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How to make a girl respond to SMS


Does a familiar girl not respond to messages in correspondence or answer but reluctantly or in monosyllables? In this article, we will talk about possible causes, as well as give some useful tips to help get out of this situation.

Why doesn’t the girl want to reply to messages

So, imagine the situation. You met a girl in contact or facebook and corresponded with her for a while. Then you noticed that she answered your messages for a very long time, coldly and monosyllabic: “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, “maybe”, etc. An extreme case - she does not respond to messages at all or even stopped reading them.

The only possible reason for this behavior is that it is simply not interested in communicating with you. If she was interested in talking with you, then she would have taken the time to write something interesting, unless she was in intensive care or on a deserted island.

Why did she lose interest in communication? Most likely, they are to blame. Here are the most common mistakes that guys make in correspondence with girls:

  • Obsession. If you constantly try to maintain communication, even when the girl does not want to continue it, sooner or later it will lead to sad consequences. This shows how much you need to communicate with her and greatly reduces your "value" in her eyes.
  • Lack of tact. For example, you left an ambiguous comment on her photo or wrote something not very decent on her wall. This is a direct way to get into the black list.
  • Unoriginality. You were able to interest her in the beginning of communication, but then quickly slipped into platitudes like: “hello, how are you?”, “What are you doing?”, Etc. If you want to attract attention - learn to be original! Do not know what to write? Read on, we will tell.

What if she does not answer?

It will be stupid if the girl does not answer, and you write to her without stopping. As a rule, you need to wait a day and write more. If there is no answer, wait another 2 days, try again. If not again, 3 days. But you can always answer her one of:

Sorry, forgot about you, I was X!

Note: X is something very valuable, funny, noisy. For example, a festival or a legendary party. Such a text shows that you are not crazy about the fact that she does not respond. You have other interesting things to do.

You did not pass the test for speed of reaction = P

You are the worst SMS interlocutor, I put you on probation

Oh my God! You were kidnapped, you fell into slavery or what?

What happened? Damn it, do I have to leave a bail for you in prison again?)

Note: for other SMS that can be sent in such cases, see the bonus section "Cool numbers".

How to switch from text to sex in three days?

Now that you have a bunch of examples of working SMS in your arsenal, you probably think how should I use them all?

Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to get a number and date a girl for three days or less.

DAY 1: take the number

Most guys are afraid to take numbers from girls. And completely in vain. Giving a number to a girl means absolutely nothing. This is not a promise of sex. The first thing you need is to naturally drive up to a beautiful girl and attract attention. Then, confidently take the number. Forget what you asked the girls for before. The number does not need to be requested; So the phrase "can your number?" Is a deliberately losing option. Instead, just tell the girl to give it to you.

Example: let's exchange numbers, and if we like each other in communication, then maybe we will meet again and go somewhere.

Such a phrase is usually easier and faster to interest a girl during the day (especially if it doesn’t happen in a bar or a nightclub), because you don’t need to worry about other guys who can take her away from you or her friends, there are no others irritants.

If you have problems with dating on the street, in a club or at an institute - write me or call me on 8-913-01-01-003. You have the opportunity to use the bonus 30-minute consultation, in which I will teach you the method of “attraction in 2 minutes”. Using this method, you will reduce the time to get acquainted with the girl and make an appointment with her.

After you receive the girl’s number, write to her within 5 minutes:

Hey cutie, such an accidental acquaintance. Are you always so cute with strangers?

Most likely, she will answer you "no, not often, you just seemed very nice."

Now is the time to check it out. Girls love men who challenge them. This is human nature, we always like what is hard to get. So challenge her in a fun way by sending her a type:

We’ll check if you would prefer a pillow fight or a bedtime story?

By sending an answer, she will be tormented if she answered correctly. At the same time, I wait a while before I answer. Therefore, I am writing to her that I will call you back later. Like this:

So she is waiting for my call. I call on the same day, if the interest on her part was small, or the next day, if she was very seduced.

DAY 2: Tease or call her

If the girl was being carried out, then you can safely call and make an appointment with her. If not, then it's time to show all your inventiveness, to make her understand that you are not one of the boring guys who mostly surround her.

All SMS works with humor, flirtation, role exchange and more. After her answer to your cool SMS, when she answered you in the same vein, it's time to create a situation after which she simply can not help but answer your call.

Me: Hey, Princess, red-beautiful. what have you got there this week?

She: very busy except Thursday

Me too. I will have time on Thursday. Have you been to St. Patrick's Cafe?

Me: What, really ?! Yes, they have the coolest drinks, and there’s even a fire show!

Me: it’s certainly amazing that you weren’t there, but here’s what I’ll tell you. Let's meet there, sit for coffee. But just promise that you will behave decently :)

She: I think you can try)

Me: do you record our meeting with a pen or pencil?

