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Scarlett Johansson will replace Emily Blunt in the film - Iron Man 2


In fact, the image of the Black Widow from the movie Iron Man 2, embodied by Scarlett Johansson, is easy enough to repeat.

The costume is based on a superhero jumpsuit. The one in the film is made of dark blue lycra with two red stripes on the sides. A fitting elegant jumpsuit is also suitable: it is unlikely that someone will find fault with technical inconsistencies when he meets a girl in a leather jumpsuit. It is very convenient to buy a costume or even order individual tailoring on eBay. But if you choose this path, do it in August and September. In the wardrobes of theatrical and ballet troupes also, most likely, there are overalls from ordinary fabrics of dark blue color, which can also be used. The main elements of the costume, which will give you a resemblance to the Black Widow, are:

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Seem to be, Scarlett Johansson ready to replace Emily Blunt in the role of the Black Widow / Russian spy Natalya Romanova / in the film "iron Man 2".

A couple of weeks ago it became known about the possibility for Emily Blunt to leave the project due to a conflict in the shooting schedules for the films Iron Man 2 and Gulliver's Travels.

Moreover, claims Marvel boss talks with Scarlett Johansson over replacement. Johansson, apparently, has already met with the director and is only expecting an official refusal from Blunt.

However, Emily does not give up, and her representatives are diligently trying to agree on the shooting schedules of Emily Blunt in two films at once. The situation is aggravated by the fact that today there simply does not exist a shooting schedule for Iron Man 2 ", and even the start date of the shooting raises questions.

Black Widow

Black Widow made her debut in the Tales of Suspense comic in April 1964. Her real name is Natalya Alyanovna Romanova, she was born in Stalingrad before the outbreak of World War II (approximately in 1928). Over her long life, Natasha has several nicknames: Natasha Romanoff, Natalie Rushman, Nancy Rushman, Laura Matters, Elena Belova, Nutt, Tsaritsa, Natalya Shostakova and others. This was to be expected from a spy.

Super abilities:

From childhood, Natasha was an excellent student in school and in sports - she was engaged in gymnastics and ballet. When the heroine grew up, she began to serve in the KGB, where in 1984 they tested the Soviet version of the Super Soldier serum on her (thanks to which Steve Rogers became Captain America). After the experiment, the Black Widow acquired a strengthened immune system, resistance to psychological effects and reading of thoughts, slow aging, accelerated healing. Also, the physical abilities of Natasha’s body improved to the maximum (strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, speed). In addition, the Black Widow owns various types of martial arts, such as karate, aikido, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, sambo, savat, kung fu. Knows how to use knives and firearms on a professional level. Natasha is an experienced spy and secret agent, she is fluent in Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Simkari and other languages. She is also an excellent hacker.

To the cinema:

Actress Scarlett Johansson played Black Widow in the films Iron Man 2, Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War.

Storm first appeared in the Giant-Size X-Men in 1975. At first, by the way, it was planned to make Storm a man, but then the creators of the comic changed their minds, deciding that it was necessary to add a female character. Her real name is Ororo Iqualdi T'Challa Monroe. She was married to Black Panther, the ruler of Wakanda, and, accordingly, was the queen of this country. The marriage of Ororo and Black Panther was officially annulled after she refused to fight on the side of the Avengers against her friends, the X-Men.

Super abilities: Ororo knows how to control the weather in all its manifestations, she also sees well in the dark, knows how to fly and has great magical potential, since all the women in the Ororo clan were priestesses. However, she is in no hurry to develop her magical abilities. Storm also studied the art of theft in childhood, so she is incredibly agile and agile.

To the cinema: Halle Berry played the Storm in the films X-Men, X-Men 2, X-Men: The Last Battle and X-Men: Days of the Past Future. Despite the fact that Ororo is one of the main characters, in the first two films her character was not disclosed. In the movie X-Men: Apocalypse, young Ororo, who appeared in the guise of a villain, is played by actress Alexandra Shipp.

"Iron Man 2" includes an Easter egg on the Black Panther, which you did not notice

"Black Panther" (Black panther) will present to the audience the fictional African country of Wakanda. Although this may be a new experience on the big screen, Marvel hinted at the existence of Wakanda since the second part "Iron Man" (Iron man) 2010, this film showed that someone knows about these people.

Since 2010, Marvel has been gradually showing Wakanda’s presence in the MCU, sending references to the state and its precious metal - vibranium, both on the large and small screens.

