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How to install vatsap on computer


WhatsApp has already been selected by hundreds of millions of users around the world. Initially, the developers provided for the installation of the application only on the iPhone. As the popularity of the program grew, versions were also presented for other popular mobile platforms. Currently, users can work with instant messengers and on a PC, regardless of whether the operating system, Windows or Mac is installed. There are several ways to install WhatsApp on a computer.

What to consider before installing WhatsApp Web on a computer

To avoid problems during installation, consider a few key important points:

  1. To use on a computer, you must have installed the WhatsApp application on your smartphone. Using Watts App only on a PC is not yet possible.
  2. When installing the application on a computer, the program on the phone must be updated (the latest version is required).
  3. Before installing on your PC, open the WhatsApp Web app on your smartphone.
  4. You can only install the application on the following operating systems: Windows 8, Windows 10, MAC. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating systems are not supported.
  5. Download the application on a PC only from the official site located at this address

  • You must have access to the Internet on your smartphone all the time that you plan to work with this application on your computer. It is better that the phone has been connected to the Internet all the time via WiFi in order to minimize traffic costs.
  • Install Watsup on the computer

    As I mentioned, it’s especially important so that Vots App is installed on your mobile phone. To do this, just go to the application manager on your mobile phone and drive “WhatsApp” into the search bar.

    Install the application found (note that at least a billion users have already installed it) and follow the steps of the wizard (the application is associated with the number of your mobile phone, which will need to be confirmed). Everything is simple.

    If all of the above conditions are met, then we proceed directly to installing Vatsap on your computer or laptop. To do this, go to the official site mentioned above (I draw your attention to the problem of phishing aggravated recently and I advise you to follow the tips for safe use of the network provided here) and go to the file download section on the same name tab "Download".

    There we select the operating system - Windows or Mac. Then everything is as usual - select the download location on your PC, at the end of the download process, open the WhatsAppSetup.exe file and follow the steps of the installation wizard.

    P.S. Personally, my installation of Vots App on a PC hung at the very beginning (on Windows 10). However, it all worked when I right-clicked the WhatsAppSetup.exe file and chose the option “Run as administrator”:

    It is possible that this may also be useful to someone.

    After the installation process reaches the stage shown in the screenshot below, you will need to open Vatsap on your smartphone and follow the instructions on this page (depending on the type of your mobile device - Android, iPhone or something else):

    The most important thing here is the QR code located in the upper left corner (what is it?), Because it is it that will allow you to synchronize data between the version of Vatsap on a computer and on a mobile phone. Accordingly, now you will need to take a smartphone and open the WhatsApp application, then open the menu in the upper right corner (click on the ellipsis) and select Whatsapp Web:

    Then you will be instructed that you will need to point the smartphone’s camera at the QR code image on your computer in order to transfer data (synchronize two programs).

    You will say (click) that “ok, clear” and still get the opportunity to recognize the QR code, after which you will immediately see your Vatsap contact list on your computer in a separate window of the newly installed program:

    Using it is extremely simple - just a few menu items and convenient tools in the communication windows.

    Recall that Vatsap must be installed on a smartphone and run all the time while you are working with this program on a PC! If the phone is turned off, there will be no Internet on it or the application will be inactive, vatsap on the computer will not work either.

    WhatsApp Web - go to Vots App via browser (online)

    The developers of the application (by the way, Facebook bought it several years ago for lard evergreens) on their official website (mindful of the aspirations of their users) offer not only a version of the program for the computer, but also the ability to access Watts App online, i.e. through a web browser.

    In this case, you don’t even need to install anything - just on the official website go to the “WhatsApp Web” tab or you can immediately go to the link: (it makes sense to immediately add it to your browser’s bookmarks so you don’t have to search later).

    Further, the algorithm of actions is the same as after installing the application on your computer (see a little above) - go to Vatsap from your smartphone, go there (on the phone) to the “WhatsApp Web” tab from the top drop-down menu and recognize the QR code by the phone, shown on

    After that you immediately access the web version of Vots Appa right from your browser window on your computer (that is, online).

    True, the smartphone will still have to be kept turned on with the running Watsup application and the available Internet access. Otherwise, "there will be no kina." But it’s still very convenient and happy that the developers themselves have finally taken care of the convenience of their users.

