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How to clean silver with stones (at home)


Fans of silver jewelry know that over time a dark coating appears on these jewelry, they become dull and lose their attractiveness. Of course, this is not connected with the dark forces, as our ancestors believed. This happens due to the fact that when it interacts with air, the precious metal oxidizes and dark oxide is formed on its surface, which has a dark color.

You can clean silver at home and return the beauty to your favorite silver products with the help of simple secrets and at home.

In addition, give them rest, which is occasionally necessary for all jewelry. It is also necessary to know what these stones react most to, and what are the consequences of such a reaction.

Diamonds - actively collect dirt, especially fats. The epidermis flakes, sebum, cosmetic products and regular dust quickly settle on diamonds, reducing their brightness and the play of light. Therefore, diamonds should be cleaned regularly.
Topazes, tourmalines - when heated or friction are polluted and begin to actively collect household dust.
Topazes, pearls, amethysts - change their color when heated or exposed to direct sunlight, which has a significant ultraviolet component in the spectrum.
Emeralds, chrysolites are very fragile and from sharp blows can either crack, or cracks can form in them.
Corals, turquoise, pearls - soap products, hot water, cosmetics, perfumes are harmful for products with such inserts.

The beauty of the faceted stone is fully visible when its surface is perfectly clean. To do this, do not touch the stone with your hands, if possible, perform all manipulations, holding on to the frame or other metal parts of the product. Do not take healing mineral or radon baths in the company of jewelry stones.

First of all, in order to protect jewelry from pollution and damage, they must be removed during homework, as well as when using cosmetic preparations: bleaching creams, soaps, perfumes, acetone.
It is better to store all jewelry in a closed box or box (which themselves can be a dressing table decoration) away from heaters and direct sunlight.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, amethysts, colored topazes (except golden), pearls and turquoise, as well as rubies and garnets, lose their color intensity. Ruby from strong heat can completely lose color.

All jewelry with stone inserts are “afraid” of sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. Therefore, the bathroom is the most inappropriate place to store jewelry, and especially silver.

Gold jewelry care

Dilute the dishwashing detergent and lower all its gold jewelry into it. You can leave them like this for the whole day off (or all night) and shake it from time to time until the dirt comes off. Additionally, you can wipe with a soft toothbrush near the clasps, under the stone. Thus, you can clean jewelry with a diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, quartz, topaz, beryl, aquamarine. Rinse each item in distilled or boiled cold water and dry with a towel.

It is better not to brush the gilded jewelry with a brush, so as not to erase a thin gold layer.

Gold and gilt jewelry darkened with time can be refreshed with onion juice. It is necessary to grate the surface of the jewelry and leave it for one and a half to two hours. Rinse with water and let dry.
To clean the rings with stones, you can take a stick for cleaning the ears (or wrap a piece of cotton wool on the match) and dip it into the cologne and gently clean the stone and its frame from above and below. Then polish the ring with a soft flannel or suede cloth. You can’t clean the frame of the ring with sharp objects - it can be damaged. To keep the stones in the rings clean and shiny, it is better to remove the rings when you need to wash your hands.
Gold jewelry that has lost its luster can be washed in soapy water with the addition of ammonia (half a teaspoon per 1 glass of water). Then rinse with clean water and wipe. If gold jewelry with stones, then ammonia must be taken in proportion: 6 drops in 1 glass of water.
A gold ring without a stone can be smeared with lipstick and rubbed with cotton wool or soft paper. (I remember how hardworking classmates who had already managed to jump out to get married were diligently cleaning their wedding rings.)
It is rare, but it still happens, that a spot of iodine appears on a gold jewelry. You can remove it if you lower the thing for 15-20 minutes in a solution of hyposulfite, which is used in the photograph. But here an additional question arises: “where can I get it, hyposulfite?” After all, current amateur photographers give their films in the darkroom and get ready-made pictures.

Care for jewelry made of silver and cupronickel.

Like gold, silver jewelry can be soaked in soapy water, rinsed and polished with cloth.
Heavily darkened silver jewelry can be wiped with a flannel rag with drinking soda or (who has preserved it) with tooth powder. Then rinse in clean water.
There is a way to clean silver and cupronickel cutlery, which can be successfully used for cleaning jewelry made of these metals (without stones).

In a boiling solution (1 tablespoon of salt, a shell of two chicken eggs and one liter of water) lower chains, rings, bracelets for 15 seconds. Rinse them thoroughly after boiling and wipe dry with a cloth.

To restore shine, silver jewelry can be dipped for 10 minutes in a potato broth. (Very useful when cooking mashed potatoes, when part of the broth has to be drained).
To restore the luster of silver and silver-plated jewelry, you can wash them in a soap solution with the addition of ammonia (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water). I warn you that silver with blackening can not be cleaned with ammonia.

