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How to give a man emotions?


The bed is an integral part of the life of each couple.

However, sometimes physical intimacy does not bring joy, becoming a boring and mundane routine.

Experts believe that the key to a happy intimate life is, first of all, variety, well, and several other things that not everyone knows about.

How to bewitch a man so that he loves and wants you?

Surely many women are wondering how to make a man simply lose his head from passion every time he crosses the threshold of a bedroom.

There are a few simple and crazy things that turn on any man, and from which he will go crazy.

How to drive a man crazy in bed

Enthusiasm is what every man wants to feel while being with a woman.

Believe me, when a partner perceives physical intimacy as a favor, few people get it.

Making love should be fun for both partners, respectively, and enthusiasm should also come from both.

2. Related sounds

Absolute and complete silence during lovemaking does not always mean something good. As a rule, this means that you are not enjoying the company of a partner, or even worse, you simply fell asleep.

So, to be sonorous during intimacy with a loved one is a completely normal and natural thing. Your voice is the best barometer by which the partner is guided by whether he is doing everything right.

The prelude is incredibly important. Without a prelude, proximity becomes like a roller coaster without a slow climb to the top of the track.

As elsewhere, expectation itself is the key to any intimacy. Do not think that prelude is a purely feminine desire. Believe me, men also like this stage of physical intimacy.

Men love eyes.

Therefore, most of them, of course, are pleased to see their partner during intimacy, to look into her eyes.

Therefore, do not turn off the light, make your man pleasant: let him enjoy your body and face.

5. Returns from the partner

No one wants to do the work alone.

Therefore, it is logical that your partner expects the same full return from you as on his part. Do not assume that only a man should give himself in bed.

Love requires the presence of both partners.

What makes men lose their heads

Do you think men don't like compliments? Then you are mistaken.

Any man will be pleased to hear about how macho he is and what a wonderful lover he is. Praise him, appreciate his skills and abilities in love affairs.

Few conversations in bed will never hurt.

Communication is crucial in understanding each other's partners, which means it provides better sex.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to shout learned phrases from the plays or stop in the middle of the process to release a few comments.

Just remember that your prelude may be diluted with some words and phrases.

Communication may include conversations, but it can also be wordless. After all, you can understand each other without unnecessary words. Sometimes our eyes, lips and hands speak more eloquently than any words.

Diversity is especially important when it comes to love joys.

Without it, intimate life becomes a boring, listlessly routine. In order for your man to lose his head every time, make sure that at least some kind of variety is present in your love games.

Most women believe that the first step should always come from the man.

The initiative is the prerogative of a purely stronger sex. That’s how we were taught from childhood, and that’s exactly what many articles teach us about building the right relationship.

But sometimes there are times when a man wants the initiative to come from a partner. It actually turns and excites his fantasies.

The fire of desire in the eyes of a woman, hard flirtation - all this drives a man crazy. And even if you are not a leader by nature, but just a fragile sweet woman, try to at least occasionally back down from your own rules and take initiative in the bedroom.

After all, if you do not do this, it may seem to your partner that you are a cold and impregnable snow queen.

10. Beautiful underwear

In continuation of the topic that a man loves with his eyes, we should mention the sexy lingerie, which most men pay attention to.

Therefore, try to at least occasionally wear underwear that he will certainly like.

Even if it suddenly seemed to you that your man paid absolutely no attention to what was under your dress, you should know that he probably liked this sexy underwear, and he appreciated your efforts to be beautiful for him.

Now many can argue, they say, it's nice to make love in a beautiful place, with cooked candles and silk sheets.

But what if you succumb to passion and desire that has arisen spontaneously and unexpectedly, moving away from the usual schedule, rules and place?

Agree, it sounds tempting.

Do not be afraid to make changes to the usual routine of things and everyday routine. After all, routine and everyday life kill all the romance. Believe me, some man will like some spontaneity and make him lose his head, as in the first days after meeting.

12. Fantasy and trust

Fantasy is an integral part of intimate life.

Offer your partner something new, share your fantasies, ask what your man wants, what he fantasizes about. It is possible that you have common fantasies that you both want to realize.

