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Makeup for Asian eyes


Lead Makeup Artist M.A.C. Russia and the CIS Anton Zimin told how to apply makeup on Asian eyes.

1.Persistent makeup. To do makeup on an Asian face, you need to choose persistent makeup. Due to the features of the Asian-type incision, the upper mobile eyelid, when opened, almost completely disappears from view. Less stable cosmetics, even eyeliner or pencil, can quickly be erased.

2. Shades of metallic shades. In the new spring-summer season, it is preferable to choose metallic shades for shadows: soft golden, the color of silver and bronze. Such a make-up will allow you to visually enlarge your eyes.

3.Doll look. The expressiveness of the look will emphasize the mascara. Leading makeup artists recommend applying it in several layers. Such a “puppet” look is regarded as a complete make-up and does not require additional application of heavy shadows. Makeup should be natural and light.

4."One emphasis." From the observations of the makeup artist: the pearlescent shadows on the eastern faces look moist, creamy. Thus, they give shine to the skin. On the lips, lipstick of both a natural shade and a saturated color looks advantageous. It is important to remember the unspoken rule of "one accent": in makeup, you can most clearly highlight either the eyes or lips.

5. Fancy arrows. As before, the arrows do not lose their relevance. One of the latest beauty trends has become arrows drawn in the middle of the century. Also in fashion is the lower eyeliner.

Common Makeup Errors for Asian Eyes:

1. If you apply a pencil or eyeliner line along the eyelashes, it must be shaded, otherwise your eyes will look smaller than they really are.

2. For natural make-up, the classic version of the arrows using saturated color eyeliner is undesirable, the use of shadows is recommended.

3. Summing up the upper and lower eyelids, you do not need to connect the lines at the outer edge of the eyes, they will seem so more.

4. It is not recommended to use a copious amount of lengthening mascara, since the appearing border from too long eyelashes will hide the incision, making the eyes even smaller.

Makeup Features

The main difference in the face of Asian women is an eye incision. Their shape is narrow, somewhat slanted, the mobile eyelid almost always hangs and has no folds. Eyelashes are rarely long and fluffy, because Asian girls have a harder time adjusting the weight of their eyes. But in most cases, the cheekbones of such a face are very expressive, and the lips are small but plump. To the shortcomings of the general background is added a yellowish tint of the face and porous skin.

Despite these features, the basis of makeup for Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Uzbek, Kazakh girls, etc.) is an emphasis on impeccable skin and a light, alluring look. To highlight the eyes, you need to bring the skin in perfect condition. This is a necessary condition, without which beautiful makeup will not work.

The task of make-up of Asian eyes is considered to be shape correction: you need to visually increase them in size, open your eyes, make it expressive.

All the intricacies of the "open eye" makeup involve the use of special cosmetics. They are based on the culture and traditions of countries. This is not only eye makeup: for the correct creation of the image you need harmony of all facial features. Correcting the cut of the eyes, it is important not to lose their individuality.

A distinctive feature of Asian makeup is naturalness. What is permissible in our country is far from always welcomed. Each make-up is subject to a specific case and should look natural, as if all facial features are perfect from nature. The main thing is to demonstrate female beauty, not cosmetics.

In special cases (festive event, national holiday, wedding, etc.), some freedom is allowed, but taking into account the traditions of the country. Asian make-up is thought out to the smallest detail: any touch in it has its own meaning. Even worship of fashion trends (anime style, idols) can affect eye makeup, which is eloquently indicated by the use of special glue that lifts the eyelids.

Skin preparation

Asian Woman's Style - Natural Charm and Health. First you need to tidy the skin: this will accentuate the beauty of the eyes. Before applying cosmetics, it is necessary to cleanse the skin and rinse it with cold water to narrow the pores.

The skin tone is evened out using a foundation, and due to the peculiarities of the natural color of the skin, pink shades of the product are unacceptable. The hue should ideally match the complexion.