Jewelry with stones

Great care must be taken when cleaning jewelry with stones that do not tolerate high humidity. These are turquoise, opal, apatite, malachite, moonstone, amber, pearls, corals. Soaps, perfumes and hot soapy water are harmful to corals, turquoise and pearls.

Pearls become cloudy and lose their luster. contains two percent water.

However, in a mild soapy solution, these minerals can be washed. Rinse them immediately in clean water and dry. In addition, the pearls can be lightly wiped with potato starch, which removes excess moisture and dirt.

Special warning: pearls dissolve in strong vinegar.

To remove oily deposits from pearls, you can wrap it in a thin linen cloth, after pouring 1 teaspoon of salt on it, and rinse in water until the salt dissolves. To dry.

Pearls (natural and artificial) should be stored separately from other jewelry, wrapped in a soft cloth. From time to time it is wiped with a velvet. Natural pearl beads are recommended to be replicated every year. Pearls love the warmth of the human body - wear it more often.

Turquoise is an unstable compound. It is porous: it easily absorbs fats, aromatic substances and turns green under their influence. When washing hands, turquoise rings are best removed.

Since pearls and turquoise are some of the oldest jewelry, many legends are associated with them, and there are also many ways to care for them. So in the old days in Russia, to clean the pearls, he was allowed to peck a chicken. Then the chicken was cut and the pearls were removed from the stomach.

A similar method existed for cleaning turquoise in the East. She was rubbed with raw meat and fed a turkey.

Animal fat is very beneficial for turquoise. Therefore, you can rub it with fat tail fat. Vegetable oil "kills" turquoise.

Amber and ivory can be safely washed in warm soapy water.

The yellowed ivory can be dipped for 10 minutes in a bleach solution containing chlorine.

In the stores of almost every woman you can find jewelry. She deserves many good words and good care.

Jewelry with enamel is cleaned with a mixture of tooth powder or chalk with a few drops of ammonia.
Metal brooches and pendants can leave bluish spots on clothes. To avoid this, you can cover them on the back with colorless nail polish.
Glass jewelry can be washed in soapy water, then washed in clean water and dried with a soft towel.
Large beads can be washed with a brush.
If the beads are strung on a thread or elastic, it is better not to use soap. From it, gum and thread quickly "age", lose elasticity and dry out. The whole thread may fall apart at the most inopportune moment.
Soap also adversely affects jewelry made of plastic. Therefore, they can only be washed in water, and pay more attention to how and where they are stored.
Wooden decorations do not wash: the tree swells from the water. They can be wiped with a flannel. Do not touch them with greasy hands or put them on the neck, if oily cream is applied to it - spots will remain.

Jewelry made of silver coated with rhodium is best cleaned simply with a soft cloth, try not to scratch the coating with rhodium, as Rhodium tends to wear out over time.

Cleaning silverware with stones

In addition to the fact that the metal itself requires proper and careful care, jewelry can be inlaid with stones. It also affects the way the jewelry is cleaned. Do not forget about the general rules for storing silver. As well as the rules for cleaning them:

  • use only soft and delicate materials,
  • do not subject to a sharp temperature drop,
  • do not use abrasive, coarse products,
  • When choosing a soap solution, use washing powder. Soap can leave a greasy film on the surface of $
  • Before using any method, make sure that it does not spoil the appearance of the product. Pre-test the method in an inconspicuous area.

There are a large number of ways to clean silver with stones. However, keep in mind some of the features:

  1. The stones can be hard or soft. You can find out how hard the stone on your jewelry is on the Moss scale. The hardest is the diamond. It is the most resistant to any influences and it is very difficult to damage it. One of the softest pearls. He needs a particularly delicate care.
  2. Pay attention to how the stone is attached to the decoration. If this is done with glue, do not expose the product to boiling or prolonged contact with water.
  3. Stones can be semiprecious or not at all natural. This is also worth considering when choosing a cleanser.

Ammonia is the most versatile method

This method is universal and suitable for almost any decoration. However, when it comes to products with solid gemstones. Under no circumstances should pearls or coral be so cleaned.

If, however, the metal is very dirty, then it is necessary to isolate the stone from alcohol, and gently wipe the metal with ammonia.

Shoe silver with cubic zirconias

Cubic zirconia is an artificially created, synthetic mineral, which in its properties and appearance is very similar to a diamond. In terms of hardness and resistance to external influences, cubic zirconia is also not inferior to its precious predecessor. Therefore, almost all cleaning methods suitable for silver are also suitable for cubic zirconia.