    Options for operating systems to install

    The Vatsap computer application can be downloaded at the following links:

    Before you download and install WhatsApp, you need to check the bit depth of your operating system. The verification process in all Windows releases is almost the same - we find the "Computer" icon on the desktop or in the Start menu, right-click, select "Properties". A window will open, information about the bit depth will be contained in the line "System Type".

    Installation methods

    • Web version
    • Portable version,
    • full version
    • Mac OS release.

    Web Release Benefits - there is no need to download the installation file (distribution) of the program. The program is ready to work immediately after clicking on the link and scan the QR code of a smartphone with pre-installed WhatsApp. A significant drawback of this option is the need for continuous use of the phone. The smartphone has run out, the Internet connection has disappeared - that's all, using Vatsap on a computer is impossible. In addition, the authors of the program recommend using the Google Chrome browser, or similar, with the same engine.

    Portable Version will have to download, however, it will not require as much disk space as the full version. However, you do not need to install the application on a computer, just run the program and scan the QR code using your mobile phone. This release of WhatsApp can simply be stored on a flash drive, without copying it to a PC, and constantly run from a flash drive. This is especially convenient if you are using someone else's computer (on a visit or on a business trip), and do not want anyone to read your correspondence or to view attached files. Otherwise, everything is familiar - the portable WhatsApp is easy to set up, the inconvenience will be the same as with the web option - a constant connection to the phone.

    Full version for Windows. This is not to say that the installation will be too complicated, it will require serious investment of time and computer resources. In the most “difficult” case (for Windows XP, Windows 7) you will need to download Android emulator, for example, Blue Stacks, before downloading WhatsApp. To do this, you must have a valid Google account. To download Blue Stacks, follow the link below.

    After installing and registering this application, you can proceed to the installation of WhatsApp. To do this, download Blue Stacks, by contextual search we find "download WhatsApp". We will get to the official page of the application on Google Play. Click the “Install” button, after which the system will be able to download WhatsApp (the download indicator will be displayed on the screen - the number of megabytes downloaded from the total). After the download is complete, installation will begin. Upon completion of the installation, the system will request consent to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy. The next step is to register the user's mobile phone. When entering a number in the corresponding field, you should be especially careful, since changing credentials is subsequently impossible. An SMS message with a confirmation code will be sent to the phone you specified, which must be entered in the appropriate field. Now you need to specify your name, which will be the network user ID. After synchronizing the computer with WhatsApp, you will see all the subscribers of your contact list who already have WhatsApp installed. Installation is complete, as you can see it does not require any special knowledge or skills.

    Mac OS Version used in computers made by Apple. Note that the official site supports OS release no lower than 10.9. To install WhatsApp on your MacBook follow the link and download the boot file, and then start the installation process. In order to download the application you must have an Apple ID account. The further installation procedure is similar to the processes on Windows - we launch Vatsap, then in the application on the iPhone we find the menu item WhatsApp Web, and we photograph the QR code on the MacBook screen using a smartphone. The application is ready to use.

    Download Sources

    • Official site (direct link on our website),
    • Google Play (using the Blue Stacks emulator),
    • Third-party software (download * .apk file).

    Advantages of downloading Vatsap from the official website or Google Play - you download the latest version of the program, the Russian (or other) language of your device is automatically detected. The computer will be protected from unpleasant "surprises" - advertising, virus programs, etc. But the * .apk file can be downloaded both from the official website of the program, and from a third-party (file hosting, torrent tracker, software portal, etc.). To run a file on a computer, an emulator is required. Be careful, the program is free, beware of sites that will require payment for this content, request your confidential information.

    So, we described the process of downloading and installing WhatsApp for different types of operating systems, examined different methods, figured out the nuances, and evaluated all the pros and cons of various releases of the program. Now you can download and configure Vatsap on your own, use the variety of communication opportunities - conduct individual and group chats, create video conferences, send personal and business correspondence and just wish your friends good morning. Be happy with WhatsApp!


    If you are still not a user of the popular WhatsApp messenger, then you lose a lot. Namely, you lose money on paying for the services of mobile operators. No matter how reclusive you may be, in the modern world there is no way to do without a mobile phone. And the cost of each minute of conversation is deducted from your room balance. Such unpleasant things. Experienced users recommend installing the Vatsapp messenger for a computer, smartphone and all your devices. And also persuade all your friends to do the same.