An important nuance is getting rid of the dark circles around the eyes: they are unacceptable, as they give the eyes dullness and soreness. To eliminate these shortcomings, you need to use a concealer or foundation one tone lighter than the natural color of the skin.

The finishing touch to create a flawless dermis will be a light layer of loose powder. Flawless skin should shine, asians say.

They use a highlighter and a slight accent in the form of a blush - this is how the skin glows with health.

Color schemes

Asian-style eye makeup with natural shades. The palette can be varied: the color base is pleasant and natural, but allows the addition of soft contrasts to the main tone. The main thing is to look natural and harmonious. Such makeup will be appropriate in any image and suitable for different styles.

Unlike European women, who often show their eyes with aggressive colors, an Asian woman places emphasis on natural beauty. An excellent result is achieved by a combination of smooth contrasts and shading of several natural tones close to skin color (ombre technique). There can be no chance in choosing the color of the shadows: you need to give your eyes a visual depth.

The shadow palette for special occasions allows for darker and more saturated shades. It is often present dark gray and black tones. Special cosmetics for national events. It can include bright and unusual colors up to bright pink, blue, purple, silver.

Red shadows are taboo: they make the eyes sore, swollen and teary, ideal - those whose color is close to the natural blush, but a little darker.

Kinds of make-up

Asian makeup is multifaceted and national. Regardless of the chosen image, it turns out to be rich and harmonious. Brown-eyed beauties know a lot about applying cosmetics, so their eyes are always beautiful, and the image is distinguished by a delicate taste and a certain aristocracy.

Asian make-up can be:

  • everyday (daily), made in the style of minimalism,
  • in the eveningmarked by brighter contrasts
  • nationalshowing the culture of a country,
  • stage (pop), representing the artist in the best light.

Depending on the specific case, the methods of applying cosmetics may vary.. Makeup options vary depending on the country of residence of the girl. Great interest in the features of applying cosmetics in order to change the cut of the eyes makes Asian makeup popular. Trying on this style, European girls are looking for a new way to express themselves, tired of massive makeup.

It is worth noting that the Asian make-up does not imply face sculpting. It is important to remain yourself, so a visual change in facial features is not welcome. In addition, this approach does not fit into the easy and mysterious image of an Asian.

Features of Asian eyes

Makeup artist should abandon the usual methods of applying cosmetics when he works with a Korean or Japanese. On the Asian section of the eyes, European makeup will fall badly. It is necessary to take into account the shape and location of the eyelid.

The superciliary arch in eastern women is not very pronounced, so the eyelid looks straightened or absent. With this structure of the face of modern Mulan implies prominent cheekbones, which makes the eyes deep set.

In shape, they also differ markedly:

  • round
  • elongated and narrowed to the outer corner,
  • hemisphere (the line of the lower eyelid is straight, the upper is the arc).

The secret to the beauty of a geisha is the purity of her skin. Girls carefully choose not only care products, but also decorative cosmetics. Only products with a composition of natural ingredients can provide radiance and healthy skin. The mineral base of the powder, blush or eye shadow provides easy application and does not clog pores.

Makeup for Asian women is fresh. It seems that the girl’s face was not touched by the master’s brush at all. Residents of the Middle Kingdom rarely resort to creating a bright accent on their lips. Such a catchy accessory, like scarlet lipstick, is the exception rather than the rule.

Despite the special cut, the smokey ice makeup of various shades perfectly suits Asian eyes. A glance with a mysterious wand gives the charisma of the eastern seducers a truly fatal force. This was proved by many Hollywood actresses - even in the photo, girls with an Asian appearance can convey their riddle.

Vivid examples of the fact that exotic beauty can conquer the world film industry are the eastern divas of Francoise Yip, Liu Yifei, Shu Qi, as well as Lucy Liu. European fashionistas also want to imitate them, this explains the relevance of the question of how to make Asian eyes with makeup.

In addition, tips for creating an image for oriental beauties will suit other girls who have a similar facial structure.

