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How to change Facebook name


Usernames and Messenger profile links make it easy to find a person or company in Messenger. To make it easier for you to start correspondence, you can share your username or link with people or publish this data (for example, on business cards or on your Instagram profile). People can find you in Messenger using your link or username.

To view your username and link to your Messenger profile:

  1. Tab Chats touch profile photo in the top left corner.
  2. Touch Username under your name.
  3. Touch Edit username or Copy linkto perform the corresponding action.

You can also use Messenger codes.

Standard Change Procedure

If you have good reasons to change the name, you can do this in the usual profile settings. The new name will appear immediately on your page.

Facebook users do not need to apply for a shift in technical support.

The whole procedure is automatic.

Follow the instructions below to change the name of your page in a standard way using the desktop version of the site:

  • Log in to the Facebook social network. Next, click on the arrow at the top right of the profile,
  • Open the settings menu,

Opening settings through the page options menu

  • Select the basic settings tab, and then click on the "Name" field,

Name field in the main profile settings

  • Click on the icon. After that, you will automatically be taken to the data editing page. Do not use special characters, numbers, or signs. Of the special characters, only Roman numerals are available,

Facebook profile name change

  • To apply the settings, enter the password from your page to additionally verify your identity,

Confirming changed user profile settings

  • Save the settings. Your new name will be checked by the automatic system for correctness and applied to the profile if the check succeeds.
    The maximum period for confirmation of a new name by an automatic recognition system is 24 hours. You will be informed about the decision using the letter that will be sent to your e-mail (associated with the profile),

After you change the name 4 times, technical support will remove the "Name" item from your account. Thus, you will lose the opportunity to change the name of the page.

To add a middle name, go to the settings, as shown in the first instruction, and in the Middle Name field, enter your secondary name.

It must also comply with all the rules and regulations of the site.

What types of names can I use on Facebook

In a social network, there are such rules for user names:

  • Changing the page name can occur no more than four times,
  • The site administration warns users. So that they indicate exactly the name that is written in the passport. This may be required to verify the user if his page is hacked.
    A scan of the first page of the passport is sent and only if the page name and the real user name match, access to the account is restored by technical support,
  • Never use phrases or characters in a surname and patronymic,
  • Use only commonly accepted variations.

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Can I change the username from the phone?

This can be done from the telephone version of the site. To do this, press the menu button. She is at the top left.

Turn on the settings item, then select the main settings window and change the name of the page in the "Name" field. Save the settings and wait for the automatic check.

Thematic videos:

Facebook name selection rules

Before proceeding to the instructions, you need to know that there are rules according to which when creating a name you cannot:

  • Use numbers, symbols, punctuation marks except dashes. That is, no Maria89 or Alexey5989.
  • Use letters from English, Russian or other languages ​​at the same time. That is, Nikolay does not proct. Decide - either English or Russian.
  • Do not use titles. Even if in life you have been awarded the rank of general or metropolitan, this cannot be indicated in the title. There is a separate block for such information.
  • You cannot use phrases and words that have nothing to do with your name. For example, Catherine the Beautiful.
  • Offensive phrases and other obscene.

What you can specify:

  • Your real name, which is written in the passport.
  • An alias can only be used as an abbreviation of your name. For example, Katya, instead of Catherine.
  • You can indicate your maiden name.
  • It is allowed to specify a different name that has nothing to do with yours. But in case of loss of access to the account, it will be difficult to return it. For example, your FB has been hacked, the Community Administration may require you to provide an identity document. How do you prove that this is your profile, if Dmitry is indicated in the passport, and the page is wound to Mikhail?
  • You cannot create fake accounts. This violates community rules.

Step-by-step instructions on how to change your first and last name on Facebook

To change your personal data from the phone you need:

  1. Launch the Facebook App
  2. Go to your profile and select the "More" section.
  3. In it, select "Quick privacy settings."
  4. You will see a tab with quick settings. Scroll down to the "Account Security" section.
  5. Click Update Personal Information.
  6. Select the name row.
  7. Change personal data.

What you need to know about changing your last name and username on Facebook?

What else you need to know before changing your data:

  • They can only be changed every two months. More precisely, every 60 days. If you changed your personal data a week ago, and you wanted to update again, you will have to wait 53 days.
  • Data replacement takes place immediately. You do not have to wait a while - the update immediately takes effect.

Important! Remember when you last changed your data. Has it been more than sixty days since then?

Why can’t I change my name?

There are not rare cases when you change a name, change, but it does not want to change. It either gives an error or simply returns to the previous version. What to do? Carefully read the first section of this article and check:

  • Are you not using characters and numbers exactly?
  • Enter data in one language? Check if your keyboard is sticking and if the English letter “a” is displayed instead of the Russian one.
  • You definitely did not want to embellish your data, giving them a bright adjective, for example, Beautiful, Peerless or Majestic?
  • Check if you have mistakenly or not made offensive phrases and words.
  • Another reason for irremovability may be the following: you decide to assign a company name to your personal profile. According to the rules of the community, all advertising and other business affairs can only be performed in company accounts.
  • Facebook security may refuse to change your data if you request changes very often.

If you have flipped through all the items and are sure that none of them have been violated, then the last decision remains: write in technical support.

To do this, go to the "Details" link on the shift page.

Scroll further to the sentence: “If your name complies with our standards, but you still cannot change it, you can find out the reason here.” Click on the last phrase.

She will transfer you to the section in which below you must again open the link to the appeal form.

  • Fill in the data that you would like to see in your account.
  • And now it needs to be confirmed by providing a passport or other identity document (even a copy of an invoice for payment of electricity and an apartment is suitable).
  • Indicate the reason for the change: language changed, spelling error, marital status changed, official name changed, nickname added, gender change, other.
  • Download the file with the document.
  • Click Submit.
  • Now it remains to wait for a response from Facebook.