    Benefits and Benefits of Whatsapp on Computer

    • Watsap operates on the basis of data transmission via the Internet and mobile providers are not required here. In fact - using the services of Internet communication through Whatsappyou are depriving cellular operators of bread and butter. And let tariffs be reduced to increase competitiveness.
    • Free sending and receiving SMS.
    • Free internet telephony. And not so long ago, video telephony appeared. You can delete Skype.
    • Some features of social networks are content sharing and group chats.
    • Keeping a history of correspondence and conversations.
    • One-touch contact exchange - no longer need to enter ten-digit cell phone numbers.

    How to install vatsap on a computer?

    It is possible on a computer, although in fact Vatsap is a mobile application for smartphones. But for all models of smartphones - Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian. But, if necessary, you can download WhatsApp to your computer and use it on your desktop.

    First, you still have to use a smartphone to register for the WhatsApp service. After that, you will have the opportunity to use the WhatsApp service on a laptop or desktop computer.

    1. Set up the web interface of the messenger on the WhatsApp Web site -
    2. Download and install WhatsApp on your computer using the virtual Android operating system.
    3. Download Watsapp for computer in the installer file format for Windows. Such programs have already appeared, although they are still in beta versions and therefore there may be bugs and glitches.

    Work with WhatsApp Web

    Take your smartphone and go to the WhatsApp website. Open WhatsApp Web and scan the code on the page with your smartphone. After that, the WhatsApp messenger will be available for use in the browser interface. This is such an online service. There may be communication disruptions if your Internet is weak. Since you no longer spend money on cellular communications with Vatsap, it's time to switch to a faster Internet tariff. Otherwise, making video calls using Whatsapp will not be very convenient.

    Android emulator

    In fact, there are a lot of these emulators for Android and you can choose the option you like the most. Almost all of these emulators can be found on the Internet for free. After installing the emulator, you can use your desktop as a replacement for your Android smartphone. It remains to go to the Google Play website and download the WhatsApp application from there. Since you now have a virtual Android environment on your computer, there will be no installation problems. Next, look at your smartphone - there you should have received an SMS during the installation of Vatsap, and in it there is a confirmation code for your account in the system.


    WhatsApp for computer can only be installed as a virtual application. Whatsapp (Watsapp) is a free utility that is very popular among young people and not only. Usually users are used to installing the application on their phones, but there are those who want to download Whatsapp for a computer for free because it is convenient, if only because you can quickly print new messages. The official version of Watsapp for PC has not been released, so we will install the application in a virtual environment in the application Start BlueStacks. If you have any problems with BlueStacks, then you can find a solution to the problems or download other popular emulators on the website for free.

    Attention: the official version of Whatsapp for the computer has been released

    There are many ways and programs that will help you download Vatsapp for a computer for free to use all the functions of the program on your phone. But to make it work, you need to suffer a little, in order to install Whatsapp on your PC. Below is a brief instruction on how to install Whatsapp on different versions of operating systems.

    You need to choose the version that is right for your configuration.
    WhatsApp- This is a huge shift in the world of SMS communication. Keep up to date and join the number of users of this application, which helps to save a lot on sending SMS messages to your relatives and friends. Typically, the WhatsApp program is installed on phones or tablets, but sometimes there are cases when the program is simply needed on a personal computer.

    Unfortunately, the developers did not take care of this moment, they released application options for many devices such as: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia Windows Phone, and for PC forgotten. In order to correct the inconvenience, we provide the opportunity to use the WhatsApp application from a computer by downloading a specially developed version of the program from us. This version of the program is Russian-language and it will be easy to deal with it, as it is fully adapted for all operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    How Vatsap works on a computer:

    • download the application on Android, on our website without registration,
    • then install it on your computer with the extension .apk, which will open in the emulator,
    • Download the Russian-language application itself,
    • open the downloaded file and enter your phone number on which the mobile version of Vatsap was installed.
    • After that, the program will try to send an SMS message, but it will fail and this is understandable, since we install it on a computer.
    • Next, use the voice check by pressing the “call me” button on that end, the girl in pleasant Russian will dictate the desired code to you, which must be entered in a special field, then enter your name and contacts.

    You can use the video instruction for installing Vatsap on the PC:

    Проблема в том, что пользоваться программой WhatsApp в таком режиме, можно только год, дальше придется to pay. Приложение может работать, только на каком то одном устройстве, если Вы установили его на компьютер, то на смартфон его придется наново скачивать и устанавливать. Если Вы планируете использовать приложение и на телефоне, и компьютере, очень разумным ходом, будет использовать разные сим карты.

