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How to learn fire magic


Some spectacular fire tricks can be shown using improvised household equipment and using quite simple methods. However, it should always be remembered that when handling flammable liquids, extreme care and supervision of adults is always necessary. You can impress your friends with tricks worthy of a real circus show, or even fool them, forcing you to consider you a real lord of fire. For more information, go on to reading the first step of the article.

WARNING: Use extreme caution. Working with flammable liquids without proper protective equipment is not recommended.

How to learn fire magic at home

In magic itself lies the scale of human wisdom, which has been formed over millennia. Everyone probably heard about various rituals at different times, conducted by shamans, magicians, when a fire was lit. In olden times, people were closely connected with nature, felt it and understood all natural laws. At the same time, they whispered mysterious conspiracies and spells. The element of fire is bright, vibrant, of all the elements, it is the most active. It is necessary to make every effort to independently know it, and to persistently do the practice. Having started training, you should know a few facts about fire:

  1. The power of fire depends on its source; for home teachings, use church candles.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to spit in the fire, it is considered a great sin.
  3. To control the elements, it is necessary to learn to understand and accept it entirely.
  4. At the very beginning, before starting to practice, you need to learn how to meditate, visualize phenomena. Do this exercise, straighten your arms and connect them in your palms. Unclench them slightly, imagining that you are holding an orange ball.
  5. Gradually connect your palms, letting this ball into you. As you touch each other’s palms, take a deep breath.

How to learn hand fire magic

Now there are many science fiction films using special effects that show the special abilities of mankind. But in real life, it is also available to develop special abilities. In the actual sense, the element of fire can be controlled directly, it will be called pyrokinesis.

After long practices, it can be used to quickly form a fire, or to extinguish it, direct it with the tongue of a fire, or a candle. Perhaps even raising your temperature in frosty weather, and much more that you are capable of, but do not guess yet. To unleash the potential, you need to conduct regular training, not to refuse your desire. The first technique for a beginner, is aimed at the formation of primary energy in the human body, the transition to further highest actions with energy.

This stage is initial, for the accumulation of light within itself.

  1. Light a candle and look at it carefully, do not be afraid of the presence of fire.
  2. Read, looking into the fire, the following text: “By faith in the fire, its power, cure the disease. Fire - the brightest, scorching, go away, damn pestering. I’ll go around my house with a spark, I’ll live in prosperity, peace. Amen. I burn with black candles, enemies, fools are driven away. The very flame of the tongue smokes with blackness, so let my enemy whine from the ailments. Amen"
  3. You need to speak with sincere excitement, joy, repeat several times.
  4. After training time, concentration will become available to you, and the mood will be enough for five seconds.
  5. You should not be afraid of conspiracies, if you wish, you can come up with them yourself. A text set, not necessarily rhymed, that promotes certain actions.
  6. Allocate at least ten minutes to the ritual; rush is not appropriate here.

The secret of the focus is fire in the hand - in props

FIRE IN HANDS, IN HANDS / FIRE IN HAND - circus, theater props fire show, focus, joke.

Fire in hands, fire in palms, fire hand (mistakenly fire hand), flame in hands, fire palms - these are the names of the common numbers of magicians, as well as the numbers of the fire show, the theater of fire. The secrets of these tricks, fire tricks - in the props.
Props are made from the following materials.
Aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass, plastic, genuine leather, flint for lighters, asbestos, Kevlar can.

Dimensions props fire in the palm of your hand
- 50x35x35 mm.

Weight props fire in the palm of your hand
- 20 ... 30 g.

Price 2 pcs props fire in the palm of your hand
- 40 $.

Foundation preparation

We prepare the basis on which we will apply the finished mixture. The fact is that a cold fire can cause significant harm to the skin if you plant it directly on your hand. So for this purpose we will build a small ball.

To do this, wrap a sufficiently dense woolen thread into the glomerulus. A ball, 2-3 centimeters in size, is enough for 3-4 minutes of burning.

If you do not want to take risks and touch the fire with your hands, you can build something that looks like a torch by planting a ball on a knitting needle or a thin long wand.

Mixture preparation

We proceed directly to the preparation of the mixture for cold fire.

To do this, pour a tablespoon of ethyl alcohol into a small container. Add as much boric acid, and only after that - a drop of hydrochloric or sulfuric. It is very important to maintain proportions and thoroughly mix all the ingredients, since we are dealing with very unstable and strong chemicals.

Cold fire in hands

Blot the ball with a solution. Before setting it on fire, consider that first hydrochloric acid (or boric acid, depending on which one you used) will start to burn, the flame from which is almost insensitive. But after that, alcohol will light up, which, when burned, can seriously burn the skin. So as soon as you begin to feel a slight burning sensation - extinguish the ball, or lower it into a specially prepared empty container.

Fire in hands, in palms - fiery hand - how to make

FIRE IN HANDS, IN HANDS / FIRE IN HAND - circus, theater props - how to do, how to hold, how to light.

Props fire in the palms are used like this.
1. Check the performance of silicon ignition.
2. Not more than an hour before the performance, refuel the prop in the palms with gasoline for lighters, the refueling capacity is 0.1 ... 0.5 ml.
3. During the performance, they show their empty hands, and suddenly light a fire in their palms.
4. When using fire in the palms of your hands receive a flame with a height of 10 ... 15 centimeters.
5. If you use fire in your palms for longer than 20 seconds, you can burn your palms.

The largest example of props

Fire in hand - This photo shows the largest sample of props without built-in silicon ignition.

Fire in hand - in this photo you can see a sample of props without built-in silicon ignition.

Fire in the hand - stage props

Fire in hand - This photo shows a sample of props during a performance on the stage of Miss KhAI - 2010. The girl on the right extinguishes the fire in her hand.

Still samples of the property we made for the show, which can be ordered and made in the workshop: