Useful Tips

Animal Crossing: New Leaf tips will help you create the perfect city.


1. About the game:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a creative simulator, a game in which you have to do whatever you want.
In the New Leaf world, you are the mayor of the city. Build a city with your laws, make your home unique or sit back while spending time with friends, activities - the sea.
Show your imagination, there are no restrictions, because only you have to decide what your world will be like in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

2. Where to start.
The game begins with the fact that you are moving to a new city, starting a new life. A fellow traveler will sit up to you on the train and much can already depend on a seemingly simple conversation with him - your name, gender, appearance, map of the city and its name. Having made these important decisions, you will hear the voice of the driver - the train has arrived.
From this moment the whole game begins - you take over the post of mayor. First of all, after watching the introduction, you must go to the city hall for your assistant. She will tell you to go to the Tom Nook store to buy a house and complete her registration as mayor. The same, in turn, will offer you to choose a place for the house. Do not choose the first one, think about where you really would like to see your house.
Then the next stage will begin - Tom will ask you to make a deposit for the house in the amount of 10 thousand Bells. Do not pull with this, otherwise you will have to live longer in the tent. Money can be collected in different ways - fishing, excavating, picking fruit, catching insects. For the necessary devices for this, you can go to the Nookling Junction. Advice - get all the necessary items, otherwise you may have to wait a few days before their new sale. You can sell everything collected in the ReTail store - it is located in the city, and not on the main street, like all other stores.
Do not forget to also go to your assistant to apply for mayor and plant a tree - a symbol of your city. And go to the mail in your free time, you can receive free stuff.
Bring the required amount to Tom, after that you are free until the next morning - it is worth completing the tasks of the assistant.
The next day, you will only have to do a little - to attract the inhabitants of the city. This can be done by communicating with them, sending gifts to them, creating an anthem and a flag of the city. Once you do all this - congratulations, you become mayor. Now you are free to do anything.

3. Multiplayer.
What is needed for multiplayer:
- Internet connection / another 3ds with the game
- Complete the game until you receive a citizen’s personal card - do not be afraid, this is not long
- Take a picture on this card.
Only after completing all these points can you play with other people.

- "I want to invite others to my city, what should I do?"
Add to friends those who should come to you.
Talk to Porter at the station by choosing the following answer options:
Invite guests in - A faraway town.
After that, the gates of your city will open and other people can come to you.

- "I want to go to town with someone, what do I need to do?"
Add as a friend to whom you want to go.
Talk to Porter at the station by choosing the following answer options:
Visit another town - A faraway town.
After that, you will be shown a list of those cities whose gates are open. Choose the one you need and you're done!
If the list does not contain the city you need, this means that its gate is not yet open.

Attention! To play a local game, you need to do the same thing, only instead of "A faraway town" select "A nearby town".
In one city at the same time can be no more than 4 players.

And so, your company has gathered. What can you do?
In multiplayer, you can do everything as in a single game, except:
Design and hymn changes
Project creation
Completing assignments.

In the city in which you arrived, you can also buy in stores. But, preferably, ask the owner for permission. The only thing you cannot do is sell in the Retail store.

In multiplayer, you can also go to the island - there are several mini-games for your company.
To go there, you need to have a boat open at the owner of the city. If it is open, all players must go to the pier and talk with the captain, who will take you.