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The hood does not open: 4 reasons and 2 methods to open


In nature, there are offices that deal with the legal opening of locked cars. Their employees use a device that resembles an inflatable pillow like a cuff, which measures blood pressure. She slips into the gap between the hood and the front of the car, or between the door and the pillar and inflates.

At the same time, the gap increases, opening the working space, and then special tools are used that unlock the lock. Such gizmos are unlikely to be in the arsenal of the average owner, although sometimes they are no, no, but come in handy. Inflatable "pillows", for example, are on sale and are relatively inexpensive.

Use a screwdriver

In order to open the mechanism for locking the hood, you can use a long screwdriver. She pokes through the grille, then shifts the lock mechanism and - voila! The problem is that you will most likely succeed not from the first or even the second time. So practice at your leisure - who knows, what if one day this skill is very useful to you? In some cases, you can remove the grille, if possible without consequences for it and the front end of the car. For example, on Volvo cars of past generations, a simple maneuver takes place once or twice, which is sometimes used by thieves.

Use a special tool

For prudent owners, there are special kits for opening the machine. For example, that includes one of these kits that we have met on the Internet: two S-shaped hooks, a pair of vanes, a straight hook, a thin lever for engaging 22 ”, a hook for Toyota Camry and Chrysler cars, a wide lever for engaging and tool to block the slip.

Get to the generator

There is another way, however, it is for the "intricate" and rebellious spirit. Yes, and it is possible if the design of the car allows you to get to the generator from below. Happened? Then we find a bolt with a “plus” on it and connect the terminal from a charged battery. The "Minus", of course, is displayed on the body. The main thing - do not reverse polarity.

Use the charger

With an old-school cable, it all depends on your dexterity and sleight of hand. But how to open the hood on cars with an electromechanical lock? This is described in detail by the owner of Mazda, faced with a problem in winter frosts and after prolonged downtime of the car.

By the way, in the comments to the video, one of the users (the owner of the 2013 Hyundai Solaris) shared his methodology: “A red bold wire (this is a“ + ”) goes to the fuse box (to the left of the steering wheel in the cabin). You throw a battery wire (+ ), the other on the case. The electric lock opens (in my case, the electric lock opens when the key is turned). I myself stuck in minus 25. Recently I tried a simpler way: I pulled out a fuse from the fuse box (just in case I chose the one with the inscription ACC) and inserted it into place with the wire from (+). ktrozamok opened. "

The consequences of the initiative

It will be useful to know how an autopsy can end. And it can lead to scratches on the body, a broken hood lock and even injuries to the limbs. Finally, the ill-fated hood may simply not give in - and it happens. But, if your life depends on it, you bet for money that you can handle it, or you just don’t want to pay a specially trained person, then ... Try, try ...

Bonnet opening methods

“Go around” a jammed lock or cable. Often it is this method that helps solve the problem. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • you push the hood, while another person pulls the handle to open the hood inside the cabin. This method will work if the cable is stuck between the lock and lever. The hood rises a little and you can open the lock from the outside,
  • find a cable near the hood opening handle and gently pull it. If after such a manipulation the hood opens, then the cable is stretched or slips. Sometimes this happens due to a breakdown of the hood opening handle itself, which is located in the cabin. If you don’t feel the tension at all, the cable is not connected to the hood lock. In this case, at the time of opening the hood, check whether the replacement of the cable is required,
  • then you need to get to the cable or latch. Inspect the car from different sides to find a gap in the front grill. Using a flashlight and a small mirror, find the hook (it is part of the locking mechanism). Sometimes this place can be reached by the driver. Reach the cable and pull it. The hood will open if the cable is attached to the latch,
  • pry the latch with a wire hanger or a thin long tool that is at your fingertips and pull sharply,
  • get to the hood from below if you cannot open the lock in front. Ideally, if you first read the manual for the car. Put the car on a jack and try to grab the latch or cable with pliers. Observe safety rules: before starting work, allow the engine to cool if it has been running recently,
  • if it was not possible to bypass the stuck cable or lock, then entrust the work to the auto mechanic.

The process of opening a jammed hood looks like this:

  • put the car on level ground using the parking brake,
  • find the handle that opens the hood (often near the driver's door). A car with a raised hood is usually depicted on such a lever,
  • pull the hood opening lever from the passenger compartment. If the hood is ajar, then press the latch lever in front of the hood. The latch is located in the center of the hood, pushed in one direction (left or right),
  • knock on the hood to unlock, in parallel pull the hood opening lever, which is located in the passenger compartment (this is possible if you stand on the driver’s side). Such a shake can help. Hit the hood with your palm and lightly to avoid dents,
  • inspect the locking hook. Broken parts of the lock or a worn cable in some places require replacement. If there are no obvious problems, we recommend lubricating the latch with oil.

Do not forget about security and keep your car keys with you. So you reduce the risk of closing the car, leaving the keys inside .. Also, such caution allows you to prevent an outsider from starting the car without your knowledge.

The solution to the problem of opening the hood can be entrusted to an auto mechanic. At the specialized service-aggregator Uremont, you can easily find a car repair shop that will suit the location, quality and cost of the work performed.