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How to like a teenage girl: classmate, neighbor or just a friend


Hello my dear friend. You are greeted by the best site in the world for children and adolescents, and I personally, Dedok Yurik. Surely you got to this page for a reason. Let me guess. You were brought here by such questions: how to fall in love with a girl at school, how a boy will like a girl, how a girl who does not like you, how a classmate will like you, and, in general, how to attract the attention of a girl. I'm right? Well, fine. In this case, I hasten to assure you that you came directly to the address. I have enough experience to answer all your questions and help you realize your goals. After reading this text, you will not only learn how to approach a girl at school and how a girl who interests you will like it, but you will also be able to understand what girls like 12 years old like and how to overcome all their fears. Sit back, arm yourself with a notebook and pen, and listen.

Age limits

It should be noted that 9 years and 15 years is a big age difference. It would seem that between these figures is only 6 years old, but at this age every year is of great importance. How a girl of 8 years old will like and how a girl of 16 years old will like are two completely different questions requiring a different approach and the specifics of your actions. So for convenience, I will initially divide for you age categories, from which you can immediately choose the right one for your case.

How to like a girl of 8-13 years old

At this age, girls pay less attention to appearance. Here they can be attracted, first of all, by your human qualities, ability to maintain interesting conversation and have fun. The methods by which you will conquer a girl, both at 8 years old and at 13 years old, will not differ much. But how will a classmate like it? Everything is simple. You need to follow some rules:

  1. Be yourself. How to find a girl at 9 years old? It seems that it is extremely difficult, because at this age girls are little interested in relationships. Nevertheless, if you will be interesting to her as a friend, then more serious feelings may well awaken in her. It’s not worth building yourself out of who it is, otherwise you can forget about how the girl will like it. Behave naturally, and nothing else. In the end, you won’t be able to pretend all the time,
  2. Do not be silly. I understand that the question of how to fall in love with a girl of 12 years old or how a girl of 9 years old will like your mind and imagination excites, and it is very difficult to restrain emotions. Moreover, excitement can overwhelm you. But don't let this excitement turn you into a fool. Girls are always looking for a serious young man who can behave appropriately. But how to attract a girl if you constantly go crazy and behave like a child? That's right, nothing. So be restrained in your emotions and in your behavior,
  3. Interest her. Find common ground. Let there be something to talk about. There is no better way how a girl of 13 years will like it or how to like a girl of 10 years old than to find common interests with her. If you are passionate about the same thing, if you always have something to discuss, then questions about how a girl of 12 years will like, how a girl of 10 years will like and how to like a classmate of 13 years, can disappear by themselves. So try to find out as early as possible what she is fond of and what she is interested in.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. On a subconscious level, you yourself must understand how a girl of 12 years will like it and, in general, how to conquer a girl of 12 years old. Just listen to your inner voice, and all obstacles will go away by themselves.

How to attract the attention of a girl of 14-16 years old

How to attract a girl's attention, which at this age is already actively turning to the opposite sex? Yes, yes, these are not questions for you how to find a girl at 11 years old and how a girl will like 12 years old. Everything is much more complicated here. If a person who is interested in how a girl of 12 years old likes or even likes a girl of 10 years old is, in fact, a pioneer of relations in her class, then a guy who wonders how to like a girl in a school of 16 years old is likely to face high competition . Yes, female attention is worth its weight in gold, and any young guy wants to get it. You only need to find out how to like a girl of 15 years old, and start acting before the rest have woken up.

In principle, the behavior here will be identical to the case described in the last section. There is, in principle, no fundamental difference between how a girl of 12 years old likes and how a classmate likes 15 years old. Here only a fad like appearance is added. Well, really, how to attract the attention of a classmate if you do not look very?

But even if the appearance leaves much to be desired, then this is not a reason to despair. No money for new expensive clothes? Yes, clean and wash, finally, the old! Nature has not endowed with good data? So what? Make a stylish hairstyle, go in for sports. And yes, a very important point - take the habit of regularly using deodorant. There is no smell in the world that would scare away girls as much as the smell of sweat. This, by the way, applies to those who are interested in how to fall in love with a girl of 12 years old and how a girl of 13 years old will like it.

How to like a girl who does not like you?

