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How to dress beautifully and tastefully for a birthday


Each time, going to a holiday, the girls face the question of what to wear. You always want to look especially, smart, stand out from the crowd.

The outfit is selected depending on where the holiday is celebrated, what time of the year, the choice of clothes also largely depends on whether you yourself are a birthday person or go as a guest.

Birthday outdoors

A holiday in nature just obliges you to dress comfortably, at the same time you want to look smart. Girls, most often do not know how to dress properly, what to find in their wardrobe.

To decide for sure, you need to build on weather conditions. Of course, that a birthday in nature is celebrated only in the summer, which means that you can wear jeans and a T-shirt, while the clothes should not be homely.

You should also consider the moment in which particular place your friends gather.

If you were invited to a picnic in the forest, dressing should be done so that you do not get ticks under your skin or mosquitoes. The best option would also be jeans, sneakers, a T-shirt, but you must have a windbreaker or jeans jacket with you.

You must also remember that you will be photographed, do not forget to apply light makeup.

If you are the birthday party, celebrate a birthday in the fresh air, the clothes for you should be the same, however, in order to stand out from the crowd, the top should be light.

It seems to many that it is best to wear a tracksuit for nature, it’s convenient, practical, and not so sorry for things.

Stylists do not advise doing this extremely, imagine that after the holiday you went for a walk around the city, went to a cafe, and you are in a tracksuit, in which case you will feel insecure, constrained.

Holiday home

Clothing for a holiday at home is selected based on whether you have a holiday, with friends or relatives.

You can dress for home celebrations in different ways, regardless of the time of year.

If you are visiting, an outfit consisting of an elegant dress or a beautiful blouse with a skirt will be appropriate. Stylists do not recommend wearing pants. Remember that this is a holiday, the outfit must be appropriate.

Most likely, after the holiday, young people will go to a cafe or a night club, in this case it will be ideal to wear a tight-fitting evening dress.

The color of the dress can be any, it is not necessary to wear a black or gray dress, do not hide behind such colors, choose something bright, extraordinary, funny.

If you have a birthday, you decide to pack at home, here the choice definitely falls in the direction of a beautiful cocktail dress. Make a beautiful makeup, hairstyle, because on this day you are the queen of the ball.

Birthday at the restaurant

A trip to the restaurant - obliges each guest to dress smartly and festively. In such a crucial moment, you should forget about convenient, practical things, the main goal is to look elegant, beautiful, especially.

You need to wear a dress or a beautiful elegant suit in the restaurant, and it makes no difference whether you are a birthday person or go as a guest. Such establishments have a special atmosphere, the reception of guests is conducted at the highest level.

Imagine how you go into the hall in a stunning dress, a beautiful hairdo, with flawless make-up, you feel like a queen, people around you are looking at you, you are the only one in the crowd of people.

Surely in your wardrobe there are a couple of beautiful dresses, if you feel insecure in them, you should arrange a shopping trip.

An important accessory to the dress is beautiful, fashionable shoes that emphasize the beauty of your legs, select a model with a high heel.

If you have a short dress, shoes with a strap above the articular bone are perfect for him. Jewelry is the main attribute of a festive dress, it is always worth remembering about them.

To defeat all on the spot, you should behave especially, smile more, flirt, show your sexuality in moderation, but do not forget about modesty.

How to dress in a cafe for a birthday?

Your task is to dress in a cafe for a birthday feminine and elegant. And the most suitable and universal option for celebrating a name day is, of course, a beautiful dress. Remember that it should favorably emphasize the merits of your figure and hide the flaws. Not sure which dress model to choose? Feel free to wear a sheath dress. This is perhaps the most win-win option for such cases. In it, its owner looks really stylish, and at the same time it is not pretentious, which is completely unacceptable for trips to democratic institutions. And correctly selected jewelry and other little things will help to complete the image. Remember, the brighter your dress, the more modest accessories should be.

No less successful option can be a pantsuit. But not classic in its purest form, but, say, pants with a top with a deep neckline or with an open back. If you want to look mega - sexy, feel free to choose the red color in your clothes.

And if you decide to create a light and airy look, then put on an elegant jumpsuit from flowing fabrics with flared pants and heeled shoes for your birthday.

How to dress for a birthday in a restaurant?

