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What is better to get in photos? 18 simple tips


If you do not like to be photographed, then most likely you just do not like yourself in the pictures. But do not be discouraged: even the most beautiful people can turn out terribly in photographs, because the point here is absolutely not in beauty! And yes, you can become more photogenic. How? We will talk about this today.

Get in a pose!

This item is best rehearsed in front of the mirror - you need to see from what angle you will look most impressive, which part of the body you should emphasize, and which is best to hide.

True, there are more - less universal postures for photographing. Among them, for example, tested for years hollywood pose: you probably saw pictures of stars halfway to the camera lens, with one foot slightly forward, resting on the other foot. The arm is usually bent and lies on the hip.

And if you haven’t seen it, then appreciate the simplicity and elegance of such a pose right now with an example Taylor Swift:

But, in fact, this pose is far, far from the only one. Below are examples of the most universal and popular of them. Choosing one of these options or finding your own is your choice.

A bit about smile and look

And again, a mirror comes to the rescue. train your emotions in front of him. Understand which smile suits you best: cute, like Gioconda's or open Hollywood. And here there are already no general rules. You yourself must find the “same expression” of your face.

And already during the photographing, do not forget that you can look not only directly at the camera, you can look away a little to the side, but do not direct it into the void: find with your eyes an object and look at itotherwise, the look may turn out to be "empty."

Some people have a double chin in the pictures, which they never had. Just withMake sure the camera lens is in front of your eyes or higherotherwise, this very second chin may well appear.

And most importantly - take pictures in a good mood. Rarely can anyone really portray ease, immediacy, and joy without experiencing it. Therefore, to make the smile natural, try to think about something good and kind before you take a picture.

Makeup will save the world. and your photo of course!

Proper makeup can really make you more attractive in the photo. Good tips and an example of simple makeup for a photo shoot can be found in the video:

Take clothing seriously

The choice of clothing for photography is very important. Do not try to dress as smartly as possible, this is completely optional. Remember what we talked about in the paragraph concerning the person - again, youyou have to find your stylein which you will be charming.

A huge plus of photo shoots - you can wear anything you want, and not what the fashion and the place of your stay dictates to you. Cowboy hats, beautiful headscarves, rocker bracelets - you can be in anything if this suits you and if in this you feel happier and more attractive. After all nothing decorates the exterior so much as awareness of one’s own beauty.

Find your man

This, of course, is about the photographer. Not necessarily a professional, no. A person with whom you are well and whom you trust can perfectly cope with his task, even without special knowledge.

Remember that the photographer sees you through the viewfinder or on the display even before the picture is taken, so he can tell you a better angle, make you smile, because if he treats you well, he will try to make the most successful photos for you.

And further.

In any case, you should understand that absolutely everyone has unsuccessful pictures. Recently, a real scandal erupted due to pop-up photos Beyonceon which the singer looks like this:

Here is an example of her successful photo:

Therefore, never worry about unsuccessful shots. They are not talking about your appearance, but about a bad perspective, a bad mood or a photographer who did a poor job.

Feel free to delete such photos and try again. You will surely succeed!

Preparation greatly affects the beauty of photography

Photos - they are forever. And you want people to discuss how great you were, and not your flaws, right? therefore pre-training is very important .

It’s worth preparing not only for professional photo shoots, but (whenever possible) whenever you know that there is a chance of getting into the frame.

If there is time, if there is a desire - it is better to approach this with all responsibility, learn a few chips, and the result will definitely be!

Naturally, now we will talk about things that depend on you, and not on the photographer and other conditions.

For example, the photographer’s lighting and anatomy plays a very, very important role for good photographs (from where he grows his hands), but very rarely can we control this under normal conditions.

But we can, of course, in a certain sense, control our appearance and the "supply" of our body parts. And if you always want to be good at the photo, regardless of the lighting and experience of the photographer - read below some useful tips. So,

How to learn to get better in photos?

First of all, I suggest that you read the article “Beauty or grooming?” - the principles described in it will serve a good service to any girl, including in the matter of good photos.

