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How to make a wreath in the Ukrainian style


Last weekend at a round table in a cozy cafe gathered people who are not indifferent to the New Year and floristry. The creator of the flower shop Aquamarine Flowers Alina Martynova told and showed how to make a beautiful New Year's decor: a wreath of natural fluffy spruce, the aroma of which filled the whole room. In this article we will not conceal a single important detail, so it will not be difficult for you to create your own wreath at home.

DIY Christmas wreath: what you need and where to get it

The main ingredient is canadian spruce. It does not crumble, but dries up: the wreath calmly hangs the holidays, and the next year it will be better to replace the branches. The Canadian spruce has large and not prickly needles, so working with her is pleasant. In Moscow, branches can be purchased at the Riga market, there is also a diverse decor with which we decorated the wreath.

Next you will need base for wreath. If you like a fluffy wreath, then the appearance of the base is not important - it will be covered with branches. In this case, you can buy a foam circle in the store for creativity or at the Fair of Masters. You can make the foundation yourself: cut a ring out of cardboard, and wind a crumpled newspaper or wrapping paper with tape on one side to create volume.

There is another type of base - made of twigs. They are sold at the same Fair of Masters (in florist shops they can be, but not for sure). This foundation does not have to be completely covered with branches, it is beautiful in itself.

Need the following instruments:

  • thin wire of black or green color (less convenient options are fishing line or durable thread),
  • scissors and pruner
  • glue gun.

And of course decor. Here you are limited only by imagination, but we used:

  • bumps
  • cinnamon sticks
  • coconut shell stars
  • Christmas balls
  • cotton,
  • dried oranges
  • tapes.

Buy several colors or manually paint them to make your wreath look brighter and more festive. Oranges, by the way, are not as easy to dry as they seem, so you can buy them (like cones if you live far from the forest) in specialized stores.

Base stage

Cut large branches of the spruce tree into smaller paws — it is easy to determine the desired size by attaching the branch to the base. These branches will need to wrap the base with wire. The wire is best suited because it holds the structure well together, even if you are loosening a loose branch. Due to the properties of the wire, the wreaths after winding can be additionally formed by hands, if the shape is not perfect.

Tie the wire to the base, then attach one or more branches (usually three optimally to cover the front, outside and inside of the ring) and wrap it around. Try to guide the wire between the branches, and not on top, so that it is less noticeable.

Add new branches, sticking their tips under the previous ones, continuing the winding. If there are gaps, do not worry - you can after add branches where they were not enough. If you wrap the entire wreath in a circle, move clockwise - this arrangement of branches is considered the most harmonious and positive. Having finished the winding, tie the wire onto a knot on the wrong side of the wreath and cut it (if you wound it with a spool in your hand).

Critically examine what happened. With the help of new portions of wire, add branches where they were not enough, or tightly stick up the sticking branches if they get out of the idea. You can safely move the branches with your hands, the design will not suffer: our wreath after winding turned out to be slightly oval, but a simple compression from the sides and the displacement of a pair of branches was enough to correct the situation.

The wreath is ready, it remains to decorate it!

Wreath decoration

The main decoration tool is a glue gun. Plug it in and let it heat. During this time, select the decor elements and harmoniously place them on the wreath. Here Alina gave some universal advice:

  • There are two approaches: to form groups of elements, and then fill in the voids between them, or evenly distribute the elements one by one throughout the wreath.
  • You can create groups from objects of the same type, the same shape, or the same color — one or the other must coincide.
  • Groups with three objects each look best.
  • In groups it is better to have connecting elements so that they are assembled into a composition: for example, in all groups the same object or color will be present.

  • Avoid arranging groups with an equilateral triangle.
  • The main thing is to try to do without the effect of “eyes” - two identical or very similar objects symmetrically opposite each other. It will seem that the wreath is looking at you - we are serious. In this case, it is enough to place these elements diagonally - the effect is lost.
  • Do not be afraid to place identical objects in pairs if it seems harmonious to you.
  • Rely on your sense of beauty.

Gluing the elements to the wreath is very simple: squeeze a little glue on the back of the decor, press it to the right place on the wreath and hold it a little. The main thing is not to try to stick on the air between the branches - we checked, this does not work. Try to warm the decor a little into the branches: this way it looks like a part of the wreath, and not lying on top, and it sticks better.

The last step is to decorate the wreath with ribbon, if you want. You can tie a bow directly on the wreath, or you can make it separately and stick on top, like the rest of the decor. The tape can be fasteners in order to hang a wreath on the wall, or it can be a purely decorative detail. Then you need to make a loop of wire on the back of the wreath.

It remains the last - a test of strength. Lift the wreath and shake it - if nothing falls off, then you worked with a glue gun to the glory, and the product will not suffer even if you slam the door on which the wreath hangs. If it falls off, repeat gluing.

By the way! You can not only hang a wreath on a wall or door, but also put it on a table or chest of drawers, putting in the middle a composition of candles or a vase with tangerines.

Do-it-yourself Ukrainian wreath of satin ribbons

The main flower for the wreath is considered poppy. Red poppies mean youth, beauty and their transience. A wreath of red flowers is a symbol of girlish purity and beauty.

Periwinkle - a symbol of purity and innocence, and a flowering periwinkle - a declaration of love.
Cornflowers - a symbol of girlish modesty and tenderness. A symbol of fidelity and devotion.
Daisies - awaken love.
Viburnum - generic protection.