If the birthday celebration is planned in an expensive restaurant, then in this case, you can safely choose evening dresses on the floor with an open back, bare shoulders or a high cut on the hip. An excellent addition to the image will be shoes - pumps with high and thin heels, as well as jewelry. In cool weather, it will be appropriate to wear a fur cape or flying stole.

Trousers are also suitable for the restaurant. Most preferably only two models: flared and shortened at the bottom. With them you can combine seductive blouses from light fabrics. They can be quite open, for example, without sleeves, or made of transparent materials.

How to dress in the country for a birthday?

How can I dress for my birthday if you decide to spend a holiday in nature? Remember that your clothes should be smart on the one hand and very comfortable on the other. A universal option is fashionable jeans and a T-shirt with a bright and original print. Playful scruffy boyfriends or sexy skinnies - choose what you like best. And you can replace jeans with trousers with white stripes, which are now extremely popular. If there is a chance that the weather can go bad, then bring along a denim jacket or an extended cardigan.

Dress - shirt - another great option for celebrating a birthday in the country. The fashion is now in colors in blue, gray, pink vertical stripes. And do not forget about comfortable shoes: sneakers, slip-on shoes, ballet shoes or sandals.

How to dress for a birthday at home?

If you decide not to go anywhere and have fun at home, this does not mean that you need to look simple and boring. In no case do not meet the guests in a bathrobe or plush suit, unless you have a pajama party planned! In this case, the best option would be a medium-length cocktail dress or skirt, an original blouse or a white shirt. If a theme party is planned, then choose clothes that would suit the general style of the holiday. For example, you can wear something from a grandmother’s chest at a retro party, for example, a polka-dot dress or a pleated skirt, and bright T-shirts and short shorts are suitable for a Hawaiian-style holiday.

How to dress for a friend’s birthday?

And how to dress properly if you are not acting as the main hero of the occasion, but as a guest? Following etiquette, you need to choose such an outfit in which you do not overshadow the birthday girl. Therefore, before creating your own image, it is still desirable to find out from a friend what she plans to go to the celebration.

You can opt for the same dress - sheath or dress A - silhouette. Particularly attractive and elegant look models made of lace. If you can not decide on the color, then wear a black dress, in it you will look appropriate on any site.

Tapered trousers and a blouse made of thin and flowing fabric are a good option for a nightclub. If a friend invited you home, then when choosing clothes, avoid all pretentiously bright and shiny. For a restaurant, choose a strict but elegant dress. But it’s better not to wear a dress on the floor, since such a dress will probably be chosen by the birthday girl herself, let her be the queen of the ball. But for nature, an eternal classic is suitable - a stylish tracksuit or jeans with a T-shirt.

I'm sexy and I know it

Bandage dresses, ultra-mini length, immodest neckline - you should not strive to become a heroine from the cover of a Playboy on a special day. In shoes with tall stiletto heels and platforms, as well as with curls and smoky makeup, you will look ridiculous, and at the bar you can even be mistaken for a "night butterfly." Do you need it?

Dresses with a fluffy tulle skirt or a tutu skirt with a corset, shoes with rhinestones, a tiara on the head or a tower hairstyle - you should not turn from a modest accountant into a princess for one evening. Stop living dreaming about a prince, a castle and a fairy fairy, you yourself are the creator of your happiness and you do not need to arrange mask shows on your birthday.

Barbie girl

A naive look underlined by several layers of mascara, a dress from the latest Moschino collection or pajamas with Mickey Mouse, a lot of pink - are you an adult girl or an infant child? If the birthday cake has more than 25 candles, then this image is definitely not for you. It's time to leave with childhood!

To turn into a predator, it is enough to put on a dress with an animalic print (leopard print, of course) and a deep neckline, paint lips with red lipstick, beat hair in curls and do not forget about hairpins. All the best at once! Believe me, only girlfriends dressed like you under a carbon paper will appreciate such an image, but after a couple of years you yourself will bashfully hide photos from such gatherings from a potential candidate for husbands or the ubiquitous paparazzi.

Personal comfort is important for you, so even on your mini-anniversary you will wear a thermal turtleneck (but it warms and you can not put on a jacket - not an argument) and jeans. Learn to love yourself and start with a dress or, so be it, an elegant sweater.