And we continue: so as not to ask ourselves the question again: “Why am I so bad at the photo?”, We do the following:

When will the time:

  • Rehearse poses . Take your time and browse the Internet for photos of models and celebrities. Remember (save the photo to your computer or phone) only those poses that you like, evaluate in front of the mirror how you look in one or another pose. Having chosen the most successful ones, rehearse them at the mirror so that the body remembers them. This task will take no more than an hour, but this is how you will remember cool poses for your whole life and will no longer be obtained in photographs in the image “I just stood by ...”
  • P view all your photos - so you will understand how exactly you should turn your face towards the camera so that it works out in the best way. It’s normal that for someone, the left side of the face looks prettier, someone has a full face, and someone has a half-inclination of the chin of 148 degrees. Find your best angles. Even better - take a lot, a lot of your photos at the mirror with different angles, then study them and remember the best positions. This needs to be done only once, but then you will already know how to get up, how to turn when the camera is aimed at you. And in the photo there will be no expression on the face painfully considering whether his mistress had taken a good pose)

A few days before:

  • « All your bad habits are on your face ", - the words of one professional photographer. If it is possible for at least a few days not to eat fatty and salty foods, drink less liquid at night, exercise, get enough sleep, do facial massage - do it. And you will look better and feel (and confidence also plays a very important role, how you give yourself depends on it).
  • Actually, I am against aggressive tooth whitening, because it spoils the teeth, but if you really want to, to make your teeth whiter - You can use whitening paste. I do not mean those that we usually use, such as the “bleaching” Blendamet, Splot or Colgate and their ilk, but special pastes. For example, in many pharmacies, you can buy bleach paste Pres> bleach strips. And drink less tea, coffee and soda. (Speaking of teeth: article How to brush your teeth so that your mouth doesn’t smell?). And yet, since we talked about the mouth, smear your lips with hygienic lipstick or coconut oil at night, so they will be even and moist.

Immediately before:

  • Make sure that the antennae above the lip are removed, the smallest hairs of eyebrows are plucked . Interestingly, eyebrow tweezers often do not cope with very thin, very stiff, short or half-grown hairs - in this case, one little thing that is in the manicure of almost every girl helps very well: these are ordinary tweezers to remove the cuticle, if they have not become dull. Yes, yes =) I have quite rigid hairs that hold onto the skin very firmly (such as “no, where do you drag us, woman ?!”), and sometimes only these tweezers help out. If you do not like your native eyelashes, increase them in advance - your look will be much more expressive, plus you will feel more confident.
  • Make a clay mask (those whose skin is prone to oily), because facial fat is a serious enemy of good photos. Before applying makeup, you need to wash your face several times with cold water - it will narrow the pores. You can also wipe your face with ice with chamomile, nettle or green tea - the pores will narrow even more. Smearing your face with a moisturizer makes sense only if you have enough time to absorb the cream, then the skin will look fresh, otherwise it will be oily.

Makeup specifically for the photo:

  • When applying makeup, remember that (usually) the camera “eats” a good part of the makeup and the face is not at all as expressive as it looks in the mirror. Therefore, paint brighter than usual. Just do not overdo it!
  • Adjust face shape with toners that are darker or lighter than your skin tone (but avoid orange shades!). With contouring, the rule is simple: what we want to reduce or make deeper - we darken (the fossa under the lip, shadows under the cheekbones, overhanging eyelids, the bottom of the jaw ...), what we want to push forward is to brighten (the cheekbones, the center of the forehead, the back of the nose ...). With the help of such correction, you can achieve the desired effects: make the nose, jaw or the face itself narrower, lips puffier, cheekbones more expressive. There are many useful videos on this topic on YouTube, you can find a face correction scheme that suits you.
  • Try to use powder even on top of foundation, it mattifies the skin very well. Avoid pearlescent and violet shades and sparkles in powder. Color the eyelashes of the upper eyelid well, in two layers and with twisting (this will open your eyes and make them very expressive), on the lower eyelid, on the contrary, apply less mascara.
  • there is special white eyeliners , you can paint over the inner strips of the eyelids (those that are directly behind the eyelashes and adjacent to the eye) - the eyes will look bigger and more beautiful. White or very light shadows, applied to the inner corners of the eyes (only if your eyes are not far set) and shaded right under the eyebrow tails (this is where the rollers bulge the most), will serve very well - it will seem like you had a good night's sleep.
  • Comb your eyebrows . Yes, yes, I know that none of you look like Brezhnev’s, but even the most delicate, delicate eyebrows need to be stacked sometimes, because the camera will be happy to show what is coming from the wrong direction) If eyebrows are naughty, use eyebrow gel. I have long eyebrow hairs and like to look down, which is why eyebrows look scruffy. Therefore, I often use the gel myself. (I’m adding it a few years later: I started doing eyebrow shaping and I advise everyone!)
  • If you want to, make your lips look puffy - put a little dark blush in the hole under the lower lip, above the upper make a light strip with a highlighter or a lighter tone, apply a transparent gloss to your lips (it does not matter what you have already made up on), more in the center. But you have to take care of yourself and not lick your lips.
  • If you are with the neckline , you can darken the hollow in the chest with a darker toner, so it will appear a little deeper. And also, on the same YouTube you can find various videos on the topic “how to put on makeup like Angelina Jolie”, “like Barbie”, “like Megan Fox” - and just like anyone else =) The main thing is to make sure that this makeup suits your face type.

