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Early retirement pension in Russia


Often, a citizen uses an early retirement to be able to support himself. The right to a pension implies the existence of conditions for its appointment. Moreover, for virtually any type of pension, the law defines the minimum retirement age.

In the light of the new law on pensions of 2019, one can apply for an old-age labor pension no earlier than 65 years (men) or 60 years (women). This is the age that pension legislation will strive for in stages. In 2019, it will be 61 years for men, 56 for women. And so on. A social pension is possible upon reaching 70 and 65 years, respectively. And this is also the age to which the state is moving gradually. In 2019, it will be 66 and 61 years, respectively.

You can retire earlier when applying for a preferential pension. Privileges are associated with special working conditions (for example, workers in the Far North). Or social status (mother of many children, invalids of military trauma, etc.). And this can also be done ahead of schedule - before reaching the minimum age. The procedure for applying for a pension is general.

Early retirement conditions

The right to retire early is established by the Law of the Russian Federation of 04.19.1991 No. 1032-1 “On the employment of the population of the Russian Federation”. From January 01, 2019, a citizen can retire ahead of schedule, provided that the following circumstances exist:

  • an offer drawn up from the employment service
  • lack of employment opportunities (determined by the employment authorities). The employment authority is primarily interested in finding a job for a candidate. If a citizen again and again refuses the offered vacancies, this does not indicate a lack of opportunity. But if he has a unique profession, unclaimed specialization and offers for a long time are absent - this is just the case when applying for a pension can help a person
  • official unemployed status
  • the insurance period for a pension is at least 25 and 20 years for men and women, respectively, or the specified insurance period and the required length of service in the relevant types of work, which give the right to early appointment of an old-age insurance pension (Law on Insurance Pensions). How to count and what periods are included can be found at the link, as well as in the information on the documents for applying for a pension. If the candidate intends to apply for a preferential pension, he must have the full length of service required for the benefit.
  • dismissal due to the liquidation of the organization or the termination of the activities of individual entrepreneurs, by reducing the number or staff,
  • citizen's consent to early retirement.

Nuance: A pension is granted for the period until the retirement age. But not earlier than 2 years before the appropriate age.

The procedure is initiated by the employment authority. And if all of the above conditions are available, it is in the employment center that a citizen should turn for support.

How to get an early retirement

If a citizen decides to retire ahead of schedule, he will apply to the employment center with a statement. The form of such a statement is usually not established. But the exact information can be clarified in the center where the person is registered as unemployed. Regional acts may also establish a minimum period during which there are no vacancies for a person.

In addition to the application, you will need to provide:

  • passport and its photocopy,
  • documents to confirm the experience (military ID, birth certificates, work book) - originals and copies.

Documents are handed in either personally by a future pensioner or his representative by general power of attorney (or special power of attorney).

The employment center must, within 30 days, either notify of the refusal to issue a proposal (indicating the grounds). Or issue a written offer of retirement. Unreasonable refusal, incl. violation of the calculation of seniority, you can appeal by filing a lawsuit. You can try to file a complaint with the prosecutor's office or other government agencies.

You have received an offer. It must be sent within a month to the Pension Fund of Russia - in person or through a representative.

If, after an early retirement, a person begins to work, the payment will be canceled. If not, payments are accrued until the retirement age is reached. Then, at the request of a citizen, the PFR transfers him to a retirement pension.


Citizens who have not reached the milestone of compulsory employment (60 years for women, 65 years for men), in some cases, can apply for maintenance from the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). Early retirement pension is a separate type of pension payments assigned indefinitely.

Attention: to obtain the right to early material support from the FIU, you must:

  • have insurance experience in a certain profession,
  • evidence of inclusion in the preferential category of citizens.

Moreover, if such persons have an insurance period of at least 42 men and 37 years old women, an old-age insurance pension may be assigned to them 2 years earlier than reaching a specified age, but not earlier than reaching a generally established age.

The legislative framework

Early retirement is laid down in the regulatory framework. This is the type of content provided to individual honored citizens. The state believes that these individuals made a special contribution to the development of society and the economy.