Makeup lessons for Asian eyes

It does not matter whether you make your own or have turned to a specialist for help, try to maintain your natural uniqueness. Makeup for the Asian type of face is different in that it emphasizes all the highlights, and does not try to Europeanize the appearance.

There are a number of universal tips for giving a well-groomed look to your face:

  • You should always start with the design of the eyebrow line. Thinning needs to be approached especially carefully, since often the hair is dark in color and on light skin, individual hairs will be very striking.

  • It is not worth creating an unnatural bend, it is better to maintain a natural shape, it is most often straight or directed up to the temple.
  • White pencil and mascara with lengthening effect will help to “open” your eyes. Along the edge of the lower eyelid, draw a confident contour of the white color, the closer to the eyelash growth line, the better. Mascara should be applied twice, so you give the eyelashes a beautiful volume.

An important point in how to make up Asian eyes is the purpose of applying make-up. If this is a daily walk with a dog or going to the movies with girlfriends, then you can do with a minimal set of cosmetics. However, the daily make-up for Asian eyes also has its own subtleties.

Daytime Transformation: Tips

The main secret of both the everyday image and the front dress is to balance the corners of the eyes. To make the inner edge look less massive compared to the outer narrowed one, it is worth applying white or light gray pearl shades to it. The lighter the texture, the more unobtrusive the efforts of the makeup artist look. For these purposes, flickering mono shadows from Dream Minerals are suitable, in the color palette of which there are both warm and cold samples.

When applying cosmetics, in particular when working with dark eyeliner, you should be careful - the lines should be perfectly smooth. To learn how to do daily makeup for Asian eyes with overhanging eyelids, you can step by step, if you look at the photo examples.

  • First you need to decide on the color scheme. To enter the city, ladies choose rather restrained colors. The following shades are suitable for light skin: peach, golden, greenish, turquoise and lavender.

  • Another important rule of daily make-up is the application of shadows on the entire moving eyelid up to the growth of eyebrows. The colors of such a foundation should be barely distinguishable - instead of shadows, you can use the veil, it will not roll in the crease and matte the eyelid well.

  • Makeup for the Asian type of appearance is particularly harmonious. To balance the prominent cheekbones, you can apply the same shade to the cheeks and eyelids.

When applying products that have a structure, shading is of particular importance, the smoother you create transitions, the more gentle and accurate the image will be. How to color Asian eyes, if you want to visually adjust their shape?

  • The size of the eyelids will help to increase the clear drawing of the eyebrows, if the natural shade is light, then it is better to choose a pencil or eyebrow powder for a darker tone. Underline their contour with concealer.

  • Apply light shadows to the entire moving eyelid, and highlight the orbital fold with a darker shade. This will help create a depth effect.
  • Apply velvety dark shadows to the outer edge of the eye, this technique will create a real fox look.
  • Bring mascara to your eyelashes.

For a date or a party, follow the same rules so as not to distort the proportions of the face, but the brush pressure can be made stronger, then the colors will be more intense.

Publication: evening make-up for the Asian type of eyes

If a tonal base is not necessary for everyday makeup, as daylight hides imperfections, then under the light of safites or neon flickering of clubs, the secret becomes apparent. Therefore, evening makeup for narrow eyes involves the application of a matting foundation. It is better to choose sandy, golden or peach shades.

For a festive make-up, deep dark colors are suitable:

If you want to create a rich and effective make-up, then the Smokey Ice technique is a great solution. The main nuance of this eye makeup for Asians is the allocation of the center with contrasting shadows, which can be seen in the photo.

  • First of all, apply the main color on the entire eyelid, blend well.
  • Next comes the turn of the first of the darker shades - intermediate. We paint it on top of the base, without going to the inner corner.
  • Draw the orbital fold with a dark pencil. Blend the resulting arched line with a soft brush.
  • Next, bring the lower eyelid. It is better to use a brush with a beveled edge and soft eyeliner. The line must be drawn from the center of the eye to the outer edge. Then soften the contour slightly with a soft brush.
  • Apply white shadows under the eyebrow. To add a bright accent, blend in a circular motion the golden or silver pigment in the center of the eyelid, this will create a more rounded and voluminous shape of the eye.

