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We figure out how to open a private kindergarten and what you need for this


The problem of shortage of places in preschool educational institutions - kindergartens - at the moment is not only not decreasing, but is also gaining momentum. Young parents find her solution in different ways - by queuing in the garden immediately after the birth of the baby (in order to get the desired place just when the baby reaches kindergarten age), by hiring babysitters or on behalf of grandmothers to take care of the children.

However, there is another alternative - private kindergartens at home. Since in this country this business area is not sufficiently developed, it has good prospects for a stable income in the conditions of low competition.

Licensing of activities and collection of documentation

The opening of a private kindergarten is associated with the collection and execution of certain documentation. The minimum list of which includes:

  • Licensing of activities for the implementation of preschool preparatory education.
  • Permission from the relevant state authorities to locate the kindergarten in a particular room, checked for compliance with established sanitary and epidemiological standards, as well as fire safety requirements.
  • Conclusion of permanent agreements for the implementation of planned measures to maintain indoor conditions that comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards (measures for the disinfestation, disinsection, cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems, the removal and disposal of garbage, waste, etc.).

Unlike ordinary kindergartens, in Russian legislation such a service as a home kindergarten is not mentioned, therefore obtaining a license to organize it is not required. And many such institutions operate on a semi-official basis without any licenses.

However, in order to carry out pedagogical and educational activities legally and to be able to hire personnel, registration is still necessary. It can be carried out in the form of an individual entrepreneur indicating the type of activity "preschool education".

The registration process should be accompanied by registration with the tax authorities. Also, the entrepreneur himself needs to register the cash register, get statistical codes and order a print.

Room requirements

Opening a kindergarten at home involves finding a suitable room. It can be leased, bought or built, and must also be included in the housing stock (apartment in a residential building or a private house) and meet certain requirements. In this case private home is a better option in terms of the presence of the territory adjacent to the house, which can be used for safe games and outdoor activities. Such circumstances are very useful for growing children's organisms, and also affect the increase in the prestige of the kindergarten itself.

A two- or three-room apartment in a residential building is also a pretty decent option for organizing a garden. This option involves the allocation of one room for bedding and a quiet hour, and the second - for meals, games and educational activities. A separate room can be reserved for physical education and music.

Difficulties in choosing this particular option may be related to the discontent of neighbors, and so that such discontent does not develop into conflicts with the law, it is recommended not to spoil relations with residents of neighboring apartments. In addition, if the apartment is decided to be redeveloped, these actions should also be carried out with the written permission of the relevant authorities.

One of the most important requirements for such premises is compliance with fire safety standards. It is also necessary to take care to block the access of children to networks of any kind - electricity, water, ventilation and other things. The total area of ​​the premises is also subject to the requirements that approximately 4-7 square meters of space per child.

There are certain requirements for the room itself:

  • floors must be insulated
  • walls - covered with moisture resistant non-toxic materials,
  • special attention must be paid to indicators of the height of ceilings (from 3 m) and window sills (at least 0.6 m),
  • the location of the windows also plays a big role, so their direction should be only to the south and east.

The private kindergarten should have parking, which should be located at a distance of approximately 50 m. At the same time, directly under the windows should not be garages, car parks and other buildings that pollute the air.

An alternative to these options is to rent part of the premises of the state kindergarten. Such a room meets all the requirements listed above, since it was originally built to support children.

In general, before looking for a specific place to place a kindergarten, it is necessary to conduct a marketing research on the presence of competitors and the level of demand for services in the selected area. If similar institutions already exist, or in this area state kindergartens cope with the number of preschool children, then it is better to choose a different area for the placement of a private kindergarten.

The decor of the kindergarten

The organization of a private kindergarten involves not only compliance with the requirements for the premises, but also the presence of an appropriate environment. First of all, it concerns of furniture. She (like the rest of the environment) must be absolutely safe. Therefore, all pieces of furniture with sharp and protruding corners categorically do not fit. In addition, children should not have access to piercing and cutting objects.