The reform of the pension system has led many legislative acts to change. Nevertheless, there remained paragraphs governing the early appointment of maintenance by old age.

In particular, the basic norms are contained in the laws:

Who can claim pension payments ahead of schedule

In the general definition of retirement age, the boundaries for men and women are laid separately (above indicated). However, some citizens quite legally leave the place of service earlier than others. In particular, the categories of persons included in this group by social characteristics include:

  1. Moms who have had 5 or more children, provided that each family in her family has a life expectancy of at least 8 years, will be able to retire at 50 years old ..
  2. Women who have given birth and raised 3 children apply for retirement benefits at 57 years old, 4 at 56 - if they have an insurance experience of 15 years and raising these children for at least 8 years,
  3. One parent looking after a disabled child. The age frame for the child is the same
  4. A person who received a disability due to a military injury,
  5. Visually impaired group 1,
  6. Citizens who are diagnosed with dwarfism or other growth pathology,
  7. Residents or workers of the Far North (from 01.01.2019, a gradual increase in the retirement age was approved from six months to 5 years, depending on the year of birth).
Important: the government of the Russian Federation approved lists of harmful and hazardous industries, whose employees, with a certain length of service, also receive the right to a premature pension.
  • List 1. Underground work, work with harmful working conditions and in hot shops.
  • List 2. Work with difficult working conditions.

Types of jobsRetirement ageRequired Insurance ExperienceWork experience in relevant types of work
List 1Men 50

20 years

Not less than 10 years

Not less than 7, 5 years

List 2Men 55

25 years

Not less than 12.5 years

Not less than 10 years

Citizens who have at least half of the required length of service in certain professions may receive an old-age insurance pension with a decrease in the generally established retirement age.

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Eligibility criteria for early retirement benefits

Section 30 of Law No. 400-FZ contains rules for assigning a premature payment from the FIU.

  1. In particular, for its registration, a citizen must have a certain number of individual pension coefficients (IPC). This indicator was included in the calculation only in 2015. Its size for a preferential pension in 2019 is set at 16.2 points.
  2. Citizens working under special conditions must confirm the transfer of additional contributions to the FIU (carried out by the enterprise).
Important: early retirement benefits are determined both by the age of the applicant and the presence of a certain length of service in the profession.

Preferential pension appointment of a mother with many children

At the age of 50, a woman who meets the following criteria has the right to apply for premature maintenance:

  • having given birth to five or more children,
  • raised at least five of them up to the age of eight,
  • accumulated in 2019 16.2 points,
  • whose insurance experience is at least 15 years.

For information: the same rights are established for women who:

  • have been working for at least 12 years in the Far North,
  • have experience of more than 20 years,
  • gave birth to two or more children.

The number of children in determining the right to a preferential pension includes adopted children.

Pension benefits for people with disabilities and their guardians

In the presence of insurance experience, the state guarantees early retirement benefits for people with disabilities:

  • according to vision of 1 group,
  • due to military injury,
  • patients with pituitary dwarfism (midgets) and disproportionate dwarfs.

People who care for people with disabilities are also set an early retirement age. It is proportional to the number of years of care:

  • for 1 year of guardianship, decrease in age by 1 year and 6 months,
  • the total period does not exceed five years.

Early retirement will be possible to one of the parents of a disabled child or a disabled person from childhood, provided that they brought him up to 8 years of age. So the retirement age for men will be 55 years for women 50 years. whose insurance experience must be at least 20 years and at least 15 years, respectively.

Pension privileges of certain categories of employees after January 1, 2019

Due to the pension reform, many retirees after 01.01.2019 will partially lose their benefits by the age of retirement.

This will particularly affect:

  • educators - the requirements for special experience will remain the same - 25 years, but the actual possibility of retirement from them will appear only after a certain time.

It is also worth recalling that maternity periods are not included in the special experience, but only in the general labor (insurance). Which implies for many women the almost complete loss of the meaning of early retirement.

