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We remove wax from the carpet - no problem!


The use of candles to decorate a room for a special occasion can lead to the formation of stains of oily film on the most inappropriate surfaces, such as floor coverings. Before you remove the wax from the carpet, you must make sure that this is a natural product, and not its artificial counterpart.

Paraffin will have to be affected a little differently, then it will be possible to count on a positive result. Removing unwanted formations without a trace is difficult, but possible. The main thing is to act quickly, while the composition has not yet solidified and has not absorbed other particles of dirt.

Wax Removal Methods

To quickly clean the carpet from candles and all traces of molten wax, you need to use one of the following approaches:

  • Freezing We take the ice, apply it to the problem area, wait a few minutes. The composition should not just condense, but harden qualitatively. Then we break it with a hammer, collect large particles of mass and with a blunt knife we ​​scrape off small ones. To complete the manipulation on the surface, it is recommended to walk with a vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Before washing the wax in this way, ice should be packaged in a plastic bag. If the material gets wet during processing, this will add to the problems, especially when working with long nap.

  • Warming up. This technique will work both with a fresh spot and with an already dried up formation. We cover the pollution with a paper towel, take a very warm iron and iron the surface. Changing the towel regularly, we process the wax trail until the composition can be completely removed. Do not heat the household appliance strongly. This will not give a faster result, but in the process it is possible to scorch the pile.
  • Alcohol treatment. This manipulation is carried out in case of greasy stains on the carpet after one of the listed cleaning methods. After the pile cools down or completely dries out, the problem area should be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Then dry the area with dry rags or napkins. Pouring alcohol directly onto the carpet is strictly prohibited; the material may fade.

After the measures taken, we evaluate the final result. In the event of residual effects, it is recommended to carry out the selected manipulation once again, it is practically useless to use a solvent. This will only add trouble and hassle.

Paraffin stain removal specifics

To remove paraffin from the surface of natural or artificial pile, you can use one of the time-tested folk approaches. In the absence of the desired effect, it is allowed to connect a specific non-aggressive solvent to the treatment:

  • A quick positive result guarantees the use of vinegar solution with salt. To prepare it, mix table vinegar, table salt and baking soda in equal proportions. The resulting composition is ground into a homogeneous paste. We apply the mass to the stain and leave it to dry completely. Then, using a soft brush, we try to clean the surface of the product that has dissolved and absorbed paraffin.

  • If trouble happened with a light carpet, then you need to prepare an active mixture of turpentine and ammonia, taken in equal proportions. The resulting solvent with a sponge is applied to the problem area, acting with rubbing movements. For the best effect, leave the product for half an hour, then remove the residue with a brush and dry it.
  • If the formation is very massive or refuses to withdraw using other methods of exposure, you will have to resort to a rather aggressive option of cleaning. We take one of the solvents: white spirit, refined gasoline, acetone or kerosene. We moisten a cotton pad in it and carry out a thorough treatment of the problem area. Before carrying out the manipulation, it is recommended to test the approach on an inconspicuous part of the pile, otherwise you can burn out the color of the material. After the desired result is achieved, it is necessary to carry out the traditional cleansing of the palace using your favorite folk or professional means.

The proposed manipulations should be carried out in conditions of good ventilation of the air in the room or even in the fresh air. After cleaning, it is recommended to ventilate the product. It is strongly not recommended to leave the pollution unprocessed or at least its residues. Even transparent paraffin will fade over time and turn into a visible spot, rapidly collecting dirt.

When working with a very long pile, you need to act especially carefully, trying to have an effect only on the surface layer of the product. Restoration of delicate household items is best entrusted to professionals, especially when it comes to carpet made from natural fur.

Synthetic carpet or rug

Immediately determine: what material is your carpet, or carpet. If it is completely synthetic - use the first tip. If the carpet has natural fibers, or it is completely natural, we will act with folk remedies. You can order carpet cleaning at home in the Crystal Service cleaning company. Here, professionally, with home visits, they will make high-quality cleaning of paraffin, cleaning lint-free, acrylic and long-pile carpets.