  • You can safely soak such jewelry in a solution of ammonia. This method will get rid of the darkening of silver and give the initial shine to the stone.
  • A solution of washing powder and water will also perfectly clean the metal with cubic zirconia.
  • You can not be afraid of toothpaste. The main thing is not to forget about using a brush with soft bristles. This method not only eliminates pollution, but also polishes the decoration.
  • You can make homemade pasta from ammonia and chalk. After obtaining a homogeneous mass, wipe the product with it. This method will clean and polish your jewelry.

Shine silver with amber

Amber is a semiprecious mineral of extraordinary beauty, created by nature. It is a frozen resin of needles. It refers to organic minerals. On the Moss scale, hardness is 2-3, which indicates its compliance with external influences. This means that jewelry with amber needs a delicate approach and most cleaning methods will not work for him. The following types of cleaning are prohibited:

  • ultrasonic bath
  • steam treatment
  • abrasives, acids, alkali,
  • alcohol.

Various methods can be applied depending on the degree of contamination. If preventive, refreshing cleaning is needed, then a mild soapy solution and a napkin should be wiped with a stone.

If there is slight pollution, then shavings of household or baby soap and warm water are used. It is necessary to immerse the jewelry in the solution for several minutes and rinse. In no case do not leave amber in solution for more than 5 minutes.

A solution of salt and water is also suitable. Amber jewelry should be immersed in it for 10-15 minutes, but no more. Salt will not harm the stone, but will save it from pollution.

If the product is noticeable strong and persistent pollution, then you can resort to more aggressive methods. Just the concentration of the active substance will be very low.

Among such methods, a mixture of paraffin and tooth powder. First you need to grate the surface of the stone with paraffin, and sprinkle with tooth powder on top and grate the stone with a cloth.

Do not exclude the use of universal ammonia. It must be diluted with water. But unlike cleaning other stones, the ratio of alcohol to water should be 1 cup to 3-5 drops of alcohol. Then the mineral will not suffer, and you will get rid of dirt.

And of course, do not forget about the means that are designed to clean amber.

How to clean silver with pearls

Pearls are an organic mineral of various shades. From cream to black. The variety is amazing, and jewelry in combination with precious metal look attractive and highly appreciated by jewelry lovers. The pearl's Moss hardness is as low as amber. Therefore, it requires a special approach.

The most suitable tool for cleaning pearls is olive oil. If you rub the surface of the stone with it, it will sparkle again and take on a fresh look. Use only olive oil. No other oils are suitable for this purpose. They can ruin the look of the stone. Do not forget that the oil must be highly refined.

Salt is another suitable option for cleaning pearls. Especially if it formed a greasy plaque or stains. Pour salt into a perforated bag of a suitable size and put the jewelry there. Dip the bag in water until the salt has completely dissolved. This is a gentle but very effective method of cleaning pearls at home.

If you are afraid of undesirable consequences, you can always turn to professionals.

How to clean silver with topaz

Topaz is a semi-precious mineral. It has a wide range of colors from brown with admixtures of yellow to colorless. Tends to lose color saturation from frequent interaction with direct sunlight. According to the Moss scale, it has a density of 8, which indicates its high resistance to environmental influences.

Given the hardness of topaz, almost any cleaning method is applicable to it. Despite its hardness, topaz reacts to sudden changes in temperature and may become cloudy. For example, when leaving a warm room in the winter in the cold. This will not happen immediately, but with each such influence, microcracks will form inside the stone, which will lead to the dullness of the stone. Therefore, when buying jewelry with this stone, you should think several times, or wear it not for daily wear.

What you can not do when caring for a stone:

  • abrasive products
  • high temperatures, steaming,
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • Do not use tap water.

In combination with silver, the stone can be cleaned with toothpaste. The consistency of the paste will not only remove dirt, but also polishes the metal. Do not forget that the brush should be with a soft pile. If you are afraid to damage the jewelry, use a soft cloth, such as velor or suede.

Wine vinegar will not harm topaz. It can also be used to clean stone. It is important that the vinegar is exactly wine. A solution of vinegar with water should not be concentrated. Only 5-8 drops of vinegar should fall on 250 ml of water. Water should be warm, filtered or distilled. After a vinegar bath for 30 minutes, take out the decoration, rinse and polish with a soft cloth.

If the stone in the jewelry is attached to the glue, avoid contact with water. Otherwise, the stone will detach. In this case, you can apply the same methods, but without immersion in the liquid. Treat the mineral with a cotton swab or cotton pad.

What to do if topaz has changed color

Часто цветные, яркие топазы под действием внешних факторов могут потерять свой цвет или стать мутными и матовыми. Так происходит, например, при частом контакте с солнечными лучами или при перепадах температур.