Special occasion: bridal makeup for Asian eyes with photo

On this holiday, every girl wants to look especially. This event occurs once in a lifetime, so for such a case, you can try tricks that you do not use in everyday life.

In wedding photos, eyelash extensions on Asian eyes look just magical. The look becomes open and clear. Also, to give a flicker to the cheekbone, a little plantation is planted on the girl.

The feature of oriental brides is that they make the most simple, nude makeup to emphasize porcelain skin.

Ideal natural shades of pink, peach, golden, pearl, which will enliven the natural beauty.

You can add a bright accent to the lips. It is better to choose matte textures, they are more durable. The bride can, without fear of spoiling, drinking drinks and tasting dishes. To match the lipstick, you can pick up a bouquet or a wreath on your head, which will give even more harmony to the whole image.

Despite the fact that most girls prefer natural makeup on this holiday, bright accents such as arrows on Asian eyes are also welcome. A black glossy line will emphasize the fox look.

  • It is better to choose a liquid eyeliner with a soft brush, so the contour will be smoother. The line should be drawn in an arc from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.
  • Take the arrow as close to the growth of the eyelashes as possible, do not make it ascending, slightly tighten at the center.

In order for the make-up to remain intact at all stages of the celebration, it is necessary to fix it with a special matting spray or a light mineral veil.

We adopt the secrets of craftsmanship: how to make Asian makeup for European eyes

Girls from all over the world read the Memoirs of a Geisha and wanted to have the same gift of charm. Fashion for eastern femininity has not passed, and women from Europe are still wondering how to make an Asian eye cut.

Here are a few secrets:

  • You can slightly change the structure of the face using contouring. Make the same sensual cheekbones as Japanese women and Chinese women.
  • If you have a good command of liquid eyeliner, you can specifically make a narrowed tail between the arrows of the upper and lower eyelids. Do not draw lines from the inner edge; start from the middle of the eye.

To better master these and other techniques for giving oriental magical charm, watch a video on how to do makeup for Asian eyes without eyelids.

Lightening Primer and Foundation

In China, Japan, and some other Asian countries, women still strive to whiten their skin, just like it was accepted many centuries ago. Ladies avoid tanning, use special lightening creams and choose very light tonal products.

В настоящее время такие продукты нередко выпускают в форме аэрозоля, который можно нанести на все открытые части тела, чтобы они не контрастировали по цвету с лицом. С очень светлым тоном девушки уже выглядят по-другому, но это только начало преображения.

Лента для подтяжки лица

It turns out that it is possible to change the shape of the face in just a few seconds - just stick a special tape to the right places and hide it using tonal means (and often your own hair). Masking tape manufacturers claim that their products are made of a hypoallergenic material that also allows the skin to breathe.

It seems that it is very simple to use such a tape, but still, before you can stick it correctly and give your face a popular V-shape, you will have to practice for a while. Some people save and use ordinary transparent tape for the same purpose, but perhaps this is not the best idea.

Nose modeling wax

You can slightly change the shape of the nose with the help of contouring, but it seems that in our time it is no longer enough. Asian beauties solved this problem with make-up wax - this product is usually used to create realistic scars and other effects for filming, cosplay or Halloween.

With proper dexterity, you can create a kind of “prosthesis” for yourself from this wax and tint it with makeup so that it does not stand out too much from the skin. The main thing is that this fake nose does not fall off at the most inopportune moment.

Double Age Sticker

It is no secret that many residents of Asia have such a feature as epicanthus - a fold at the inner corner of the eye, due to which the moving eyelid is almost invisible. Some people prefer to get rid of this feature with the help of plastic surgery, others do not consider it a drawback (in fact, it is not).

But in one way or another, devices for the “separation” of the eyelid are popular — special tapes that are glued in the right place and then pressed into the skin of the eyelid, thus forming a crease. It sounds scary, but, according to those who use such tapes, this manipulation does not bring discomfort.