MAP "Shch.I.T.a"

Closer to the finale Iron Man 2 Nick Fury meets with Tony Stark to talk about the Black Widow and the Avengers Initiative.

During this scene, the camera pivots and displays the holographic screens of "S.H.I.T.a." We see areas of interest for the organization: Tony Stark on the West Coast, Thorp hammering in Nevada, Hulk’s battle with General Ross in Virginia, and Captain America’s body removal in Greenland.

There are three more interesting places on the maps. One is located in Norway (most likely due to the original location of the Tesseract from The First Avenger) Another mark is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, on the Mid-Atlantic ridge, it seems to be a reference to Atlantis, although so far Marvel cannot restore Namor’s rights. The third zone is East Africa. This is the African nation of Wakanda, hidden from all. It seems like seven or eight years before the events Captain America: Civil War, Shch.I.T. already following this country.

Interestingly, Marvel included this Easter egg 8 years before the release of the tape. Announcement Black Panther occurred only in 2014, although the script has been in production since 2011.

The premiere in Russia will take place on February 26, 2018.

Kitty pride

Katherine Kitty Pride is one of the most popular members of the X-Men among fans. The character first appeared in the Uncanny X-Men comic strip in 1980. Throughout history, Kitty had several nicknames - she bore the names Ariel, Fairy, and the Phantom Cat (Chimera).

Super abilities: At 13, Kitty began to have severe headaches, after which her abilities appeared: she could pass through any objects. Moreover, if it passes through electrical appliances, then they fail. Over time, the heroine developed her skills and learned how to condense atoms, so she can walk through the air like a ladder. In addition, Kitty owns ninja skills and martial arts, which she taught Wolverine. She also independently understood electronics so much that she reprogrammed Cerebro (Professor X's machine for searching for mutants) so that even those who do not know telepathy could use it.

To the cinema: Kitty Pride is an important hero in the X team, and she has repeatedly appeared in the movies. In the movie "X-Men" (2000), Kitty lit up only fleetingly in the lesson of Professor X. After class, she forgets the bag, returns after her and leaves through the door. This role was played by actress Samela Kay. In the movie "X-Men 2," Katie Stewart performs a cameo role. In the films X-Men: The Last Battle and X-Men: Days of Future Past, Kitty Pride appears as one of the main characters that influences the plot. This role was played by actress Ellen Page.

Rogue (Scum)

Shelma first appeared in the Avengers Annual comic book in 1981 as a villain, but later became a positive heroine and a member of the X-Men team. For a long time, Shelma's real name was kept secret, but then it turned out that her name was Anna Marie.

Super abilities: The hull can absorb other people's energy, memory, knowledge and abilities of other creatures in body contact with them. Her powers first appeared when she kissed a boy. The first kiss turned into a tragedy - the guy fell into a coma. And all his memories were transmitted to Shelme (and after that you worry about your first kiss?). Like many mutants, Anna Marie perceives her strength as a curse, and therefore took the nickname Rog (translated from the English. Rogue - "outcast"). Due to the inability to touch people without hurting them, she constantly wears gloves, although in the company of friends she calmly dispenses with them and behaves very liberally.

To the cinema: Anna Paquin played the role of Rogue in the X-Men movie trilogy. Despite the fact that in the comics, the pair of Shelma and Gambit is one of the most legendary, in the films the heroine meets Iceberg.

Scarlet Witch

The Scarlet Witch made her debut in the X-Men comic strip in 1964. Her real name is Wanda Maximoff. She has a twin brother, Pietro, as well as a half-sister named Polaris. Joining the Avengers team, Wanda fell in love with Vision, whom she later married.

Super abilities: Wanda is one of the most powerful mutants. She owns the magic of chaos - she can manipulate probability, that is, distort reality as she wants. It can also create luminous spheres that contain energy that can harm the chosen target and destroy the biofield. The powers of Wanda are so great that once she completely changed reality, and mutants began to rule the world.

To the cinema: The scarlet witch performed by Elizabeth Olsen can be seen in the movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” in the scene after the credits. As a full-fledged character, Wanda appears in the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. Elizabeth Olsen as the Scarlet Witch will also appear in the movie Avengers: Infinity War, which premieres on May 3, 2018.