To provide games and activities you must purchase toys, manuals and books, stationery and related furniture (tables, chairs, etc.). Physical exercises will require the purchase of equipment and toys for outdoor games.

Since the stay of children in a private kindergarten will be associated not only with activities and games, but also with sleep, this requires a purchase cots, bedding (at least 2 sets per child), as well as individual lockers to accommodate removable and outerwear.

In addition, you must purchase:

  • towels
  • pots
  • children's plumbing (toilet bowls, wash basins, etc.),
  • cutlery and crockery,
  • furniture for eating.

To service the stay of children, it is necessary to purchase equipment for washing and ironing, as well as for cooking. Music lessons will require the purchase of musical instruments.

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Since the kindergarten involves a full stay of children, it is necessary to consider the issues of their nutrition. Based on the fact that children will be in the garden in the morning and until about 18-20 hours, meals will include several dishes for breakfast, lunch (with first and second courses) and an afternoon snack after a quiet hour.

Accordingly, catering should be carried out in one of three ways.

  1. The first is the cooking by the individual entrepreneur himself. The implementation of this method is quite difficult in terms of lack of time for the purchase of products, checking their freshness and quality, as well as the preparation of food itself.
  2. Another way is to organize the delivery of ready-made food prepared by organizations specializing specifically in the delivery of dishes to offices, schools and kindergartens. When choosing this method, the main thing that needs to be done is to constantly monitor the freshness and quality of the food delivered.
  3. There is a third way, which consists in using the services of a cook preparing meals at home. In this case, food can be prepared directly in the premises of the kindergarten or in another room with subsequent delivery and heating.

In addition, when drawing up or approving the menu, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of each child (the presence of allergic reactions to certain products), which must be previously clarified by the parents.


As already mentioned, if a private kindergarten is planned to be opened in the form of private entrepreneurship, then the presence of personnel is not expected, and the entrepreneur must independently carry out pedagogical, educational and educational activities. To do this, you must have the appropriate education, experience and a developed training program for preschoolers.

However, Russian laws do not prohibit an individual entrepreneur from using the services of other organizations and individuals on a contractual basis. Accordingly, the number of such services may include not only the organization of the educational process and nutrition, but also music and physical education classes.

The choice of personnel must be approached with all responsibility, as it affects the formation of authority, popularity and image of the kindergarten itself.

If you plan to open an "advanced" kindergarten with the organization of training according to exclusive methods, then highly qualified teachers will be needed to develop such programs.

How to find customers?

The success of a private kindergarten largely depends on the number of people who want to send their children to this institution. To recruit children successfully, previously a comprehensive advertising campaign should be implemented. To do this, you can place ads in local media, paste them around the area in which the garden opened, and distribute leaflets at public transport stops and places with high traffic (shopping centers and multifunctional complexes).

Since most often the owners of kindergartens are young mothers who are not ready to give their child to state kindergartens, it will not be difficult to find clients among acquaintances (who really need to give their children upbringing and maintenance while they work or relax). Moreover, as a rule, the children of the owner of the kindergarten are with the rest of the children.

General expenses and payback periods of a business

The costs of opening a private kindergarten primarily include finding and creating optimal indoor conditions. If the owner plans to open a garden in his apartment, then there are no rental costs, otherwise they will be about 30-32 thousand rubles monthly. Also, every month it is necessary to pay utilities, the fee for which will be about 5 thousand rubles.

Additionally, the apartment must be repaired in an amount not less than 40 thousand rubles. The purchase of furniture and equipment will require more 120 thousand rubles. Total start up costs not less than 190 thousand rubles.

If it is planned to hire personnel of at least 2 people - an educator and a nanny-cook, then the monthly expenses for paying for their labor will increase by 30 thousand rubles. This amount must add the cost of the purchase of food. Total costs for the garden will be approximately 275-280 thousand rubles.