  • health workers - here is still more deplorable. In most cases, the special experience is 30 years, and only for those working in rural areas and in especially harmful conditions is it set at 25 years. The actual retirement for them is now also delayed by several years. And in addition to the decree, special time does not include the time spent on the institute. This means that in most cases it will be easier to go on a regular old-age pension than to wait for a preferential one. Study periods can only be counted by going to court,
  • creative workers - special experience - 15-20 years, but the actual retirement after 2023 can take place only after 5 years.

For these categories of citizens provides the following increase in age:

Year of professional development

Retirement YearMinimum PKI size (points) 2019 1 half year2019 2 half year16,2 2019 2 half year2020 1 half year18,6 2020 1 half year2021 2 half year21 2020 2 half year2022 1 half year23,4 2021202428,2 2022202630 2023202830

  • North workers with an experience of 15 years in the Far North or 20 - in equivalent areas - each year the actual age of their retirement will increase.

  • will be released 6 months later in 1969,
  • in 1970 - 1, 5 years later,
  • in 1971- at 53 years old,
  • in 1972 - at 54,
  • since 1973, the age will be set at 55 years.

  • in 1964 they’ll add 6 months,
  • in 1965 already 1.5 years, in 1966 they will be able to leave at 58 years old,
  • in 1967 at 59 years old.

Those born since 1968 will only be able to retire when they are 60 years old.

Pension preferences for small peoples of the North

The preferential determination of the content at the expense of the PFR to representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North is determined by Article 11 of the Federal Law No. 166. In particular, they can apply for early payments provided that

  1. Evidence of belonging to ethnic groups, enshrined in government decree No. 1049 of 01.10.2015.
  2. Achievements of the 50th anniversary of women and 55th anniversary of men.
  3. Permanent residence in the territories traditional for peoples.
Attention: when changing the place of residence, these citizens lose the right to preferential payments. It is restored after moving to the traditional settlement area.

Proof of belonging to the peoples of the North is considered:

  • passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation,
  • birth certificate,
  • help from the indigenous community.
Download to view and print:

Rules for registering a premature pension for unemployed

In some cases, early retirement benefits are offered to citizens by a government agency. This is due to the situation. The conditions for acquiring the right to retirement ahead of schedule are as follows:

  1. Dismissal or reduction from the job.
  2. Acquisition of unemployment status.
  3. Age: 58th anniversary for women and 63rd anniversary for men.
  4. The presence of insurance experience of 20 and 25 years, respectively.
  5. Lack of suitable vacancies in the region.
Important: the unemployed must strictly comply with the requirements of specialists of the employment authority. If there are complaints or misconduct, the right to a premature pension is lost.
  1. Pension payments to the unemployed are established only until the legal age is reached. After that, they should contact the FIU for the usual content laid down by law.
  2. In the case of employment or registration of individual entrepreneurship, payments from the budget of the FIU are suspended.
  3. However, the repeated loss of work or the closure of the business leads to their renewal.

Important! From 01.01.2019, for unemployed pre-pensioners officially registered with the employment center, higher social payments will be set at 11.280 rubles. The duration of their provision for this category of citizens will be up to 12 months.

In addition, before 01.01.2019, the country will have to develop programs to promote the employment of persons of pre-retirement age, including with the possibility of their training, advanced training and full or partial retraining.

General procedure for registering retirement benefits ahead of schedule

To receive preferential maintenance in old age, you must proactively contact the FIU department. It is allowed to do this:

An application must be submitted to the department, to which documents confirming the rights are attached. The following items are included in the general package:

  1. copy and original passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation,
  2. work book, including copies of all pages,
  3. military ID (if any),
  4. official documents confirming the experience (possibly archival certificates),
  5. income statements for any period of 60 months:
    • specified in the workbook in a row, without exception,
    • with the biggest salary
    • up to December 31, 2001.
Download to view and print:

List of additional documents confirming the right to preferences

In order to receive preferential security, it is necessary to prove membership in the corresponding category. To do this, you need to select from the list of papers that are suitable for a particular situation:

  1. official data on dependents
  2. address reference
  3. disability certificate,
  4. certificate of children brought up to 8 years (and more),
  5. certificate of family composition,
  6. All children’s birth certificates
  7. certificate of guardianship.
Attention: to confirm work in northern conditions, you probably need a certificate from the administration of the enterprise or a copy of orders for hiring and dismissal.