    Одним, и самым главным преимуществом программы WhatsApp в сравнении с смс, является то, что в ней имеется функция отсылки собеседнику, Вашего места положения. That is, your interlocutor will be able to see where you are now, if he also has a program installed on the computer. Download Vatsapp to your computer is very simple and easy, just follow our instructions.

    Step-by-step instructions for installing Vatsap on a computer:

    1. The first thing we do is download the Start BlueStacks emulator link. Run the file BlueStacks-ThinInstaller.exe

    2. Next, just install the emulator, all settings can be left by default:

    3. Now you need to download Vatsap in APK format, you can download here on the link. After, run the file - com.whatsapp.

    4. We wait a couple of minutes until Whatsapp is installed:

    5. Open BlueStacks and run the messenger:

    6. Click to accept and continue:

    7. Enter your phone number:

    8. Now we wait about 4-5 minutes until the program will try to boil SMS to you in the application. We install WhatsApp on the computer, so sending will not work. We wait!

    9. A callback window will appear. Click to call me and wait for the call from the program. The girl in a pleasant voice will dictate the activation number, which you enter in the field:

    10. At the next stage, you just have to enter your own, you can add a smiley in the name, and now you can start using Vatsap directly on your computer!

    Do you often sit at a PC and simultaneously correspond in a messenger? Simplify your life and learn how to use it. WhatsApp on the computer. You can not only keep secret correspondence, but also call other users of the service using the advantages of modern encryption.

    In the first two cases, you will need an application installed on a mobile device with a working camera. In the third - only a functioning mobile phone number. We will understand them in more detail.

    Whatsapp web

    This is the simplest, independent of hardware and operating system, way to work with the messenger. You will need only a modern browser and smartphone or tablet with a working main video camera and, of course, Vatsap installed on it.

    If the camera does not work, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to use the web version, since the only way to authorize is to scan the QR code with a device with Vatsap activated.

    How to use:

    1. On the official website, in the main menu, find the WhatsApp Web item and go to its page.
    2. You will receive an offer to scan the code. Follow the instructions and in a few seconds you will be taken to the browser version of the program.

    PC application

    This option is convenient if you are at your own PC with Windows 8 and older or MacOS 10.9 and older. As in the previous case, you must have activated Watsup on a smartphone with a working camera.

    How to put:

    1. In the main menu of the program’s website, find the item "Download". In section "Download whatsapp»Select your OS and click on the link.
    2. Run the installer and install the application following the prompts.
    3. Launch WhatsApp and activate it using the QR code scan using your smartphone.

    Compared with the previous option, this is more convenient because you do not need to keep the browser open (or a separate tab in the browser), and the messenger, working in the background, will only respond to incoming messages.

    Installation on the emulator

    This is the least convenient way, but the only one suitable for those who do not have a smartphone, but have a mobile phone, as well as followers of Windows 7 - there is no desktop version for it. Its obvious disadvantages include the preliminary installation of the emulator and the need to keep it turned on, which significantly loads the resources of the system, especially if you have a budget processor and RAM is less than 8 GB.

    There are more than ten emulation programs (only popular), so we recommend only two: BlueStacks and Nox. The first is less demanding on resources, but refuses to install applications that require access to the camera and microphone if you do not have them, the second will allow you to install any programs without a web camera.

    Installing emulators is extremely simple, you won’t have to answer any tricky questions, just follow the prompts.

    We will briefly discuss how to use WhatsApp on a computer through BlueStacks:

    1. Download the installer from the official site.
    2. Run and install it at the prompts.
    3. After starting the emulator, you can work with it as with a smartphone. If you are confused by the interface in English, find in the search engine instructions for translating the Android interface into Russian.

    Install the messenger:

    1. On Google Play (tabs “My apps") Find WhatsApp and install it.
    2. Indicate your mobile number, get a confirmation code and enter it in the application.

    Now you can use Whatsapp just like on a mobile device.

    We learned whether Vatsap can be used through a computer, and got acquainted with three ways to start it. The most convenient for us seems to be a desktop program that consumes a minimum of resources with a maximum of functionality. For those working on unsupported operating systems or away, the best option is to work through a browser, and the emulator will help those who do not have a smartphone. Whichever option you choose, get the full power of secure information encryption.