Income flows are calculated much easier: the approximate monthly fee for staying in the garden of one child is 18 thousand rubles. If the garden contains 8-10 children, then monthly revenue will be 144-180 thousand rubles. In addition, an entry fee of a monthly fee may be set for entry into the kindergarten (similar to state kindergartens).

Summing up, it can be noted that the opening of its own kindergarten is a very promising area of ​​business development, capable of generating decent income. However, since this activity is related to the upbringing and maintenance of children, the level of responsibility in this area is much higher than in all other areas of business.

What is a private kindergarten

Private kindergarten - an educational institution that provides social services to the population (or supervision and care), based on extrabudgetary funds and parental fees. Social services include:

  • Child education and upbringing
  • Care and care
  • Health improvement and disease prevention
  • Parent Education

Extra-budgetary funds are investments of investors, if any, or your own money that you spend on the design and opening of your own pre-school institution.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Small groups of children - up to 15 people - guarantee that the child will be under the vigilant attention of staff, will receive the necessary educational skills and individual approach.
  • Qualified teaching staff - the owners of private kindergartens carefully select educators not only by categories of education and experience, but also in relation to wards of children.
  • Unique trading offers are the difference between a kindergarten and others: swimming, learning foreign languages, a special developing technique, an unusual educational program, learning to play musical instruments, teaching horseback riding, etc.
  • Good nutrition - food for children in such institutions is prepared at home, that is, tasty, healthy and varied.
  • Excellent preparation for school, a variety of educational activities and games.
  • Lack of queue for admission of a child.
  • The ability to control the educational process through parental advice.


  • There is a high parental fee, but many parents prefer to pay for the education and upbringing of the child in comfortable conditions, so that both the baby feels good and the mother and father have a heart in place.
  • Lack of a special platform for walking. Most often, children are taken out to a nearby square or park for a walk, unless the kindergarten is located in a separate cottage or in a specialized room.
  • Lack of benefits for paying for kindergarten.
  • Opening a preschool institution (or group) will require considerable financial investments, physical and moral strength in the fight against bureaucracy in obtaining permits, studying and compiling various statutory and educational documents.

Video - about the pros and cons of private kindergartens:

Is it profitable to open a private kindergarten and in what cases

Private kindergarten, like any business, can generate income. There is almost no competition in this area. The demand for educational services is great and many parents can and want to pay for their child’s quality education.

However, not all so simple. Keeping children in an educational institution involves high costs. Therefore, one cannot count on superprofits. A kindergarten will quickly pay for itself if it is attended by at least 20 children, and parents pay from 200 to 1,500 dollars a month.

The chosen concept of kindergarten also matters: parents will be more willing to lay out money if the kindergarten differs in the original direction of teaching the kids: according to the author’s developing methods, with the use of additional educational services.

At the same time, after all the costs have been paid off, the owner can receive a stable profit.

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When opening a kindergarten, all the necessary regulatory requirements should be met, and then the checks of regulatory bodies, for example, Rospotrebnadzor, will not be scary.


Any production required Certificate. But you decided not to do home-made cosmetics, but to raise children. Therefore, you can register for the tax by selecting the activity code "The provision of educational services to preschool children at home."

Today the state has given some concessions to such organizations and organizers, apparently feeling guilty for the fact that she herself was not able to provide a sufficient number of kindergartens. Therefore, special bodies (education department, SES, firefighters) are already easier to relate to the conditions in which children will be. However, the room should still be equipped with a second exit (some make it out of the window by welding a staircase from the outside), the room should be clean, workers should have medical books.

You will conclude agreements with your parents and report to the tax authorities at your place of residence.

A few more words about the premises in our article, How to organize a home kindergarten. In the “serious” version, the apartment should be spacious enough to accept a sufficient number of children. Usually in a mini-kindergarten there are up to 10 of them, they are all together (that is the hallmark of the mini-kindergarten - a group of different ages). Most often, the creators of mini-gardens choose the apartment on the ground floor - neighbors have less trouble and the fire escape - again.