Jessica jones

The character of Jessica Jones appeared relatively recently, in 2001 in the comic book Alias, but has already gained immense popularity among fans. During the time that Jessica was a superheroine, she bore the names Treasure, Warrior, Woman Strongman. Unfortunately, Jones did not achieve much success in his superhero career. After all the failures with heroes (and her biggest failure was a clash with Killgrave), she abandoned the idea of ​​being a superhero and opened the detective agency Alias ​​Investigation.

Super abilities: In the comics, Jessica Campbell (this is her real last name) before receiving superpower is an ordinary high school student who was in love with Peter Parker, even wanted to admit to her her feelings on the tour. However, a well-known incident happened - Peter was bitten by a spider, so he did not succeed in declaring his love. Soon, Jessica went with her family to Disneyland, but their car crashed into a truck with radioactive substances. The whole family of our heroine died, and she fell into a coma. When Jess woke up, she discovered that she had superpowers (superhuman strength, endurance, flying ability).

In the series: In 2015, the Netflix Jessica Jones television series was released, where actress Kristen Ritter played the role of the dark heroine. Jessica Jones will also appear in the Defenders crossover mini-series, which will bring together Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Electra Nachios first appeared in the 1981 Daredevil comic. She is Greek by birth and got her name from the heroine of Greek tragedies. Initially, Nachios was a villain, but later she revised her views on life and began to fight on the side of good guys. Electra's father was a Greek ambassador. While in the United States, Electra began to study political science at Columbia University, where she met Matthew Murdoch (Daredevil). They loved each other, but could not stay together, because Electra left America due to the death of her father and her overwhelming anger.

Super powers: Electra is a master at handling all types of weapons. She also knows almost all types of martial arts, in particular, ninjutsu. In addition, she owns the art of the Kamoguri Way: the ability to control time, future, life and death, to revive the dead.

To the cinema: In 2003, the film "Daredevil" was released, where the role of Electra was played by Jennifer Garner. Two years later, the Electra spin-off comes out, where Jen again played the main character. In the Netflix series Daredevil, the superhero was played by Elodie Jung.

Agent Carter

Margaret "Peggy" Carter is a minor character in Marvel comics, usually featured as Captain America's love interest. In the original story, she has a younger sister - Sharon Carter, however, due to a temporary paradox, Sharon became her niece. Peggy first appeared in the Tales of Suspence comic in 1966.

Super powers: Peggy is an ordinary person and does not have any superpowers. But she is a wonderful fighter and a very brave girl!

To the cinema: Actress Haley Atwell plays Peggy Carter, starting with the movie "First Avenger" (2011). Then she appeared in the movie “First Avenger: Another War” (2014), played Margaret in the television series Agent Carter, and also appeared in the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man (2015).

Captain marvel

Carol Susan Jane Danvers has been known as Captain Marvel since 2012, after an explosion that changed her genetic code. Because of this, Susan received part of Captain Mar-Vell's superpowers and became known under the pseudonym Miss Marvel, and only later as Captain Marvel. Also known as Double Star and Bird of War. At various points in her life, Carol was part of a team of Avengers, X-Men, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Super abilities: Carol has superhuman strength, speed, endurance, is able to fly and shoot from the arms with energy charges. After the explosion that changed her DNA, Carol turned into a hybrid of man and Kriya (the alien race to which Captain Mar-Vel belonged).

To the cinema: In March 2019, the movie "Captain Marvel" will be released, where Bree Larson will play the superhero. Looking forward to!

Squirrel girl

The squirrel girl character was created in 1992 to distract readers from gloomy everyday life and various serious topics that were raised in comics. So there was Doreen Green - a fervent and frivolous girl, capable of nullifying all the superhero pathos.

Super abilities: Dorin Green knows how to climb trees, jumping from branch to branch, has superhuman dexterity. She is good at hand-to-hand combat, because she has sharp claws. Dorin sees in the dark and has a sensitive sense of smell. Plus, she has a long and fluffy tail. And she knows how to talk with squirrels. Not using telepathy, no. Dorin really knows the language of squirrels. And if you think that such a superhero cannot fight a serious opponent, then you are mistaken. The squirrel girl defeated Doctor Doom, Deadpool and Wolverine, and this is not the whole list of defeated ones!

To the cinema: So far, Doreen Green has not appeared in the cinema universe, however, there are rumors that they are planning to shoot a comedy series, the main role in which Anna Kendrick is predicted.