Некоторые топазы перед продажей обрабатывают специальными синтетическими составами для придания большего блеска и интенсивности цвета. Such minerals look very attractive, but there is no guarantee that over time they will not lose their original appearance. Therefore, before buying a bright pebble, think about the possible consequences. So how to fix this defect will become impossible.

Blue topaz is considered the most natural, however, and it may lose its color over time due to frequent exposure to the sun. If you began to lose color or cloudy blue, blue, pink, tea and yellow topaz, it can still be restored. You should contact a professional jeweler. He will re-irradiate and the stone will shine again and will delight you with its charm.

How to bring shine to topaz

It happens that the changes are not so dramatic. For example, the mineral has faded slightly, but the color and texture have remained the same. All stones periodically fade, so you can resort to home methods to restore shine.

The first method is very gentle and is not associated with potent chemicals. This is starch. You will need to peel and chop a few potatoes, cook and insist them for several minutes. When the potato broth is not too hot, you can immerse topaz. There he must lie for 30 minutes. Then you need to rinse and polish the mineral.

A mixture of ammonia and salt is also suitable. 10 grams of alcohol, to 1 teaspoon of salt, to 1/3 cup of water, mix and after the salt is completely dissolved, immerse the jewelry for several minutes. After rinse and wipe with a soft cloth.

The main rule of long-term service of jewelry with stones is the proper storage and use. The main thing to remember is that:

  • jewelry with stones must be removed every evening, as well as before cleaning and cooking,
  • Before purchasing a product with a mineral, ask about its properties, as well as about the rules of operation and maintenance,
  • precious and semi-precious minerals are divided into hard and soft (on the Moss scale). Depending on this, the method of cleaning them is determined,
  • Pay attention to the fastening of the stone to the decoration. If this glue does not expose the product to long contact with water,
  • Store precious metals with minerals in a cool, dry and dark place.
  • each jewelry should be stored in a separate compartment and not in contact with others
  • the box or any other storage container should be covered with a soft cloth.

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Have you noticed that your silver pendant has darkened or your favorite gold ring has become stained? Do not worry, over time, precious metals tend to oxidize under the influence of oxygen and the atmosphere, as a result of which they begin to darken. All sorts of things require care and attention, and even more so, jewelry that is dear and sweet to the heart. How to care for jewelryHow to make them retain their shine and radiance longer? There are several tried and tested recipes.

How to clean gold and silver

Gold items can be washed in the following solution: 2-3 drops of liquid soap or shampoo and as many drops of ammonia are taken in a half glass of water. In the finished solution are placed gold items for 20-40 minutes, then removed and cleaned with a soft brush.

If the jewelry is with stones, it is necessary to clean all inaccessible places with a cotton swab or a toothpick wrapped in a small piece of cotton wool.

After these procedures, do not forget to rinse the jewelry with running water, and after drying, polish with a soft flannel cloth.

There is such a way to wash gold and silver chains. A chain is placed in a bottle with a soap solution, left to soak for a while, and then they begin to slowly shake the bottle so that the chain cannot get tangled. Then the chain is washed with running water.

In order to jewelry delighted you at the gala event with its brilliance - place them overnight in a glass with cold sweetened water.

To restore the shine to the darkened silver and destroy dark spots, it must be put in a warm potato broth for 1-2 hours.

Smooth silver Rings and earrings, if they have faded, lower them into a container with ketchup for 5-10 minutes, and if the jewelry is carved or there are small details on them, you can simply apply ketchup with a soft brush. Clean and rinse with water.

To gold items shone, wipe them with a soft cloth dipped in light beer, and then polish with a velvet cloth.

How to clean a product with turquoise

Often metals frame precious and semiprecious stones. I would like to pay special attention to a semiprecious stone turquoiserequiring special treatment and care.

Firstly, you can not always wear products with turquoise, since this stone is easily exposed to the environment. Always remove the ring when applying any cosmetic products to the skin, using various oils, alcohol-based products and solvents.

Secondly if turquoise begins to lose its color, then it will be very difficult to restore it in the future. There is such an old method of returning the original color turquoise: put a piece of lamb in a piece of turquoise for several days. After that, without washing off the fat, wipe with a flannel Turquoise Jewelry.

How to clean cutlery

In addition to decorations, other items from precious metalsfor example, cutlery. When washing and cleaning cutlery, do not use abrasive powders and chlorine preparations that can damage their surface.

As a rule, appliances come from cupronickel and silver. They are easily cleaned with tooth powder applied to a damp cloth or gruel from crushed chalk and water.

Important! If you use vinegar to clean products, be sure to rinse it off after the procedure.

This method is also used: cutlery is placed in a warm soda solution, kept in it for several minutes, cleaned, washed, and then polished with a woolen or cloth rag.

With these simple methods you can take care of jewelry and expensive cutlery.