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How to get rid of a tree bug in the apartment: tips and tricks


Very often in spring everywhere you can see flat green bugs. They are called wood bugs or stink bugs. The structure of the back of the insect resembles a shield, so this kind of bedbugs was called shields.

These insects enter the apartments very rarely, most of all in the spring, when they are looking for places for breeding. There is no need to panic, for a person bugs do not carry any danger. Just throw it through a window or balcony, you can not expect the bug to return, because without favorable conditions for it, the insect dies. And he lives in the forests, sometimes you can find in gardens and summer cottages.

How to recognize a stink bug?

In order not to worry in vain at the sight of a new bug for you, you can clarify how they look.

  1. Adult green tree bug can reach up to 15 mm in length. Body thickness approximately 3 mm. It has a flat angular shape.
  2. The color of the bug is juicy green. But it can vary depending on the time of year. Since the color helps to mask, in summer and spring the bug will be green, and with the onset of autumn, brown spots will gradually appear on the body to merge with the fallen leaves.
  3. Also, these insects have wings, but rarely use them. Above is a layer of skin hard wings, and under them are soft webbed. And with the help of tender wings it is very difficult to take off and fly to such a big bug, so they fly only if the target is a large amount of food, or when other insects or animals attack them.
  4. It is easy to recognize them by their characteristic unpleasant odor. Bugs inflict their aroma wherever they go. Therefore, berries after them are impossible to eat. The smell is designed to scare away enemies.
  5. The tree bug has antennae that are designed to capture the smell of plants.

The life cycle of an insect.

In winter, these bugs hibernate, choosing dry warm places for this. Fallen leaves, stumps, old trees, under stones are suitable for this. When spring comes, insects come out of suspended animation and begin to eat actively. If, upon waking up, there is not enough food for them in the forests or fields, then the bugs can fly into vegetable gardens, orchards, and agricultural lands. That is why bugs can be found inside residential premises.

Having woken up, the bugs find food and a place for reproduction. When it becomes completely warm, and there are a lot of plants around, female bugs lay eggs on the back of the leaves. This is done twice during the summer period. In one egg laying can provide up to 100 eggs. They look like small balls of green color, at the end of which there are peculiar covers, so that it is easier for larvae to get out.

Larvae are very similar to adults, only smaller and do not have wings. Over the entire development process, they molt several times. Due to the fact that the chitinous shells are very hard and tough, some bugs cannot get out and die.

What eats a klopik?

The organ of food at the stink bug is located on the head in the form of a piercing-sucking proboscis. It is to them that he pierces the stems and leaves of plants and drinks juice. Brown spots remain on the sites of insect bites on plants. The bug eats only this juice. Having learned what the bug eats, people can not be afraid of them, for human skin the jaws are very weak, wood bugs-shields do not bite people, even if they are in danger from them.

But they can do some harm to the garden and garden. Especially stinky bugs like to live on raspberries and gooseberries. Bugs are not dangerous to large bushes, but after the pest has bitten the fruit, it is impossible to eat or preserve - they have such an unpleasant smell.

Characteristic features of a tree bug:

  • In the autumn-winter period, the insect hibernates in fallen leaves,
  • Bedbug larvae are similar to adult insects, but do not have wings,
  • A female bug lays up to three egg laying in one season,
  • The size of the bug during the period of active growth reaches 15 millimeters,
  • In summer, the insect is bright green, and in the fall - brown,
  • The bug feeds on plants, but can also use dead insects.

What does a wood bug look like?

The green tree bug has a sharp and long proboscis, with the help of which it obtains food for itself. His body has a characteristic structure - a wide and thick shell, similar to a shield. Because of it, an insect is sometimes called a shield bug. The color of the shell is bright green or dirty brown with red spots. The period of development of a green bug lasts more than a week. Durable shield-shell made of chitin helps the insect to deal with external influences. The period of molting - when the shield bug discards the old shell - is a dangerous time. If the bug does not have time to get out of the carapace that has become cramped, he dies. In the photo, these insects look harmless, but their disgusting characteristic smell when meeting live does not leave such a favorable impression.

Is a tree bug harmful?

  • The insect can eat crops,
  • The pronounced unpleasant odor of the bug can ruin the taste of berries or any other fruit after interacting with it,
  • For a human dwelling, it poses no threat, other than aesthetic ugliness.

Occasionally, there are invasions of these insects on garden plots, as a result of which a significant part of the crops or plantings perishes, as well as wood deteriorates.

How do live shields

Wood bugs fall into a state of suspended animation during the autumn-winter period. In early spring, he wakes up and goes in search of food. Favorite habitats for green bugs: raspberries, cherry orchards, elderberry trees. They can also often be seen on simple deciduous trees and in dense grass. Although insects have wings, they are rarely used - in order to fly from branch to branch or to escape from danger in the face of birds.