Во дворе должна быть оборудована хорошая площадка для игр, ведь большую часть времени дети проводят на улице — особенно летом.


На каждого ребенка нужна кроватка, набор постельного белья, горшок (если это малыши), набор посуды, полотенец, шкафчик для раздевания.

Но это еще не все. In your home kindergarten, you still need to purchase toys, educational aids, games, manuals, not to mention furniture - tables, chairs, musical instruments and children's play furniture (hairdressers and workshops, etc.)

It’s up to you to decide who will work for you - you yourself or assistants from the outside. Of course, several children need several adults, usually a teacher, a cook, a nanny, perhaps a musician, an English teacher, a babysitter (for example, only while walking).

That's all the conditions that you should know about before you open a mini-kindergarten at home. Let's say right away: in Russian cities there are many examples of such a home business that has developed successfully among its owners. Nowadays, this is a win-win option, just like the Search Agency. Alexander Kuleshov wrote about this in detail. After all, children and problems will always be in people

What documents and licenses need to be issued

You should start with the registration of a legal or natural person - an individual entrepreneur in a non-profit legal form. Registration of a non-profit organization is carried out by the Federal Registration Service of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The constituent documents indicate the selected specificity of activity in accordance with the all-Russian classifier. Application review period is 1 month.

After this, you should register:

  • At the tax office
  • Social and Compulsory Health Insurance Fund
  • Pension Fund
  • State Statistics Authorities
  • Coordinate the specifics of the activity with the department (administration, department) of education or local authorities.
  • Open a bank account.

In order to conduct educational activities, the kindergarten must obtain accreditation and a license from the Department of Education or from local self-government bodies that have the appropriate powers.

Documents for obtaining a license:

  • An agreement on the rental of premises or on the right of ownership, if the kindergarten is in its own cottage or apartment
  • The conclusion of fire services on the compliance of the premises with the requirements for preschool institutions
  • SES conclusion
  • Certificate of tax registration (TIN)
  • Charter
  • Educational program
  • List of necessary teaching literature and training materials available
  • Data on teaching staff
  • Data on the number of children

But you can open a preschool organization for a short stay of children - 3-4 hours a day, the organization is formed as a children's developmental or training center, and in this case a license is not needed. The development center is sections, interest circles, any studios.

Staff requirements

When selecting personnel, one should be guided not only by education, experience, category and other business qualities, but also by love for children. The staff includes:

Teachers must be professionals to ensure a high level of preschool education.

The nurse should know the specifics of work in a preschool institution, and a doctor can be invited from the nearest children's clinic part-time.

If the kindergarten provides a unique selling proposition, you need a specialist who provides this educational service:

  • teacher of continuing education in English,
  • psychologist,
  • head of physical education,
  • teacher of fine arts,
  • music director
  • choreographer, etc., depending on the chosen direction.

And finally, the children. It is advisable that the children in the groups are selected at the same age or with a slight difference (plus or minus 1 year). Since educational activities will be carried out in a private kindergarten, the groups should have toys and stationery.

Every child must be provided:

  • Games for development and learning, toys by age
  • Furniture for individual storage
  • Kitchen utensils and furniture
  • Sleeping place and bedding
  • Hygiene Supplies

Contract with parents

An agreement on the provision of educational services is concluded with parents of children, which should include:

  • Subjects: the owner of the kindergarten, as the Contractor, and one of the parents of the child, as the Customer.
  • Subject of the agreement: services provided by the educational institution: supervision and care, preparation for school, services for further education, etc.
  • Rights and obligations of the Contractor and the Customer.
  • Be sure to indicate the measures of liability for violation of clauses of the contract and the procedure for resolving disputes.
  • Prices for kindergarten services and recalculation opportunities.
  • Legal and actual addresses, details.
  • Permission to process personal data.