Extension Mascara

False eyelashes are used by women around the world, but they also have other possibilities. For example, mascara with extension fibers, which is so popular among Asian girls. With its help, you can "grow" very long eyelashes - the more layers, the longer they will be. But there is one “but” - often such eyelashes turn out to be similar to spider legs. However, stuck together eyelashes (oddly enough) recently just in trend.

Filters and Applications

But the matter is not limited to cosmetics and other beauty devices. The final stage of the transformation is the processing of photos or videos in an editor or mobile application. We tried one of these applications and were impressed with its capabilities, and at the same time found out why some girls are so similar to dolls. A heart-shaped face, small mouth, huge eyes and smooth skin - all this can be done in just a couple of minutes.

To use or not to use such tricks - everyone decides for himself, but we think that if it does no harm to anyone, then why not. Be that as it may, cosmetics is a great power, and those who know how to use it are real artists. What do you think?

How to apply?

Beautiful makeup is the dream of many girls. And if the national make-up differs, the classic one remains unchanged: no matter what country the girl lives in (China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia).

Make Asian eye makeup is not as difficult as it may seem. If you perform each step step by step, you can quickly master the technique of expressive and alluring look.

The work of creating beautiful eyes begins with applying the base under the shade. If this step is ignored, cosmetics may look messy in a couple of hours after application.

Discreet and everyday make up - a universal solution. To create it, you don’t need a whole artillery of cosmetics: a standard set of cosmetics bags is enough:

  • forever apply light shadows, creating the effect of large eyes and depth,
  • upper eyelid tinted with a dark tone of cosmetics, not forgetting the outer corner,
  • at the base of the eyelash growth line rolling eyelids draw a contour with liquid eyeliner,
  • center of the upper eyelid emphasize with white shadows, creating the effect of volume,
  • in the same color draw a couple of strokes along the lower border of the eyelashes and at the outer corner,
  • carcass time comes: it is applied in two layers to the top and quite a bit on the lower eyelashes, not forgetting to carefully comb them, eliminating the stickiness effect,
  • it remains to emphasizeeyebrow line the natural color of the shadows, to correct the tone of the face, to make up the lips with light lipstick or a transparent gloss.

Due to the natural colors of the shadows, such a makeup will not look bright, even if the eyes are accented with eyeliner.

Evening makeup can be brighter than daytime. It allows the use of a wide strip of eyeliner and several layers of mascara. One of the most popular shadowing techniques is ombre. Her principle adheres to the rule: the closer the shadows are applied to the eyelash growth line, the darker their color. With this technique it is possible to make the look expressive, and the eyes - large.

The technique itself is no more complicated than the previous one:

  • before application eyelid makeup is prepared using the base,
  • then bright shadows create the appearance of depth at the outer corner from the eyelid to the eyebrow line, applying shadows on the upper and lower eyelids,
  • thorough shading - a mandatory technique that allows you to look beautiful and natural even in dark shades,
  • shades of dark tone let down the upper and lower eyelids, smoothly stretching the tone,

  • ombre effect fixed with a brush
  • fund balances on the brush you can walk along the line of eyebrow growth (literally a couple of strokes),
  • for eye enlargement you can use eyeliner: first draw a thin line from the inner corner (at the very eyelash growth line),
  • without touching the inner corneradd the liner thickness
  • it remains to make up eyelashes and open your eyes with eyelash curlers.

Korean style

The technique of Korean idols does not leave many girls indifferent. This is a unique puppet image, which, with its unusual appearance, looks natural and beautiful. The basic rule remains unchanged: perfect skin is the basis of the success and expressiveness of the eyes.

