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How to chill beer: proven ways


In all recommendations for the use of a foamy drink, it means “drink chilled.” And really: cold beer tastes better and retains carbon dioxide longer. The conditions and shelf life of home-made beer require you to place the drink in a cool place (cellar, refrigerator), while the store is usually stored on shelves at room temperature. And most often it is purchased beer that has to be cooled urgently. Below we will talk about various ways to reduce the temperature of a drink in a short time.

How to quickly cool warm bottled beer without a refrigerator

All you need is a newspaper and tap water. The newspaper must be torn into small pieces, moistened with water and wrapped in bottles. Ideally, if these bottles (or cans) can be put to the wind - then the beer will cool faster. But just at room temperature the method will also work. When the paper dries, the drink will be chilled.

There is a more complicated option, but the result will be faster. You will need a spray of compressed air (look in technical stores, it is used to purge computer “iron” from dust), a straw from this spray, a plastic container and tape.

A hole is made in the wall of the container so that the tube from the spray can fits tightly. The container with beer is placed in the container, the lid of the container is tightly wrapped with tape, the tube is inserted into the hole made. Air from the can is supplied to the tube, and thanks to the laws of physics (specifically, the Joule-Thompson law), literally in 60 seconds, the beer will cool very significantly.

How to cool beer in a freezer very quickly

There are two ways to cool in a freezer:

  • cool the glasses
  • cool the beer itself in bottles (cans).

With glasses, everything is simple: put them in the freezer for 10-20 minutes. In them, even warm beer will quickly acquire a “conditioning” temperature.

Chilled glasses will create a special surroundings for drinking homemade craft beer. If you are considering preparing a frothy drink at home, we recommend that you read reviews of home breweries. In some cases, even moonshine stills can brew beer, you only need to equip such a unit with a special false bottom (sieve). In some modern models, for example Luxstal 6, this element is immediately included in the package.

To cool the drink with a freezer, it is important to monitor the temperature of the beer being chilled. The fact is that beer cannot be turned into ice. It begins to harden at a temperature of about minus 2 ° C - minus 5 ° C, so it takes only 7-12 minutes to cool the drink, but not to freeze it. To speed up the process, the bottle or jar is wrapped with wet paper and put in a bag, after which it is placed in the freezer. It is better not to neglect the package, because if the bottle (can) accidentally bursts, then the scale of destruction will not be so fatal.

If the beer is still frozen in ice, then the previous taste qualities cannot be guaranteed. Everything will depend on the composition and quality of the drink. However, do not rush to throw away the drink, considering it spoiled. Defrost it slowly by moving it to the refrigerator. Sudden defrosting can lead to precipitation and deterioration in the taste properties of beer. Foam brewed according to recipes for making homemade beer will produce a precipitate more likely than filtered store beer.

How to effectively cool beer in nature

There are also two options here:

  • cool in a pond
  • cool with a cloth.

There is nothing complicated with a pond: a container with beer in a durable bag (best in a string bag or fishing net), a bag in water. But do not forget to tie it with a rope more reliable, otherwise there is a risk that the coveted drink will disappear in the abyss.

The second way is to wrap the bottle / jar with a wet cloth (even just a sock will do). Hang a sock with a bottle on a branch in the shade, and in the wind the beer will cool almost instantly.

How to cool beer directly in kegs

Everyone knows the situation when in a cafe instead of beer in a glass there is a lot of unnecessary foam. This is because the liquid in the keg is warm. Therefore, the only sure solution to the problem of how to cool beer directly in kegs is to cool the kegs with the drink.

To do this, you need all the same ice. It is best to cool a keg in a container, the bottom of which is covered with ice. A keg is placed on the ice, and more ice is poured on top. After a while, the foamy drink will reach its optimum temperature of +6 degrees.