How is the total amount calculated?

Counting early appointments is carried out according to the general formula:

  • PSD = PIC x C x K + BV x K, where:
  • SLP - the amount of early retirement benefits,
  • PIK - the total amount of earned pension coefficients,
  • C - the price of one point on the date of appointment of the pension,
  • K - increasing coefficient,
  • BV - base payment for the year of appointment.

An example of applying for a pension ahead of schedule

Citizen S. was dismissed by a staff reduction at the age of 53:

  1. A woman worked all her life in this organization as a specialist in rare insects, having received the specialty of an entomologist in her youth.
  2. She timely registered with the employment authorities, providing all the necessary documents.
  3. In the region of residence there was no organization that would require an entomologist.
  4. The woman regularly went for interviews.
  5. I did not refuse vacancies due to the lack of such.
  6. Taking into account her age and the rarity of her profession, the specialists of the Employment Center offered her registration of an early pension.
  7. The woman agreed, as there was no hope of employment.
  8. She appealed to the FIU with a package of necessary documents.
  9. The Pension Fund made a positive decision on the appointment of an early retirement pension.

Attention: often citizens have several preferential grounds for receiving premature payments from the PFR budget. You can learn about them at a consultation with a specialist of this body.

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The presence of seniority in the required quantities becomes the main condition for calculating the minimum amount of old-age benefits. The current policy of the government is such that every year time requirements increase - each year, respectively, 12 months are added. That is, starting in 2024, it will be necessary to have a minimum of 15 years for calculating payments.

These are the following periods:

  • The period during which I had to live in the territory with the military, where you can not engage in ordinary labor.
  • The time when you received unemployment benefits.
  • When a citizen looked after other members of the society, disabled.
  • Caring for one or more children.

If there is no seniority, only the minimum amount of compensation is assigned. The following describes who will retire at age 50.

Legislative regulation

Early retirement refers to the phenomena that are governed by several standards at once:

  • Federal Law No. 426, dedicated to the special assessment of labor.
  • Government Decision No. 188.
  • Government Decision No. 198 / P-22.
  • Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Pension at 50

There are several categories of citizens in 2019 who can expect to receive such benefits. In each case, various conditions and requirements apply.

This right may be granted to the mothers of children with disabilities, or if one of the following conditions is met:

  • Lilliput or dwarf status.
  • A citizen engaged in subsistence farming, who is a representative of one of the small peoples of the Far North.
  • Disabled status of 1 group of vision.
  • Separate categories of unemployed.
  • If a citizen is injured due to hostilities.
  • If the person is a parent or guardian of a disabled child.
  • Mothers of 2 or more children who worked in the Far North.
  • Mothers with many children, if there are more than 2-3 children.

Also, the right to benefits is given to citizens with difficult working conditions, serious physical exertion. There are others who go on vacation earlier than the rest.

When working in certain specialties

The law applies to persons employed in hazardous industries:

  • The radioactive industry.
  • Electrical enterprises.
  • Metallurgical sphere.
  • Chemical organization.
  • Mining industry.

Part-time work is also taken into account in such situations if it is not more than 80% of the total time.

There is a list of No. 2 with professions whose representative leaves earlier, receives benefits.

Premature receipt of benefits is due:

  • Persons who work at facilities for the execution of criminal sentences of imprisonment.
  • Pilots of civil aviation aircraft, engineers who serve the flight mechanisms.
  • Employees of expeditions, parties and detachments engaged in field work of a certain direction.
  • Workers who are engaged in the crew of sea, river and fishing vessels.
  • To machine operators in complex crews that unload and load ships in ports.
  • Members in locomotive crews and persons organizing transportation, ensuring traffic safety inside the subway or for railway transport.
  • Truck drivers at quarries or opencasts, mines, mines and the like.
  • Workers in logging.
  • Drivers of urban routes, on trolleybuses and buses.
  • In the case of the textile and tractor industries, early access to rest is available to women. Put and material compensation.