Shield guards in our homes

Wood bugs in the apartment - a common occurrence. They get there through open windows or doors. People are usually scared of them, and try to destroy them. But the proboscis of the bug is too weak to bite through human skin, therefore it does not pose a danger to humans. In addition to the special smell that remains on objects for a long time after interacting with a tree bug, you should not expect other troubles from insects.

How to deal with a bug

Although the green bug is not considered a dangerous pest, it can cause significant damage to plants. How to get rid of scale insects in a garden or apartment, and how to poison these insects:

  • The chemical method is the use of special insecticides (Chlorophos, Phosphamide). Such funds should be used only in open areas (gardens and kitchen gardens), and only if the number of bugs takes on the scale of the invasion, which is rare.
  • Folk remedy. To prepare a harmless solution for combating the tree bug, you need to take 250 grams of onion husks, pour eight liters of boiling water over it, and let it brew for five days. After that, spray the plants 3-4 times a day with a spray machine for a week.
  • Manual method - you just need to collect bugs in a container for subsequent destruction. This method is suitable for controlling small wood bugs.

If you notice a tree bug on your sofa or on clothes in the apartment - do not be scared, because it does not pose a danger to humans. Wear protective gloves and remove the shield from the subject. Then you can release it or dispose of it. Contact with an insect does not have any consequences for humans, except for the presence of an acute smell. Therefore, it is recommended to use gloves.

To prevent the subsequent entry of insects into the apartment, you need to install special mosquito nets. In America, invented a safe method of combating scale insects. They spray crops and plantings with a special enzyme that repels pests. This is one of the humane ways to get rid of woody forest bugs.

What can cause the migration of green bugs:

  • Forest fires,
  • Chemical and toxic fumes,
  • Floods
  • Abnormally low or vice versa high temperatures and other natural disasters.

In these cases, a noticeable increase in the number of angry bugs in a given territory is possible. In the photo on the network, you can sometimes see hordes of insects that eat crops and spoil garden plantings. But such cases are rare and isolated.

The appearance of the shield

The color of the bug changes closer to autumn, when the green color may become too noticeable and attract birds and other insectivores. A characteristic feature of the body structure of the pest is the presence of a carapace on the back, which is why the insect got its name.

An interesting fact is that the parasite has underdeveloped wings. This does not allow him to rise into the air as often as we would like, but if necessary to get food, he overcomes short distances. During the season, the arachnid lays 2 clutches, each of which has about 100 eggs. A significant part of the offspring does not withstand the cold or heat, and sometimes dies during molting, so nature takes care in advance that these creatures do not die out.

Interesting fact! Wood bugs emit a significantly stronger smell than other representatives of this species. With its help, insects communicate, “mark” food places, informing relatives about the availability of food, “call” a sexual partner and warn of danger. The glands secrete a secret, not only with a pungent odor, but also poisonous to other insects and birds. Basically, the secret of glands consists of cimicic acid, which is harmless to humans and large mammals, but for some insects it becomes a real poison.

The lifestyle and habitat of the bug

At the end of the eggs there is a special lid, thanks to which it is easier for ripened larvae to get out of the eggs. The process of growing larvae is not always simple: before becoming adults, they have to go through at least 15 links. Many insects at this stage die, failing to throw off the carapace, which has become small. This process often becomes a real test for the young shield bug.

An adult usually settles on trees and eats plant foods, sucking juices from leaves and fruits, but does not disdain the remains of insects, which it finds in foliage, since it does not know how to hunt itself. If there is not enough food in vivo, the insect is sent to household plots.

In apartments, the bug rarely appears, but this happens if something forces them to leave their usual habitat. Most often, forest fires, floods, or a sharp cooling fall as negative factors.

In winter, the bug usually sleeps, with the onset of warm weather it begins to actively eat in order to gain enough strength before laying eggs.

Is the shield bug harmful?

The parasite damages plantings and fruits. The plants that made the bug survive can be recognized by the characteristic dark brown spots. Thanks to special glands, people know the stench that emits a wood shield. Not everyone knows how to get rid of this unpleasant aroma, for many gardeners this is an urgent issue.

Raspberries are a favorite parasite treat, gardeners say that the taste of the berries on which the bug sat is hopelessly spoiled and it is impossible to eat such a crop. Arachnids often get to wheat and cereals. Damaged young shoots either die or lose their ability to produce seeds.

But there is a well-known folk recipe for the treatment of drunkenness with the help of green bugs infused in vodka. The taste of alcohol does not change, and the gag reflex with the use of such a drink is provided. Men who have not come out of binges before that stop drinking.

