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7 helpful tips for becoming a psychic


In the modern world, the services of psychics, magicians, fortune-tellers are very common. Such programs as “Battle of psychics” and “Black and White” are constantly being broadcast on television. Man constantly encounters this phenomenon, and sometimes everyone may have a question. how to become a psychic, check and find out if I'm psychic or not.

Become a psychic - means to be able to use a larger number of layers of consciousness than we usually need, and to exert influence through this on the world around us. Extrasensory perception gives not only such interesting abilities to many as reading thoughts and the ability to guess the number of a winning lottery ticket, it is also a great responsibility. Having stepped on this, a person is deprived of many simple joys, he must be ready for long life-long learning. The energy that the Cosmos gives him must be renewed constantly, it makes him sharply react to someone else's misfortune. Many have extrasensory abilities by nature, but far from many guess about them and develop them. In this article you will find a free test and tips on how to become a psychic.

Psychic test for hidden abilities

This free test will be able to determine whether you have psychic abilities and whether you can become a psychic. Read and answer these questions carefully:

1. Have you ever guessed what other people think?
2. Do you often have prophetic dreams?
3. Do you trust your intuition?
4. In a dream or in reality did you hear voices?
5. Did you predict the events that were destined to come true in the future?
6. Have you ever anticipated events that happened to others?
7. Do you often focus on what is happening in your subconscious?
8. Can you mentally compel an interlocutor to say what you wanted to hear from him?
9. Do you know how to guess and predict the future for more than 3 years?
10. Can you look at a person who does not show signs of malaise to understand if something hurts him?

If you answered “yes” to all the questions, you have strong psychic abilities, which will be quite easy to develop,

If you have 5 - 6 “yes” - you have good psychic abilities that need to be diligently developed,

If the answer “yes” on 2 - 3 points indicates the presence of some abilities that need to be persistently developed over a fairly long time,

If you answered “no” to all the questions - or you have absolutely no psychic abilities, or you simply did not pay attention to the cases of their manifestation, try to monitor such situations, after a few months take the survey again. Or perhaps you are just skeptical of the paranormal and this leaves an imprint on your perception of the world.

What signs does fate give us?

Cosmos constantly interacts with each of us, giving signs, prompts, but only a few notice and interpret them correctly - they are psychics. To learn to see them, you first need to pay attention to everything that happens around you, maybe even make notes about unusual, strange things, pleasant and unpleasant. After about a month, re-read the notes, comparing your notes with things that happened later, try to identify patterns and relationships. So you will gain the ability to see the prompts of the Universe and correctly interpret them.

Become a psychic and work with intuition

Intuition is given to everyone, but it is not an invariable parameter - it can be developed. All the basic skills of a psychic depend on the degree of intuition, she is the sixth sense that helps to see the essence of things, the psychic passes all the information received through the prism of intuition. Good intuition that you continue to work on will lead you to clairvoyance. First, try to guess simple things - the contents of a sealed envelope, call the person calling you without looking at the phone screen. Once you become proficient in these things, you can move on to more complex ones.

Why think how to become a psychic?

It is always interesting what motivates people to think about how to gain psychic abilities. After all, they not only open up new opportunities, but also impose a certain responsibility, significantly change your life and not always for the better.

So, before you start learning, you should think: do I need all this or is it better to live a quiet life, as before.

Can everyone understand how to become a psychic?

First you need to come to terms with the fact that not all can be psychics.

To work with such subtle matters, you need to have a certain set of qualities:

  • sensitivity
  • sensibility
  • good imagination
  • strong character
  • empathy, etc.

And, of course, you cannot do without specific extrasensory abilities (albeit at the embryonic stage).

Your chances of becoming a psychic increase if:

  1. You had people with supernatural powers in your family.
  2. You understand animals well, you are convinced that you know what they think, feel, what they want, etc.
  3. You dream vivid dreams that sometimes come true.
  4. Your intuition is well developed and it has repeatedly helped you out of difficult situations and warned of danger.
  5. A strong sense of déjà vu is not uncommon for you.
  6. You hear what no one else hears except - psychics.
  7. You are experiencing the energy of places - somewhere you feel good and comfortable, somewhere scary and uncomfortable, and it turns out that something bad really happened in places that were unpleasant for you.
  8. The feeling of trouble that is coming is felt by you, including in relation to loved ones.
  9. You perfectly read people and easily find a common language with them - this is a gift not only from a psychologist, but also from a psychic.
  10. Sometimes it seems to you that you are having dreams in reality, because in certain places, when you come in contact with some objects, pictures appear in your head, etc.