When is retirement on list 2? Look here.

For women

At 50, women can leave work if they fulfill at least one of the following conditions:

  • Work in one of the positions described above.
  • Birth of 2 or more children, insurance experience of at least 20 years, or 12 or 17 years of work in the Far North and other regions with similar conditions.
  • At least 15 years of insurance experience, up to 8 years of age for 5 or more children.

With a disabled child

If the child is disabled, it is important for the parent to score at least 15, or 20 years of total experience. At the same time, the standard retirement age is reduced every year, during which care was taken of another person who has lost legal capacity. But in total, you can reduce the time by no more than five years for the entire period of care.

Upon liquidation of the enterprise

If a Russian citizen has reached retirement age, but fell under staff reductions, then he can count on receiving benefits ahead of time in comparison with other categories of citizens.

But there should be no more than two years before the time when payments would be assigned in the usual manner.

There are additional conditions that require compliance. How to calculate the amount - easy to understand:

  • Only dismissals due to staff reductions or the liquidation process in the organization are allowed.
  • It is required to gain experience of a certain duration. Women require from 20 years old, men from 25.
  • A prerequisite is official registration at the Employment Center. And on the stock exchange for some time there should be no vacancies that would suit the citizen.


You can apply for an early pension subject to the following rules:

  • Special profession.
  • A specific position.
  • Severe climatic conditions.
  • Social status or health status. In old age, there will also be payments.

Early retirement is permissible only if it is known that the employment center cannot employ a citizen. Due to this situation, the corresponding proposal to the Pension Fund is received.

In the far north

The minimum required length of service for assigning such payments is 15 years. 20 - in the case of men. All this time should be spent in the territory that meets the requirements established by the legislative level.

Other benefits available to citizens of the corresponding categories are also related to the purpose of compensation:

  • A minimum work experience of 40 months is required.
  • Certain increases in the form of coefficients depending on the region of residence. The reason is the high cost of living.
  • The total length of service is calculated using reducing factors.
  • Compared with the inhabitants of the southern regions, age boundaries are reduced for northerners by 5-6 years.

Commercial fishermen and hunters are entitled to additional benefits.

Order of registration

When a citizen retires, the first step is to contact the Employment Center. It is necessary to submit an application filled out using the appropriate form.

It is necessary to clarify the design features in advance, in the same institution where the person was initially registered. After 30 days, the Employment Center is required to send a response, positive or negative.

Enumeration of documents

In addition to the application itself, the citizen also brings the following applications:

  • Labor book, in original or in copy.
  • Birth certificate of a child or children.
  • Military ID if available.
  • Copy of civil certificate.
  • Passport itself.

Payout amount: how to calculate correctly?

There is a generally accepted formula that allows you to determine the size: SP = PK * S * K + FV * K

Each component has its own meaning:

  • K - indices of increase to PV.
  • ФВ - designation of basic payments.
  • C is the cost of one pension coefficient.
  • PC - the total amount of points earned by a pensioner.

Possible reasons for failure

There are situations when the applicant is denied compensation, the design of the rest. Such cases are often tried by judges.

A failure occurs when the following violations are detected:

  • When a citizen receives benefits from his previous job due to dismissal.
  • Unemployment contributions were missing in whole or in part when the documents were submitted.
  • PF employees committed unlawful actions.
  • From the Employment Center, there were proposals to take certain positions with a salary of at least the cost of living for the region.
  • The absence of a package of documents confirming the right to retire early.
  • Conducting a complete liquidation at the enterprise where the candidate previously worked.
  • Lack of rights ahead of time to go on vacation.

What are the terms for issuing a pension? Information is here.

Who can retire early? Details in this article.

Appeal to higher authorities usually helps to assert rights when necessary. The main thing is to clearly state the essence of the claims, attach all the required evidence.

Courts of general jurisdiction deal with cases of the corresponding category. In fact, there are many reasons for going on vacation ahead of schedule. It is only necessary to take care of the collection of necessary documentation, the correct design.

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