedding are trying to save.

If you plan to fit into the framework of the most modest budget, this does not mean at all that you should save on the quality of the event. Agree that all the attributes of a wedding, a car and a restaurant, dresses and rings, flowers and decor are very conditional concepts, the main thing is that all guests should remember the pleasant atmosphere of the celebration. Therefore, do not be shy about a cheap ceremony - there is nothing wrong with it. And by reviewing the video below, you will understand how you can competently save on a wedding so that the event turns out to be beautiful and relatively inexpensive.