Already in front of the camera:

  • Watch your posture Do not slouch! Have a stomach? It can be pulled in. Remember the existence of tightening underwear (I myself have never bought, but my friend ordered some on Aliexpress, it began to look much worse). Have a double chin? It can be pulled in, pressing the back of the tongue to the sky. Wide face? Tilt your head down a little and deploy three quarters. Try never to act in full face.
  • Note, when a person feels uncomfortable, he slightly retracts his neck - follow her, pull her out. Do not want your hands to come out fuller than they are? Do not push them to the body. Don't want your legs to come out fuller than they are? If you are sitting, try to hold them slightly overhang, but so that it is not visible that you are doing this. If possible, put on your heels - they will lengthen your legs and tighten your ass.
  • Want to, to make your breasts look bigger ? Wear push-up bras. More? Put on two bras if they are not visible. Lift the chest to the chin. But this is only if you are wearing clothes, otherwise the ribs will be visible. Transparent or open clothing, and bras - not an option? There is a great solution here.
  • Feel smiling tightly? Don't forget lightly squint your eyes so that the smile comes out naturally. It is not necessary to always look into the camera, you can very slightly look away from the lens, looking slightly to the side or on top of the camera - this will make the photo more natural.
  • And try to think about the pleasant - your emotions are reflected on the face. Think about your beloved cat, about how funny you once fell into a puddle, what beautiful flowers a young man gave you, what a delicious cheburek you ate ... Or just about how good a person is standing in front of you with a camera now, because thanks to him, soon new wonderful photos will appear for you =) Therefore - we remember the learned postures and turns of the face and enjoy the process!

These simple tips will always help you get good photos. Have good photo shoots and great photos) And remember: models feel so free at photo shoots not because they have a special magic gene, but because they have experience, and they know their winning perspectives and poses in the same way:

However, I repeat, it happens that no matter how wonderful you look, the camera will show something on the photo that you will not like at all. Or if you, like me, are members of a non-photogenic club, you too often will not like your photos. For you, another great tip on how to fix this is in the What to do to make photos like it?

Tell us in the comments: do you like more often or don't like how you get on photos?

• Closed eyes

This is a very common problem. Someone takes pictures, you stand and think: “Do not blink, do not blink, do not blink,” and that in the end, he fell asleep in the photo.

Solution: when you are preparing for the photo, close your eyes for a few seconds and slowly open it before the bird flies out. Trust me, it works.

If the photo should be with a flash, look at the light source for a few seconds, your pupils will narrow and your eyes will be ready for the camera to flash.

• Double chin

You either have it because you are fat, or it appears when you tilt your head down.

Solution: do not lower the chin. Each time before the photo you raise your chin and stretch your head a little forward. You do so and no double chin!

• Suitable lighting

Any professional photographer will say that lighting is the most important aspect of high-quality photos. The first thing to avoid is direct artificial light falling down on you. From it dark shadows appear under the eyes, the face becomes tired look.

Solution: perfect - daylight diffused light falling directly on you. Sunlight will make the complexion warmer and no shadows under the eyes.

• Natural smile

The smile specially stretched for a photo is terrible if you do not know how to "pull it" correctly. A real one, on the contrary, will brighten up any picture, but you are not always in the right mood.

How to bring a smile closer to a natural look, even when there is no mood?

You can recall a joke or a funny incident from life and smile sincerely at that, which will be ultimately captured in the photo.

As you most likely know, a sign of a sincere smile is a facial expression. If the eyelids squint a little, and mimic folds appear at the corners of the eyes, then the emotion is most likely natural. Therefore, to get closer to this, smile not only with your mouth, but also with your eyes.

If you stoop, you look thicker, chest already, back with a wheel - all this will make the photo terrible.

Solution: correct posture, stand straight, straighten your shoulders, chin up, plus a smile - and your photogenicity increases significantly!