How to like a girl who does not love you? Yes, everything is extremely simple - you just need to like her. So what, what is she thinking now. What difference does it have in her head. Here everything depends only on you, and it is in your power to conquer any girl you like. The main thing - do not give up. Girls love assertive and persistent guys who do not change their minds 5 times a day, but follow their goal. Take care of her, seek her attention, do not give up, and sooner or later she will appreciate your efforts. Believe me, I know that for sure. And it’s absolutely unimportant here, you are interested in how a girl of 12 years old will like it, how a girl of 13 years old will like it, or how to attract an older classmate. Perseverance, pressure, striving for your goal - that's all you need.

How to understand that a girl likes you at school?

Now I’ll say a few words not about how a classmate in 7th grade will like it or how a girl of 12 years old will like it, but about how to understand whether she likes you or not. The fact that she likes you can be evidenced by her behavior:

  • she smiles at you and laughs at your jokes,
  • she herself comes to you and starts a conversation,
  • she touches you whenever possible
  • she is embarrassed.

If you notice at least one of the signs, then it may well be that you don’t even have to puzzle over how to like a classmate - she already likes you! Congratulations buddy, you hit the jackpot. Well, if not, then you still know what and how to do it.

How to overcome your fears?

If you understand how a girl from the class will like it, but you can’t do anything out of fear, then I have something to tell you on this score. Fear is your defeat, it is your enemy, which must be overcome first. This can be done either through lightning-fast actions, so that fear simply does not have time to generate dissuasive thoughts in your head, or through a thorough analysis of the problem. But believe me, the first is better. Just act and do not wait until you yourself begin to come up with excuses. Go speak, conquer and fall in love.

That's all. Now you know how to please a girl at 12 years old, 13 years old, 14 years old and at any other age. It remains only to put the acquired knowledge into practice and share experience on our forum. We are waiting for you and wish you success!

Difficulties with teenage girls

Few people aged 10–11 years know what to do to please a girl who studies with you at the same school or simply lives in a neighboring yard. First approach is so difficult! And the point here is not so much in natural shyness: modesty has long ceased to be an ornament. The reason is different - the fear of being rejected. Your sincere impulse can be ridiculed, condemned, and made public. You are afraid to get burned and do not take the first step. And then your classmate whom you dreamed of liking is already walking with another boy, like an adult, and giggling at his jokes. And you regret about this missed chance for a very long time.

Adolescence is a rather difficult stage, a period of growing up, when a girl gradually turns into a girl, and a boy into a young man. Sexual development occurs, otherwise the hormonal system begins to work. Interest in the opposite sex is growing, and this is natural.

It is not easy to meet a teenage girl for various reasons:

  1. At this age, first love most often comes. Faced with it, the girls do not know how to behave. They have no relationship experience, so they go through trial and error. The “transitional” age is the main difficulty of the situation.
  2. At this time, the girl wants to behave in an adult way, not being one. After all, she is still considered a child. Therefore, the guy will have to constantly control himself and her in terms of intimate relationships. Under 18 years, sex with her is a criminal article!
  3. Teenagers at almost any age tend to imitate their idols. That is, what girl is real, what kind of character she is, you may not understand for a very long time, and whether she will be revealed to you to the end is a big question.
  4. It is worth preparing mentally for the psychological tension of the girl: at this age, she is in disharmony with herself. Due to the rampage of hormones, attacks of aggression, impulsive behavior, emotional breakdowns can occur. Feelings become sharper, which is expressed in mood swings - from enchanting fun to complete apathy. On the other hand, you never know what to expect from her. She will never be bored.
  5. Like all teenagers, girls are characterized by demonstrative reactions of protest, if they don’t like something in relations with you, as well as inappropriate behavior and extravagant acts. But with all their external independence, they are very vulnerable and unsure of themselves.

But do not think that you will encounter all these problems, a lot in a relationship depends on the characteristics of the girl’s character and how you behave yourself. In any case, all the difficulties go by the wayside in comparison with the tenderness of the first love, the first kisses, the first strong emotions - all that will never be forgotten. So if you want to please a teenage girl - go for it, it's worth it!

What qualities do girls appreciate?