Interesting fact! The larvae of the bug do not look like adults, they do not have wings.

Do I need to fight the bug?

You should know that the wood shield, who is in the apartment, does not carry any danger. The only possible harm from it is the smell that will appear if crushed. Some people claim that the parasites bite, but no confirmation has yet been found. The proboscis of the wood pest is too soft to bite through the skin of a person or animal, most likely those who complained of bedbug bites, visited a bedbug or other insect. All this suggests that there is no need to immediately poison him with chemicals, because this way you can do more harm to yourself and household.

Fighting pests makes sense if a berry bug has flooded the garden and threatens planting. In this case, contact pesticides are effective for controlling a berry pest.

Folk remedies for fighting bugs

Chemistry is not always the best way to destroy a bug. Those who seek to deal with the problem using what nature has given us are advised to pay attention to folk methods of getting rid of the parasite.

Spraying with tincture of onion husks, wormwood, chamomile. The solution must be treated with a special sprayer. If it does not help, then you have to repeat the procedure several times.

Hand picking bedbugs from plants. Parasites are not so fast as to escape from humans, so this method often works.

Planting spicy greens:

The smell of these plants repels harmful insects.

Americans have recently developed an innovative method of pest control - a special enzyme similar to that secreted by insects. According to their version, this should distract pests from agricultural plantings. So far in Russia this method has not received significant distribution.

Preventive measures

Compliance with several preventive recommendations will help protect housing from bugs:

  • First you need to install mosquito nets on the windows, especially in the spring and summer, when the activity of insects is highest.
  • Regularly clean. The arachnid will not settle in a clean house.
  • Once a year, carry out pest control, especially in dusty and inaccessible places.
  • As a flavor, use the smells of lavender, citrus. This will prevent the parasite from settling.
  • Old books and things are better to pack and take out in the attic or in the garage.
  • Purchased indoor plants should be inspected for insects.
  • It is necessary to take out the garbage in time so that it does not have time to begin to decay in the house.

Preventing the appearance is always easier than killing the parasites.

Olga Nikolaevna, 42 years old: “I never thought that green bugs could bite, but in the summer such creatures appeared in a city apartment. In the mornings I found bed bugs in the bed, and my body was covered with red dots. Specialists who had to be called said that they were hybrids of forest and bed bugs. Destroyed by Dichlorvos. "

Anna Dmitrievna, 33 years old: “Bedbugs plagued us at the dacha for quite some time, until our son jokingly offered to spray Coca-Cola plantings. I did not believe in a possible effect, but after several sprayings the bugs left our site. The effect is surprising, it is especially pleasant that the son then stopped drinking Cola. "

Ways to combat the green shield.

Tree bugs are not in the list of dangerous garden pests, so the question arises - do I need to fight them and how to get rid of them? If suddenly a green wood bug has got into your apartment, then you do not need to immediately grab for various insecticidal agents. Just catch it and let it out, because the rooms do not have the conditions for their life, so they will not be able to survive there.

But what if these bugs occupied your garden or garden? These insects feed on plant sap, so they can harm your seedlings. Then you can think about methods of combating insects.

  1. There are several ways to kill insects, but in the case of these bugs, you can use the mechanical method. It consists in the fact that you just need to manually collect the bugs, destroy their larvae under the leaves, and they themselves can be taken to the nearest forest or poisoned. But some will not be very pleased to collect insects with their hands. Due to the fact that the color of the bugs is green, they can not be seen on the green grass, and if you leave a couple of female bugs, they will multiply quickly. After that, you will have to use more effective methods.
  2. For example, destruction by biological means. That is, actions will be absolutely safe for people, animals and the crop itself. Onion infusion, a solution of mustard are excellent in this matter. Onion infusion is prepared from 200-300 grams of onion husks in a bucket of water (10 liters). Insisted for about five days. Then you can pour it into the sprayer and spray it on the territory. It is better to repeat the procedure several times every five days.

The second effective traditional remedy is mustard solution. It is made from 100 grams of dry mustard, which is bred in a bucket of water (10 liters). After that, the garden is processed as well as in the case of infusion from onions. But this solution can not be overdone. Wait for the soil to dry completely.

Also, stink bugs can not stand such a plant as black cohosh. It is nice looking, so you can safely plant next to important seedlings.

  • К химическому методу следует подходить в крайнем случае. Только при огромном количестве насекомых. Ведь химические инсектициды могут нанести вред на человеческий организм и накапливаться в почве. When using chemicals, personal protective equipment is needed. Typically, Chlorophos, Karbofos, Phosphamide are used to control tree bugs. Be sure to follow the instructions on the product label.
  • What does a wood shield look like?

