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Windows Movie Maker - Working with sound


The choice of topics on how to create a film is practically unlimited - it all depends on your imagination. The video can be dedicated to travel, childbirth, holiday events, school or student weekdays, work, and any other topics. Each of the films can be improved by changing the brightness, contrast, and other parameters, as well as apply effects.

A film about your travels with spectacular design

Often a trip to Europe, a distant exotic country, or through the expanses of his native country, brings so many vivid impressions that it is impossible not to perpetuate them in a good, interesting film. The creation of such a masterpiece takes several steps.

Step 1. Download the new version of Windows Movie Maker.

The program is easy to learn and has the full functionality of a professional utility for creating films and presentations. Unlike other analogues, it does not take up much space on a PC, and does not affect the performance of the operating system.

Step 2. How to create a movie from photos with music.

Download the photos that you previously uploaded to your computer from a camcorder, camera or mobile phone. The photo transferred to the work tape becomes an element of the film - a slide. Now start editing. Click on the corresponding icon, which is located under each slide in the right preview window.

Step 3. Add new graphic elements.

In the upper left corner, click on the image of a cross, and in the drop-down menu select “Clipart”. Next is the category "Tourism". Here are a variety of slide design options. Including: image of a beach hammock, steamboat, seashells. If the trip was romantic, then choose from the category "Romance" - hearts, flowers, the inscription "love". There was a winter voyage - “Winter”, and then bows, candles, Christmas toys

Step 4. Add music.

In the main menu, select the “Music” tab. Add the music file from the collection to your PC. It may be a resort hit, but romantic or instrumental music is always a win-win option. The new version of Windows Movie Maker allows you to add voice comments.

Step 5. How to create a movie from a video with music.

Just like photos, travel videos are added to the work stream. Slides are swapped by simple drag and drop. Transitions are set automatically, to change, double-click on them, and choose from the new options, we recommend colorful 3D transitions. Double click to apply a new effect.

Step 6. Add 3D text to the video.

In the slide editor, select the "Caption" category, then its three-dimensional version. Click Add To Slide. Enter new text. This may be a description of the visited attraction, a famous quote on travel, your own words that are associated with it. Good examples: “A new travel plan is a dance lesson sent by God,” “Going on a journey, you will make yourself richer,” and others.

1. Sound comes with the video clip.

When you add a movie clip to the editing track (which should be in "Timeline"), then along with the video, which is placed on the track "Video", the soundtrack of this fragment is also added, which lies on the track "Sound".

Means for processing such sound in Movie Maker are very poorly presented. You can perform only 4 actions that can be performed by right-clicking on an audio fragment, or through Menu - Clip - Audio:

Turn off sound (when you want to completely remove the original sound from the video clip),

Appearance (smooth increase in sound at the beginning of the video clip),

Disappearance (fading sound at the end of the video clip),

Volume (for each video clip) - it is possible through a combination of keys "Ctrl + U".

Moreover, for the first 3, the presence or absence of action is checked.

2. Sound added as background (eg background music)

If you want to “put” some calm (or vice versa, fast) music instead of the original sound, then you need to:

- quieter or turn off the original audio as described above

- music previously added to the project, drag to the track “Sound or music” and adjust its volume (same as described above).

3. Your comments on the movie recorded through the microphone.

This feature is useful when you want to add some kind of comments to a movie.

I want to immediately draw your attention to the fact that in the Movie Maker program on the track “Sound or music” can be placed or ONLY background music, or ONLY your comments. Such an annoying limitation.

For starters, it is recommended that you first mute or completely mute the original sound.

Then you need to slightly adjust the microphone.

To do this, either select or through the menu Tools - Comment Timeline:

Or, on the left side of the pasteboard, click on the microphone button:

After that, the following window will appear:

Using the “Input Level”, it is necessary to adjust the microphone sensitivity so that the pronunciation of the green bar does not roll over into the red region.

When you set up the microphone, click on the “Run” button and begin to slander your comments (at the same time, your movie will be played in the preview window synchronously).

If your digger is not active, then you have a sound clip on the Sound or Music track. You need to either delete it, or move the time slider beyond the limits of this sound clip and try to record your comments again.

After completing the comment recording, the program will offer you a window where you will need to specify the path to save your comment. Then this comment will need to be added to the project, and only then - on the pasteboard (on the Sound or Music track). Sound files, as well as video clips, are added to the editing track by dragging the desired component with the mouse. I wrote about this in more detail in the post “Windows Movie Maker - Editing Home Video (Part 1)”.

After the comments are added to your soundtrack, you can adjust the volume between the original soundtrack and the created comments. To do this, click on the leftmost icon on the pasteboard (“Set sound level”):

Or through the menu - Service - Sound Level.

That's all for sound processing in Movie Maker. In the next post, we will talk about how to properly output (or record) your mounted video.

Good luck with your endeavors!

P.S. If you are too lazy to install the Russified version of the program, and then you are nervous that you cannot deal with the translation. Or you have a different situation when you need translation from another language, you can use the service of interpretation at Save yourself time and nerves

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