Is it possible and how to open a private kindergarten at home

There is another kind of institutions for babies - family / home kindergarten. Such establishments open in an ordinary apartment and are intended for the care and care of children. The form of stay of children is part-time.

Recently, many young mothers have been thinking about how to organize a home kindergarten, because in order to open a family (home) kindergarten, you do not need to apply for a license, which is undoubtedly a big plus and significantly speeds up the process. Otherwise, the same requirements apply to the documentation of a family home kindergarten.

Pros of Family Kindergarten:

  • A small number of children, the child will quickly get used to the team,
  • An individual approach to the education and nutrition of each child,
  • The conditions are almost at home.


  • High fee
  • There is no educational process
  • Perhaps the lack of teacher education in the owners of the kindergarten,
  • Insufficient space for games.

Indicative business plan

To open a private preschool institution, it is necessary to draw up an approximate calculation of expenses and income, that is, a business plan.

The first expenses are registration, which takes about 4-10 thousand rubles.

Rental of premises can cost in the amount of 30 thousand rubles or more.

If the premises are owned by the organizer, then only the cost of utilities should be included in the costs.

Installation of video communications for the peace of mind of parents will cost 25,000 rubles.

Repair and refurbishment of the premises, overalls for workers, equipment of the kitchen, laundry, medical office, attributes for music and sports, household appliances - all these expenses are borne by the organizer before the opening of the kindergarten.

First time advertising of a kindergarten is necessary to attract customers, it can be leaflets, newspaper ads, advertising posts on the Internet, etc. - about 5 thousand rubles.

In total, from the initial stage of starting a business, you may need from 200 to 700 thousand rubles, depending on the number of planned groups. Opening one group of 8 children in your own room will cost about 170 thousand rubles.

When money begins to flow into the current account, the following expenses are added:

  • employee salaries
  • training
  • child nutrition
  • the purchase of stationery and household chemicals, etc.
  • updating training materials
  • creating your own website
  • various promotions

Based on the costs, the parental fee for the stay of the child in kindergarten is calculated.

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What benefits and support from the state and local authorities can be obtained

  • Taxes on a simplified scheme (according to the patent, as an individual entrepreneur) will take about 6% of the profit. Privilege private educational institutions - the abolition of value added tax.
  • Local authorities allocate subsidies to create a private educational institution and rent a room, or you can find a room belonging to the municipality, which will also significantly reduce costs. In some cases, you can get other types of assistance from the state and the compulsory health insurance, this can be clarified in the local education department in charge of this industry.
  • Profitability of kindergarten can be increased by adopting participation in municipal order, for example, the education of children from 1 year to 3 years, significant amounts are allocated for this from the municipal budget.

The business of a private educational institution does not belong to highly profitable, but it is considered quite promising. Private kindergartens are growing in popularity, and you can increase profitability by introducing additional educational services. Despite all the obstacles, this business is gaining momentum.

Video: practitioners tell how they opened private kindergartens

Legal Issues

How to open a private kindergarten? An experienced businessman will begin to solve such issues with a business plan. But home kindergartens often open not “business sharks”, but school teachers, educators and moms on maternity leave. Most of all, they are concerned about the legality aspect of such an event.

They can be reassured; this is a legitimate and state-sponsored business. Basic Law to Know: The Law on Education in the Russian Federation. The 91st article of this document says that only educational institutions are subject to licensing. It will also be useful to study the Housing Code, it says that a dwelling can be used for individual entrepreneurial activity if the entrepreneur lives legally there and his activity does not interfere with neighbors (chapter 2, article 17).

In 2013, the Decree of the Chief Sanitary Inspector of the Russian Federation was issued, which describes all the requirements for preschool institutions. Practice shows that the inspection bodies (SES, Pozhnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor) are also quite loyal to the "children's" business - unless, of course, there are emergency situations in the garden and numerous complaints from parents.