If the candle is ordinary white, you will not need much effort to remove the wax from it. As a rule, such candles do not leave any stains. If the candle is colored or containing oil - divide the work into several stages:

  1. First remove the largest amount with a blunt knife.
  2. Use a piece of ice, or better yet a cold accumulator, which is used for a thermal bag. Gently rub it with the waxed area of ​​the carpet, or even better, leave it there for a while. After that, collect frozen wax with your hands.
  3. Next - use paper towels. Choose those that are highly absorbent. Put paper on top of the stain and iron it. The remaining wax should melt quickly and soak easily into a paper towel. 4. Perform this operation repeatedly, each time changing the old paper to a new one. You will be surprised - how quickly the ill-fated spot begins to disappear.
  4. If you still could not bring the surface of the carpet to perfection, use alcohol or vodka. You can also use any detergent, or stain remover.

Cold wax removal

Exposure to cold is one of the main ways to remove wax from a carpet. Ice or any other cold object is suitable for freezing. Before you remove the wax from the carpet, the ice must first be wrapped in a film, and then put on the damaged area. Wait until the wax has hardened (it should not just harden, namely harden), then remove it mechanically. This should be done as carefully as possible so as not to damage the carpet itself.

It is also recommended that you walk along the carpet with a vacuum cleaner to remove the smallest particles of wax. After that, you can use any cleaning agent to remove the greasy stain that could remain on the pile.

Heat vs Wax

You can remove wax from the carpet using the ability of this substance to melt at high temperature. There are several ways to clean a carpet from wax by using heat:

  1. Remove wax with a spatula or dull side of a knife. Put thick cardboard on its remains, and then iron this area with a hot iron. Wax under the influence of high temperature will melt and print on cardboard. Instead of cardboard, you can use a paper towel. In this case, the iron should not be hot, but warm, and in the process, the towel needs to be changed several times. The steam function must be disabled on the iron. You can turn it on only after removing the wax to remove any remaining dirt (you can iron the carpet through a clean cloth).
  2. If you can’t use the iron, but there are no other thoughts on how to remove wax from the carpet yourself, then you can use a hairdryer or a very heated spoon. In this case, cleaning will be safer, since it is possible to dose the flow of hot air. Keep the hair dryer at some distance from the pile of the carpet, otherwise the device may overheat.

How to remove wax from a carpet with alcohol?

This method is relevant not only when removing the wax itself, but when cleaning the carpet from greasy stains that could remain from the candle. After removing wax residues, the carpet should be allowed to cool or dry (depending on the cleaning method chosen). After this, a cotton swab should be moistened with alcohol, which should be used to wipe the problem area. Next, the carpet needs to be dried using clean paper towels or microfiber rags.

When stains are removed in this way, it is strictly forbidden to pour alcohol directly onto the carpet. This can lead to discoloration of the product or its molting, the main problem will not be solved, and the question of how to remove wax from the carpet yourself will remain relevant.

Acetic solution with salt

Such a solution is considered a folk solvent, which has a mild, non-aggressive effect. A mixture of vinegar and salt can be used to remove both wax and paraffin. Knowing exactly how to remove wax from a candle from a carpet, you can proceed with actions:

  1. First you need to prepare a cleansing paste. To do this, mix table vinegar, salt and baking soda until a homogeneous paste is obtained. The proportions of the components in it should be the same.
  2. Apply the product to the contaminated area on the carpet, then leave to dry completely.
  3. Now with a soft brush you need to rub the treated part of the product, trying to remove the applied product (during this period of time, the paste should dissolve the wax or paraffin and absorb them into itself).

With this tool you need to be extremely careful when processing dark carpets, since soda and vinegar have whitening properties.

The cardinal way - the use of solvents

You can resort to aggressive methods of removing wax from the carpet only if other methods (how to remove wax from the carpet at home from a candle with cold and heat, described at the beginning of the article) did not lead to the desired result, or the pollution was extensive. In such cases, only solvents will be effective, for example white spirit, kerosene, acetone or refined gasoline. When using them, you must adhere to the following precautions:

  • carpet processing should be carried out in a well-ventilated area,
  • When cleaning, do not forget about personal protective equipment (gloves, respirator, clothing made of thick fabric),
  • Before removing wax from the carpet, it is recommended to test the product in an inconspicuous area of ​​the product, since these solvents are aggressive. They can lead not only to discoloration, but also to more serious damage.