So what to wear for a birthday?

We have made 3 images that are perfect for celebration. Take them as a basis and interpret in your own way. And, of course, do not forget to capture a good mood.

An evening dress, jewelry, styling - your birthday is like a rehearsal for entering the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival. Such an image is ideal for celebrating in a restaurant or club, the main thing is to have fun from the heart and do not think about the possibility of spilling wine on the dress or breaking the hem, these are trifles of life.

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Elegance itself

For your birthday, boldly put on your favorite dress, matching shoes and don’t forget about jewelry and funny accessories that will help to emphasize the look. On a holiday, you can choose large jewelry or confine yourself to a cocktail ring with diamonds and sapphires and a cuff.

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Cool girl

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Some of us, even on our birthday, are not ready to part with our beloved pair of jeans. We agree, the venue in the casual style may not be obligatory for something elegant, but still ... Think for a denim a worthy alternative - leather leggings, culottes or jumpsuits.

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11 years old chubby girl

You can anneal on any day, actually on your birthday .. but it talks about fashion, style, elegance .. I liked the images.

My birthday is the day when everything is possible for me. As I want, I’ll get dressed, put on shoes and make up and don’t give a damn about the opinion of my best friend, who after 30 considers normal below the knee length, blurry colors and dark things. I'm not her, and my life is going on now. And the author is ashamed of her infant photos too?

sandals, like weekend shoes, just killed ...

Wear whatever you want, that's all.

The proposed images, of course, yes ... Dullness and dullness. Author, don’t.

But you don’t like ... ... In what outfit you lived to see your age. ((())))

With my own eyes I saw how in a noisy resort town one German celebrated her 50th birthday. She is dressed as a policeman with a very short fluffy skirt, and her husband and friends in prisoners' suits are really in white suits in a vertical black strip, they drove on segways along the streets of this city, going to different bars. These people were cheerful themselves and gave positive emotions to others. Another recollection - young women of different ages 25-45 celebrated a bachelorette party, they were dressed in colorful bundles of tulle and Mickey Mouse ears. It was very cute and funny. On his holiday, a person must be happy, and if he doesn’t walk on a city street with a knife in order to fill up the list of his victims, but just express himself with his clothes, then this is wonderful)))) I personally am for!))) )

All 5 images of how not to dress are simply super! With them I want not only dr. note but also ...
In general, if you want a man to like it that way, you need to dress more often.

The proposed images are just advertising, not useful tips.

Drive this peyser in the neck! =) He wants to Cosmo style, but just get some jaundice xD

About Mickey Mouse / Barbie. Not a fan of either one or the other, but I believe that for a suitable figure and age_exterior, such an image is not even very bad if you do not go too far. So it can be suitable for 35-40 years.
And the proposed options - I agree with the opinions of those who have already written. The first is still nothing (although the proposed jewelry is $ 500 more expensive than clothing), but the rest is completely unclear what.

There are women on whom even a bag of canvas nakin will attract, excite and attract. But there are misunderstandings that you can’t dress up in without tears. It's not about clothes. Charisma is a stubborn thing.

Yes, the proposed images leave much to be desired. I agree, Mickey Mouse after 25 busts, but if a person wants to have fun and have a costume party, why not ?!

These three images are one solid “Fuuuuu!” If the first one can still be applied somehow, but with changes, then the second and third - dullness, facelessness, dullness and complete sucks.

If annoying - it is better not to watch. Because of my birthday, I want to stand out from the rest of the gray days. And the white jumpsuit with cropped wide trousers is so disgusting to me.

Agree ! No images matched! Although the first one seems to be nothing. And Jenefer looks awesome for his age, I like it. I don’t know how it looked in life, but the photo is very cool!

I absolutely agree, what is proposed ... well, gray gray. Someone likes it, yes .... but as for me, it’s better to look like a cartoon princess than as a girl passing by on the street, whom you look at and don’t remember later.

I agree with the tips “how not to look”, but the proposed 3 images do not inspire me at all. Perhaps specific things are chosen poorly.

All the tips from the category of "how to become boring." Girls, do not listen to anyone. Express yourself as you want, look for yourself through trial and error: there will be something to remember and something to ironically joke with yourself!