You can test your chances of becoming a psychic using this test, which consists of 7 questions:

  • Are you attracted to certain places, objects, people, had an obvious reason?
  • Do you see dreams that can be considered prophetic?
  • Do you sometimes feel someone's presence, although no one is nearby?
  • Do you feel comfortable with people who have supernatural abilities?
  • Do you like to visit cemeteries and other places with powerful energy?
  • It happens that you suddenly thought about a man, and he soon called after that or came to you?
  • Does it ever happen that you don’t want to pick up some things because they are unpleasant to you (they don’t just not like them, but they cause disgust, fear)?

For each positive answer, give yourself 1 point; for the negative, do not put anything. Now, calculate how much is the result. The more points you score, the higher your chances of becoming a psychic.

What psychic abilities in yourself can be developed

In real life, psychics specialize in one thing:

  1. predicting the future
  2. telepathy
  3. diagnosis and treatment of people
  4. exorcism
  5. communicating with perfumes, etc.

Of course, it is possible to gradually develop various supernatural abilities in yourself, but specialization should still be, otherwise you will not be able to achieve success in any of the directions and you will not succeed in psychic psychics.

It’s rare that a psychic works without helpers at all. Usually they help him:

If you also want to be a skilled psychic, you definitely can not do without different devices.

You should not immediately purchase half of the goods in an esoteric shop. Act gradually, taking for yourself only what really works.

Useful tips on how to become a psychic

Tips for becoming a psychic:

  1. Do not hurry. Sometimes it takes years to develop at least one psychic skill. It all depends not only on your natural data, but also on how carefully you work on yourself.
  2. Learn constantly. Books, talking with your own kind, trips to different cities and countries - a real psychic learns all his life and does not hesitate to ask for advice from someone who is smarter and stronger.
  3. Be selfless. It is believed that psychics who take money for helping people lose their abilities. This does not mean that you really need to work for free, but you cannot help the rich only for a large fee.
  4. Listen to yourself. Let it sound corny, but your task is to develop a “third eye” in yourself, learn to see and feel what is inaccessible to ordinary people, only psychics, and for this you will have to work a lot with your subconscious.
  5. Love spiritual practices. I’m talking now not only about religion (although keep in mind the fact that there are no atheists among psychics), but also about meditation and the like. You have to cooperate more with the world of spirits than people, and this is not easy.
  6. Do not risk in vain. Before you run, you need to learn how to walk. So it is with the work of a psychic: you need to master the simplest practices (fortune-telling, diagnosis, telepathy) before calling the spirits of the dead and engaging in a battle with demons.
  7. Live differently. Think more about your soul than your body. Material wealth, money-grubbing and even a full-fledged family are what distract the psychic from his work. If you are not ready for such a sacrifice, then it is better to choose a simpler profession.

It’s also important to decide whether you will practice dark or light magic. They say that becoming a black psychic is easier (the forces of hell are always glad to replenish their ranks), but you will have to pay for it with your own soul.

Maybe it's better to play on the side of the world?

How to become a psychic: books that will help

Of course, I would like to advise my readers a number of textbooks for different levels, after studying which everyone can become a psychic, but, alas, I do not have a subscription to the magic library.

Therefore, let's get around a number of books that will help at first.