If no adverse effects were detected, then remove the wax with a solvent by following the instructions:

  1. Moisten a cotton pad.
  2. Treat disc with contaminated area.
  3. After achieving the desired result, you need to perform the usual carpet cleaning using detergents.
  4. Dry and ventilate the carpet.

Preventive measures

To prevent the carpet from being spoiled by candle wax, it is recommended that you take the following precautions:

  • use high-quality candles, which contain only wax (paraffin), stearic acid (allows you to minimize waste when burning candles), perfumes and dyes,
  • put candles in candlesticks with a large bowl, regularly remove wax residues from them,
  • Do not place candles near a fan, an open window.

It is better to remove wax from the carpet immediately after its appearance, since this stain can penetrate deeply into the fibers of the product and collect dirt. And then there will be no need to figure out how to clean the carpet from wax. In addition, removing stubborn stains can cause difficulties and damage to the carpet, the restoration of which can be costly.

How to remove wax or paraffin from a candle from a carpet?

Cleaning carpets from candle wax or paraffin can be divided into several main stages: freezing and removing the bulk of the wax, heating and removing residues of wax or paraffin from the pile on the carpet, and cleaning the stain from wax or paraffin (especially color, if any). Cleaning the carpet (carpet, carpet) from wax and paraffin takes place in the following sequence:

  • Freeze the wax with ice. To do this, we collect ice in a sealed plastic bag from the freezer and apply it to the wax on the carpet and wait a few minutes for it to freeze and become more solid and brittle.
  • After freezing, using a regular teaspoon or a tablespoon, we clean the frozen wax (paraffin) from the pile and collect it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • After the main part of the wax is cleaned from the pile on the carpet, we proceed to the second stage. To do this, we need a regular iron and a paper towel (clean paper bags for food). We put a paper towel on the waxed area on the carpet and gently iron it (we heat the iron in minimum mode for delicate fabrics). As a result of this procedure, the wax melts and is immediately absorbed into a paper towel. When ironing, it is important to always look and change the towel for a new one if it has become contaminated by wax.
  • If after ironing all the wax or paraffin does not leave the carpet and a small spot remains (especially if the paraffin in the candles was colored), we proceed to the final stage - removing the stain from the wax. To do this, we need clean cotton swabs and alcohol (or a soap solution in which 1 teaspoon of dishwashing detergent or liquid soap is mixed per 1 liter of water). If you use alcohol, first of all, you need to check how the dyes in the carpet react to it (alcohol can remove weak dyes from the carpet and it sheds), to do this, we check its effect on an inconspicuous area of ​​the carpet by wiping a small area of ​​the pile with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol. If the dyes are not washed out, go to the stain from the wax (paraffin), gently rubbing it with a cotton pad slightly moistened with alcohol or a soap solution until it is completely removed.

Note: the first stage of wax cooling with ice can be skipped if wax or paraffin has been on the carpet surface for a long time (the wax has completely hardened), but this procedure will not be superfluous if the room is warm or hot.

In conclusion to the article, it can be noted that knowing how to remove wax from a candle from a carpet, this problem will now not take you by surprise in the future and you can easily clean your carpet at home. We leave our useful tips and reviews on how to remove wax (paraffin) from a candle from a carpet or carpet in the comments to the article and do not forget to share the article on social networks if it was useful to you.

Natural fiber carpet

With an expensive carpet, you need to act differently. Folk remedies will help here. In order not to spoil the carpet, we prepare a solution: we take in equal amounts: table 9% vinegar, baking soda, coarse salt. We prepare the solution in any glass jar. Apply our resulting solution to a spot from a candle. Let the solution dry. Then with a thick hard brush, or a simple plastic comb, we clean the wax from the carpet.

We remove the wax from the carpet with ice, and the iron - carpet question in the video.