Me: I need to know if I need to prepare a backup plan for this day!

She: pen, you don't need a plan

DAY 3: Create more attraction and have a date

If she does not pick up the phone and does not call you back on the second day, then you can either ignore her day, or create more attraction in your communication and still make an appointment.

For this you need to show her how creative, funny you are, to play role-playing games with her. All this will show that you are cheerful and unpredictable.

After a role-playing (or any other) game, you can either go to the ring or send SMS again. If she did not pick up the phone and did not call you back on the second day, then use one of the SMS options from the “Date of Invitation” section, or the following method, consisting of 2 steps:

Step 1: find out about her plans

Most of the guys will ask “what are you doing on Friday, I want to meet with you”, to which she will answer “I have plans” or something like that, which you will have nothing to answer.

Instead, if you first ask about her schedule to find out what days she is free. Then she will not be able to answer you that she has her own plans for the day that you are proposing.

Hi fidget, what is your schedule for this week?

What evening do you say you're free this week?

Step 2: tell us about your plans

Before you make an appointment for her, tell her what you will do on the day when she is free. It must be something interesting, fun, so that she could not miss it and otmazatsya from the meeting. The trick is that you can embellish your current plans a bit, but don't lie to her, just tell me how cool it is!

Here I decided to go to (name of the cafe), they have the coolest cocktails and bartenders firing from their mouths!

Most likely, she will answer that it sounds great. In this way, she will demonstrate an interest in meeting you. She will expect you to call her to a meeting. But don’t show that you really want it. Let it torment.

Hmm, you give the impression of being an ideal accomplice to a crime. It was decided, be ready by seven, I'll pick you up, but promise that you will bring something to eat with you)

Notice that I did a little trick. I shifted my focus from the phrase that I’ll pick her to the phrase so she would take a bite with her. This is a cool trick; your offer is just being swallowed. You can use this in different situations - when you take her number, suggest that she go somewhere, for example, in her bedroom). It disarms her, and you keep everything under control.

Now be sure to call and verbally confirm the time and place of your meeting. For a more productive call, see bonus materials.

DAY 4: Date

Write to her about 15 minutes before the meeting that you will be delayed for 5 minutes. This will help you find out if she will resist and resent. If so, then drop her SMS options from the “Checks” section to put her in her place.

That's it, the girl comes on a date as much as possible interested in you. Then just do not ruin anything.

Why is the girl not responding to the message?

Communicating with a girl, I do not want to suddenly lose touch with her. The more interesting the young lady by correspondence, the more I want to see her. However, if you hurry, you can scare her. You have to spend some time on SMS correspondence in order to see the girl as a result. Why can a girl not respond to messages?

There can be many reasons here, because the girls are all different, as are the situations. try to list all the possible common cases:

  • You bombarded the girl with messages. When a girl is chatting with a guy, she writes him 1-2 messages at a time. If a guy begins to fill up the interlocutor of the message, this causes suspicion and doubt. Especially the desire to stop communication increases if, after a lack of response to SMS, the guy begins to write several messages in a row.
  • You ask stupid questions. The girl could simply not answer or not have time to read your message. And then she reads: “Why don't you answer?”, “Why don't you write?”, “Have you already forgotten me?” Etc. Such questions seem absurd in the eyes of normal girls. Some after such messages stop communicating with the guys who asked them.
  • She did not have time to read your SMS. It happens that a girl just did not read your message. If there is a function indicating when the girl last visited the site, then find out if she could see your message. Some sites show whether the message was read to those to whom it was sent. If not, then it’s understandable why there was no answer. You should calmly respond to this state of affairs, that is, do not write anything to the girl until she unsubscribes.
  • She had a change in plans. It happens that a girl suddenly reconciled with her ex-boyfriend or friends introduced her to a new boyfriend. Roughly speaking, she no longer needs to get to know you, as she is already busy again, passionate about another gentleman. This may include a situation where a girl was invited by another guy before you, and now she wants to build a relationship with him.
  • She’s just tired of it. Before she stopped communicating with you, she simply showed upbringing. And now she’s just tired of it. For what reasons? She was not initially interested in talking to you. She found a more interesting interlocutor. She is tired. Your acquaintance would remain at the correspondence level if you even invited her to see each other.
  • Your last message does not encourage continued communication. For example, you answered monosyllabic to a girl’s question without writing her an answer question. Or you have finished some topic and do not propose another. Or you did not agree on any matter. Or you asked a question, did not prompt the girl to write something to you. In all these cases, the girl, perhaps, would like to write something to you, only she doesn’t know what.