Thus, our kindergarten is not an educational institution, but a development school for children. The concept of our development school, for which calculations have been made on the payback of a business, is a mini-kindergarten, with children lasting about 4 hours, the cost of providing services does not include a child’s food. Operating hours are from 9-30 to 13-30. If desired, parents with children give them fruits, cereals for food, but all this must be packed and of good quality.

How to open a private kindergarten without a license: frequently asked questions

  1. Is it true that a license to open a private kindergarten is not needed? - True. License is required only for educational programs. Child care, care and development is not education.
  2. Is it necessary to transfer an apartment from residential to non-residential? - Not necessary. The law allows you to open a private kindergarten in a residential apartment (house).
  3. How to open a private kindergarten on the second (fifth, ninth) floor? - Just like on the first. Of course, the first floor is more convenient, but other floors are not prohibited.
  4. Is teacher education required? - Not required, but it will be a big plus for the reputation of your institution.

What you need to open a private kindergarten: the most important documents

In addition to goodwill and good mood, to open a private kindergarten you will need:

  1. Certificate of individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneur). All privileges from the state mentioned above apply only to individual entrepreneurs.
  2. Lease agreement, if the garden opens in a strange apartment (house). The clause should be spelled out in the contract that the lessor agrees to open a private kindergarten in the rented premises.
  3. Contracts with staff (nannies, cleaning lady, cooks).

But a license to open a kindergarten is not needed! This follows from the above documents. Please note: failure to obtain a license minimizes communication with SES and Pozhnadzor. Their many requirements are worth considering, but official permission is not required from these organizations.

The beginning of all beginnings - pencil, calculator, common sense

Before you open a private kindergarten at home, a business plan and its analysis will clearly show your estimated profit. Make a plan in detail based on real numbers. How much is a set of children's furniture, what will be the cost of food? You may have to remodel the toilet, make repairs? Do not forget about taxes - a newcomer can work on a simplified system and has a number of benefits.

As for the initial amount, it will depend on whether the institution is opened in its own or leased premises. In the first case, the costs will be minimal, in the second - more substantial. It’s hard to give exact numbers. There is always the opportunity to reduce the expenditure: to buy furniture on sale, to take on the functions of an accountant, cook, nanny, to postpone the purchase of items not necessary for a later time. According to estimates from various sources, the cost of a full-fledged kindergarten in a separate room with several groups and qualified personnel will range from 300 thousand to several million rubles (in the capital).

What you need to open a kindergarten in your apartment

First of all, children must be provided with:

- sleeping places (after all, a private kindergarten is children from 0 to 3-4 years old, they must sleep in the daytime)

- special furniture (a table and several chairs)

- toys, books, educational aids

- conditions for outdoor games, walks in the fresh air

Do not forget about individual towels and detergents, as in a child care facility cleaning is carried out several times a day using special disinfectants.

Private Garden Opening Plan: Counting Income

Counting income is a very pleasant process, but it is advisable to approach it soberly. You need to really assess the solvency of the population of your area (city). In Moscow, a fee for 1 child can reach up to 20 thousand rubles and exceed this amount, but in a small town (village) with small salaries 5 thousand rubles may seem excessive.

It may make sense to open a private kindergarten for half a day without sleep and food. Or take children 2-3 days a week instead of five. This will reduce the cost of your expenses and prices for parents. In any case, you need to carefully study the demand for your service. Find out if there are enough places in the municipal garden, if there are competitors nearby. Keep in mind that in a big city the demand for a garden is greater than in a small village. Plan your income with risk.

For our calculations, we accept that our group works from 9-30 to 13-30, the cost of the service is 10,000 rubles. The average number of children in a group per month will be 8 people. To work with children, we hire one employee, the second will be the initiator of the project. For activities, we register IP; taxation is a simplified reporting system.

Our garden will be located in a rented apartment on the ground floor.

Let's bring our calculations to the tables. Let's start with the list of necessary investments.