TitleShort description
1.Ivanov Yu.M. "How to become a psychic"
The book discusses the essence and structure of the bioenergetic field of man. The practical application of aspects of the human biofield is shown (diagnosis, healing, determination of biopathogenic zones, water magnetization).
2.Rhonda Byrne “Magic”In this book, Rhonda Byrne discovers knowledge that can change life. She invites you on an incredible 28-day journey, during which you will learn how to apply this amazing knowledge every day. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter where you are, it doesn’t matter what is happening around, “Magic” will make your life amazing!
3.Nord N. “How to become a psychic who can heal”
The author of this book, a well-known writer, psychic, healer of the center of alternative medicine "Sirena", as well as the founder of his own esoteric school Nikolai Nord believes that everyone can become a psychic!
4.B. Moore "Sacraments of the Tarot"
Tarot cards are one of the most popular ways to know the future. The deck can answer almost any question, you just need to formulate it correctly and read the answers on the meaning of the cards. Soon you will learn to read the signs that show the tarot cards, and understand the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspects of the issues that interest you.
5.A. Estrin "Textbook of magic"

The title of the book clearly tells what this book is about. The author - a magician, healer, dreamer, poet, writer, researcher of paranormal phenomena, who has numerous students and followers in different countries of the world - teaches the most real things that exist in nature and in the human world, things called "energies".
6.Volgin S.A. Uspensky L.B. Vivelgar. The Secret Book of Mages
This book is about what magicians hide and what they don’t agree on. It reveals the most secret secrets of real magic. Therefore, everything you read has never been published anywhere, for it has always been a secret. But the time has come. Look at the world with new eyes.
7.Krukover V.I. "How to become a witch"
There are detailed instructions for preparing witches and magicians. Ancient textbooks. They served as the basis for this book.

Gradually, you can move on to more complex reading, but for the basic course for those who want to become a psychic, these textbooks will be enough.

Extrasensory technique at home

Home exercises that will become psychic

There are a number of simple exercises with which you can develop your abilities well and become a psychic in the future:

  • We represent everything in the form of energy fibers. Each living creature and inanimate object has its own energy. You need to learn how to represent everything that you see in the form of multi-colored energy fibers. Gradually you will gain the ability, even with your eyes closed, to determine what is in front of you thanks to the energy emitted by it.
  • We develop hearing. Of course, this is not about singing or the ability to hear over long distances, but about learning how, like other psychics, to hear the world around us at the frequencies that it produces. That's about how bats hear ultrasound.
  • We smell people. Learn to distinguish your acquaintances by smell (not perfumes, cosmetics and the degree of unwillingness, but by the smell of their energy. When you can determine the aroma of the energy of friends, you can go to strangers.
  • We train touch. A similar exercise for future psychics is best done with closed eyes. You can train both in public and not on inspired objects. Ask a friend to put in front of you an item that you don’t know about, and you, by touch, try to describe it. Do not be afraid to make mistakes - that is how psychics learn.
  • We accumulate mystical energy. This exercise is best suited for these purposes. Lie on your back with your hands folded on your stomach. The room should be completely quiet so that you can completely relax and hear the beat of your heart. Breathe, guided by his knock: 4 strokes - inhale, 2 strokes - breath holding, 4 strokes - exhale. In this case, imagine how mystical energy accumulates under the ribs, which will help you become a psychic.
  • Learning to distinguish between the dead and the living, the good and the bad. Take a photo of a living person and someone who is no longer alive. Try to feel at the energy level how they differ - from whom it is warm, from whom it is cold, maybe there is a glow from photos, or some of them changes color, etc. It is also necessary to act with dead (from the tap) and living (key) water, church and cemetery objects, etc. Experienced psychics easily do this thanks to their abilities.
  • We are trying to treat people. Start small, for example, with a headache. Visualize this pain - describe its shape, color, size. Now imagine how you pull it out of the body of another person.

It’s rare that a psychic can’t see the future. Visions do not come to everyone, but even the most inexperienced fortuneteller can look into the future with the help of cards or other magic items.

Improve your abilities daily so that your gift grows and grows stronger.

Not everyone can understand how to become a psychic. Someone is already born with supernatural abilities, someone develops them in themselves for a long time and is still capable of a minimum. Stepping on such a difficult path, you need to be prepared for everything.

Human biofield

The bioenergetic field of a person transfers information about his psychophysiological state to the external environment, and at the same time reads information from objects of contact.

The connection of a person through his biofield is the basis of parapsychology, including the concepts of supersensitive (sensitive) abilities.

The power of siddhi is what practitioners call these phenomena.