In fact, only a girl herself can answer the question of why she stopped responding to the guy's SMS. However, she does not need to ask such a question. Moreover, you can’t insist that she answer why she stopped writing to you. The more you push, the stronger the girl affirms in her decision to stop communicating with you.

What should a girl write to answer?

You can resent as much as you like about the girl’s behavior. However, if you still want the girl to answer, then you need not to be offended, but to think about what to write to her. You can “rehabilitate” communication if you do it right. However, you should not think that the above methods will work completely.

If the girl finally decided to stop communicating with you, then even magic will not help you. If the girl is just waiting for something, then you can resume the conversation.

What should a girl write to answer?

  1. "You are not allowed to the computer to write me a message?"
  2. "Recently I watched a movie that reminded me of you."
  3. “I got a little distracted. I'm sorry I forgot about you. ”

You can come up with something of your own. Use a fantasy that can allow you to find the right approach. The most important thing with everything is not to put pressure on pity, but to encourage communication.

  • For example, you can pretend that the communication did not stop: “Hello. How are you doing today? Do you still work / study? ”
  • You can ask her an interesting question that she wants to answer: “Today I saw a lot of beautiful flowers. What are your favorites? ”
  • You can discuss some event (like that suddenly): “Have you been to a concert today? Did you like it?".

Questions on abstract topics work best. It is necessary to pretend that nothing happened, as if communication did not stop. The fact that the girl did not write to you, you yourself did not notice! By the way, this is very encouraging to the girl who intentionally and proudly stopped communicating with you. You can write to her: “Sorry, I left the city for a short while. I kept thinking how soon I could write to you. I can finally do it. How have you been all this time? ”

Girls are proud, and guys should pretend they don’t notice it. Moreover, you should communicate with the girls as if nothing terrible had happened. Only in this case can communication be resumed.

What should not be done in a relationship with a girl?

Correspondence is a kind of relationship with a girl. You could not see each other and not communicate in reality. However, the fact that you corresponded is a kind of beginning of a relationship. What should not be done so that the girl does not finally break off communication with you?

  1. Ask why she is not responding. The very question itself makes the girl completely refuse to communicate with you, if you could not think of anything, just to start complaining.
  2. Begging her to answer you. This further kills the hope that the girl will ever answer you. Some young women generally put in spam guys who start to beg them or be offended. The girl owes you nothing. If you want to chat with her, then come up with something interesting so that she has a desire to answer you.
  3. Insult. This is another reason to put a guy in spam without talking. If before that you could write something else to the girl to answer, now this chance is lost.

At the beginning of the meeting, each guy should remember that he should cause interest in the girl himself, and not by chance. Either the guy is doing something, which is why the girl is interested in him, or he hopes that someone will pay attention to him and communication will not stop. In the first case, you learn interesting communication, develop skills that help you later meet with girls and never stop communicating with them. In the second case, you take the position of a loser who should be lucky so that some girl does not stop communicating with him.

Depending on your position, which you yourself choose, your results are either you like or not.

Getting to know through the Internet is very easy. However, this method has many of its flaws, one of which is the sudden termination of a girl's communication with you. What outcome you will come from the results of your attempts to resume communication depends only on what you write to the girl.

You have no other way to contact the young lady. If you know the lady’s phone number, then you don’t need to call her as well as write a lot of messages. If after one message the girl does not answer you, then leave her alone. She has already decided not to answer you, that you must respect.

There should not be any grievances and requests to answer you here. Thus, you only humiliate yourself. If the girl has stopped writing to you, then wish her all the best. And direct your forces to meet other contenders for your love.

What to do in such a situation

Firstly, it is necessary to radically revise your approach to communicating with girls on the Internet. Here are some useful articles that will definitely help you:

Secondly, it is easiest to find a new girl for correspondence, since this one is unlikely to succeed. However, this does not mean that everything is lost. There are several tricks to help you resume communication. Want to know which ones? Then read on.

What to write to a girl who ignores you

Для того, чтобы девушка, которая Вас игнорит, ответила на сообщение, нужно её как-нибудь заинтриговать, развеселить, зацепить или вывести из себя. Вот несколько примеров веселых и провокационных сообщений, которые помогут в этом:

  • "You are not so beautiful that it is so easy to ignore my messages."
  • “In this photo you do not look very good. What has happened with you?"
  • “When I started to correspond with you, it seemed to me that you are an interesting and original girl. And you look like everyone ... "
  • “I see that you are not interested. I will not write more. But it would be more honest of you to directly tell me about this, and not to be silent ... "
  • “I won’t write anything in the next two years - I’m leaving for Namibia to feed elephants.”

Of course, it is important here not to cross the line permissible, otherwise it will end in an ordinary quarrel.

In any case, it is best to learn how to make a good impression from the very beginning of communication and not to bring to such a situation.