Mallow, cornflowers and nails, girls decorate their hair, weaving flowers in a wreath. In our rim there will be four flowers of different colors - poppy, daisy, cornflower and marigold (calendula).

Poppy from a whole piece of narrow ribbon

You will need a tape 4-5 cm wide, 50-60 cm long.

  1. On the tape, make 6 marks at a distance of 8-10 cm from each other. Do not forget to step back from the edge of 0.5 cm.
  2. Mark 6 petals along the marks.
  3. Pull the thread and form the petals. Connect and sew the ends of the ribbon to make a flower.
  4. Insert stamens or beads in the middle of the flower. (I decided not to make a poppy seed box, but just added a bead along with the stamens)

Poppy from pieces of tape

You can make poppy from segments. Need 12 pcs

  1. Cut the tape into segments 4-5 cm, depending on the desired flower size.
  2. On one side, cut each segment in a semicircle and melt over the candle.
  3. On the other hand, folds can be collected and also melted above the candle.
  4. Collect the resulting petals in two flowers.
  5. Then glue the resulting flowers and add the stamens.

Flower petals

Such a poppy can be used in Ukrainian wreaths, hairpins or for ribbons in a braid.

  1. From a tape, 5 cm wide, cut 10 pieces of 3.5 - 4.5 cm. Depending on what size flower you want to get.
  2. Cut a petal from each segment and make several small incisions along the rounded edge.
  3. In the process of flashing the edges, these cuts will be bent in different directions and create the necessary effect of a living flower.
  4. Collect petals on a thread of 5 pieces and glue them together.
  5. Add the middle. It can be made traditional or just black stamens.

From such poppies you can make wreaths and hairpins.

And you can also make a ribbon in a braid and decorate pigtails.

Stylized poppy center

Depending on where the poppy will be used, the middle for it can be made in the traditional style - in the form of a box, you can use only stamens. I make stylized middle for poppies on wreaths.

  • For the middle, take a piece of a narrow green ribbon 18 cm and twist it into a tourniquet.
  • Then, glue on a piece of felt, starting from the knot, and twist into a “shell”.
  • When the glue dries, cut the “Shell” and stick the stamens from the felt side.
  • Glue the finished middle into the flower blank.

Narrow ribbon camomile

For the manufacture of chamomile, it is better to use a tape 1 - 1.25 cm wide.

  1. From the tape cut 9 segments 7 cm long.
  2. Bend each segment with a corner, and bend the bottom in half with the front side inward and melt over the fire, forming a petal. For one chamomile you need 9 petals.
  3. Collect the petals on a thread, pull and sew.
  4. Glue or sew on the middle in the form of a bead or button.

Depending on the size of the wreath, smaller flowers are sometimes needed. Therefore, you can make the daisy smaller and more simple way.

  1. From a narrow tape of 1.2 cm, cut segments of 2.5 cm.
  2. The trimmed edges to melt over the fire so as to form a petal on one side. For one flower, 9-12 petals are needed.
  3. For the middle, an ordinary knot is used.
  4. Collect the petals on a thread and tighten them tightly, glue a knot in the middle.

Ribbon cornflower

Cornflower I make from a tape 2.5 cm wide. This is the easiest way to create a flower that I found on the net.

  1. For one flower, you need 6 segments of 3 cm. Melt the cut edges on a fire.
  2. We form a petal. Fold a piece of tape diagonally so that the corners do not touch.
  3. Then, bend the right corner arbitrarily up, and the left under the bottom so that they look slightly.
  4. The sharp corner is where the bend needs to be warmed up a little on fire and held with your fingers to make a fan-shaped petal.
  5. Then collect the obtained petals on a string and tighten.
  6. Insert the blue stamens into the middle and stick.

So, all the flowers are prepared, you can proceed. For decoration, you can add green leaves, Kalinka or beads, and other decorations that are.

Assembling a wreath on a wire base

A traditional Ukrainian wreath is characterized by the presence of a large number of ribbons. To be able to attach the ribbons, we will make a wreath on a wire basis. For it we use a thick and soft wire.

  1. The size of the wire base should be slightly smaller than the head circumference. but not less than 40 cm.
  2. Braid the ends of the wire with a narrow or tape tape and make loops.
  3. Then glue the wire with a piece of tape 2.5 cm, on which the flowers will be attached.
  4. Prepare a scheme according to which flowers will be attached.
  5. First you need to glue the poppies, they are the largest. Do not stick them too close with the eyelets.
  6. The remaining, smaller flowers and leaves are evenly and symmetrically glued between poppies.
  7. When the glue hardens, check that all the flowers are glued and that a wire is not visible between them.

Ukrainian wreath with flowers from satin ribbons is ready.

Ukrainian-style headband with ribbon flowers

This hair band can be worn almost every day. I prefer metal rims, as they are stronger and more reliable. But. if you wish, you can increase the number of flowers and make a Ukrainian wreath.

If you wish, you can braid the rim with ribbons, like mine. How to do this there are many different videos. I will not dwell in detail.

On the rim you need to stick the basics for the composition. I prefer felt, but you can take a wide ribbon folded in half. Assembling the composition is the most difficult and most interesting process. You must calculate the composition so that all the prepared flowers fit and there is no free space left on the base. If suddenly there are some empty places, they are laid with leaves or decor.

And if you want to play it safe, you can first stick leaves on the base, and only then add flowers and decor.

Show your imagination and you will get different versions of Ukrainian wreaths of flowers made by your own hands.

If you are just starting out, I recommend using Dragon glue in your work. It does not dry out so quickly and you will have the opportunity to correct your mistakes.