The method of applying cosmetics allows the use of a pencil and work with the lower eyelid:

  • on the upper eyelid apply the base
  • after the basics the eyelid is tinted with light brown cosmetics, a little darker than the skin tone,
  • the closer to the border of eyelash growth, the darker they choose a shade of shadows, not forgetting to stretch it up,
  • along the border lower eyelids put a barely noticeable touch of light shadows: this will increase the eyes,

  • dark shadows are needed to emphasize the outer corner: they are applied in the direction from the outer corner to the middle, not forgetting to add a drop of funds to the lower eyelid,
  • eyeliner is not needed: along the line of eyelash growth draw a line with a brown pencil,
  • eye accent should be soft: the line should be softly shaded,
  • after shadows it’s the carcass’s turn: it is not the upper eyelashes that are applied in two layers and the lower ones are hardly combed,
  • it remains to add blush - and the image of the Korean woman is ready!

How to choose cosmetics?

Choosing the right makeup is not an easy task. The difference between the makeup of Asian eyes is the use of special cosmetics, most of which are made specifically for the skin and eyes of this type. European counterparts do not always give the desired effect, since their purpose as a whole is a decorative function. In addition, you need to select cosmetics based on the type of facial skin.

Products of a special plan are developed taking into account the additional effect and are intended not only for adjustment or care, but also to protect the face from ultraviolet radiation, as well as other negative environmental factors. This is a persistent makeup that does not slip and does not spread during the day.

Eyeliner is one of the favorite techniques of Uzbek, Chinese and Korean makeup. Its consistency should be liquid, and the color should be exclusively black. The shade of the pencil can be black and brown. Some girls add a white pencil to a makeup bag.

A standard makeup kit should include foundation, concealer, eyeliner, pencil, eye shadow, mascara, blush, clear gloss and lipstick. Advanced fashionistas use special cosmetics: cushion and tints. Cushion (a special pad with tonal impregnation) well replaces the tonalnik, is applied with a thin, natural layer. Tints - cosmetics for eyebrows, eyes and cheeks. Choosing such products, you can be sure of the persistence of makeup.

When buying cosmetics in an Asian style, you need to consider a number of nuances:

  • perfect shadows - matte and close in tone in the palette,
  • flawless foundation - one whose texture is light and uniform,
  • good mascara - medium texture with the effect of lengthening and a comfortable brush,
  • mascara color for day makeup dark brown, for evening out - black,
  • lipstick should be almost imperceptible, evening allows a hint of saturation.

In addition, when buying cosmetics, you need to pay attention to the expiration date. You can not paint with expired preparations, so as not to harm the health of the skin.

Makeup artist secrets

Professional makeup artists have in their arsenal a number of tricks, thanks to which you can make any look special. Experts emphasize the uniqueness of the natural form of Asian eyes, while making it noble and seductive.

To achieve maximum results, you need to pay attention to several nuances:

  • you can not interrupt the accent eye with bright lipstick or black eyebrow color: incorrect accents will make your eyes dull and invisible,
  • to increase eye size instead of white shadows, you can use a pencil, so the line will be thinner,
  • dye eyelashes - a prerequisite for beautiful eyes, it is better to use a tool with an lengthening effect,
  • looming eyelid can be adjusted using the eyebrow line: the falling end is plucked, the upper hairs are drawn more clearly,
  • shadow texture for emphasis the eyes should be matte, gloss and mother of pearl are unacceptable,
  • for everyday make up it’s better to use charcoal-black pencil instead of eyeliner,
  • lift the eyelid you can use the imaginary fold drawn by shadows or a pencil with shading,
  • destroy the beauty of the eyes incorrect eyeliner of the lower eyelid may: this will visually reduce the shape and make it even narrower.

In addition, in the arsenal of makeup artists there is another little trick: you can change the eye shape by experimenting with the arrows. In this case, it is important not only how to draw them, but how to draw a line:

  • if you don’t touch the inner corner, and start the arrow from the middle, this will expand the section of the eyes,
  • adding to the half-arrow a short line of dark color, eyes will appear wider,
  • if the result is strengthen the effect of "cat's eye", the shape will increase, but the width of the eyes will disappear immediately.

Adjustment of appearance through makeup is a fascinating process. Each style and occasion will diversify the Asian make-up.

If you are interested in visual eye augmentation, take a look at this video tutorial.