Think together a scenario that would be nice to play in bed. So you will not only open on the other, more interesting side for your partner, but also let him know that you are open to new experiments, and you trust him completely and in everything.

After all, our thoughts and fantasies are the most sacred that we have.

If you think that there is no place for a sense of humor in the bedroom, you are very mistaken.

Humor should be present always and everywhere, and the bed is no exception in this matter.

If something suddenly went wrong, such a moment can always be wrapped in a joke. However, be careful. Jokes should also be appropriate and correct. Remember that jokes and ridicule are two different things.

14. Hear your name

Psychologists say nothing turns on like your name spoken by a loved one.

It is pleasant to hear your name from the mouth of a partner always, including in bed. Use this information, do not be afraid to pronounce the name of your man in the process of making love.

Many women are offended when a man, having received everything he wanted, immediately turns away to the wall and peacefully begins to snore.

However, if it is better to know the male physiology, it is possible that the female claims against her partners will immediately decrease.

Making love depletes the male body. He needs a complete restoration of strength. And sleep in this case is the best solution. Therefore, let your man rest and gain strength before a new battle.

How to express emotions to a man

Those men who hide their emotions most of all, in fact, turn out to be the most sensitive. Nevertheless, men may well master the science of expressing emotions. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Do not be afraid to be frank. Many representatives of the most masculine professions - rescuers, stuntmen, miners - frankly say that they experience fear and confusion in difficult situations.
  • Develop your creativity. Hobbies such as painting or playing a musical instrument soften the male soul. Do not forget that most of the greatest works of painting, music and literature were created by representatives of the so-called deprived of emotions of the floor.
  • Strain through exercise.
  • Try to express your feelings “little by little”. Start with the emotions you can control and find a listener. To say that you are “a little” upset or “a little” worried is not as scary as openly admitting all your fears.
  • Trust the paper. At the moment of anger or extreme irritation, it is easier to control your feelings by throwing them from the depths of your soul onto paper. Just write how you feel at the moment. This technique in its effectiveness is almost equal to a call to the “helpline”. And if you have the courage to keep the sheet and read it the next day, then you can once again rethink everything in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Do not dismiss unpleasant emotions. If you don’t know how to cope with this or that feeling, it’s better not to hide from it, but to boldly move towards it. To learn how to cope with your emotions, you need time and effort, because you need to reorient yourself internally. But then it gets easier. A man is the same hermit crab. If, having succumbed to a feeling, it is burned, then it immediately hides back into its carapace and sits without any relief, so it is impossible to force him to tell what is happening in the soul. Over time, of course, you can lure out of the shell, but for this you need to feel completely safe.
  • Talk while sitting side by side, and not opposite each other. When you look a man directly in the eye, he subconsciously takes a defensive position. Let the conversation go on its own, but in no case rush things, otherwise it will have the opposite effect.
  • Do not make a man discuss with you a bad day. If he has been dealing with problems all day, his only desire may be a complete rest from worries.
  • Sometimes words are superfluous. Women need communication as a prelude to love relationships, for men sex is a form of communication. For men, sex is a way to express your love. Do not force a man to put feelings into words; rather, try to speak his own language with him.
  • Explain what kind of emotional support you need. Husbands have the same emotional sensitivity and empathy as wives, but they do not always feel the moment when their support is needed. It's not about men's carelessness, just a man needs to be told when and how he can help.
  • Tell him how much he means to you. On some quiet evening, tell him how immensely happy you are in your life, and chide yourself for rarely telling him about it. For most men, this will sound like a revelation.

3 methods: How to make a man happy emotionallyHow to make a man happy sexually bring happiness to a man

It is not always so easy to make your man happy in a relationship emotionally and sexually. To make your man happy emotionally, you need to be careful about his needs and know when to give him freedom of action. To make your man happy sexually, you need to constantly try something new, be brave and have a tendency to adventure. But the most important point in the feeling of happiness is the pleasure of satisfying the beloved man. If you want to make your man happy emotionally and sexually, follow our tips.

