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Tackling the ball in futsal


What is the selection of the ball in football?

Which football players are tasked with scoring the ball?

The selection of the ball is the main task of the defense players.. The selection of the ball is carried out in order to take possession of it and give it to their partners, and already they begin the attack towards the goal of another team.

Selecting the ball from the players of the attacking side allows you to neutralize their attack and at the same time start your own, and at the same time ward off the threat from their goal. This is the main task of the defenders. The attacker with the ball is a dangerous player. A striker without a ball is an empty place. Defenders should be guided by this principle, not allowing attacking players of another team to hold the ball for a long time.

It is worthwhile to understand that running around without a ball is the most energy-intensive job in a football match. Therefore, the selection of the ball makes opponents more tired, pressing and trying to regain the round.

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If neither the main nor the extra time of the football match is allowed to determine the winner.

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How does this happen?

If the defending player drew attention to the fact that the opponent was distracted or lost control of the ball, it is necessary to jerk to the sports equipment. To increase the effectiveness of the selection requires training the player’s attention. The athlete must be able to clearly assess the speed of the enemy, the distance to him, the ability to run and take the ball.

Depending on the relative position of the players, selection takes place in the front, side or back-side. Since the rules of mini-football are forbidden tackles and tremors there are several basic ways of selecting the ball:

  • Overlapping foot.
  • Knocking out.
  • Intercept.

For all these methods to work, the defending player must have trained attention, be dexterous and have a good eye. The last quality is necessary in order to be able to correctly assess the distance to the opponent, as well as evaluate their own capabilities for intercepting a sports projectile.

Selection by laying on the foot most often occurs during the martial arts of the defending and attacking players. In order for the reception to work successfully, the defender gets in the way of the attacker, the shock leg is retracted. Muscles must be tensed to carry out the ball at any time.

As soon as the game situation offers the right moment, the defender moves forward, the leg is set as an obstacle in front of the ball, and the arms are moved to the sides to maintain balance. This selection of the ball is most effective in the event of an attacker trying to make a direct shot on goal.

To carry out the selection by knocking out a sufficiently sharp lunge with a kicking foot. You can do this front, back, side-back.

Selection by interception occurs if the opponent decides to make a pass. In this case, the defender accelerates in the direction of the ball and intercepts the sports equipment with any part of the body. For such an interception to be effective, the athlete trains starting speed, attention and cunning. In futsal, one must be able to bluff and hide his own strategy from the opponent, pretending that his intention to make a pass is invisible.

Experts told Metro how to qualify for eminent schools

Experts told Metro how to get selected in eminent schools and what to do for boys who would not be taken there the first time.

There are no nuggets in professional football. All our players who distinguished themselves in this championship graduated from special schools. True, only two of them are Moscow graduates, but they are: captain Igor Akinfeev, who went to CSKA children and youth school from four years old, and forward Artem Dzyuba, who was eight years old at the Spartak Academy.
For the little Muscovites who dream of taking their place, ex-USSR striker Valery Reingold advises starting classes no later than six years. If you can’t get selected in one of the free schools, you can go to the commercial one, the expert believes:
- There is a Dynamo school, there is Spartak, there is CSKA, there is FSM. There is a youth football school, there are private schools. It is better to give the child from six years. This is a preparatory group. There he learns to stand firmly on his feet, feels the team.

Speed ​​matters most
School selections are different. Starting July 23, FSM trainers have been waiting for boys for trial training throughout the school year. The remaining famous schools will hold mass screenings in the fall. Dates must be monitored on their websites. On condition of anonymity, the father of a 6-year-old pupil of the Lokomotiv Academy told Metro how the kids were picked there in May.
- 500 people came with us. They were built, broken by age, brought to the stadium and let's check. Most importantly, they looked at speed. In a game form: the races were running, the cone was running around. And they checked coordination, whether the child can quickly run a snake without losing speed. Then they handed out balls - there was a lead, but, as I understand it, this was not the main thing.
Metro’s interlocutor’s son turned out to be one of seven selected boys born in 2012. Note that the child was prepared: according to dad, he barely learned to walk - the ball became his favorite toy. Therefore, the kid was sent to soccer at the age of 3 at a commercial school. There were four workouts per week. In the “Locomotive” at first there were two, and then, when they added acrobatics, it became three.
- Parents are not allowed to train, but you can watch the broadcast. They train for speed, possession of the ball, at the end they play two by two, three by three.

Football geography
In other schools, training also takes place at least twice a week and lasts for an hour and a half. Since the kids need to be taken to classes, the location of the school is also important. Lokomotiv is located near the Cherkizovskaya metro station, young army men are training in the fields of the Oktyabr stadium, three kilometers from Schukinskaya, Dynamo and the FSM are based at the Luzhniki stadium. (Dynamo high school students also train at the base of a football club in Novogorsk near Moscow, but you still need to live up to that.)

If you weren’t taken right away
If your son has not passed the selection to the top school, let him not give up his dream, but show his character and after six months or a year of training in a simpler institution or in the private section, he goes to the selection again. By the way, our future midfielder Alexander Golovin didn’t make it to Spartak as a child - there he was considered a nonresident boy not strong enough to be enrolled in a boarding school. And according to the results of this championship, he entered the top three discoveries according to the authoritative football magazine FourFourTwo.


Sergey Borozdin
graduate of the Dynamo Academy, coach of the female amateur Beauty Star team

Which children are selected for football schools?
Coaches watch how the child reacts to the ball, how coordinated it is. But this is individual - some boy liked the coach, they take him. But in any case, the child must be active. There are guys that parents force. They stand, shy, and they have less chance.

What awaits young football players in training?
Children are taught to put their feet correctly, to hit the ball - naturally, in a playful manner, so that it is interesting. Later, strong physical exertion begins.
What problems do parents of athletes face?
The child sacrifices personal life. Unlearned at school - you go to training. You train - you go home. No lessons, no partying - all my free time is devoted to sports. Therefore, the role of parents is incredibly important: they must ensure that the child develops comprehensively.

And what does football give to children in general?
Incredible excitement! You forged an iron rod. You feel team spirit. The team becomes the second family.
There is a desire to win all the time, to be better at each training session than at the last. This then helps in other areas of life, but it also has a reverse side: you perceive lesions painfully. Much depends on the child, whether he knows how to defeat - both personal and team - to endure and continue. Here, it is important for the trainer and parents to support, not scold, but to show that one should not stop.

Girls also want to chase the ball!