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How to play CS 1


Like in any other game on Steam’s, CS GO implements the COOP system, which makes it possible to play with friends without any difficulties. To play with your comrades, you just need to add their Steam account to your friends, and go into the game and invite them to the lobby. The creator of the lobby can set the mode and cards on which all its participants will play.

How to add a friend to CS GO?

  1. In the game menu, in the left panel, we see nicknames of all your friends online and in the game.
  2. Find the person we need
  3. Click on it, in the window that opens, select "Invite in the lobby"
  4. We are waiting for a friend to join (he should disappear from the panel and appear in the lobby)
  5. We select the mode and maps, start the game.

As you can see, playing CS GO with a friend is very simple. It is much more interesting to assemble a whole team and conquer the e-sports world together.

What you need:

  • CS 1.6
  • the Internet
  • Friends

Download game
So, first you need a patched version of the game. You can download it from this link.
I highly recommend this particular version of the game, as it is patched and includes:
1. Counter-Strike 1.6 v6
2. Patch version 35
3. Full crack from All-CS.Net.Ru
4. Ready server 3.0
5. Russification AMX MOD
6. Modified GUI 1nkz Hi-Def 1.6 Style 2 in 1
7. A patch correcting the search for games on the Internet (finds

8000 servers)
8. Russified bots ZBot 1.5

But if anyone needs it, there are many other versions on the site

We are looking for servers
After installation (I hope this operation did not cause problems for you), start the game and press the button Find Servers
A window will appear where the servers will appear, you can sort them by map. Select a server from the list and right-click on it. A menu will appear in which we’ll View server information. A new window will appear in which there will be a line IP address copy the address and send it (via Skype to Skype or SMS) or dictate to a friend. That, in turn, should press the key in the main menu of the game ё and enter the word in the command line connect followed by a space and the copied IP address.

Negotiations in the game
For negotiations in the game, press the key K (English) and speak into the microphone.

You can also use the program to add friends as friends.

How to play in CS: GO 5X5?

Due to the fact that the mode was changed to "Random" - the game settings will be lost, if desired, minor nuances can be corrected using the console. To switch to normal game mode - you need to open the console with the "

”, And write the command“ exec esl5on5 ”in the line, after downloading and installing“ server config ”.

The first way.

- At the bottom there is a button Friends

- Click it, a window opens with a list of your friends.

- At the bottom of this window is the Add Friend button

- In the window that opens, enter the nickname of the desired friend (the login under which he logs into Steam) (Account name)

- Click on and add

- After that, open the window with the list of friends, there will be an Invitations section, there will be a friend whom you added

- Well, at the end he must confirm that you are his friend, for this he must click the Accept invitation from you button in his friends list.

The second way.

- You play CS, during the game press shift + tab.

- Steam community window opens

- Click Players Current Game / Previous Games

- A window opens with the players

- Choose the person you need and click Add as friend

- Next, he must confirm that he is your friend.