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When you first get acquainted with Windows 8.1, it becomes difficult to add a shortcut to a program on the desktop. Microsoft apparently did not take care of such a simple thing or simply did not consider it necessary to do so. At least after a long search, I have not found how to do this. I had to act in roundabout ways. Anyway, the eight turned out to be somehow unborn. I would say the developers created the puzzle and not the operating system for the everyday user.

So consider as simple as possible add program shortcut to desktop a computer.

To do this, go (damn I do not even know how to name it correctly, well, let it be "Menu") in the "Applications" menu

For example, I need to add a shortcut to the Word program. We find the Word application and click on it with the right mouse button

Then a panel pops up at the bottom. Select the icon "Open file location"

A window with programs opens, or rather with program shortcuts (as it is fashionable to say R12 right now, with application shortcuts)

Find our "Word" and click on it with the right mouse button. In the pop-up window, first select the "Send" line (and you don’t need to press it, you just have to wait half a second for a second). A window will appear on the right where you need to left-click on the line "Desktop (create shortcut)." After that, the program shortcut will appear on the desktop.

Here is our shortcut

Using the same method, add all the shortcuts we need for the programs (I’m sorry, applications)

Windows Server 2012

In the case of a server operating system, things are a little more complicated. In order to display the “My Computer” icon, you must enable the advanced components. First you need to enable / add the component "Desktop features"As shown below:

After that, a reboot is required.

After installing the component, right-click on the free space of the desktop, then “Personalization”, “Change desktop icons”, put checkmarks in the dialog box for the necessary icons.

Universal way for both operating systems

Create a REG registry file.

The above code can be copied to notepad and set the file extension .reg, then you need to start it by double-clicking. After that, we update the desktop, the icon will appear itself.

The method was tested on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Russian version. Good luck.

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter.

How to put a shortcut in windows 8 on the desktop

Now click on the Start button to return to the Metro interface and in the search bar type the name that you specified the shortcut and click on Enter. In our example, this is “shutdown”.

Select the shortcut you created that will appear on the left side of the screen, just click on it with the left mouse button.

Now, to pin the shortcut to Metro, click on the icon with the name “Pin” located in the lower right corner of the screen. That's all, your shortcut is placed on the main screen of Windows 8. For ease of use, you can drag it to the place you need.

Method number 1 - use the Start menu

This is probably the easiest way that even the most inexperienced PC user should be able to handle on their own.

Click the "Start" button. Next, select "All Programs" and in the list that opens, look for the application that we need. We click on it with the right mouse button and in the drop-down menu we point to “Submit” and then click on “Desktop (create shortcut)”. All is ready!

You can, of course, do it a little differently and just hover over the desired program and, left-click the mouse, drag the program to the desktop. But this is not very convenient, because you’ll end up with an icon, and on the Start menu this program will disappear. What if she will ever be needed later?

A little more complicated, because You must know in which folder the program or game is located.

Right-click on the desktop, select "Create" and then "Shortcut".

The following window will open. In it you need to click the "Browse" button.

You need to find the folder in which the program is installed and select the file in it that launches the application itself. After that click “OK”. That's all.

Let's give a little hint: by default, programs are installed on drive “C” in the folder “Program Files” (or “Program Files (x86)”) and then by the corresponding name.

At its core, this is the same as the previous method, we just go in a little different direction.

Open "My Computer" or "Explorer" and go to the folder with the desired application. Among all the files we find the launching one. We click on it with the right mouse button and, similarly to “Method 1”, select “Send” and then “Desktop (create shortcut)”.

How to quickly create a desktop shortcut on a program in Windows 8

As we wrote above, not all programs automatically install their icon on the screen after installation. And the name of the folder where they are located is sometimes very difficult to guess. And in Windows 8 there is also no familiar Start menu. We will tell you how to get out of this situation.

Go to the tiled interface and then to the full list of applications.

We find what we need and right-click on it. In the menu that appears, select "Open file location."

A folder on the desktop opens with an already created shortcut for this program. All that remains for us is to transfer it from the folder to the initial screen. Right-click on it and then "Submit" and "To the desktop."

Now you can quickly create shortcuts for any programs and games and put them on your desktop even in Windows 8. You can leave your comments and questions under this article. We will answer them.