Method 1 How to make a man happy emotionally

  1. Recognize the mood of a man.

Like women, men are prone to mood swings. If you want your man to be emotionally happy, you need to recognize his mood and know what to do in each case. The more time you spend together, the better you will know his mood and understand how to react. Here is what you need to remember in order to recognize the mood of a man:

  • You should know when a man is absorbed in his thoughts and wants to be alone, when he is upset and wants to be reassured. At such moments, a man longs to open up to you. If you incorrectly determine the desires of a man, you will suppress him or become a stranger.
  • If a man is annoyed after driving in a traffic jam or a failed basketball game, treat his mood with understanding. Now is not the best time to snuggle up to him or start gossiping about your friends.
  • If you want to seriously talk with your loved one, choose the moment when he will be in a good mood. If you try to raise a serious topic when a man is stressed or busy, you won’t get the desired results.
  • Encourage your beloved man.

    To make a man emotionally happy, you need to understand how to encourage him and do the right thing. You can encourage a man by telling him how amazing, talented and cheerful he is, and help him fulfill his dreams and achieve goals. No need to say encouraging words if you didn’t have this in mind. Be sincere when you help a man move forward in life.

    • If your man is planning an important basketball game, bake him cookies or call him the day before the game to show his concern.
    • If your man has an important test, job interview, or important event, praise him and tell him how special he is. So, he will feel much better.
  • Show love for your boyfriend, but do not overdo it.

    To make a man happy emotionally, you should tell him about your feelings about him. Tell him about your love or about your feelings in general. When you say goodbye to a loved one, say that you love him and how wonderful he is. Find at least one reason to compliment a man every day at a meeting. You can tell him what a special person he is, without overwhelming him or spilling out your emotions.

    • It is not necessary to send a man twenty SMS-ok per day to tell him how cool he is and how you expect to see him. By your actions you will make him worry.
    • Make sure you have mutual affection. If you always tell him how cool he is, but don’t get an answer, you may have relationship problems.
  • Do not cling to a man.

    If you want to make a man happy emotionally, you need to know when it is worth being near him, when he needs you, and how to step into the background and give him freedom of action if a man needs it. When you cling to a man, you spend all day with him, leaving no time for his friends, and every fifteen seconds you play on his phone if he is not nearby. Who will like it? To nobody.

    • It doesn’t matter how serious your relationship is, but it’s not necessary to spend the evening together. Spend time with friends and give the opportunity for a beloved man to meet with his friends.
    • If you did not make an appointment for a particular day, you can call your boyfriend once or twice, but you don’t need to play every hour, especially if you know that he spends time with his friends. In this case, you will only play on his nerves.
    • If you want to learn how to be an independent person, you need to take care of your interests, have your passions and be yourself without the help of a man. Enjoy your time with a man, but your life should not revolve around him.
  • Learn to compromise.

    To make your man emotionally happy, you need to learn to compromise during a fight. You must be aware that you are able to get everything you want, or find a middle ground, so that both of you are satisfied with the result. The ability to compromise means that you can adjust your interests. The same goes for male decision making.

    • In your desires, you can give way in turn. For example, you choose a restaurant for an evening date, and he chooses a movie for viewing together.
    • Do not be one of the girls who always go ahead. In this case, the man thinks that it is easier to provide you with what you want than to quarrel.
    • If the relationship is strong, both partners should gladly compromise.
    • Learn to lead a conversation in an even tone. Do not scream, even if there is a disagreement between you.
  • Do not go to scandals.

    Men most of all do not like scandals, altercations and causeless quarrels with a girl. If you have an important topic of conversation, choose the right time and place where you can both focus on communication. Do not shout at the man in the presence of strangers and do not expect him to react. Learn to speak calmly even in conflict situations. Do not raise your voice.

    • If you are on the verge of a scandal, ask yourself why this quarrel is being started, and what really freaked you out. Try to find a way to discuss the subject of the dispute in a calm, mature manner.
  • Do not ask your beloved if he is angry with you, or if he is just in a bad mood.

    This is what most women do. If you see that your partner is annoyed, but not sure about the reason for this behavior (or even if you know this reason and the ways to eliminate it), you often ask the following question: “Are you angry with me? Did I say something wrong? ”If a guy has no reason to be angry with you, but he is in a bad mood, you will only worsen the situation.