    The process of installing the Vacap position on a computer is not very complicated and will not require much time. There is no official version of Vatsap on the computer, so we will use the emulator. All actions are quite simple, and will not take much time, let's return to the question of how to install Whatsapp (Vatsap) on a computer

    To get started, you need to download the Android application for computers, which will allow you to install the application for smartphones on your computer. One such program is a program called BlueStacks (download). After you have installed the program, run the phrase in the system search Whatsapp messenger.

    In order to install WhatsApp Messenger on a computer you need to register in the system Google play, create an account there, you need to keep your personal data in the profile several times. After checking your data, downloading the program will be quite simple.

    After downloading, follow all the instructions that appear on the screen and run the program. In the field "phone number", indicate only the real number. You will receive an SMS message with a one-time password or use the voice option to receive a code. This completes the installation of WhatsApp Manager on your computer. You only need to make the missing contacts of friends and relatives with whom you want to contact.

    The WhatsApp program is very popular in the countries of America and Europe, now it is rapidly and confidently gaining more and more fans among our compatriots. It is very convenient to share with friends, just taken photos, new pictures and music, in unlimited quantities. You can also install WhatsApp in Bluestaks emulator - instructions for the link.

    You can send messages, even outside the country, in ordinary mobile operators, such a service would cost not cheap, but an application WhatsApp, makes it possible to do this absolutely for free, since the cost of all messages is included in the base cost of the program. Another advantage of WhatsApp, compared to regular SMS sending, is the sending of your current location.

    Other versions of Vacap Messenger:

    • Whatsapp for computer download Whatsapp for PC
    • Download Whatsapp (Vatsap) on a laptop
    • Download WhatsApp for Windows 7
    • Download Whatsapp to your phone for free
    • Whatsapp for Bada free download
    • Download WhatsApp for Android
    • Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry
    • Download WhatsApp for iPhone
    • Download WhatsApp for Nokia S40
    • Download Whatsapp for Samsung for free
    • Download WhatsApp for Symbian
    • Download WhatsApp for Windows Phone
    • Download Whatsapp on Nokia for free

    Friends, relatives and acquaintances will be able to get complete information about your location, and they will not have to search you throughout the city, a red dot on the map will show your exact stay. Simplify your life with an application that helps save - WhatsApp. You can download the application on our website without a long and grueling registration.

    Web version of the application

    One of the easiest options is to use a messenger through a browser. The only restriction set by the developers is that the browser must be updated to the latest version. If this condition is met, then for devices on Android, WP, as well as Nokia S60, you must do the following:

    • In the browser go to the official website of the application (
    • Open the messenger on the phone.
    • Go to the program menu.
    • Click WhatsApp Web.
    • Scan the QR code through the scanner that opens.

    After completing these steps, Vatsapp will open in the browser, which will automatically synchronize with the mobile version of the application.

    IPhone users need to open Settings in the messenger and tap on the WhatsApp Web link, the rest of the actions are similar to Android devices. It is important to note that the use of the web version is possible only with simultaneous connection to the network of both the telephone and the computer. If the smartphone is disconnected from the Internet, then nothing will be displayed on the page in the browser.

    Using Android Emulator

    Another way to use WhatsApp on a computer is to install an emulator. First you need to install a program that allows you to work on a PC with applications for Android. Among the most popular, BlueStacks can be noted, its additional advantage is that it is an official Google partner.

    After that, you need to download the WhatsApp installation file in apk format. Next, you need to run the emulator and install the application through it. To register, you will need a smartphone with a valid number, where the activation code will come. An account in the messenger will be bound to this number.

    This method compares favorably with the previous one in that to use the messenger you do not need a constant connection to the smartphone network. The emulator runs an almost full version of the application, in which you can even make audio and video calls when the headset is connected correctly.

    In addition to Vatsap, you can also use any other Android application in the emulator, even games.

    Messenger version for PC

    An additional way to enter Vatsap through a computer is to use the desktop version of the application. The developers released a version for Windows and Mac, but did not advertise it much, so for many users its existence is still a surprise.

    To install WhatsApp on a PC, you must:

    • Go to the official website of the application.
    • Download the utility installation file in .exe format.
    • Run the installation.
    • Open the Menu - WhatsApp Web in the mobile application.
    • Scan the QR code.

    In fact, the desktop version is not much different from using a browser to work with the messenger. The only advantage is that you do not have to open a web page every time. To start the application, you just need to click on the icon that appears on the desktop after installation. However, here, like the web version, a stable internet connection is required for both a smartphone and a computer.