The human energy field is an integral part of the energy fields of the universe, the earth.
In space, everything is filled with fields of force unknown to man, and man himself is born as part of the cosmos.

Man is invisibly connected with the energy fields of the earth, the universe.

The concept of the human biofield allows us to understand the essence of super-sensory perceptions of humans as psychics.

A person who is capable of using his bioenergy field - to influence any objects by transmitting his energy, as well as read and transmit information - is called a psychic or a sensitive.

  • As the yogis suggest and present, a person consists of many bodies: physical,
  • ether,
  • astral
  • mental body.
    Bioenergy field of man. protruding beyond the physical body - aura.

Human aura

The aura of people is different.

When you acquire the ability to see a person’s aura, we notice: one person has a yellowish-red aura, and the other has a bluish tint.

The color of the aura is determined depending on the state of mind, temperament, the degree of spiritual development of a person.

Weighted, calm, thoughtful people radiate an aura of a greenish-blue hue.

In restless and unrestrained people, the color of the aura is reflected and perceived by us as streams of red-yellow light.

The aura stores everything that a person does, did and will do during his lifetime.

It is through the aura, subjecting it to consciousness, strengthening its aura - that a person has the opportunity to influence objects.

A person will be able to move things, objects from place to place, read the mental information of other people, uniting with their consciousness.

Ярким примером тому служит эпизод с повести «Олеся» у русского писателя Куприна.

Способность определять чужую боль

Одно из самых ценных качеств экстрасенса — способность лечить руками. But before you start learning directly to healing, you need to learn how to determine what exactly hurts the patient. Here you will need the help of friends and relatives. When something hurts, they should suggest that you identify the source of the pain. Sit down your assistant comfortably, and try to catch the patient's energy waves and find the source of pain yourself. Some people manage to do this simply by looking at another person, while others need to “examine” them with their hands. In that case, do not touch the patient, sweep your palms a couple of centimeters from his body. If you feel warm in some places, or your fingertips begin to tingle when your hands are near a sore spot - you are on the right track! Just do not rush to treat people without enough experience, you can harm them. Incorrectly directed energy can have a destructive effect. Without the protection that you learn to build around yourself over time, you can take the disease to yourself.

Seeing the living and not the living

Often psychics turn to people looking for relatives. From their photographs or things you can determine whether they are alive or not. To learn how to do this, you need a lot of practice, during which you will need to remember the sensations from photographs of living and dead people. Training in this case is simple - it will take a few photos of people, living and dead. Lay them in front of you on the table, face down, mix. Holding your hand over the photograph, try to understand who is depicted on it, fix it and try to remember your feelings. Turning the photo over, analyze your feelings. Most likely, the cold coming from the photograph speaks of a person’s death, fear speaks of violent death. The heat radiated by the photograph means that the person is alive. If you become anxious - he may be sick at that moment. When you learn to determine whether a person is alive or dead in a picture, try to see through the photo paper his gender, clothes, hairstyle, facial expressions.

Conversations with the subconscious

In order to learn how to correctly predict the future, to interpret the images received from other people, you need to correctly understand your own subconscious. A crystal ball can help with this. Choose a ball with a diameter of at least 11 cm, working with a small ball you will always be distracted by what is around it. You will need two candles - a small (floating), in a flat metal candlestick, and the usual in a simple candlestick of a neutral shade. Bright colors and excessive decor will not let you concentrate. Place the candles so that a large one illuminates the top of the ball, and the light is small in the center. Turn off the light, sit comfortably, relax, peer into the ball. Try to let go of your thoughts so that they flow as if independent of you. To spend in this state you need 15 - 60 minutes. The first three times after the session, just remember the images and feelings that you had, and during the next sessions, write them down, as well as the associations that these images aroused. So you will not only understand your fears, but also overcome them. When you feel that working with the ball is successful, try to attract someone close to you. Let the other person look into the ball and describe their feelings and emerging images, you need to - record and analyze this. It is best to perform the exercises described in a comprehensive manner, set aside time in your schedule in order to repeat the exercises twice a day. Following only these recommendations does not become a real psychic, this is only a description of the first step of the path. But when you are ready to move on, the Universe will give you a hint, your task is not to miss it!