    • You need to know that there are situations that you cannot control. Если у вашего партнера был неудачный день, у него просто плохое настроение. Это не значит, что в душе он настроен против вас.
  • Не забывайте развлекаться.

    Некоторые женщины настолько поглощены отношениями, что они забывают развлекаться, отстаивать свою точку зрения и интересно проводить время вдвоем. Relationships are based on a strong, mature attachment, but they also involve fun, tomfoolery, and fake joy. If you and your partner do not experience joyful moments, your man does not feel emotionally happy.

    • You do not need to spend all your energy on planning an ideal date or a romantic pastime. You will enjoy watching an absurd movie, shopping, or unexpectedly going to the beach.
  • Method 2 How to Make a Man Sexually Happy

    1. Learn the magic of touch.

    If you want to make a man happy sexually, you need to learn how to touch him and seduce. Each man is special, but there are places that almost all men like to touch. Here are some things to try:

    • Touch the point behind the ear or whisper in the man’s ear. Try to keep your lips touching his auricle.
    • Kiss the man on the neck, nibbling him lightly.
    • Give the man a sensual shoulder massage and see where it leads.
    • Carefully caress his nape while kissing.
    • During the conversation, put a hand on his buttocks.
    • Put your hand on the man’s chest.
  • Try new sexual poses.

    If you want to give a man pleasure, you do not need to return to the old one all the time. You should be eager to experiment and try new poses, but so that you are comfortable. If you constantly kiss in the same missionary position, try to make the man below. The same goes for sexual intercourse.

    • Not all new poses will please you, but you must remain open during the process itself. You can return to the old poses and from time to time try something new.
    • Let the man control the process. Most likely, he understands what he wants. If not, offer something of your own.
  • Have sex in new places.

    If you want to give a man pleasure, you do not have to bask in your bed all the time. You can make a tour of the house / apartment and with your bodies feel every bulge and depression. Do not be afraid to have sex outside the home. You can go to the hotel or take a romantic vacation.

    • Do not underestimate the good old tradition of the movie genre. Kissing in the car remains a favorite pastime.
    • Be playful in the presence of other people. Find a deserted romantic place and have fun with a partner.
  • Do not be afraid to take risks.

    To satisfy a man, you need to take risks. Do not be afraid

    What does a man like in bed

    There are no secrets here, because women themselves know them all, but for some reason they do not always strive to put all their trump cards.

    • For example, most men are not averse to a lady being active and initiating sex. But some women are brought up on the rule: a girl should not come up with a proposal first, otherwise a man will not respect her. So, in bed, this principle is better to reverse. The initiative in this case is “punished” by strong excitement from the partner.
    • You should not rely on underwear alone, because men, perhaps looking at the girls from a glossy erotic magazine, can get excited looking at a stripper, too, but they expect more passion and passion from their girlfriend, besides a “beautiful wrapper”.
    • Anal sex is liked by many representatives of the stronger half, but most are complex to offer this type of sex: they are afraid to hear a refusal, or even worse, an insult on her part. But in fact, they would not mind diversifying sex in this way. Of course, there are individuals who are squeamish in this regard, but mostly men like this type of contact, because the muscles of the anus are more elastic than vaginal.
    • Oral sex - do men like it? The question is no longer inappropriate - naturally they like oral sex. Only here, women have questions regarding him, such as: whether to swallow sperm, how intensively to make movements. In fact, this is secondary, in any case, your partner will let you know what pace he likes best.
    • Ostensibly a prostitute in bed to be indecent - again an erroneous opinion. Men like emancipation, like your confidence in their sexuality. Act decisively, show your best sides in a literal and figurative sense. Do not think about the shortcomings, in bed your rules are dictated by your sensuality and sexuality, and not the size of your waist and hips.
    • Men do not mind supporting talk about sex. It will not be very good of you to pretend that you are not interested in sex at all, but that He might not show his lasciviousness. In fact, men feel embarrassed when a girl hints that sex is a "dirty" activity, and you can completely do without it. In any case, there is no need to build a sanctuary out of yourself: as if you are above carnal pleasures. It is much better if together you are not averse to work out great sex. At least from such a discharge there are only pluses, and for both.
    • And finally, contrary to old stereotypes, men are by no means “stale crackers” who, having enjoyed themselves, stupidly turn to the wall and sleep. It is very important for a true gentleman that the partner also receives satisfaction from the sexual game, and he is quite ready to coo and soak after a cool discharge.