Each teenage girl has her own criteria for evaluating the merits of guys. Nevertheless, there are a number of qualities that will be important for any young person:

  1. Neatness. It’s foolish to count on reciprocal sympathy if you walk in dirty clothes, bite your nails and don’t use a handkerchief. Your hairstyle should be neat and as stylish as possible. Use a pleasant unobtrusive perfume.
  2. Politeness. Always say hello and goodbye. The words “thank you”, “thank you”, “please” must be in your vocabulary. Do not use obscene words. From this you will not look cooler, but from the crowd of peers you can stand out favorably.
  3. Gallantry. Act like a gentleman. Give a hand when she needs to get out of public transport, skip the first, hold the door, help put on outer clothing.
  4. Success and hard work. The basis of your great future success is today's small victories at school. If you are too lazy to learn lessons, do not read books, you have no hobbies, you are probably not interested in yourself. And then you can hardly interest a girl. Concentrate on the lessons, pull up your studies and you will see how the attitude of others towards you and, first of all, on the part of girls, will radically change.
  5. Friendly and cheerful disposition. But if you know that humor is not your thing, pay attention to yourself with other virtues. Otherwise, the impression of inappropriate jokes can ruin everything.
  6. Sociability. She will help to establish contact, find common topics for conversation.
  7. Naturalness. Do not pretend to be who you really are not.
  8. Helpfulness. Feel free to offer your help to the girl. It will bring you closer and you can make friends faster.

How do you like a girl who is studying at your school?

It should be understood that your tactics should depend on the age of the girl and on her status. Depending on what you want: whether a young lady of 12–13 years old from your school will like you or a girl of 14–15 years old, whom she seems to be just friends with, your actions will be different.

How will a girl 12-13 years old like it:

  1. Spend more time together. Is she a strong student? Ask for help with homework. If you study better, do it yourself. Do it correctly and accurately, girls are so touchy.
  2. Make friends with her buddies. So you will not only learn more about her, but you will be included in her company, which means you can walk in the same place as she is.
  3. Offer her joint participation in school events and holidays. You will have a common cause and new topics for conversation.
  4. If she has a pet, tell her that you are also interested in animals, and ask her to show him to you - this is another topic and reason for your conversations and walks.
  5. See her home after school - she will be pleased. So she will be convinced that you distinguish her from among other girls.

How to like an older girl, 14-15 years old:

  1. At this age, opinions, worldview, and value system are often changed or adjusted. Higher becomes the bar requirements for surrounding people. The girl wants her to have not only a beautiful, but also a reliable young man, on whom she can rely. There is a need for a confident partner who will soon be ready to support her in solving problems.

In order to build confidence, you must be aware that you have your own merits and you are no worse than others. Fight low self-esteem, but don't overdo it - you don't need a halo either. Do not compare yourself with anyone except yourself in the past: you must see your personal growth. Do not be afraid to make mistakes: the one who does nothing is not mistaken. From each failure, we must learn invaluable experience and move forward.

In modern society, confidence is often associated with material wealth and financial stability. Peers of young women who, due to their age, depend on their parents, cannot give this to their girls. It often happens that in adolescence girls give preference to more mature guys.

  1. During this period, the weaker sex begins to understand that the expression of male sympathy needs to be confirmed not only with words, deeds, but also with gifts, and if inexpensive, then with meaning. Young people sometimes have to show remarkable imagination in order to please the girls counting on their grateful kiss.
  2. Although adolescents tend to deny the authority of their parents, they can only afford unflattering reviews about them. If you want to get the girl's favor, be polite and respectful not only with her, but also with her parents. Hearing your negative comment in the heat of emotions, for example, after her quarrel with them, she may perceive this as support. But in the future it may be offended. After all, what is permissible to her as a daughter is unacceptable to you.
  3. Girls of this age most often prefer young people popular in school. Try to win her not by cheap authority and reputation of the “bad guy”. Otherwise, you can only rely on the favor of a particular category of people - windy, frivolous, fickle coquettes.
  4. Do not treat the girl like a crystal princess and do not run headlong to fulfill any of her instructions. You can and should help, but not cope with her tasks instead of her, otherwise she will begin to treat you as a henpecked and lose all interest in your person.
  5. Do not try on the role of a shirt-guy who is ready to reveal his soul to her. Keep a little detached, create a small halo of mystery. So you will be more attractive, and she will certainly want to know what you really are.

If you were refused, it means that the girl was not able to evaluate your merits. Do not despair. You will definitely meet the one you like.