Useful Tips

From the beginning of March, gold glasses can be used for digital purchases on the Nintendo Switch!


The collection includes 5 sports games:

There are three game options.

  1. Familiar games for points - only in this mode can you play more than one. Winning players, you gain points and get more powerful computer opponents (or settle down in the amount of 2-4 people and play with each other)
  2. Training mode - you practice the technique of punches and get medals for your skill. You can boast of results in front of friends or put it on special sites where players share their successes.
  3. Measuring your age - you need to take a test from several games, after which your physical level for today will be determined, showing it in the form of your age. You can take tests every day and look at the graph how your physical condition is changing.

Choose a court

You can conduct a tournament not on the green court of the stadium, but on the training blue platform where you play in Training mode. How to get there? But very simple. Start tennis in the usual way - select the Tennis game, then select the number of players, then the player himself - everything is as usual. And then a window appears in front of you with a warning that you need to be careful and take care that people or objects that may interfere with your play are not near you. And before pressing button A, to go to the next window, press and hold button 2 on the controller (the lowest button). Now you will see that you are on the blue court - then choose your opponents and go to victories!

Choose the color of the ball

You can choose the color of the ball for bowling. At the very beginning of the game, when the screen goes blank before starting the bowling, press and hold one of the arrow buttons.

  • Up arrow - blue ball
  • Down arrow - green ball
  • Left Arrow - Red Ball
  • Right Arrow - Golden Ball

Throw the ball on another track

This trick is usually done when two players are playing. You need to go to the very edge of your path and turn all the way to it. Next, you can wait for someone to throw the ball on the adjacent track and throw their ball at the same time. You can knock down his ball or even knock down his skittles, which will even be counted to you. Some even claim that you can throw the ball through one track.

The first acquaintance with Wii Fit - a description of the Wii Fit program in Russian (PDF)

Link's Crossbow Training

In order to go to the next level you need to earn a medal. They give a bronze medal for 20,000 points, a gold medal for 40,000, etc. Complete all levels with bronze medals is quite simple. The main thing is not to rush or shoot anywhere. Remember, a series of accurate shots increases the number of points gained. And any slip will only prevent you from gaining the right amount of points. You can also shoot jugs and other items. Somewhere among them is a gold bullion hiding. Be sure to immediately shoot him. Since its value gradually decreases with each fall down.

In almost every level you can see a scarecrow. This is your chance to score more points. Do the following. When you see a scarecrow, make 8 shots in his chest, then blow his head with the next shot. You will be given 1000 points immediately, and for the next downed goals they will give more points. In addition, if you shoot two scarecrows in this way, then an alternative third screen will appear in the sublevel, in which it will be easier to score more points. For example, pay attention to sublevel 3-1.

Switch to Fobia's furious 2D platformer

Fobia is a beautiful, but quite complex adventure puzzle game about fears, phobias and overcoming them.
In the role of a little girl, you will have to run away from fears that take on real forms of animals. But running away from them is not so simple, because there are various traps on the way. .

NINTENDO Introduces Nintendo Switch Lite — Handheld Game Console

Nintendo Switch Lite, the new addition to the Nintendo Switch family, is
compact and lightweight console, which is convenient to take with you.
Nintendo Switch Lite goes on sale September 20
and will be available in three colors: yellow, gray and turquoise. Will also be available
set of case and protective film for Nintendo Switch Lite. .