    What kind of sex do men dream of?

    In the definition of ideal sex, the difference between male and female psychologies is clearly manifested. A woman, so to speak, needs not only a delicious sweetie, but also in a beautiful box, which is also packed with taste. The fact that she should be presented in a romantic atmosphere should not be repeated once again.

    But the man pays little attention to the packaging. He is more practical in this regard: all the same, the main thing is inside, so why spend money on things that you throw away later?

    A man does not need a preliminary stage. When he wants a woman, he wants her now and right away. If you like, he wants to take her rudely and have fun.

    A man agrees to “make romance” for her, and not for himself. And if she needs special dinners, that means he needs them.

    A smart man at least three times a year (on his beloved's birthday, Valentine's Day and March 8th) will arrange a romantic evening for his woman. Not because she wants it herself - she wants it, and he knows that he will receive a bonus for his efforts.

    Only here you do not need to arrange a candlelight dinner on February 23rd. Quite a simple tasty dinner and dessert a la "you can do whatever you want with me today."

    And believe me, this will be appreciated much higher than the languid expectation of a logical denouement of the festive scenario.

    So do not blame the faithful that he does not appreciate the efforts you have spent on creating romance.

    Unless in relation to sexual underwear you will not be mistaken. This just applies to those things that a man does not buy for a woman, but for himself.

    All men dream of having his wife meet him after working in a sexy peignoir. This, by the way, is one of the scenarios (types, anyone, whatever) of ideal sex for a man. We’ll talk about this.

    The main thing, in fact, is not clothes, but an emotional mood. For a tired man there is nothing more desirable than oral sex from a beloved woman.

    Everything is done without words. He sees his insanely sexy wife, she takes him by the tie, pulls him to him, begins to kiss, falls lower - and the man will be extremely grateful to her for the pleasure received.

    At least you can count on an unscheduled gift.

    And most importantly, believe me, this will be remembered by a man for a long time, and the effect will be much better than from a tiring romantic dinner and the same oral sex according to the “standard scheme”.

    Ways to please a man and surprise

    How to please a man? Yes, you can go the easiest way, having pleased him in bed. It is also noted that the stronger sex is pleased with delicious food, cleanliness and order in their home, surprises and gifts, especially the ones they dreamed about. But in addition to these, known to everyone, there are unusual ways to give a man pleasure, and mostly an intimate plan.

    You can arrange watching an erotic movie for two, and unexpectedly, during a peak of passions on the screen, start to caress a man. Moreover, to start something innocent, such as stroking and scratching the back, and then abruptly switch from such caresses to purely intimate, completely concealing their sexual intentions, and then even incline a partner to caresses right during the movie.

    When a man washes in the bath, you can slip to him, with a new washcloth and both of your beloved, and especially him, a detergent for the body, and without further ado start bathing your partner. Of course, this must be done in such a way that he understands that it is far from a simple clean-up. Further events can develop directly in the bathroom, the main thing is that there should be enough time in stock.

    After choosing a day off for this action, wake up your man by serving him breakfast in bed. At the same time, the best suit would be a small lace apron, of any color that most impresses you and your partner, high-heeled shoes and ... nothing more.

    Offer the man to shoot together an erotic film, the main characters of which will be you and him. Write the plot for the film yourself, and invite the partner to obey the “director” without question, or make him a scriptwriter and director of the action, obediently obeying him.

    It would seem that on a normal evening, before you go to bed, ask the man to undress you. At the same time, you should unexpectedly have many layers of clothes, and underwear - only new, one that he had never seen before, and let it be his "favorite color, favorite size." It is also good this evening to use perfumes, to the smells of which your partner is not indifferent.

    Before going to bed, when both of you are already in bed, massage your partner using any essential oil that serves as an aphrodisiac: ylang-ylang oil, rosewood oil, bergamot, lemon, cedar, geranium ... Then ask him to do the same and you.