    The green tree shield (Palomena prasina) belongs to the real shield. This family combines bugs with a characteristic body structure. If you look at such an insect from above, you can notice a wide scutellum and pronotum on its back. These are two distinct parts. Thanks to the shield, this family got its name - shields.

    Body size up to 3.5 mm. The body shape is oval, elongated. The oral apparatus has the appearance of a piercing-sucking type proboscis. Designed for nutrition of vegetable juices. Two sensing antennae are located on the head to pick up odors.

    Body color varies with the time of year. In spring and summer, when there is a lot of greenery around, the bug has a bright green color, and only at the end of its body are webbed brown wings visible. With the onset of autumn, when the leaves change color, the tree shield also changes its color to match the environment. The woodbug bug becomes a dark brown color.

    Did you know? Wood shields rarely use wings. Flights for a bug turn out to be a big expenditure of energy. Since it is difficult for webbed wings to lift a rather heavy body into the air. Woody green shield only flies if there is easily accessible food ahead.

    Wood bug bug. Summer coloring

    Tree bug bug changed summer color to autumn


    Bed bugs lay eggs twice during the summer season. One clutch contains about 100 eggs. The egg is light green in color, located on the underside of the leaves. The eggs have a kind of lid that rests on special teeth. This adaptation helps mature larvae to easily get out of eggs. The ripening period of eggs reaches a month. But under favorable conditions, this time is reduced to one week.

    Hatched larvae are similar to adults except for their small size and lack of wings. Before becoming an adult insect, they survive 15 links. If the larva cannot throw off the carapace that has become small for her, it dies. Shield winter in fallen foliage. The bedbug spends all winter in a peculiar numbness (suspended animation), fleeing from a lack of heat and a lack of food. With the onset of the warm season, they come out of hibernation and begin to eat intensely. If there is not enough food in the natural habitats, they go to gardens, vegetable gardens, and agricultural lands.

    Wood bug bug and its oviposition

    Woody Green Shield Larva

    Nutrition and habitat

    The bug is a wood insect that settles on deciduous trees. It feeds exclusively on plant foods, sucking plant juice. Like many guards, he prefers raspberries.

    The woody green shield has pronounced odorous glands with a specific aroma. The bug uses the glands every time there is even the slightest threat to life. For this property, the green shield bug was nicknamed by the people only as a stink bug.

    Malicious Green Tree Shield

    Woody shield affects the plants in which it settles. The fact that the bug fed on the plant is evidenced by small dark brown spots. But for large trees and shrubs, the harmfulness of the bug will not be so noticeable.

    Often, tree bugs leave the forest and move to nearby garden areas where they feed heavily. The invasion of a large number of such insects can greatly damage the crop. The bug especially likes to eat raspberries. He leaves behind a trace of odorous glands on the berries, which spoils the taste of berries.

    Sometimes, with a lack of food, the bug moves to agricultural crops (cereal crops) and feeds on them.

    Very often, wood shields are in apartments. They penetrate through open windows, windows, doors. The oral apparatus of the insect bug is not able to bite through human skin, so these insects should not be feared.

    When we had forest fires in the region, these guards moved to apartments. At first I was scared when I saw so many insects in the house, then I read on the Internet that they did not harm a person. I had to collect them every day with a vacuum cleaner and throw them into the window. The most unpleasant thing is the smell of bugs, which spreads around the apartment, if one accidentally crush one! Then the bugs disappeared completely with the onset of cold weather.

    Do I have to deal with wood shields?

    It is not worth fighting against wood shields, if not necessary. If these insects are in your apartment, do not panic and poison them with chemical insecticides, so you can harm your health. Better just let the bugs out into the street.

    Fighting bugs is worth it only if they have abundantly populated your garden or garden plot. In this case, several treatments with a special insecticide will suffice. To combat bugs, pesticides of a contact type of action are suitable.

    Chemical pesticide control of wood shields

    If all the same, the guards attacked your site, and you want to get rid of them, you can use a number of effective folk remedies. All of them are natural and do not pose a danger to humans and the environment.

    Klopov scares away tincture of onion husks, wormwood, chamomile, mustard solution. These funds can be mixed, combined, alternated. Treat plants with water infusion using a special sprayer. Repeat treatment several times.

    Manually collecting bugs from plants is also effective. These insects are not quick enough to run away quickly.

    In addition, bugs are frightened off by the smell of spicy greens, such as caraway seeds, regan, basil, etc. The decorative plant of the tsimitsifuga (also known as the black cohosh) planted on the site will be a natural barrier against these insects.

    I have been on the site since time immemorial, growing cimicifuge, another grandmother planted. Bedbugs always bypass us. They eat at the neighbors, but they don’t come to us

    Smelly black cohosh - a natural insecticide that repels bugs